CCIITTYY Share Their Musical Guilty Pleasures

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The electronic/pop duo CCIITTYY is treating us to five of their all-time Musical Guilty Pleasures today. We have really enjoyed listening to their picks, and can see bits of pieces of inspiration that creep in to CCIITTYY’s music. Turn these up and get stuck in!

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Matoma links up with Enrique Iglesias & Konshens on ‘I Don’t Dance’

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Matoma jump-started his career on SoundCloud with a remix of Enrique Iglesias‘ “Bailando.” Now, the Norwegian DJ/producer has brought his discography full-circle, collaborating with the Latin pop superstar on their new single “I Don’t Dance.” In Matoma’s words, working with Iglesias achieved one of his “bucket list goals” and is truly a dream come true.

The track is exactly what fans would expect from the team-up: chilled-out beats and arrangement from Matoma that flows smoothly under the beloved, captivating vocals of Iglesias. With a little help from Konshens, this track is geared to dominate the charts and be fully present at the beach parties. At the very least, it creates the feeling of flowing in a lazy river throughout its duration.

Check out this Facebook post to get a full explanation on how this masterpiece came to life and see Matoma on his 2018 summer tour throughout the US. Get tickets here.



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Your Guide To The 2018 Grammys: Will They Leave Kendrick Out In The Cold Again?

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The Grammys are this weekend — Sunday at 7:30PM EST on your local CBS affiliate, to be exact — and as always, we’re (almost certainly naïvely) hoping they won’t suck this time. They probably will; they always do. Yet thanks to a somewhat promising slate of nominees in the major categories, a similarly half-decent … More »

New Music Friday: Vera Blue at the top, ‘Chad Cooper’ at the bottom, various songs in between

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Song of the week:
Vera Blue — ‘Lady Powers’
Vera Blue is an interesting one: today she releases her debut album, except it’s not quite a debut album because she previously had one out as Celia Pavey, which was the name she used when she was on Australia’s version of The Voice. Still, as Lana Del Rey has shown the world, there’s nothing a decent rebrand can’t fix: Vera’s album is brilliant, and ‘Lady Powers’ is a super-smart pop single. If you like it, make sure you give the full album a listen.

Wrong of the week:
Chad Cooper, Robaer and Kepler — ‘Happy Song’
Imagine Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ stripped of any originality then combine it with all the least imaginative lyrical, melodic, sonic and vocal tropes of every big-streaming song of the last 18 months, and that’s ‘Happy Song’. Naturally it sounds like it could be catnip for Spotify playlists. Spotnip, if you will. Shall we try to make Spotnip a thing? Shall we? No let’s not do that.

Additional notes:

  • Desperate times call for Despacito measures: for his ‘launch’ single X Factor winner ‘Matt Terry’ has been slapped onto a new version of Enrique Iglesias’ previously-and-in-fact-still quite brilliant ‘Subeme La Radio’. We’re sure ‘Matt Terry’ is a really nice guy and that’s all we have to say about this release.
  • Speaking of Syco-related releases from people who are presumably Really Nice Guys, Louis Tomlinson (and Digital Farm Animals) join Bebe Rexha on what is essentially a Bebe Rexha single. There is swearing on it to show everyone how grown up everyone is.
  • MORE SYCO: Pretty Much, the US boyband they’ve been working on for a while, release their first single today. Perky sexualconsentbanger ‘Would You Mind’ pulls off the interesting feat of being quite excellent while also sounding like a mid-ranking 911 single.
  • Lana Del Rey’s released her album again and it’s mostly very good.
  • For reasons unexplained Lykke Li has covered ‘Unchained Melody’.
  • For reasons unexplained Ember Island have covered ‘Umbrella’.
  • Sadly the wheels have totally fallen off the WSTRN thing now, which is a shame but what can you do? (“Release better follow-up singles” — The World.)

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