STREAM: Carl Cox’s Burning Man set

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Now in it’s 21st year, the mystique surrounding Burning Man and its ability to draw in the biggest names in electronic music have shown now signs of abating. This year was no exception, with contributions from Diplo, Skrillex, and a Burning Man favorite — Tycho’s sunrise set.

One particular guest to Black Rock City that has until now remained rather elusive has been the legendary Carl Cox. Thanks to the folks at The Radio Department, fans of tech-house can now hear Carl Cox’s first-ever guest mix (beginning at the 58 minute mark) on John Digweed‘s radio show, Transitions.

Recorded live from deep within the playa this past September, expect to hear a carefully curated mix of techno and progressive DJs who are pioneering their respective genres, including Dance Spirit, Satori, Markus Homm, Connan Mockasin, Tiefschwarz & Yawk, and more.

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Maya Jane Coles delivers dynamic third EP from her album, ‘Take Flight’

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Maya Jane Coles shares yet another round of breakthrough releases, offering up several noteworthy tracks in the form of Darkside  — her third official EP off her critically-acclaimed double album, Take Flight. Each work represents the producer’s magnetic ability to captivate truly independent and forward thinking sounds, sharing vocals from singer-songwriter Chelou on the newly edited track, “Darkside”.

Released via I/AM/ME Records, Maya chose an eclectic mix of different sounds that showcase a multitude of genres and sounds for Darkside, from the energetically-charged house anthem “Passing Me By,” to “Trails” — a lush, almost ambient piece laced with steel drums.

It’s clear that Maya Jane Coles only continues to thrive in her career, independently making her mark from all angles as she continues to demonstrate impeccable talent.


Download the full EP here.


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Launchpad 41: Bass to shake up the weekend

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Launchpad is a playlist series showcasing music we love, hand selected by our staff. The tracks come from both emerging and mainstream artists; it’s all about the quality and the unexpected. If you’d like your music featured in Launchpad, submit it for consideration here.

Festival season has wound down for the most part, but there is no shortage of energizing bass music to provide a shot of energy that keeps a jubilant mindset in place. Thus, we’ve decided to gather a batch of ten pieces on the lower end of dance music that stimulate the brain and encapsulate sounds that will set a new precedent for their arena. No subgenre is left unturned, from drum ‘n’ bass, to glitch hop, to dubstep — their onw commonality is their artistry.

DA Launchpad Selects:

Minnesota – HiLow

Berkeley-based maven Minnesota has taken the bass world by storm, bringing forth an eclectic and experimental sound to his audiences and dominating the transformational circuit in bookings. His latest effort, “HiLow,” is a gritty dubstep piece that harkens to the genre’s roots while also maintaining a contemporary twist. Vocals eggs the piece on, which is also laced with futuristic synth work that hooks listeners until the end. Minnesota recently had the honor of playing the Oregon Eclipse festival, and is amidst an extensive tour that is taking him across the United States.


Hans Zimmer – Time (Opae Remix)

Opae is a fresh face to the EDM sphere. Hailing from Chicago, the 20-year-old act is currently experimenting with an array of sounds across the spectrum and slowly defining his sonic identity. One particularly fine piece of music he crafted was his edit to Hans Zimmer’s “Time.” Labeling the composer as one of his “biggest inspirations in music,” Opae respects the original’s emotive and cinematic elements by keeping them as his remix’ centerpiece. However, his future bass twist makes the song applicable to dance-floors.


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Chloé takes us on a celestial journey through the underground with exclusive mix

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Chloé is not one to subject to ubiquitous trends on the electronic market. The classically-trained guitarist and veteran dance music composer is continually searching for depth in both what she consumes and what she creates; this quality mixed with innate talent has carried her career for over two decades.

She is nowhere near reaching stalemate, however, despite her long years as an industry figurehead. In fact, the French songstress is helping break new ground by openly embracing new technologies and sounds that others might feel hesitant to work out. Her knack for innovation gives her music a distinctive edge that has led to a great international demand for her presence.

October 27 will bring about a new milestone: her third artist album, which will be released through her own Lumière Noire imprint. Having taken great time and care to create it, Endless Revisions promises an immersive auditory experience that explores various soundscapes and genres through a cohesive development.

Prior to releasing her album, however, Chloé provides Dancing Astronaut with an exclusive mix showing where she’s currently at musically. She presents an intriguing mélange of psychedelia and deep grooves laced with dissonant vocal samples and eclectic electro elements — all within the span of an hour. As a whole, the mix feels like a a futuristic, otherworldly journey where listeners are opened to her true self.



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Listen to Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s poignant new album ‘The Kid’

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Hieratic analog landscapist Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith broke out last year by way of her dulcetly delivered synthesizer-led album, EARS. Now, in her sixth full-length studio album, The Kid, Smith creates a sweeping and considerably accessible work that details the intensive concept of human life.

Fortunately, the cinematically aligned sonic venture explores the human relationship quite naturally. In moving from childhood to adulthood by way of employing lush, cosmic swoops and honeyed vocals, Smith has devised an avant-garde piece that’s neither too daring in its experimentation, nor washed over in its context. The Kid manages to hit a difficult mark — it is both a cerebral and poignant work of art.

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Tokimonsta debuts new album Lune Rouge [LISTEN]

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LA-based super producer TOKiMONSTA is finally back to doing what she does best. After a long road to recovery from the brain condition Moyamoya, TOKiMONSTA has released her highly anticipated new album Lune Rouge. With her third full-length album, the Young Art Records boss takes fans on a mesmerizing, and distinctly personal journey. It is truly a triumph of TOKiMONSTA’s musical spirit, which was tested after her recent health battle and the difficulties she faced against Moyamoya. The condition forced her to relearn her most basic functions, including how to talk, walk, and make music. However, now that she is fully healthy, TOKiMONSTA wants to inspire fans once again with her groundbreaking production on display in this 11-track album.

Lune Rouge brings together a wide array of collaborators, from Yuna, Isaiah Rashad, Joey Purp, SAINTS, Selah Sue, Ambré, MNDR, and Io Echo, highlighting TOKiMONSTA’s mastery of numerous sonic styles. Always one to push the envelope, TOKiMONSTA is enhancing listeners’ experience by releasing a special interactive VR version of the album on October 8 to Vive or Oculus Rift VR headset owners. Listeners can now dive into the immersive world of Lune Rouge, explore a virtual world inspired by the album artwork, play around with its music, and more.

Currently, on The Lune Rouge Experience World TourTOKiMONSTA is set to hit the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival next week at Brooklyn’s House Of Yes. New York fans will definitely not want to miss the live debut of this huge new album. Check out TOKiMONSTA’s full Lune Rouge Experience World Tour dates below.


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Hollywood Principle – Trippin On You [Exclusive Premiere]

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Formed in 2013 in San Diego, Hollywood Principle is formed of Elliott Sencan, Kayla Hope, and Mike Ault. Their expertly crafted, modern sound is unique blend of haunting vocal melodies, indie electronica, and post dubstep influences. Hollywood Principle has quickly built up a following around their music, achieving over 20,000 fans on Facebook, ​​more than

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Jan Amit – Lumen_Nation

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The age of electronic is in full effect — more people have access to computers and music-making software than ever, while music as a whole is moving into a fully digital direction as arts programs and classical training become a lost art. While this move comes with many positive side effects, one of which is the ability for anyone to pioneer a certain genre of music, it also comes with the unfortunate side effect of over-saturation and common tropes that are used far too often.

Enter Jan Amit, a brand new talent putting his name into the multitudes of bedroom producers looking to stake their claim in the world of electronica. He has a specific mission in mind: to escape the saturation taking over the mass music market and instead find success on his own unique merits.

It’s safe to say he accomplishes this ideology in spades with his newest record, “Lumen_Nation.” Amit takes listeners on an intense sonic journey within eight minutes, breaking through genre barriers as he assembles a multitude of soundscapes into a cohesive electronic composition. Not a stone is left unturned as “Lumen_Nation” weaves through gritty 4/4 structures laced with ethereal synthwork, futuristic melodies, ambient, and glitchy zones that anchor the ears onto its soundwaves until finish.

If Amit keeps on his current path, we see nothing but success in store for this daring producer.


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Lindstrøm embarks on a galactic-disco odyssey with ‘Tensions’

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Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, hailed as “The King of Space Disco” by the New Yorker — known simply as Lindstrøm on stage — is set to release his first solo album in five years later this month.

Lindstrøm’s new work will follow up his legacy by way of his archetypal hazy synths and dynamic vocal unions. Dubbed It’s Alright Between Us All It Is, the new album features vocals from American singer Grace Hall on the bubbly lead single “Shinin,” as well as a feature from Sweden’s Frida Sundemo, and a stream of consciousness poem by Norway’s Jenny Hval.

Fans can look forward to an assemblage of arpeggiated synths, relentlessly moving melodies, balmy analog bubble baths, and earworm-inducing harmonies. Indeed, Lindstrøm’s latest track “Tensions” is a sound employment of the aforementioned. The new track hints that a melodically expansive body of work will be accessible shortly.

It’s Alright Between Us As It Is is out Oct. 20 via Smalltown Supersound.

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Henry Saiz’ Essential Mix debut is a spellbinding journey across the world [LISTEN]

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Natura Sonoris owner Henry Saiz set out on his biggest venture yet in summer 2016, launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund his very first audio-visual album. Its immersive concept involved the Spanish progressive magnate and his band traveling to unique and particularly magnifying parts of the globe to record vastly different tracks that incorporated various elements of each location within them. Fans rushed to meet the funding goal, and thus the vision has since come to fruition.

Pete Tong and the Essential Mix caught wind of the LP’s completion, and thus invited Saiz onto the iconic series to show off his world travel concept to the world. Moreover, it was his first appearance ever on Essential Mix, marking a milestone moment that shows off the return of progressive to respectability.

Needless to say, the mix was magic in all sense of the word. Immersive and ethereal, Saiz defied genre boundaries and put forth pure, caliber music for two hours. While his mix wasn’t specifically comprised of songs from his forthcoming LP, it was a veritable sonic adventure that served as an excellent preview of what’s to come. Listeners were taken all around the world, from Berlin, to Saigon, to Joshua Tree, and treated to a vast expanse of sounds from each new region the album “stopped” at.

Each new song was vivid enough in its sonic form to conjure intense mental imagery: didgeridoos fluttered around the background of the Australia-themed portion of the mix, stimulating pictures of Aboriginals. Meanwhile, elegant pianos and brooding melodies created a sonic representation of Europe.

Saiz has created a truly profound journey in his first Essential Mix, and  Dancing Astronaut agrees it has the fixings for Mix of the Year.





Irene Papas & Vangelis – Les 40 Braves

Danger – 0:59


Arabs With Synthesizers – Chaotic Illumination

Julia Holter – So Lillies

Pional – A New Dawn

Synkro – Midnight Sun (Helios Remix)

Clap! Clap! – The Holy Cave

Panda Bear – Boys Latin


Aphex Twin vs Skrillex – Digeridoo x F**k That (Henry Saiz Bootleg)

Die Orangen – Oodandatta Rain

Luke Million – Come Together


Acid Arab – Still (feat. Cen Yildiz)

Viken Arman – Sireli

Mark Eliyahu – Through Me

M.I.A vs Henry Saiz & Band – Exodus x The Golden Cage (Henry Saiz Bootleg) (feat. The Weeknd)

Tentacle – Goliath (Brassica Remix)

The Knife – Marble House (Henry Saiz Edit)

Unknown – Rave Zehava (Autarkic Edit)


Plastikman – Ethnik

African Vibration – Hinde

Ariana Grande – Touch It (Hal Incandenza Africa Remix)


College – Love Peas (feat. Hama)

Nym – Come Back

Samo DJ – Tai Po Kau

Arcade Fire – Electric Blue (Henry Saiz Edit)


Jungle – Smoking Pixels

Die Wilde Jagd – Austerlitz

Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan

Simón Díaz – Tonada de Luna Llena (Billy Caso Edit)

Atom™ – The Sound Of Decay


Aïsha Devi – Mazdâ

Susumu Hirasawa – White Hill – Maromi’s Theme

Air – Run

Crystal Castles – Their Kindness Is Charade

Squarepusher – Tomib Help Buss


jonnalee- Samaritan

Chelsea Wolfe – The Warden

Brassic – Ballo Dei Morti


Danit – Cuatro Vientos

Danit – Cuatro Vientos (Barrio Lindo Remix)

El Búho – Manana Tepotzlan

Los Olimareños – Noche Noche


Nine Inch Nails vs FKA twigs – A Warm Place x Closer (Henry Saiz Bootleg)

Vangelis – Theme From Antartica


O Mer – Blind

Henry Saiz & Band – The Golden Cage


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