Rosalía Is Becoming Earth’s Most Exciting Pop Star

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RosalíaAt this late date it’s rare to encounter music that truly sounds like nothing else, but El Mal Querer pulled it off last year. The Catalonian singer Rosalía’s second album was truly unique, alchemizing traditional flamenco with futuristic R&B in a manner that felt both natural and visionary. Palmas that hit like accented … More »

Be Positive! Heady power trio E (Thalia Zedek, Gavin McCarthy, Jason Sanford) to release Negative Work this May through Thrill Jockey

This post was originally published on this site

Ah, the potency of the triumvirate: each member bringing different strength sets to the group, shoring up the weaknesses, and challenging each individual to truly examine their core values and beliefs. Equal contributions without the asinine adversarial nonsense that comes with groups of two and four. I’d like to think E knows this and picked its name in honor of the alphabet’s most common letter — the power letter — the one that has three equal parallel prongs distending influence from its command base. Or maybe the threesome simply picked the name because it is the first letter in the word “enough.” As in: “eeeeeeNOUGH about the origin of our band name E, ya jackass!”

Name play aside, the tight-knit, twin guitar-led trio E will release its latest ear attack on May 25 through the esteemed Thrill Jockey. Negative Work once again features Gavin McCarthy (Karate) on propulsive smashing, Jason Sanford (Neptune) on an amazing variety of custom-built string things and rigging, and Thalia Zedek (Live Skull, Come) on deathless guitar.

Negative Work is the second album proper from E (not including the Foundations/Trials cassette) — as well as their second on Thrill Jockey (after debut E) — and it’s available to pre-order on CD, DL, and limited white-vinyl LP here and here. Meanwhile, listen to the urging leadoff single “Untie Me” below. It’s E-z as 1-2-THREE!

Negative Work by E

Negative Work tracklisting:

01. Pennies
02. The Projectionist
03. Poison Letter
04. A House Inside
05. Down She Goes
06. One in Two
07. Untie Me
08. Cannibal Chatroom
09. Hole in Nature
10. Hollow

LivE datEs:

05.24.18 – Providence, RI – AS220
05.25.18 – Boston, MA – Midway Café