Blaise – Dua (Vincent Remix)

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LA-based DJ/producer Vincent puts a trapped-out spin on Blaise’s track “Dua,” a serenade of sorts expressing his love for rising UK artist Dua Lipa.

In a description posted to Vincent’s SoundCloud, the artist reveals he had a lot of fun making this one:

“When I heard the original track I couldn’t help but laugh and dance around…this is for the middle of a set where the energy can be taken to another level or the last song you play before getting out of the car and walk into a venue for a show.”

Vincent includes a dark piano melody with some hard-hitting bass and distorted revs that are certain to liven up any atmosphere.


Dua Lipa makes nomination history as Brit Awards announce 2018 nominees [full list]

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The 2018 Brit Awards will be held on Feb. 21, with the London-based ceremony set to commemorate the standout British and international artists of the year.

Dua Lipa leads the nomination circle with five nominations for British Artist Video Of The Year, British Breakthrough Act, Mastercard British Album Of The Year, British Single, and British Female Solo Artist. The “New Rules” vocalist notably made history via nomination count alone — no British female artist has ever received five nominations in a one-year period. Ed Sheeran trails Dua Lipa with four nominations.

On the electronic end, Björk and LCD Soundsystem earn nominations for International Female Solo Artist and International Group, respectively. The xx and Gorillaz too make an appearance, both nominated for British Group.

A series of hip-hop artists are additionally up for awards, with Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Quavo, and Childish Gambino all receiving nominations.

Sam Smith’s album, The Thrill Of It All, received no nominations, despite being the third largest seller of the year. The album, however, will remain available for nomination next year, given its November release date. Smith will perform at the awards ceremony on Feb. 21, joined by Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, and Ran’n’Bone Man.

View the full list of nominees here.

H/T: The Guardian

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Dua Lipa; New Rules (Vicetone Remix) [Free Download]

Ed Sheeran co-wrote DJ Snake’s ‘A Different Way

Interview with the radiator from the new Dua Lipa single sleeve

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Dua Lipa’it new single is IDGAF, a song about not being very impressed by the romantic endeavours of a former ‘beau’.

Dua’s just released the video, which you can see here.

Video aside, the single campaign is sure to be dominated by the bold artwork, which features Dua shaving an armpit, and the star of the show is undoubtedly the unassuming radiator who’s watching the scene unfold.

Popjustice caught up with the radiator earlier this week to find out how the sleeve came about.

Hello! How are you?

Cold on the bottom, hot on the top, you know how it is.

Let’s not discuss our private lives. How did you come to be on the IDGAF single artwork?

Right place, right time! I was on a night out with friends and after a few drinks I needed to be bled so went to the bathroom and the rest is history. I tend to keep myself to myself most of the time so I don’t think Dua even noticed I was in the room for a while. I couldn’t believe it when I got the email saying I was going to be on the single sleeve.

Did you have any concerns about appearing topless?

I may be a bit chunkier than the average radiator but I’m proud of how I look. And when you consider what I might have been wearing instead — a pair of wet socks for instance — I think this is definitely the best outcome. Actually what you can’t see in the photo is that I’m actually bottomless as well. I don’t think they’d have used a full-length shot for a single sleeve though!

What do you actually think of IDGAF?

I think it’s a decent song. I guess after the huge success of New Rules, Dua is in a really different place to where she was before — you can imagine that six months ago IDGAF might have been the obvious successor to New Rules, but it feels like a slight step backwards following New Rules’ huge success. New Rules was such an elegant song, know what I mean? It pushed Dua to the periphery of the pop a-list and IDGAF feels a bit basic. I guess Dua’s profile and the momentum from New Rules will make it a massive hit anyway, but I kind of hope this is the last single from the album.

So what do you make of Dua’s ascent to the fringes of the a-list?

I think it’s great. I don’t know her very well — that night in the bathroom was the first time we met, and she didn’t say much to me — but it’s been really interesting over the last 18 months to see her grow into the role of popstar, as her own popstar profile has itself ballooned. It’s cyclical of course: the more popular she is, the more easily she can feel comfortable behaving like a huge artist, and that in turn makes her more popular. I think she’s a great artist. Can you imagine the calibre of the songs and collaborators she’s been offered post-New Rules? That’s why I think IDGAF should be the last single from the album; I’d love to see Dua releasing songs of a New Rules standard from this point forwards, and I’m not sure anything else on the current album really fits the bill. I have a feeling in my valves that in a few years we’ll probably look back on her first album as the sound of Dua finding her feet, and it’ll be her second one that really make the most sense. In much the same way that we now view Lady Gaga’s The Fame and The Fame Monster: the first was throwing everything at the wall, the second was totally focussed.

When you say she didn’t say much to you, what do you mean?

Well she didn’t say anything to me to be honest.

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?

Well Anne-Marie’s been in touch, but while I’ve enjoyed my brush with fame I think I’ll just keep a low profile. I’ll probably travel a bit later in the year, there’s not much work for me here in the UK over the summer.

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Welcome To Superstardom, Camila Cabello

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Camila Cabello stuck the landing so emphatically that it’s easy to forget she leapt in the first place. This time last year the 20-year-old Cuban-Mexican singer from Miami was fresh out of Fifth Harmony, her generation’s most popular girl group, assembled by Simon Cowell from an array of teenage strangers on the short-lived American edition … More »

These Are The Best Remixes of 2017 According To Billboard

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To go along with our growing list of the most popular remixes of 2017 playlist, Billboard has decided to chimed in with their choices for the 10 best dance/electronic remixes of 2017. Related: 25 Of The Best EDM Remixes of Pop Songs This past year, we saw quite a few remixes from some of the

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New Music Friday: it’s a rollover week for the Dua Lipa remix, with Louis Tomlinson at the bottom and various songs in between

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Song of the last week:
Dua Lipa — ‘New Rules’ (Initial Talk mix)
There are plenty of good songs out this week, but there’s nothing that feels worthy of Song Of The Week, so we’re activating an unprecedented SONG OF THE WEEK ROLLOVER.

Wrong of the week:
Louis Tomlinson — ‘Miss You’
It’s quite an achievement for ‘Miss You’ to be one of the year’s worst singles — after all, 2017 is a year that’s already thrown up three other Louis Tomlinson releases. But here we are with a written-to-brief, no-redeeming-features meditation on life as Louis Tomlinson delivered in the style of a Son Of Dork CD single bonus track.

The lyrics reference drugs, drinking, going out and fake smiles because hey, guess what, sometimes being a famous person isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be! It’s sometimes quite bleak!! Sometimes when you are in one place and other people are not in that place you miss them!!! Nobody has ever mentioned this before!!!! Except actually yes they have, they’ve done it quite a lot actually, and they’ve managed to articulate it a lot less charmlessly than this!!!!!

Combined with the single’s sound, its artwork (Louis spotlit in a sea of faces, what could it all mean etc etc) suggests that having wafted aimlessly between genres since June Louis is now going for a ‘Life Thru A Lens’-era Robbie Williams approach and, well, good luck with that.

Either way this is a fitting way to round off a year of releases which kicked off with a hilariously softball interview in which Louis basically admitted he was a pointless and aimless popstar with no real ambition to be a solo artist and no way of explaining why he was even bothering to release music.

Additional notes:

  • The Alan Walker mix of the Ina Wroldsen single is great, though we regret to inform you that Alan Walker still sounds like the founder of a small chain of Kent estate agents, who retired in the mid-2000s and left the business in the hands of his two sons but can’t help dropping in on the office uninvited and attempting to reorganise the filing system because, you know, the way he used to do it just made so much more sense.
  • The Prettymuch and French Montana single is the first Prettymuch release to make you think “yes, this is what a boyband should probably sound like in 2017-slash-18”.
  • Hey, the Kiesza track is really good!
  • For some reason DJDS and Empress Of have covered Lana Del Rey, but the results are rather pleasant.
  • ‘Hot’ on the ‘heels’ of her Eminem collaboration, Beyoncé has now turned up on an Ed Sheeran remix. All it needs now is for Ed to guest on an Eminem song and the circle will be complete.

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New Music Friday: Dua Lipa at the top, James Arthur at the bottom, various songs in between

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Song of the week:
Dua Lipa — ‘New Rules’ (Initial Talk mix)
This is an official release of the phenomenal vigilante ’80s version’ that was knocking around on social media a couple of weeks ago. At the time we tweeted: “Not to be dramatic but the future of Dua’s career rests on whether or not she’s performed this version live by the end of this month.” There’s still a week until the deadline but whether a performance happens or not what we were really looking for in that tweet was some sense that Dua would acknowledge or embrace this brilliant, unexpected pop accident, welcome it into her universe and celebrate the joy at its heart. Pop is full of artists (and labels, and management teams) who ignore this sort of stuff, or try to shut it down: another act might have said “we’ve had some very expensive and serious remixes done already, this isn’t what we had in mind and we don’t think it’s very fun at all”. They might have had the remix pulled from YouTube, burying it forever in a heap of cease and desists. Dua’s lot have made it canon. It’s a decision that elevates Dua Lipa to Major Pop Act status. It’s been coming all year, of course, but this is the thing that tips it over the edge. So we’re making the Initial Talk mix of ‘New Rules’ Song Of The Week for that reason, and we’re also making it Song Of The Week because it’s really brilliant, and we’re also making it Song Of The Week because we slept on it when it first appeared due to a misguided notion that the chorus was disappointing. It just took a few hundred listens. That isn’t an excuse, we take responsibility for our mistakes and hope you can understand that our younger self doesn’t reflect who we are today.

Wrong of the week:
James Arthur — ‘Naked’
Terrible voice, terrible song, terrible mental image. Straight to the naughty step for Max Martin.

Additional notes:

  • The latest Rae Morris track, ‘Atletico’, is a wonderful pop moment and makes it three-for-three on the ‘singles off the forthcoming album’ front. (The album is very splendid.)
  • When we Shazammed the One Bit / Noah Cyrus song a few days ago (it was on the radio, you see) we were the first ever to have Shazammed it. Have you ever been the first person to Shazam a song? It’s quite a rush. You feel fucking invincible.
  • Mimoza has released a song that’d make a good Little Mix single.
  • To be fair, so have Little Mix.

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Dua Lipa – New Rules (Vicetone Remix) [Free Download]

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Vicetone has upgraded their studio, and with the upgrade comes their progressive house remix of Dua Lipa’s “New Rules.” The Dutch duo talked about their production process for the remix, noting fans will likely hear them drop the track in live sets in the future.

“We had a blast remixing Dua Lipa’s vocals, especially after recently upgrading our studio with some fresh new gear. We used a lot of guitars and vocal recordings we did ourselves to give the song a unique and different vibe from the original. The whole process felt really natural and we already love playing this one out in our live sets!”

The upbeat remix adds a completely different feel to the pop song. Fans of the remix can download it for free here.

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Martin Garrix Takes You To ‘Show Day’ On Martin Garrix Show

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As a follow up to episode 6 of the Martin Garrix Show, Martin Garrix is back with his latest episode ‘Show Day.’ In episode 6, Martin Garrix was seen hanging out at the pool and enjoying time with his friends and family in Palm Springs, California. Things take quite a different turn this episode as

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Watch Dua Lipa & Gallant Cover Amy Winehouse For Her Birthday

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Yesterday would have been Amy Winehouse’s 34th birthday. In her honor, Dua Lipa and Gallant covered “Tears Dry On Their Own” from Winehouse’s classic Back To Black for Gallant’s video series In The Room. It’s a little more polished and cheery than Winehouse probably would have preferred, but their energy is infectious and the … More »