♫ Listen: DR00P – THE HERMIT

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Hear ye, hear ye: the mysterious anchorite known as DR00P is back!

Featuring his signature voltaic synths, dumb-thick drums, and SP-404 related thaumaturgy, his latest EP, THE HERMIT, is a most enticing listen. Most enticing, indeed! Praise be to DR00P!

I ask, though, what spirits have we summoned to deserve this dark, soiled treasure? Whoever they may be, many thanks, O great ones!

Now, quickly, before the noted recluse crawls back into hiding, peep THE HERMIT down yonder, then go forth and bang your head!


♫ Listen: DR00P – NiCK

This post was originally published on this site

There’s a difference between huffing gas and blowing gas. Know what I mean? Well, if you don’t, I know DR00P does. His latest digital tape, Nick, personifies the difference. It’s brick water drum droplets and spat ocean synths flying off like milkweed seeds are the perfect soundtrack for blowing gas to, but fucked enough to sound like aural gas huffed. Ya dig? I know DR00P does.