The 1975 – “Love It If We Made It”

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The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online RelationshipsTwo days ago, the 1975 sent out a press kit (the snail mail way!) that most notably contained the lyrics to their new song “Love It If We Made It.” It’s the second track off the band’s forthcoming release A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships — the first of two new albums the 1975 … More »

WaPo Mistakes Green Day Quotes From Clickhole As Authentic In Report On Campaign To Get “American Idiot” To #1 In The UK

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Green DaySeveral months ago protesters in the UK launched a campaign to get Green Day’s “American Idiot” to #1 during President Donald Trump’s visit to the country to meet with Prime Minister Theresa May, Queen Elizabeth, and others. That visit is coming up this week, and the campaign has successfully gotten the tune More »

Donald Trump Sends Kim Jong-un A “Rocket Man” CD

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Donald-Trump-and-Kim-Jong-UnWorld-leader shitheads Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have now apparently reached the “good-natured joshing” stage of their relationship. Last year, when tensions between the United States and North Korea were at a terrifying high and when North Korea was conducting nuclear tests, Trump took to referring to Kim as “rocket man” as a Twitter epithet. More »

Kanye: “I’m Canceled Because I Didn’t Cancel Trump”

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Kanye-WestKanye West almost never does print interviews anymore. But he seems to share a certain level of trust with Jon Caramanica, the pop critic at The New York Times. And when West and Caramanica sit down together, West always has fascinating things to say. West recently finished up releasing a run of five albums that … More »

Dennis Rodman Thanks Eddie Vedder From Trump/Kim Jong Un Summit

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In what is somehow not the craziest thing to happen on Monday night, former basketball player turned cryptocurrency spokesman/unofficial ambassador to North Korea, Dennis Rodman shouted out Eddie Vedder during a weepy interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Rodman, a longtime friend of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and a former contestant on Donald Trump’s … More »

Park City Teacher Disciplined For Lesson Using Anti-Trump Eminem Song

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EminemA Utah junior high teacher is on leave after she instructed her students to read the lyrics of an Eminem song that slams President Donald Trump. More »

Jack White Plays “Icky Trump” At Gov Ball: “You Can’t Be A President And A Prostitute, Too, Trump”

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Jack WhiteThis isn’t the first time Jack White has called out Donald Trump. Two years ago he realized that the title of his 2007 White Stripes ballad “Icky Thump” worked just as well, and maybe better, if he changed it to “Icky Trump.” The White Stripes even started selling “Icky Trump” T-shirts. More »

In an act of online activism, Childish Gambino fans are reclaiming the r/Donald subreddit

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Until last week, r/thedonald was a subreddit where Reddit users gathered to share posts related to the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Despite the subreddit’s description as “the place where we discuss in an unbiased manner Donald Trump’s great contributions to modern society,” the page is littered by hate-filled posts from people who look to Trump as a twisted savior of sorts, sent to save the American public from its diversity thugs.

Over the past week, however, fans of Donald Glover have taken the subreddit page by storm, posting memes and photos of the actor/rapper in a collective effort to reclaim “the Donald” name. At the very least, the move is a response to Childish Gambino‘s potent, racially charged “This is America” music video release. At best, it’s a form on online activism. And the most wonderful part is — it’s actually working. The subreddit page is now almost solely devoted to Childish Gambino/Donald Glover.

The following post, for instance, has been upvoted more than 45,000 times.

The One True Donald from thedonald

Another post draw some starkly accurate comparisons when juxtaposing the two Donalds, forcing subredditers to stop and question.

Not a racist ✅ Not a rapist ✅ Can read ✅ Was never bankrupt ✅ Likes Mexicans ✅ Talented ✅ Pays his taxes ✅ Handsome ✅ Loves immigrants ✅ Not a puppet for Russia ✅ Doesn’t want to fuck his daughter ✅ Must be the real one true Donald ✅ from thedonald

Finally, one post moves to campaign for a Donald Glover run for presidency. Step aside, Kanye.

Made this to screen print. Thought it fit well here. from thedonald

The hope is that if enough Donald Glover fans start posting on r/the_donald, they can reclaim this subreddit as well. In a world where activism can take many forms, users of social media are realizing the digital domain as a space for creating First Amendment political movements and reclaiming hateful digital spaces as places of empowerment.

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Featured photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Meek Mill Cancels Visit To White House To Talk Prison Reform

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Meek-MillLast year, Meek Mill was sentenced to a shockingly long prison term for a probation violation. The response was a widespread outcry from Meek’s peers and from the general public. And last month, Meek was released from prison. Since then, Meek has become a visible and eloquent public advocate for prison reform. More »

Madonna and Diplo Have Something Planned for May 8th

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Unless you have been reading all of Kanye West’s tweets this past week, you’re probably unaware of his and Donald Trump’s shared ‘dragon energy.’ While no one is really sure what this so-called “dragon energy entails,” Diplo posted a picture stating “trying to find my dragon energy.” While the comment went pretty much unnoticed, fans

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