Here’s where and when to catch Avicii’s ‘True Stories’ documentary in theaters

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Here’s where and when to catch Avicii’s ‘True Stories’ documentary in theatersAvicii True Stories Documentary Limited Theatrical Run

On the heels of its recent qualification for Oscar consideration, the much-talked-about “Avicii: True Stories” documentary is headed to theaters at the end of the year in order to complete its eligibility. Now, fans can begin planning their pilgrimage to the emotional doc’s theater debuts, with a limited theatrical run hitting New York City’s Cinema Village December 21 to 27 and LA’s Laemmle theater December 14 through 20.

The documentary’s week-long stints will fulfill the bare minimum Oscar consideration requirements, and in doing so give a brief window for dance music fans to see the project on the big screen. Providing an intimate glimpse into Avicii’s difficult decision to quit touring and painting a stark picture of the pressures of international superstardom, the Levan Tsikurishvili-directed documentary is rumored to make a return to streaming as well. The film was pulled from Netflix in the wake of the artist’s passing and has since taken on additional meaning and poignancy for Avicii fans and the electronic music community at large. For those who would rather take in “True Stories” in a movie theatre experience, the limited NYC and LA runs may be their only shot.

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Raw and emotional, ‘Avicii: True Stories’ documentary garners Oscar consideration

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Raw and emotional, ‘Avicii: True Stories’ documentary garners Oscar considerationAvicii True Stories Documentary Oscars Consideration

Avicii‘s death almost seven months ago sent shock waves not only through dance music, but throughout the greater music industry at large. The 28-year-old legend’s passing prompted heartfelt tributes, but also ignited dialogue pertaining to the darker sides of the industry: anxiety, depression, brutal touring schedules, and more. Now, Avicii: True Stories’s director has revealed that the documentary that unabashedly delved into the musical and personal life of the departed superstar has qualified for auspicious Oscar consideration.

Containing years of raw and powerful footage from director Levan Tsikurishvili, the documentary was discreetly removed from US Netflix shortly following news of the “Levels” producer’s death.While there’s still no word on whether or not it will be reinstated for streaming, it appears the project will be making a return to the public eye with theatre showings in New York and LA beginning this December. It’s clear the documentary left as big an imprint on its director as it did on viewers who caught it before its prompt departure.

“[The] importance of looking out for one another has never been more important than now,” said Tsikurishvili in an Instagram post. “I do hope that we’ve changed something [for the] better in this industry, especially for the younger generation.”


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Avicii Documentary for Oscar Consideration

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Last week, I posted about how the Avicii documentary could be coming back. The documentary was pulled from Netflix shortly after the artist’s death. Now, the documentary is qualified for Oscar consideration. Director and producer Levan Tsikurishvili took to Instagram to share what the qualification means to him and everyone involved with the film. “This documentary hasn’t

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Could The Avicii Documentary Be Coming Back?

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Once upon a time, there was a documentary about Avicii called True Stories that you could find on Netflix. The documentary showed the hectic life of the world famous DJ, from touring to his health problems. Shortly after the DJ’s death, the documentary had been removed from Netflix and hasn’t returned yet. But today, the producer of True Stories posted

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The Glitch Mob unveil new documentary, ‘Behind The Blade 2.0’

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The Glitch Mob unveil new documentary, ‘Behind The Blade 2.0’The Glitch Mob 1 1


Relentless sonic experimenters of The Glitch Mob have released a new mini documentary, The Glitch Mob: Behind The Blade 2.0, with the help of collaborators, Alienware, in attempts to shed light on their unique processes and artistic mission statement.

The seven-minute feature traces the band’s enduring efforts to travel a less-trodden musical pathway and discover original ways to advance their narrative. One way The Glitch Mob—who is known for their unfettered ability to blend live instrumentation and intricate electronic production—says they have achieved this one-of-a-kind sonic status is through innovations like Blade 2.0: an unparalleled instrument of the group’s own creation that delivers a categorically immersive live experience in ways such as “creating a visual companion piece with each track.”

The group uses the documentary ultimately to emphasize their intentions to bring people together in a time when “people are more divided than ever,” noting their sheer awe of the unifying effect music can have on people.

“In a day in age when everything is about hit singles and pumping out content, we still believe in the album to tell the deeper and more enriched story,” they said. “Good stories have no expiration date, and that is where we have continued to put our focus.”


Soulwax’s ‘Part of the Weekend Never Dies’ has been re-released

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Soulwax’s ‘Part of the Weekend Never Dies’ has been re-releasedSoulwa

After 10 years, Soulwax has re-released its 2008 documentary Part of the Weekend Never Dies for the first time in HD and for free on YouTube. The rockumentary follows the dance music pioneers on what seems to be a never-ending tour, during which they capture the evolution of a scene from 2005-2007 an alchemist’s golden age of music. The film captures Soulwax and their confidants bump and jam literally all over the world from Japan to Scandinavia, Europe to Australia, Brazil to the States, leaving spun minds and good times in their wake.

Like all great rockumentaries, Part of the Weekend Never Dies is honest and unflinching in its presentation of the band. Through one camera, they capture Soulwax evoking release in people through an unprecedented combination of dance and rock music. This human release isn’t always pretty, but it is always honest. The level of humor and chaos presented in this film is something worth seeing and even harder to look away from.

Part of the Weekend Never Dies features clarifying and fascinating interviews from an eclectic group of notable individuals and friends of the band. Tiga, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and Nancy Whang, Klaxons, peaches, and Justice all speak to the ridiculous energy, desired remixes, and innovation Soulwax/2ManyDJs gave to the scene. It’s clear from the footage that these guys are rightfully godfathers of the dance scene. Through their live drum beats, musical innovation, and ability to keep going, Soulwax set the stage for how big dance music would become, which is probably why they were so impossible to follow. Their continued commercial success is also a testament to this. 

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Rare Diplo footage released in new mini-documentary, ‘Florida to California’

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Rare Diplo footage released in new mini-documentary, ‘Florida to California’Diplo Florida To California

Diplo grew up in Florida, cut his teeth in Philadelphia, and moved to California to pursue music as a career. It only makes sense he made this mini-documentary that showcases the beginning of his career when he dropped his 2004 debut Florida to his latest California EP, which dropped in March.

He’s been pumping out long-form content recently from his California EP remix pack to his Oxford interview. On July 3, the Major Lazer frontman divulged his story to musical eliteness in an eight-minute film.

The Mad Decent label boss already formed his opinion about music before moving to California; he moved there to work. Managing to make professional relationships through working and connecting with others, the mini-documentary showcases clips of Diplo collaborating with Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Snoop Dogg, French Montana, Post Malone and Tyler, the Creator. There’s an early video of him in the studio with M.I.A., along with a clip of him partying with Madonna.

Diplo’s ability to connect with others continues to make him a good fit for the dance music industry. As a producer, his job is to create a story around his vocalist, and LA came with a diverse group of artists, genres, and styles. He grew up listening to a variety of genres from classic rock to rap to hardcore punk, shaping his willingness to defy genres at a young age. Today, Diplo is one of the more culturally conscious producers in the game, working within hip-hop because “there wasn’t this open-minded feeling in hip-hop yet that you have right now, where anything is possible.”

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Tiësto’s Musical Freedom Label Curates Artist Documentary Series – 1st episode BROHUG

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Tiësto’s Musical Freedom label gears up for their very first stage takeover at Tomorrowland on the 20th of July with a special artist focus documentary series, marking a huge milestone for the highly respected dance label. Paying homage to the imprint, Musical Freedom artists take part in in-depth interviews and give a look behind the

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Exclusive: Cosmic Gate debut their very first documentary, ‘Materia’

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Cosmic Gate

A new insight into Nic Chagall and Bossi — known collectively as Cosmic Gate — has materialized.

Materia means ‘matter’. . . the substance . . . everything around us,” explains Chagall about Cosmic Gate’s latest album endeavor to a cameraman at the beginning of his group’s first ever documentary. It follows the duo across the globe in pursuit of finding deeper meaning musically, and the purveyance of the new message that they wish to spread to international audiences.

Polished cinematography and in-depth interviews expose a supergroup who, despite their stardom, remain more passionate and committed than ever to their craft and in creating a positive impact for their audiences. Their ultimate goal with Materia? To synthesize all of the elements, or “matter” of their past & present music into a modernized sonic story whose message points to the next step in the Cosmic Gate evolution.

Each track’s production, they state, is a product of intense writing and re-writing and collaboration with a selection of singers. These are then arranged carefully into album form, in which they use their “creative freedom” to branch out and fully embrace what they wish — be it softer shades of vocal trance, or rougher, more cavernous tunes for the main stage.

“We love DJing and the whole club scene . . . we love producing. It’s our world!” – Bossi

That said, Materia is distinctively Cosmic Gate; by encapsulating their aesthetic so concisely into this new project, in turn they hope to help push the musical envelope further into the future. We then see this taking effect in their sets as they tour through ADE, LA, London, and Tomorrowland performing their new music in narrative form. To their delight, emotions captured on their fans’ faces shows open acceptance for what they have to offer.

Materia – The Documentary will be available through all streaming platforms on June 8. In the meantime, Dancing Astronaut has the pleasure of debuting an advance stream of this stunning audiovisual tale.


Documentary that tells the story of female DJs in the early 2000s finally gets summer 2018 release date

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An enlightening new feature-length documentary, Girl, that follows several of the top female DJs of the early 2000s, and its Director Kandeyce Jorden’s own personal journey in the male-dominated industry, is now set for release on June 1.

Fifteen years in the making, Jorden emerges with intimate interviews and conversations with the top female EDM artists of the time such as DJ Rap, DJ Irene, Colette, DJ Lady D, and Sandra Collins.

Having spent years getting to know the American DJ, Sandra Collins, Jorden made it her mission to chronicle the parallels between Collins’ life and women’s ascensions, highs, and lows in the industry at large.

Thanks to a successful IndieGoGo campaign, Jorden has finally been able to finish her film and curated it with music from The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, Gabriel & Dresden, and more.

Hopefully, by delving into the gender discrepancies and deep hierarchical imbalances of the industry, Girl offers up some answers of where things can go from here along the way.

Girl will be available for streaming on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play June 1.

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