Stream DJ Paypal’s New Project 174​.​2​.​2

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The Berlin-based footwork producer and Teklife affiliate DJ Paypal uploaded a new project to Bandcamp today. In the description field, he notes that this is “not an album.” It’s called 174​.​2​.​2, and it features 13 tracks. All but one are 4 minutes and 20 seconds long. Happy belated 4/20 y’all! … More »

DJ Taye announces 2018 LP on Hyperdub, shares first single “Get it Jukin,” because we deserve it, that’s why

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I’m not a very superstitious person, but I do believe in karma, based on the principle that every time I lose a lighter I seem to serendipitously steal someone else’s soon after. Ergo: given the crumbling hellscape of a world that we endured for the duration of 2017, I desperately believe that this coming year will be equally abundant in blessings. This is (presumably) why Hyperdub has announced that their first release of 2018 will be Still Trippin, the debut LP of Teklife’s DJ Taye; because we fucking deserve it, goddammit.

Not that the world of footwork music has been in desperate need of more talent, since the underground genre pioneered by Teklife founders DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn has grown out of Chicago into a global footwork movement in less than decade. After the untimely passing of the legendary DJ Rashard in 2014, however, many wondered what would hold for the boundless potential left within the genre. But Taye says the tragedy inspired him “to continue evolving the music that I loved so much coming up in this world” and pushed him to “make something brand new.”

The results are out March 2 on double LP, CD, and digital. And although Still Trippin’ certainly features its share of “classic” talent from around the Midwest, like The Cool Kids’ Chuck Inglish (on the project’s vivacious and electrically charged first single “Get it Jukin,” listenable down below), DJ PayPal, and DJ Manny of the Teklife crew; Taye is also notably expanding Teklife’s range and diversity (both musically and geographically) by featuring female talents such as Jersey’s club queen UNIIQU3, Canadian singer Odile Myrtil, and Fabi Reyna, bass player and editor of women’s guitar magazine She Shreds. “I took this as an opportunity to not have boundaries with footwork. Different approaches to our ‘underground’ sound to make it broader, Taye says. “It’s only underground until it crosses that threshold.”

Believe in karma or not, there’s something to be said for continuing to do good while wading through the shittiest of circumstances and finding the hope to advance your causes into the future. In fact, a good attitude can be even better than good karma. Try me, 2018.

Still Trippin’ tracklisting:

01. 2094
02. Trippin
03. Need It (Ft DJ Manny)
04. Smokeout (ft DJ Lucky)
05. Same Sound (Feat Odile Myrtil)
06. 9090
07. Another (Feat DJ Manny)
08. Bonfire (Feat DJ Paypal)
09. The Matrix (Feat DJ Manny)
10. Get It Jukin (Feat Chuck Inglish) 02:47
11. Pop Pop ( Feat DJ Paypal)
12. Gimme Some Mo (Feat Uniqu3)
13. Truu (Feat DJ Paypal)
14. Closer
15. I’m Trippin
16. I Don’t Know (feat Fabi Reyna)

Tokyo to host インフラ INFRA Festival featuring Foodman, DJWWWW, Nobukazu Takemura, DJ Paypal, and an abundance of digital shenanigans this month

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It’s August, which means Festival Fever is coming to a close after another busy year of overhyped corporate-sponsored performances, problematic Native American-inspired headdresses, and high-profile headliner cancellations resulting from rare, Midwestern tornado warnings. It was fun while it lasted, but alas, all life-changing things must end eventually.

But hark! What’s this on the horizon? A brand new festival featuring all your favorite musicians/speakers/performance gurus/conceptual digital artists in Tokyo, Japan — which I hear is just lovely this time of year?! Yes, it’s the brand new インフラ INFRA Festival, taking place in venues across the world’s most populous metropolis during the week of August 19-26 and featuring “art, music, and thought in the digital age!” And guess what?! You are invited! (Provided you can afford the ticket prices, of course.)

The festival is a result of a collaboration between the Berlin-based 3hd Festival and Japan’s own EBM(T) Gallery (isn’t it so nice to see the world come together in this day and age?), and this year’s event will be based on the theme “Inside the Outside World.” Here’s your thematic primer:

Those infrastructures [that rule the modern world] provide an ecosystem where artists, musicians, and performers locate and navigate their work, one that has changed dramatically since the emergence of the Internet. It’s here that インフラ INFRA’s global, interdisciplinary and independent state of mind exists, proposing a break from institutional and market-based boundaries for artists, and interrogating these notions in a series of lectures, panels, workshops, live performances, and commissions examining music and art at its intersection.

Artists taking part in this year’s festival include Foodman, DJWWWW, Nobukazu Takemura, DJ Paypal, TCF, and, oh my god, so many more! There will also be plenty of talks, performances, and workshops, along with digital media exhibitions such as “#WHITE_PAPER,” “an unpredictable work performed on [a] sheet of Google Docs” — which is great, because I definitely don’t spend enough time on there as it is, so sign me THE FUCK up.

Full knowledge of all of these these incredible Fest-level goodies can be yours if you check out the enormous full program at the festival’s website. Don’t miss this opportunity to keep Festival Fever going strong, folks! (Seriously; you don’t even want to know how dismal the remainder of the year’s going to be once it’s all over.)

Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands Of 2016

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40bestNew2016We listen to a lot of music here at Stereogum — it’s sort of our job! — and every year, we attempt to codify all of that listening through lists that take stock of what’s kept us engaged throughout. There are still a few weeks until the hectic year-end list season descends, but we’ve made … More »