Dizzee Rascal is back hungrier and heavier than ever on new EP, ‘Don’t Gas Me’

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Dizzee Rascal is back hungrier and heavier than ever on new EP, ‘Don’t Gas Me’Dizee Rascal Dont Gas Me Ep

Dizzee Rascal has returned with five new heaters on his brand new Don’t Gas Me EP. The project sees the rapper trying on a diverse, high-octane array of instrumental styles ranging from oozing trap to bombastic bass house. The lead single teased top-dog form from the UK icon as he swapped bars with fellow heavyweight Skepta on “Money Right,” and the full dose of fresh Dizzee lives up to the hype.

The music world is well aware the artist can crank out hits alongside Calvin Harris and Armand Van Helden, but here, the rapper sounds hungry to flex mixtape form with every verse. The one-two punch of Rascal and Skepta remains a standout, but the brash bass house of title track “Don’t Gas Me” matches the aforementioned cut’s firepower. The energy never lets up as Dizzee demolishes the breakbeat posse cut “Spin Ya” and siren-laden grooves on “Quality” with equal ferocity. Any haters still questioning the MC’s undisputed rep can be pointed towards the EP’s production credits – a whopping five of the six beats were crafted by Dizzee Rascal himself.

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Dizzee Rascal and Skepta unite for heavyweight collab cut ‘Money Right’

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Dizzee Rascal and Skepta unite for heavyweight collab cut ‘Money Right’Dizzee Rascal Skepta Money Right

Dizzee Rascal and Skepta have combined forces for a trap-powered new single called “Money Right.” The grime kings trade rapid bars about methods of money management – at least according to two of the most successful UK rappers of all time. The beat is a prime playground for the stars, serving deep south subs and hard piano licks. Each verse is deft and effortless, and by the halfway point, it’s easy to assume the two have been making monster tracks together for years.

The collab arrives as the lead single from Dizzee’s recently announced EP, Don’t Gas Me. Speaking to Julie Adenuga on Apple Music’s Beats 1 show, Dizzee Rascal dished details on the collaboration’s genesis from a night the rappers happened to be making music in the same building.

“[Skepta] showed me the instrumental for this and I stood up,” Dizzee Rascal said. “I said, ‘Nah, we have to do this.’ I understood it. It’s one of them ones that everyone our age or above would think, ‘Why didn’t I do that?’”

Dizzee Rascal – “Money Right” (Feat. Skepta)

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Dizzee Rascal – “Bop N Keep It Dippin” Video

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Back in July, grime pioneer Dizzee Rascal returned with the strong new album Raskit. And after a pair of no-frills videos for “Space” and “Wot U Gonna Do?,” he’s finally made another great video, this one for the memory-lane trip “Bop N Keep It Dippin.” Director Romain Chassaing has channeled … More »

Dizzee Rascal’s Pissed Over British Rappers’ Snubs At Glastonbury

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Dizzee Rascal returns to re-affirm his place in the expanding grime universe with new album Raskit

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Long before the UK grime scene was credited for almost getting Jeremy Corbyn elected

…Way before Stormzy self released one of the most popular albums this year and maybe wrote the grime equivalent of Nirvana’s Nevermind

…Far, far away in the dark ages at the dawn of this century, the legendary Dizzee Rascal was spitting out some of the most impressive grime rhymes (grhymes?) imaginable, single-handedly laying the grand foundations of the genre, and, well, and pretty much being generally awesome.

And although his pioneering spirit never actually, physically took him anywhere (except on Holiday with Calvin Harris) Fact Mag recently pointed out that Mr. Rascal has just announced his first album in four years and promised that it will constitute something of a return to form: “I wanted to use what I’ve learned to make the best rap album I could, with no hands-in-the-air moments, just using as much English slang as I could over the best beats I could find.”

Said-album is called Raskit and will be out 21 July via Dizzee’s own rascally Dirtee Stank Recordings label (you can pre-order it there right now). The album’s lead single is called “Space” and certainly delivers on his promise to be more rap-oriented. Listen to it down below (and check out the full-album tracklisting down there too). But please; out of respect for Dizzee’s intentions, try keep your hands flat on the the table, desk, or genital-region in front of you at all times while listening. Mr. Rascal thanks you in advance.

Raskit tracklisting:

01. Focus
02. Wot U Gonna Do
03. Space
04. I Ain’t Even Gonna Lie
05. How Bad Do You Want It
06. Make It Last
07. Ghost
08. Business Man
09. Bop n Keep It Dippin
10. She Knows What She Wants
11. Dummy
12. Everything Must Go
13. Slow Your Roll
14. Sicka Dis Shit
15. Way I Am
16. Man of the Hour