Remixes For Grey, Zedd & Hailee Steinfeld’s “Starving” Released Today

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Grey, Zedd & Hailee Steinfeld’s “Starving” recently went platinum in the US, a huge accomplishment for an artist of any size these days (what with dwindling sales numbers and all). But even more exciting to us is this remix pack that came out today with cuts from KIIDA, Killagraham (of Milo & Otis), and Bali Bandits.

KIIDA puts a pretty dope house spin on the track, amping up the energy with some rough synths and a bouncy rhythm. Killagraham’s remix is a more laidback future bass take on the original. And finally we get to Bali Bandits, who easily have the most unique song of 2017 so far – where they got the inspiration for this remix, we might never know (until it inevitably comes up in their next interview). With an exceptionally bouncey, disco-tinged sound, this is our favorite of the bunch.

Check them all out below!


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Source: Remixes For Grey, Zedd & Hailee Steinfeld’s “Starving” Released Today

POOLCLVB Drops ‘You + Me’ EP

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Australian label etcetc has quickly grabbed my attention as a hotbed for emerging talent like Paces, Set Mo, Kilter, and more. Now, they’ve just released Sydney-based POOLCLVB’s latest LP, You + Me.

I’ve covered the single “Always” in the past and briefly mentioned the follow-up “You Give Me Love” as well, but now the collection is rounded out with the two remaining tracks, “Waiting for You” and “What You Want.” Together, all four tracks come together to give us one of the funkier, feel-good releases of the new year, thus far. “Waiting for You” might be the clubbiest of the four with its shimmering ’80s aesthetic while “What You Want” features soulful female vocals that give the track an emotional edge over the other four.

Stream the full pack below!


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Source: POOLCLVB Drops ‘You + Me’ EP

Eko Zu Return With Golden Disco Tune “Here & Now” [Premiere]

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Eko Zu, who have been featured on EDMSauce previously, have released their next installment as they continue revealing tracks from their debut Eternal Eyes EP. The single “Here & Now” expands on the vibes we found in the first two songs: a live instrumental feel, disco influences, and a strong vocal capturing the center of attention. If

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SAVOY Releases New Song With FatherDude, “Living Color”

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Now that electronic music is entering the mainstream more than ever before, there seems to be a shift in producers’ thinking when it comes to tracks. Perhaps it’s just confirmation bias, but many producers are shying away from the typical “EDM” sound – or whatever is considered to be the commercial sound of electronic music – and moving more toward legitimate songwriting practices.

“Living Color” by Savoy with FatherDude is a prime example of this. While it’s definitely reflecting the disco styles of the late 70s, there’s an inherent modernism to it that comes along with newer production styles. Plenty of reverb and effects across the track give it a polish and shine that couldn’t have been possible four decades ago.

“But there was a rawness, an authenticity, to that music!”

I agree, and that’s where FatherDude comes in. With his vocals, the track reaches peak completeness and everyone can go home happy. Check it out below:

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Source: SAVOY Releases New Song With FatherDude, “Living Color”

Savoy – Living Color (feat. Fatherdude)

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Savoy continues to expand their resume to include multiple genres. You can now add Disco to the mix. That is right the laser kings are back at it with their latest release “Living Color” featuring Fatherdude. This track has a wonderful vibe to it. Smooth from the start, Living Color’s groove bassline bounces along until

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Eko Zu Releases New Disco Track [Music Video]

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Eko Zu has just released another tune off their forthcoming EP Eternal Eyes. The trio based out of LA, is bringing a new vibe to live shows as they perform live with drum pads, guitar, and a vocalist. Their newest tune “Eternal Eyes” is a catchy disco track with an uplifting vibe. Featuring guitars and

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Wolfgang Gartner Shares Awesome New House Track, “Devotion”

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What can I even say about a track that’s so good it leaves me speechless? It’s quite the conundrum, but that’s the situation I find myself in after listening to the new “Devotion” by Wolfgang Gartner.

Gartner himself says that this track is like a culmination of 20 years of listening and producing house music, and it really shows. The vocals give off this effusive disco vibe, and the production is groovy and slick. It plays nicely off the current trend of future house without jumping on the bandwagon hard, or at all.

Wolfgang released his new album this year, 10 Ways To Steal Home Plate, but “Devotion” feels like the Wolfgang Gartner that we really know and love. Check it out:

“‘Devotion’ is honestly my favorite song I’ve produced in years. I got back into the vintage house mentality that ultimately shaped my musical tastes, combined that with some of the fresher sounds that have been inspiring me lately and peppered in some traditional Wolfgang production tricks. ‘Devotion’ embodies all the different veins of house music that I have loved and produced over the past 20+ years. It’s an addition to my discography that keeps me evolving as an artist and exploring new territory rather than doing the same thing over and over again and playing it safe to please a fan base. Essentially, ‘Devotion’ is a nod to my TRUE house music roots with a current and personal twist on it.” – Wolfgang Gartner


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Source: Wolfgang Gartner Shares Awesome New House Track, “Devotion”

POOLCLVB Drops Remix EP For Latest Single ‘You Give Me Love’

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If you asked me what kind of sound I hear coming out of Australia I would have said either future bass or synthpop. Now, it appears that they’ve been developing their house game thanks to artists like POOLCLVB who has been putting out fire single after single.

His last single “You Give Me Love” is the kind of funky disco-infused sound that I’ve been hearing a lot of lately, and as a guy with a house music background this really does warm my heart. The song even spawned four remixes which transform this bouncy house track anywhere from breakbeat underground anthem to future bass banger and everything in between.

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Source: POOLCLVB Drops Remix EP For Latest Single ‘You Give Me Love’

Goshfather Ends 2016 On A High Note With Ookay Remix [Interview]

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It’s been a year since Goshfather & Jinco parted ways and began their own solo production careers. The split was mutual, and has allowed both artists to pursue styles that feel more genuine to their own tastes. For Goshfather’s part, that sound has been this infectious, bubbly, fun music that is without a care in the world.

I’ve covered a number of his releases over the past year, and many of them were on repeat for a week after they came out. But now, he’s shared a remix of Ookay’s “Stay With Me” that absolutely drives me insane (in a good way). With swinging rhythms and a housey beat, not to mention those contagious vocals from Brenna Campbell, this is definitely one of his finest works this year.

Considering the anniversary of his breakup and the new track, I felt it was appropriate to reach out to Goshfather and ask him about his feelings over the last year, why this Ookay track in particular inspired him to pursue his sound, and what’s to come in 2017. Check it all out below.

As you recently posted on Facebook, it’s been a year since the end of Goshfather & Jinco. What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a solo artist in the past year?

Hands down, when you’re an emerging artist at any level, you need to remind yourself you have nothing to lose. There is absolutely zero reason to not take major creative risks. I am constantly surrounded by peers who are making a certain sound and I know I just can’t copy what they are doing. The minute I feel the temptation to imitate the ‘now’ sound when it comes to all the stuff that is coming out at any given point, I have to go check myself. That’s the big reflex that I have been training for several months now. I wanna make something new that people haven’t heard recently and I want to bring new people into the fold through doing that.

How long have you been dying to make music like the kind you’re currently putting out?

I have been dying to make this music since I first heard an Armand Van Helden or a Daft Punk record. Making these types of tunes is literally second nature to me now. Producing music has becoming this thing of wonderment again… digging for samples and forcing myself to listen to music that has nothing to do with my genre is one of the most fun and explorative processes that I know. I am so excited to see where I can take this.

Tell me a little bit about the Ookay remix. You say that it inspired you to pursue your own sound.

He put this song out a couple of years ago when trap was really becoming a big, big, big thing, and he was obviously at the forefront of the movement. He put it out and it gave me this feeling of wow, you can tell that this came so naturally to him. It was him just freestyling. However, he put it out, and the amount of negative feedback he got from people on Soundcloud, of these naysayers saying “HEY THIS ISN’T TRAP!” and things like that made me feel so bad. You could tell however, he didn’t care, and that’s what was so inspirational about this. It was him going “listen, I’m an artist, I have many facets to what I do, take it or leave it.” He’s had so much success especially in 2016, but I wanted to take it back and update a song that, to me, became a modern classic, and I wanted to have a proper excuse to start hearing it again on dancefloors. I also wrote an original little vocal for it, performed by my friend Brenna Campbell, and she nailed it. It gives it that modern/classic dance music vibe that I am constantly trying to achieve.

Your sound is clearly reminiscent of disco. Did you listen to a lot of disco when you were younger, or is it more of a newer passion of yours?

Just the renegade guerrilla warfare process of cutting samples together and putting them over a kick drum has always been my favorite thing. I want to use disco & this type of sound the same way a singer/songwriter users a guitar or a piano. I want to smash older textures together with newer textures. I want someone to listen to one of my songs and go “what was the original song he sampled here?” and I want them to go down the rabbit hole looking it up and then listening to other older artists through that and expand their musical pallet. Disco, after it ran its course in the 70s, kind of became this commodified joke of a genre and began to represent yuppies and rich, excessive lifestyles. I’m trying to use the textures and create something rebellious, but in this case trying to rebel against the super commonly used types of sounds in the kind of dance music everyone else is making right now. I am not re-inventing the bicycle hear, this is standard Armand Van Helden type of stuff but with much more modern textures thrown in. Also I am going to be doing a lot more singing/lyric writing on my next releases so I’m excited about that as well!

It really does seem that you’ve completely found your sound. That must feel incredibly good, right?

It feels amazing, but whats even more amazing is that people are starting to listen. It feels awesome that I cam kind of forcing this back into existence but doing it my way. Yes, it feels amazing.

As 2016 ends, what do you have in store for 2017?

Several surprising collaborations are on the way, a side project, and plenty of me singing on more of my tracks and writing lyrics/melodies for other people who I admire very much. I feel like 2016 I had to find myself, now I am going to spend 2017 with a revitalized energy. I want to put out a gajillion songs. I can’t wait to share them with everyone.

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Oliver Release Music Video For “Electrify,” Announce Debut Album For 2017

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It’s been at least a year since Oliver first teased their forthcoming debut album on Twitter, and fans have been on the edge of their seats ever since. Finally, this weekend, Oliver broke the silence and announced that the album will be out next year, 2017.

“It has been a labor of love for the last year and change and we want it to sound as good as possible. Your patience is appreciated, and so is your impatience, it’s that kind of passion that drives us to continue to make music.”

Even better, they just released this dope music video for their latest single, “Electrify” featuring Scott Mellis. Featuring a Woody Allen-esque character and an interesting interpretation on videography, the video is a straight up dance party … with some oddities thrown in for good measure.

Check that out below, and get hyped for their forthcoming album, due out next year!

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Source: Oliver Release Music Video For “Electrify,” Announce Debut Album For 2017