The Radar 123: Mixed by Kolombo

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The Radar 123: Mixed by KolomboKolombo Press Shot Uncredited

Belgium is a breeding ground of class talent, and Kolombo is one of those keeping the country at the top of its game. The veteran producer maintains a staunch commitment toward experimentalism and sonic evolution, building a vast and diverse catalog across a number of aliases that has led to his work being heard in a variety of settings. As a DJ, Kolombo draws upon his multitude of influences to craft carefully laid-out, unique journeys with each set that play perfectly to each venue he plays at.

With this in mind, Kolombo makes for a perfect Radar contributor. He’s submitted a spirited one-hour house mix, whose deep grooves, smooth transitions, and cheery track selection make for an uplifting listen. Listen closely, and his newest track off DIRTYBIRD‘s 2019 Miami Compilation, “O Ride O Ride,” which features a timeless mashup of classic rave elements and elrow-esque levels of quirky editing. Pre-order a copy of the compilation here, and make sure to keep watch on Kolombo as he continues to climb the house ranks.


BOT & Will Clarke are ‘Feeling Good’ with long-awaited collaboration

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BOT & Will Clarke are ‘Feeling Good’ with long-awaited collaborationFeeling Good Will Clarke BOT

“Feeling Good” has been making its way around the house and techno circuits for quite a few months now. The mellifluous stomper, which has been revealed as another BOT & Will Clarke, is almost too effective at getting stuck in the mind with its pitched-down vocal hook and creeping progressions. Paired with crackling analog elements, machine sampling, and acid blips at play below driving percussion, “Feeling Good” positions itself as a peak time jaunt capable of smashing the dance floor into bits. It’s this fierce personality that has led Claude VonStroke, Solardo, and other top tier talent have been giving the record a fair rinse in their sets throughout the festival season.

Tiger Stripes was also called into action for remixing duties—an act not seen much around the DIRTYBIRD nest, but one the label admires greatly. The Swedish producer adds a bit more of a melodic and spacey take to the original, adding consistency via distinctive synth stabs and even tougher percussion. Tiger Stripe’s version is equally adaptable to the peak time while standing completely on its own.

Prior to “Feeling Good,” BOT and Will Clarke enamored the dance world with “Techno (not techno).” They’ve made it clear that music with both their names in the credits is not to be missed.


Matthias Tanzmann – The Treat [EP Review]

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Matthias Tanzmann – The Treat [EP Review]TheTreat

DIRTYBIRD is continuing to build its flock across the pond. They’re particularly fixated on underground hotspot Berlin, drawing the likes of Chambray, Marc Houle (who currently resides there), and now, Matthias Tanzmann into their fold.

Tanzmann’s label debut arrived on March 1 under the name, The Treat. Ever the tasty ensemble, the EP’s title track is a playful groover that’s centered around its bassline. It errs slightly on the minimal side, with other notable accents being hollow,  metallic drum clangs and sparse vocal clips. Despite its simplistic nature, “The Treat” carries joyful overtones that are sweet to the senses and make for plenty of fist-pumping moments on the floor.

“Filthy,” on the other hand, is more high charged. The B-side’s wailing synth tones and equally infectious bottom line feel like they belong on Ibiza, or in the middle of an elrow party. It would appear Matthias was inspired by his stints on Ibiza whilst creating the tune; not a bad influence by any means. The Treat is ultimately another dip into the European tech sound by DIRTYBIRD, and a nice complement to the label’s overall aesthetic.

Outside the EP, Matthias has kept himself busy in the studio alongside Davide Squillace and Martin Buttrich putting the final touches on their first album under their Better Lost Than Stupid alias. They’ve just put out the vocal version of their scintillating tune, “Inside,” which Dancing Astronaut premiered here.


Claude VonStroke tries his hand at stand up comedy on episode four of ‘Stroke Show’ [Watch]

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Claude VonStroke tries his hand at stand up comedy on episode four of ‘Stroke Show’ [Watch]Claude Vonstroke Djing Dirtybird Campout

Attendees of DIRTYBIRD collective’s iconic festival, the Dirtybird Campout, know stand up comedy shows to be an integral thread in the recreational fabric of the event. Each year, Dirtybird Campout comedy director, Blakeshine, coordinates live comedy sketches that guarantee attendees belly-aching laughs in between sets. A demonstrated expert in the comic realm, Blakeshine gives label head honcho, Claude VonStroke, a crash course in stand up comedy on episode four of VonStroke’s newly minted talk show, Stroke Show.

VonStroke’s first formal endeavor in stand up sees him experiment with parody in his characteristic convivial manner. “I’m only here because my  employees put me up to it!” VonStroke says at the beginning of his routine. VonStroke’s good-natured, warm personality creates an immediate stage presence that contributes to the Dirtybird boss’ successful comic debut.

Marc Houle debuts on DIRTYBIRD with acidic EP

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Marc Houle debuts on DIRTYBIRD with acidic EPMinAndSoda Insta

The past few months have been a time of evolution for the DIRTYBIRD brand, which has been consistently stepping outside its status quo to feature an array of new artists and sounds. Their latest signing comes from seasoned veteran Marc Houle, who’s instilled his hardware mastery into a blistering two-tracker dubbed Min And Soda. What he’s come up with manages to fit in well with the label’s explosive aesthetic, while standing out as a unique and rather left-field addition to the catalog.

“Min And Soda” shows no mercy as the EP’s A-side. Synth stabs thunder down upon the listener, breaking into the skull to allow for more stripped-back, yet effective percussions and touches of acid to invade and remain stuck in there long after finish. This track is more than likely going to be heard on the wide festival and club circuit during the coming months. “Car And Driver,” on the other hand, hits hard on the low end, melting the mind with vibrating acid lines and pops of retro synths—a sneaky beast, indeed.

Order a copy of ‘Min And Soda,’ out now, here

Claude VonStroke launches wacky new video series, ‘Stroke Show’

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Claude VonStroke launches wacky new video series, ‘Stroke Show’885707 10153314539892774 822307491968809961 O

The Dirtybird label boss has launched a brand new video series called “Stroke Show.” Based on its premiere, the series will follow the weekly endeavors of Claude VonStroke, whether it be in the office or on tour. However, the techno DJ is known for his wacky personality, a trait that coincides with the video’s framework. It also appears to be a play on late night talk shows, with VonStroke as the host (yet more Eric Andre style for those familiar).

For Episode 1, he interviews a special guest AKA his personal assistant “since we’ve never done a Stroke Show before and have no viewers”. They talk through his experiences on Holy Ship! 2019, which consisted of 5 a.m. elevator interviews with attendees that were asked to make weird noises, losing money on poker, live pirate skits that weren’t exactly rehearsed, dubstep headbangers, and more. VonStroke adds additional context in the description: “Thanks for tuning in to the first ever weekly episode of Stroke Show. As you can tell, I had a great time on Holy Ship. I also interviewed my assistant, Maddie and my dog Q-Tip. Every week I will interview a guest and show a part of my crazy life as a DJ, Dad, Art Enthusiast, Music Producer, Event Promoter, Clothing Designer, etc.”

See a full list of upcoming tour dates here.

Grill and chill with Claude and company: Dirtybird announces 2019 summer BBQ tour dates

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Grill and chill with Claude and company: Dirtybird announces 2019 summer BBQ tour datesDirtybird Bbq Claude Vonstroke Crowd Credit Upperleft

An indelible pairing, like mustard and hot dogs or ketchup and french fries, Dirtybird beats and sweet, sticky barbecue is a classic summer combination. Come May 2019, Claude VonStroke will once again rally the Dirtybird flock and grease the grill for a five-date Dirtybird BBQ mini-run. The San Francisco-born collective will bring their blend of booty shakin’ bass and house groove to the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, and Brooklyn to kick off the summer swelter.

As in years past, Dirtybird will host its Best In Show contest, to award prizes for best costume, best dance moves, best custom creations, and overall best in show. The tasty tradition will also offer attendees standard barbecue fair and vegetarian options with the purchase of a BBQ Feast Ticket. Tickets to all Dirtybird BBQ events will go on sale on February 4 at 10:00 a.m. PST. Purchase tickets here.

Dirtybird Summer 2019 Tour Dates:

Bay Area, May 4 – Alameda County Fairgrounds
Los Angeles, May 5 – LA Exposition Park
Austin, June 1 – Carson Creek Ranch
Denver, June 8 – Fillmore Outdoors
Brooklyn, June 16 – Brooklyn Mirage

Photo Credit: Lisa Lee Photos

H/T: Mixmag

‘Along Came Polly’ producer Rebūke continues hot streak with ‘Jump Ship’ on DIRTYBIRD [EP Review]

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‘Along Came Polly’ producer Rebūke continues hot streak with ‘Jump Ship’ on DIRTYBIRD [EP Review]Rebuke Jump Ship Art

Hot Creations had an instant classic on its hands in “Along Came Polly,” an infectious jam that would put Rebūke’s name on the map and eventually hold the top spot of Beatport’s Overall Chart for quite some time. It’s clear the aforementioned producer had found a magic formula of mixing past and present tech house elements into veritable hits that would be warmly received by mass audiences. He continues to strike this balance on Jump Ship, his next release on DIRTYBIRD that is already making its way around the festival circuit and proving to be somewhat of a break for him across the pond.

The title track captures attention right away with pulsating bass and tightly mixed tribal drums that eventually lead into absolute mayhem post-break. Hollow, seven-note bursts function as lasers that, when targeted at the dance floor, prompt uncontrollable dancing. Meanwhile, “The Pipe” takes on a more hypnotic profile, but equally chaotic nonetheless. It chugs forward like a sine wave, with micro peaks and valleys manifested once again through bassline and hollow synth bursts enticing listeners to move up-and-down alongside the music. This action has been evidenced in videos circulating around of the tune being rinsed at high profile festivals like Holy Ship!, where reception looks to be wide open.

Not too shabby of a release for a producer who only just broke into the house sphere a year ago.

Order a copy of ‘Jump Ship’ here

Good Morning Mix: Barclay Crenshaw’s ‘Transmission 004’

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Good Morning Mix: Barclay Crenshaw’s ‘Transmission 004’Barclay Crenshaw Transmission 004

Claude VonStroke is back to his low-end antics under his real name, Barclay Crenshaw. The DIRTYBIRD boss introduced this new (or old, should we say) ego to the world in early 2017, proving his prowess in the non-4/4 realm. He subsequently began his Transmission series of mixtapes, showing off the fruitful results of his deep dives into bass and hip-hop.

The fourth edition of Transmission has now arrived, and it’s arrived in the form of Crenshaw’s Dirtybird Campout West set. It goes down overwhelmingly smoothly, with an expansive tracklist that includes everything from new edits of tracks by artists like TLZMN and Kurei, to glitchy and powerful numbers by Seppa, Gucci Ba$$, and more. Of course, a number of Barclay Crenshaw originals are also weaved in for a full-bodied listen. The chilled atmosphere makes it a perfect morning listen.


Will Clarke & Nick Monaco empower in ‘Like A Girl’

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Will Clarke & Nick Monaco empower in ‘Like A Girl’LikeAGirl 3000

DIRTYBIRD is off to a strong start for the year. Its first release, “Like A Girl,” comes from two of its strongest players, Will Clarke & Nick Monaco. The result is an extra-terrestrial heater, whose laser shots take on the form of pointed synth progressions and whose low-end is positively destructive in the best of ways. It’s hard not to feel abducted by this pair’s immensely catchy tune.

Beneath the catchiness is something a bit more nuanced, however. “Like A Girl” features lyrics penned by Nick Monaco, who’s known for championing radical equality and fluidity across his art. They speak of doing various actions, “like a girl,” giving off a Madonna, “What It Feels Like For A Girl” tone of empowerment. Deep as it is fierce, we imagine the collaboration is already positioned to be one of the strongest DIRTYBIRD records of 2019; and that’s saying a lot.



Order a copy here