Dirtybird to bring Chicago round two of Birdhouse Festival, with Claude VonStroke, Walker & Royce, and more

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Dirtybird to bring Chicago round two of Birdhouse Festival, with Claude VonStroke, Walker & Royce, and moreBirdhouse 1

Claude VonStroke is officially bringing a litany of label favorites from his resoundingly rowdy Dirtybird flock back to Chicago for the second annual edition of Birdhouse Festival.

Setting up shop again at Lakefront Green, but this time on an all-new grassy terrain overlooking Lake Michigan and the sublime Chicago skyline, on September 7, just before the sun begins to set on summer 2019, Dirtybird will welcome sets from Walker & Royce, Mason Maynard, and an extended set from VonStroke himself, in the city where housework began. The crew will also be bringing along a special, yet-to-be-announced guest in tow, whom VonStroke will be partaking in a highly anticipated back-to-back set with.

Last year’s seminal, sold-out installment of Birdhouse featured appearances from, of course, Dirtybird’s main man, VonStroke, as well as all different accents of the tech-fueled four-on-the-floor rainbow, like J.Phlip, Gene Farris, Will Clarke, and Christian Martin, to name a few.

The second arm will launch equipped with deliciously odd amenities, true to the offbeat Dirtybird emblem, spanning cotton candy to specialty branded prizes. Tickets to Birdhouse Chicago are on sale here.

Dirtybird to bring Chicago round two of Birdhouse Festival, with Claude VonStroke, Walker & Royce, and moreImage 20

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Bassnectar’s next Deja Voom bass pilgrimage to be led by Sub Focus, GRiZ, and Caspa

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Bassnectar’s next Deja Voom bass pilgrimage to be led by Sub Focus, GRiZ, and CaspaDejavoom

For Lorin Ashton, widely known as Bassnectar‘s wide and unwavering following, a destination festival headlined by Ashton himself (among a number of resounding guests) on a Cancun resort is nothing short of an earsplitting fantasy.

The four-day festival’s second charter will summon Sub Focus, GRiZ, Caspa, and Claude VonStroke to its sandy forefront. VonStroke will be bringing a highly potent dose of his Dirtybird crew to the beachfront endeavor’s new location, the Grand Oasis resort (a departure from last year’s touchdown in Riviera Maya), too, including longtime label habitues, Justin Jay, Christian Martin, and Worthy.

Per Bassnectar’s website, he and his team have rented out the entire Grand Oasis property for the occasion, likely in response to last year’s installment prompting a number of noise and behavioral complaints from various Rivera Maya non-Deja Voom vacation-goers staying near the festival.

Deja Voom is sold out, but those interested can join the festival’s waitlists for particular packages of interest here.

Bassnectar’s next Deja Voom bass pilgrimage to be led by Sub Focus, GRiZ, and CaspaBassnectar Dejavoom

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Ardalan announces inaugural LP on DIRTYBIRD, tour to follow

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Ardalan announces inaugural LP on DIRTYBIRD, tour to followArdalan Shot By Grady Brannan1

Ardalan grew up with DIRTYBIRD, growing from the label’s wunderkind at the age of 21 with his Justin Martin collaboration “Mr. Spock” into a veritable powerplayer in the American underground. The time has now come for the talented producer to give back to his label home through his debut album, Mr. Good. He’s shared a taste of the album via “I Can’t Wait,” and it’s already proving to be a delightfully out-of-the-box offering.

“‘I Can’t Wait’ is a duet with my girlfriend. It’s one of the last songs I made on my album. Through the process, she was always waiting for me to watch Game of Thrones with her and would say, ‘I can’t wait any longer.’ I never ended up watching it. The song is open to interpretation for the listener,” states Ardalan of the single.

The single is melancholic in nature, conjuring imagery of personal sacrifice at the hands of a heavy drive to succeed in one’s career. Minor arpeggios in 8-bit tones flow over crisp percussion and a grooving foundation, while his girlfriend’s voice adds a haunting layer to the finished product. It’s a far cry from what one normally hears in a DIRTYBIRD release these days, and a marker of Ardalan’s creative evolution. The album will also be followed by a 36-stop tour, which sees the artist taking over his favorite intimate dance spaces across North American for special edition extended sets. He’ll also be at Dirtybird Campout West in October, where fans can expect to hear “I Can’t Wait” live. Tickets for that here. An all-star support lineup awaits.

Ardalan announces inaugural LP on DIRTYBIRD, tour to followCorrect Tour Art Ardalan

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David Keno Releases New Dirtybird EP “Resonate”

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Swiss-born, Berlin-based artist, David Keno has just released his recent EP with the DIRTYBIRD flock. Ultra catchy and rhythmic tracks abound, “Resonate” showcases a masterful sound that will keep the listener grooving. As its name inspires, the EP is also layered with a series of vocals that will deeply connect with the listener. Combined with

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Insomniac is now a majority owner of Miami’s iconic Club Space

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Insomniac is now a majority owner of Miami’s iconic Club SpaceInsomniac Club Space Announce Photo Left To Right Matt Teper David Sinopoli Pasquale Rotella Coloma Kaboomsky Davide Danese July 2019 Hi RES

Worldwide events powerhouse Insomniac have announced it has acquired an ownership stake in legendary Miami dance music institution Club Space.

All current management and operations of Space will remain the same, but this partnership will ensure the revered club, known for its days-long parties, will have a long-standing future in a market that is seeing many clubs of similar status being closed, including Brooklyn’s Output and Denver’s Beta.

“Space is one of the most iconic dance music venues in the US if not the world, and I’m excited that Insomniac is now a partner,” says Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella. “Davide, Coloma and Sinopoli have done an exceptional job revitalizing this venue to be better than it’s ever been. They are passionate people that care about creating experiences, and share the same core values that Insomniac lives by. The Space Invaders team will still be running the show and together we will set the bar for entertainment in Miami. Space is another important piece of the Insomniac vision coming together.”

“The Space Invaders” to which Rotella is referring are Davide Danese, Coloma Kaboomsky, and David Sinopoli who took over management of Space in 2016. Since their arrival, the club has been completely revitalized, offering some of the most memorable parties in the US.

From Dirtybird‘s epic annual takeover during Miami Music Week, to marathon extended sets from Dixon and a slew of other veteran selectors, Club Space maintains one of the strongest reputations in Miami. Now with Insomniac, the scope of their parties will only expand.

“Our Space Invaders team is excited about this partnership with Insomniac,” says Sinopoli. “We have admired their work for a while now, and over the past year have gotten to know everyone on their team. They are young, creative, and most importantly, their focus is on constantly working to provide the best possible experience for their guests.

“We have worked tirelessly over the past three years to renew the energy inside Club Space and maintain a calm, safe environment while curating a space where people can enjoy a wide range of entertainment. Our Space Invaders team will continue to book the music and operate the club exactly as we have been. We believe that through this relationship with Insomniac we can continue to grow and secure our home at Space with a partner who has an aligned vision of the future of the Miami music scene.”

While Ultrais certainly still the event most synonymous with Miami— especially now that the festival’s contract with Bayfront Park is renewed— Insomniac’s presence has been growing in Florida as of late. With Live Nation at their back, Insomniac managed a sold out EDC Orlando 2018 and will expand the event to three days in 2019. It will be the first three-day EDC ever hosted outside of Las Vegas. Now with Insomniac’s ownership of Club Space, the company has is successfully cementing itself in one of the country’s most beloved party meccas.

HOLY SHIP! shares huge lineup for upcoming landlocked edition, HOLY SHIP! WRECKED

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HOLY SHIP! shares huge lineup for upcoming landlocked edition, HOLY SHIP! WRECKEDRukes III

While HOLY SHIP! won’t be setting sail in 2020, it’ll sure still be getting down. The revered HARD Events maritime festival will anchor itself in the Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana next year, January 22-26 with a whole new name: HOLY SHIP! WRECKED.

Casting a wide and prominent net, HOLY SHIP! WRECKED has secured Diplo, Lane 8, Claude VonStroke, and Madeon to top its astounding 2020 roster, while Chris Lake, NGHTMRE & Slander, and Jai Wolf comprise what one could hardly call an undercard. Distinguished names from across the house and bass-abundant spectrum speckle the robust roster, from 12th Planet to TOKiMONSTA, Whethan to What So Not, the agenda seems to extend something irrefutable for every electronic taste preference. Up-and-coming contenders like Dom Dolla, Sonny Fodera, and ODESZA-championed MEMBA offer the lineup a fresh-faced appeal as well.

Not only is the lineup set to be one of the most in-depth throughout the HOLY SHIP! timeline, but the shift in format will offer #Shipfam an event that is both excitingly new and refreshingly familiar. Cloud 9 Adventures,the lead company behind the ship experience, has been producing events in concert with the Punta Cana resort for many years already and will bring that expertise to HOLY SHIP! WRECKED .

Just as on HOLY SHIP!, the resort will only be open to attendees throughout the festival. Seasoned Shipfam will still receive their robes as well as their OG party as fans and artists live together for a weekend in paradise:

We are shipfam for life, so we couldn’t miss out on this! – Gorgon City

Time to start the search for buried treasure. We be shipwrecked this year me maties! – Claude VonStroke  

When it comes time for the artists to perform, there will be nine different areas for music spread throughout the resort. With the increased amount of space, the overall production will be at a much higher level and each area will maintain a specific sonic identity. From daily pool parties to a 1,000 person-capacity club to a sunrise set on the beach, artists will be spinning multiple sets in a variety of environments to satisfy the astute tastes of Shipfam.

Plus, the extensive amenities provided both on-site and in the immediate area will allow for a much broader range of artist involved activities which will be announced soon.

Attendees of HOLY SHIP! WRECKED will have 24-hour access to the resort’s private beach. Every room includes its own balcony, hot tub, free Wi-Fi, and is roughly three times the size of rooms on the boat. There are nine restaurants around the resort offering everything from sushi to pizza, and just like on ship, food and drinks (including alcohol) are all-inclusive.

In terms of recreation outside of music, there is mini-golf, a lazy river, a waterslide, and much more on property. For an extra charge, attendees can take their experience to the next level with a full 18-hole golf course, excursions on dune buggies and ATV’s, a 65,000 square-foot spa, scuba diving, and various other activities that only a world-class island resort can offer.

Pre-sale for HOLY SHIP! WRECKED starts next Monday, July 29, and tickets officially go on sale Wednesday, July 31 at 11 am PT, available here, along with general festival information.

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Claude VonStroke shares cheeky new single, ‘Comments,’ with ZDS, plus preternatural music video

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Claude VonStroke shares cheeky new single, ‘Comments,’ with ZDS, plus preternatural music videoComments 1

Head Dirtybird, Claude VonStroke just released his latest single, “Comments.” The track is a combined effort with Dirtybird frequenter, Zombie Disco Squad (ZDS), including vocals from popular house music voice-over artist, KE.

This is VonStroke’s second single out on his own imprint this year, following the upbeat jam, “Getting Hot.” “Comments” is not the prime-time dancefloor delivery of its predecessor; though, it invokes the kind of quirky groove upon which Dirtybird built its name. With numerous artists including Justin Martin and Desert HeartsPorky already showing support, this track will likely be a favorite on the four-by-four festival front through 2019.

The new track also comes along with a music video that continues the Boss Bird’s trend towards the wacky and weird, but with a darker twist. Adopting an aesthetic reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project, the visual sequence is full of smoke, blindfolds, rope knots, and hedge clippers. The tagline for the song is “People talk shit and that ain’t right.” The video seems to present the possible fates of those caught with malice in their mouths.

Walker & Royce – Bodies Do The Talking

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Walker & Royce – Bodies Do The TalkingWalker Royce 1

In 2017, Self Help became one of DIRTYBIRD‘s top LP releases while also establishing Walker & Royce as high caliber house talents with crossover appeal. It was a truly seminal output for the duo, who went on to tour internationally and further increase their global presence. They’ve officially returned to their Self Help home for their first solo release there in nearly two years—and what a grand homecoming it is.

Bodies Do The Talking is a heady two-tracker. In fact, both of its offerings pack in so much power that one could argue the EP is a double A-side. It starts off deceptively, with smoothed, lo-fi textures in its title track leading listeners to believe they’re in for a mellow ride. Suddenly, however, these pleasant textures give way to absolute destruction, as cunning synth progressions explode over powerful percussion. “Uh-Oh” is the groovier of the two, causing a strong impact on its own via creeping vocals and tense, buzzy hardware buildups that give way to a wild climax. This EP seems to have been made with big crowds in mind, and is certainly effective in its pulverizing mission based off reactions thus far.

Shiba San, Mija, Jhené Aiko, and more top 2019 West Coast Dirtybird Campout

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Shiba San, Mija, Jhené Aiko, and more top 2019 West Coast Dirtybird CampoutDirtybird Campout

Claude VonStroke is bringing his quirk-friendly caravan of house and tech-centric talent back to Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds October 4-6 for the West Coast arm of his Dirtybird Campout festival series.

The 2019 lineup boasts both familiar four-on-the-floor flock members, like Justin Martin, Shiba San, Mija, and J.Phlip, as well as multifarious members of the hip-hop and bass communities, including resplendently strange and multifarious sounds from Cut Chemist, Nastia, and the Grammy-nominated R&B singer/songwriter, Jhené Aiko. The three-day frenzy will see its off-the-wall curation sectioned into two stylized stages, with classically curious Dirtybird emblems designated to the Birdhouse stage, while the Bass Lodge will harbor just that, as well as the urban end of the roster.

The festival/label’s fearless leader and “head counselor” will be performing at the Campout twofold, under both his ’90s hip-hop-hailing experimental project, Barclay Crenshaw (his actual name) and his more widely known alter-ego, Claude VonStroke, in a back-to-back set with EPROM.

Tickets to the West Coast Dirtybird Campout are on sale now here.

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Prepare for the Dirtybird BBQ with a fierce new ‘Get Roasted’ compilation

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Prepare for the Dirtybird BBQ with a fierce new ‘Get Roasted’ compilationGetroasted Dirtybird

In preparation for the DIRTYBIRD‘s annual Dirtybird BBQ traveling concert series, the San Francisco and Los Angeles-based label always allows one of their many DJs to pick some selections from label-mates and give fans a quick tease of what to expect at the year’s events. This years compilation, titled Dirtybird BBQ: Get Roasted, features ten exclusive cuts from the label’s deep roster, all mixed together by DIRTYBIRD newcomer, VNSSA.

Featuring tracks from Codes, Holt 88, Emery Warman, Westend, and more, the compilation puts the spotlight on some of the label’s lesser known talent. However, this talent steps up to the plate, delivering some hot tunes for VNSSA to mix into a solid 45 minutes of grimey house beats.