Will Clarke & Nick Monaco empower in ‘Like A Girl’

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Will Clarke & Nick Monaco empower in ‘Like A Girl’LikeAGirl 3000

DIRTYBIRD is off to a strong start for the year. Its first release, “Like A Girl,” comes from two of its strongest players, Will Clarke & Nick Monaco. The result is an extra-terrestrial heater, whose laser shots take on the form of pointed synth progressions and whose low-end is positively destructive in the best of ways. It’s hard not to feel abducted by this pair’s immensely catchy tune.

Beneath the catchiness is something a bit more nuanced, however. “Like A Girl” features lyrics penned by Nick Monaco, who’s known for championing radical equality and fluidity across his art. They speak of doing various actions, “like a girl,” giving off a Madonna, “What It Feels Like For A Girl” tone of empowerment. Deep as it is fierce, we imagine the collaboration is already positioned to be one of the strongest DIRTYBIRD records of 2019; and that’s saying a lot.



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Claude VonStroke announces Double Dip mini tour

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Claude VonStroke announces Double Dip mini tourClaudeVonStroke DAN WILTON

Claude VonStroke is heading into 2019 at full speed, announcing a new tour concept he’s calling Double Dip. Starting February 1, the DIRTYBIRD Records boss will head out on a three city trip that promises to deliver more than a standard mini tour. Each stop in Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco will include two back-to-back dates where club goers have a chance to get double the dose of his notoriously upbeat style.

VonStroke’s first stop in Chicago will also be a monumental one as he brings his show to the iconic venue The Mid as its last two shows before it closes for good. The good vibes from DIRTYBIRD house, techno, and bass sounds will see the venue out with a bang.

Tickets for the Double Dip tour will go on sale January 7 at 10 AM local time.

Claude VonStroke announces Double Dip mini tourDownload

Seeing into ‘The Future’ with Tom Flynn [Q+A]

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Seeing into ‘The Future’ with Tom Flynn [Q+A]Tom Flynn Press

House music caught Tom Flynn‘s ear at a young age. Internet radio brought the sounds into the Birmingham native’s bedroom, quickly catching his attention with its grooves and its inspiration from disco and funk with which he grew up. By 16 years of age, he found himself at his first-ever gig: a new year’s party in his home town. It felt like destiny to the young artist, who’d already been set on learning decks and turntabling from childhood. With his adoration of cutting edge dance music and hypnotizing crowds with expert mixing and selection sealed, his lifelong career in dance music had officially kicked off.

Years behind the decks eventually bred curiosity in Flynn to try record production himself. Taking his DJ instincts into the studio and studying hardware intently, he was soon outputting a steady stream of singles that caught the ears of Pete Tong, Steve Lawler, Roger Sanchez, and many others. A few accomplishments to the quiet juggernaut’s name are being named “Breakout Artist of the Year” in 2013 by Pete Tong and Radio 1, his own radio show, and releases on Innervisions, Mobilee, Hot Creations, and of course, DIRTYBIRD. Not to mention, he’s got a number of discreet aliases whose records are appreciated across the underground.

His relationship with the label and its owner Claude VonStroke began nearly a decade ago. The two bonded over their likeminded beliefs in life and music. Shortly after, Flynn signed his first record onto the label. Now, after quite some time apart, he’s made a triumphant return with “The Future.” The sultry deep house record tapped Amp Fiddler’s help on vocals, resulting in a standout piece that breathes diversity back into the DIRTYBIRD fold. VonStroke remixed “The Future” as well, taking inspiration from across the pond for an open-air tech house piece with a nuanced edge.

Curious to know more about Tom Flynn, we sat him down for a chat about his methodology in DJing and production. An outspoken mental health advocate, Flynn also provided a couple key things he’s learned on his journey that can also help others.


It’s been nearly a decade since your last DIRTYBIRD release; what brought you back to the label?
Wow really? Actually i had a release in that time but we had to pull it down due to a sample. What brings me back to this label is always the fun positive vibe the put out. The music is always on point, and as a label and crew, they are on it, professionally, they account properly, do press properly, the whole nine. That speaks volumes for me.

How have you evolved artistically since that last release 9 years ago?
I think I’ve just become more well rounded to be honest. I’m always writing different things and i think that helps you as a producer. I think its important to be able to write all sorts, you learn so much from different genres, from film scores to ambient to techno; you’d be amazed how much crosses over.

Expand a bit on your relationship with Amp Fiddler; how’d you meet and begin working together on “The Future?” Did you guys send each other stuff back-and-forth when making the song, hop in the studio together, etc?
For this one I actually sampled Joseph and chopped it up, sent it to him and he loved it, pretty simple really.

Can you pinpoint an exact song or record that got you into dance music, or was it exposure to the club/party scene at a young age? When you were DJing as a teenager, could you tell that early on that you were meant to do this for a living?
I knew from about 11 or 12 when I first heard turntablism that this was what I wanted to do. I remember listening to Tim Westwood’s Radio 1 rap show and I was just so into the whole scratching and turntablism stuff. I think I heard someone like Mix Master Mike, or someone on there. After that i found Pete Tong and then the dance wave had full engulfed me.

As a teenager yeah for sure, I was obsessed. I saved for decks, practiced religiously on vinyl, everything. I was mixing cassettes to cassettes or mini disc.

You’ve advised in the past that you like to listen for the key in a song rather than using software to ID it. This is quite hard for the average Joe; are you trained in music theory? Seems like you might know your way around the piano? Tell us about your musical upbringing.
Someone taught me when I first got into DJ’ing that you need to know your records properly, so the key and the BPM. So I would sit there and count the beats in 60 seconds then times it by some figure, I forget now, and that gives you your BPM. I cant remember what the calculation is now, ha! And for the key, you just play the record, then sit at a piano or keyboard and play the scale up and down until you hear the note that sits with the record, that gives you the key. Then i would write those on the vinyl sleeve in big letters so i could see in clubs. Now its a bit different. Everything is done for you: BPM, key software, etc. so it saves time.

But to be honest, I think you should know your records that well that you just know what’s going to work next. Mixing in key isn’t everything — selection is king. It’s no good playing the next record in key if its the wrong vibe for the party.

Is there a ‘method to your madness’ when it comes to producing? Do you like starting in a certain place while writing tracks, for example?
I have loads of methods, but I rarely do the same thing twice. I have 3 artist names, and they each have very different approaches.

Any new and exciting toys you’ve been playing with in the studio?
Cable guys have been doing some good stuff, but I’m not really one for buying loads of things, I believe the less you have the more creative you are. You don’t need 6 synths, you can make a damn good track with a drum machine and 1 synth.

One of your off-kilter, but successful tips is to take your gear out of your studio and play it in different rooms/locations around the house. Is there a particular room in your house where you feel the most material ends up spilling out? What about some other bizarre locations you might have traveled to for this reason?
I wrote a track on a balcony once in Ibiza before I played — stunning view, chilled vibe, everything was great, but the track sounded terrible. I’ve done great things on trains and planes, my couch is often great for sketching ideas out. I go to our sun lounge at the back of our house when I bring hardware home. My fiancee hates it as I end up with cables and stuff everywhere for ages, but you would be amazed how much you learn from this.

You’re pretty outspoken about mental health in the music industry; how do you find balance and sanity amid a busy tour schedule, and what’s the most vital thing you’ve learned in terms of dealing with fatigue/anxiety/depression?
Balance comes with age. I used to go hard, now not at all. I took a break from playing myself because of anxiety, so I’m actually looking for a new agent and manager right now. But, simply, its all just in the mind, its nonsense. I’m no expert but for me, gym, eating healthy. Its pretty simple really. The one thing I struggle with is rest. I don’t stop much at all, so I’m learning to try and have a day off here and there.

On that note, what are your tips for overcoming social media addiction?
Delete the apps. Seriously. Delete them and get into real life! I did this a while ago. I just deleted all social media apps and found my productivity went up so much. It’s so easy to look at people on Instagram and think, “oh wow look how amazing their life is” – its a fake world you’re looking at and comparing yourself too, which dents your confidence. Who cares how many likes you got? Look at Helena Hauff — no social media at all, yet one of the biggest artists in our scene, and rightly so. She’s awesome.

I also think that showing everyone every little detail of your life is bad for an artist. Think about it, if you know what your favorite artist had for breakfast, then saw where they go to the gym, then saw them in their studio, etc etc…eventually the magic is lost. You no longer look at them or listen to their music like “oh wow i wonder what they’re doing now, or I wonder how he wrote this track?” The magic is gone because you’ve seen everything they do in their private life and studio life. We are over sharing.

Any big plans for the upcoming year that you’re able to share?
New EP’s on HotTrax, Soul Clap records, Sci+Tec, Ovum, Culprit, Circus. I’ve just released the first Last Train To Brooklyn record on Kompakt and I have another psuedonem for more fast, raw electro techno that will see EPs on Maceo Plex’s label and R&S and a top secret, invite only label run by one of the worlds finest DJs.


Pick up a copy of ‘The Future’ here


Photo credit: Supplied by Tom Flynn

Minimal Effort announces stacked lineup for upcoming NYE event

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Minimal Effort announces stacked lineup for upcoming NYE eventJar.Photo 6

Following a successful All Hallow’s Eve event, Minimal Effort will once again take the reigns at downtown LA’s Belasco Theater on December 31. In its four year run, the event series has made a notable dent in LA’s underground club scene, holding events bi-annually on Halloween and New Years Eve. Their All Hallow’s Eve event proved nothing short of spectacular, with a headlining set from Boys Noize and support from Louisahhh, WhoMadeWho, Audiofly, and others, who tore up Belasco’s main room.

To ring in 2019, Minimal Effort will bring famed international artists to the spacious, ornate theater, including Grammy-nominated Sasha, English producer Skream, house connoisseur Will Clarke, one of DIRTYBIRD’s crowned jewels Justin Jay, and many more. In addition to its performers, The Belasco’s multiple stage atmospheres, lounge areas, live art, and stationed local vendors make it the perfect destination for celebrating the New Year.

Purchase tickets here.

Minimal Effort announces stacked lineup for upcoming NYE eventMinimal Effort NYE 2018

Photo credit: Jamie Adam Rosenberg

PEZNT rouse listeners with ‘Breakfast’ single on DIRTYBIRD

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PEZNT rouse listeners with ‘Breakfast’ single on DIRTYBIRDPEZNT Breakfast 3000

DIRTYBIRD‘s newest signees — Croation duo and top selectors, PEZNT — have paid hommage to their favorite meal (and activity) of the day: breakfast. In a bout of cheeky, double-entendre-laced ecstasy, a low-pitched vocal outlines all sorts of breakfast-related lyrics whilst PEZNT get to work on the low-end with a grooving bassline and techy percussion. It’s a jubilant, jumpy piece that works effectively in jolting listeners awake; much like a sonic cup of coffee. It’s no wonder fans of the label have been on the hunt for this one since Spring, when Claude VonStroke began giving it a good rinse in his sets.

PEZNT have been rising quickly in the tech house sphere for their infectious original productions and penchant for unearthing powerful records for their set. Their work has been charted by the likes of Brian Tappert (owner of Traxsource), Todd Terry, Claptone, and beyond.

Claude VonStroke unleashes fierce new remix of Elderbrook’s ‘Capricorn’ [Stream]

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Claude VonStroke unleashes fierce new remix of Elderbrook’s ‘Capricorn’ [Stream]Claude Vonstroke Djing Dirtybird Campout

After last year’s breakout hit “Cola” with CamelphatElderbrook has been treated to a variety of remixes. After edits from AmtracZHU, and Jamie Jones, Claude VonStroke is the most recent beat maker to take on an Elderbrook original, stepping up for a new take on 2018’s “Capricorn.”

Putting an entrancing touch on Elderbrook’s light-hearted original, Claude VonStroke adds his signature funky energy, enhancing the original groundwork with scattered vocal chops and full, swelling synths. While Claude’s catalog of original works speaks for itself, the “Make a Cake” producer has a lengthy track record of aced remix efforts, ranging from Rihanna to The Chemical Brothers. Sure to receive heavy live rotations amid the Dirtybird boss’ ongoing world tour, this new remix of “Capricorn” stands as another tasty addition to Vonstroke’s diverse and dynamic catalog.

Meet the Saturday night headliner of BangOn! NYC’s 10th Anniversary celebration – Klingande [Q+A]

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Meet the Saturday night headliner of BangOn! NYC’s 10th Anniversary celebration – Klingande [Q+A]Klingande 08 1

It’s that time again where costumed revelers come out to rave. A time where the best DJs take over venues and warehouses to host a gigantic costume party. BangOn! NYC stands out this spooky season as a key place to celebrate for 2018.  The brand is honoring its Warehouse of Horrors’ 10th Anniversary with a two-night Halloween bash, complete with full production and a haunted manor to amplify the mood.

Hosted at its usual location in Brooklyn, the weekend lineup does not disappoint, inviting guests like Gramatik and Walker + Royce on October 26, and Space Jesus and Klingande on October 27 to its signature Earth and Fire stages. Dancing Astronaut was able to sit down and speak with one of the Saturday headliners, Klingande, about collaborations, favorite plugins and of course, new music.

DJing at small, private, student parties made Klingande (real name, Cédric Steinmyller), dream about playing his own music during sets — this in turn sparked his interest in dance music production and performance. The French producer is known to incorporate piano and saxophone in his original mixes that create a “tropical feel” in his music. “Jubel” and his redemption of “Pumped Up Kicks” are only a couple singles that showcase Steinmyller’s raw talent when it comes to writing and producing music.

In the beginning of his career, Steinmyller experimented with all types of genres and was not specially drawn to “tropical house. But, he later found his sound, which would continue to evolve over the next few months. He branches out more than ever with his new single, “Wonders,” and is preparing to continue this motif while preparing for the release of his debut album sometime next year. He’s offered some details so far — like his Kygo collaboration, who is one of his artistic influences —along with Flume and pop rock bands such as Coldplay and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Purchase last-minute tickets to BangOn! NYC here


Meet the Saturday night headliner of BangOn! NYC’s 10th Anniversary celebration – Klingande [Q+A]Klingande 06 1


What sparked your love for producing tropical dance music? 
I started producing after being a young DJ. I was playing in small parties, private and sometime student parties, and at some point, I wanted to play my own music. It naturally led me to learn production. I love producing all kinds of music. I wasn’t driven to tropical dance music from the beginning, and even if my music is often qualified as tropical I think it’s going further than that.

Who are your musical influences?
It’s very large from pop rock music like Coldplay and Red Hot Chili Peppers, to progressive house and dance like SHM or Avicii and many more. In the past few years I’ve been impressed by artists like Flume and Kygo. I really value the quality and the melodies in music.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
Kygo would be great, right? As I’m working on my album I’m thinking more seriously about artists I’d love to do collabs with. I love voices like Julia Stone and Justin Jesso.

Congrats on the new single, “Wonders!” Any other projects coming up before the year’s over?
Yes, I just came back from 10 days in studio. I locked in with my team to develop my first album. It’s a work in progress but I’ve never been so close. New music will come in January and the album should come out next year as well!

What are you looking forward to most about BangOnNYC! 10th Anniversary at Warehouse of Horrors in Brooklyn?
A lot of things, the crowd from NYC is always amazing, the lineup is dope with Goldfish, Aston Shuffle. It will be a great party with everyone in costumes, I’m sure we will have a lot of fun!

Tell me about one of your favorite performances.
My favorite performance this year might have been Tomorrowland last summer. I played the new live stage, Organ of Symphony, with the band and we had singers Broken Back and Krishane come out. It was a very special one and once we started it was thrilling! Really gave me and the crew goosebumps.

What hardware/plugins are you loving right now?
I am a huge fan of UAD plugin for mixing my tracks and my favorite synths are Sylenth1, Spire and Omnisphere.

Do you have any favorite artists on the BangOnNYC! lineup?
I love Gramatik, Goldfish and FDVM are friends as well, and I love the sound of Aston Shuffle.


Photo credit: Klingade’s PR Team

Location, Location, Location: Dirtybird Campout West 2018 Review

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It’s a real estate agent’s hymn, a mission statement, and a mantra for all to follow: Location, location, location. As the number one rule in real estate, location is key and that phrase doesn’t just belong in the minds of brokers. For decades now, the rave scene has been a haven for lovers of dance

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Strafe x Justin Martin – Set It Off Remix review

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Strafe x Justin Martin – Set It Off Remix reviewSet It Off Cover Remies 3000

Back in the early ’80s, New York City cats were heating up the floor, moonwalking, and slick talking over the freshly laid pavement that was NYC garage. One of the most memorable anthems of the era was Strafe’s “Set It Off,” a joint every good DJ should have in their crate. Now, thanks to Justin Martin, “Set It Off” has risen to new heights and landed among the clouds.

Justin Martin’s remixes are always bold. When he makes a VIP mix of his own track he creates something completely new yet undeniably faithful. His remix of “Set It Off” is no exception to this brash approach to remixing. Despite the fact that the track is 35 years old and no doubt influenced Justin Martin, he has taken the reins to start the party all over again.

On all sides, left and right, Justin Martin has flipped this track and made it his. It’s dirtier, contemporary, and boisterous, and in true Martin remix fashion, there remains a balance between creativity and appreciation that can only come from a place of genuine familiarity. His remix of “Set It Off” climbs higher and higher, creates more space, all while maintaining the essence of the original track — to get it started and keep it going. The momentum Justin has created with this two-track EP is notable as the three-month-long Set It Off tour is picking up speed, hype, and isn’t going to stop anytime soon.      

‘Set If Off’ is now available through DIRTYBIRD. Order a copy here, and follow the label here 

Exclusive: Ardalan prepares a house feast ahead of Dirtybird Campout

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Exclusive: Ardalan prepares a house feast ahead of Dirtybird CampoutArdalan Credit Justin Martin

Tents are pitched, bags are packed, and campers are readying to connect with their more youthful selves at this year’s Dirtybird Campout West. This year, something special is in store: re-arranged campsites and a brand new lakeside venue mean not only closer proximity to the Campout’s famed activities, but also the addition of water-based fun whilst enjoying the tunes from Head Counselor Claude VonStroke, and his crew consisting of Sacha Robotti, Justin Martin, Will Clarke, and many more.

Ardalan will also be returning to the campout as a Counselor for the 2018 edition, and to give fans a taste of the party that will be taking place during his gig, he’s assembled a succulent mix of energized house and tech beats that is designed to get blood flowing and feet moving across the dancefloor.



Limited amount of VIP packages for Dirtybird Campout West here

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Photo Credit: Justin Martin