Location, Location, Location: Dirtybird Campout West 2018 Review

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It’s a real estate agent’s hymn, a mission statement, and a mantra for all to follow: Location, location, location. As the number one rule in real estate, location is key and that phrase doesn’t just belong in the minds of brokers. For decades now, the rave scene has been a haven for lovers of dance

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Exclusive: Ardalan prepares a house feast ahead of Dirtybird Campout

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Exclusive: Ardalan prepares a house feast ahead of Dirtybird CampoutArdalan Credit Justin Martin

Tents are pitched, bags are packed, and campers are readying to connect with their more youthful selves at this year’s Dirtybird Campout West. This year, something special is in store: re-arranged campsites and a brand new lakeside venue mean not only closer proximity to the Campout’s famed activities, but also the addition of water-based fun whilst enjoying the tunes from Head Counselor Claude VonStroke, and his crew consisting of Sacha Robotti, Justin Martin, Will Clarke, and many more.

Ardalan will also be returning to the campout as a Counselor for the 2018 edition, and to give fans a taste of the party that will be taking place during his gig, he’s assembled a succulent mix of energized house and tech beats that is designed to get blood flowing and feet moving across the dancefloor.



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Photo Credit: Justin Martin


Your Essential Guide to Dirtybird Campout West 2018 [Set Times, Maps + More]

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By now, all campers attending this year’s edition of Dirtybird Campout West Coast should be preparing themselves for next weekend’s festivities. From silent discos, canoe racing, archery, barbecues, and of course the biggest names in House and Techno, Dirtybird Campout is looking to become the camping experience adults dream of. Claude von Stroke, along with

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Exclusive: Nick Monaco – Drama (Will Clarke Remix)

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Exclusive: Nick Monaco – Drama (Will Clarke Remix)Drama Will Clarke Remi

It’s time to cozy up to another pumping remix by Dirtybird mainstay Will Clarke. The self-professed cuddle aficionado and producer of raunchy tech beats has added Nick Monaco to his sizeable collection of 2018 reworks, following up a pungent edit of “Dubplate,” by My Cat Snoop. His refreshed take on Monaco is part of Dirtybird Campout West‘s compilation, which sonically hints at a raucous weekend.

The track he’s targeted this time around is “Drama,” a tensely melodic number originally signed onto Dirtybird’s Selects arm. Wherever the original establishes a sinister tone, Clarke amplifies it with a heavier low-end and bass plucks that chase after the listener like the great white shark in Jaws. This titillating take on “Drama” ought to wreak havoc on the dancefloor, particularly during pitch black nighttime hours.


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Will Clarke concocts a cozy house mix ahead of CRSSD [Exclusive]

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Will Clarke concocts a cozy house mix ahead of CRSSD [Exclusive]Will Clarke Press Credit Jvkdvideos

There’s been no stoppage to Will Clarke‘s creative tap in recent months. The Bristol bearded sensation has found his way onto a quite a few imprints beyond his Dirtybird roost, including a jaunt on Solardo‘s Sola, and more recently on Relief Records with his Mercy EP. It’s come time, however, to begin looking toward a return to the nest.

Dirtybird Campout West is swiftly approaching its October 5 arrival in Northern California, where Clarke will be assuming his usual post as a prime camp counselor. Prior to that, however, he’s set to provide San Diego with a round of rattling tech house during its semi-annual CRSSD Festival. Will is no stranger to the festival, having rocked its stages before.

He’s kindly put together an hour of tunes for his fans ahead of both events, however, to help warm up tailfeathers and to showcase his current musical stylings. Per usual, we’re taken on a bouncy ride through standout basslines, commanding vocal clips, and high levels of percussion that knock one into submission and force movement on the floor. It’s a truly cozy mix to snuggle up to when needing a dose of proper house.

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Dirtybird Campout West 2018 Mix Series: Kevin Knapp

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Are you planning on attending this year’s edition of Dirtybird Campout West? Have you started your packing list? Do you have your outfits ready? Is anticipation building knowing that we’re only one month away from the best adult summer camp ever? If any of these questions have crossed your mind recently, Dirtybird is coming to

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DirtyBird Campout West Coast Lineup Is Here!

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Claude vonStroke and the rest of his DirtyBird crew have announced the full lineup for the west coast edition of DirtyBird Campout and it does not disappoint! The reveal includes the return of its two signature stages— The Birdhouse and The Bass Lodge— which will be jampacked with the biggest names in techno, house and

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Dirtybird Campout releases massive lineup ahead of flagship West Coast edition

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Dirtybird Campout releases massive lineup ahead of flagship West Coast editionClaude Vonstroke Djing Dirtybird Campout

After hosting the inaugural iteration of Dirtybird Campout East back in February 2018, Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird collective will return to California for the West Coast edition of its now bi-coastal Dirtybird Campout experience. Expectedly, it’s all fun, games, and booty shakin’ bass this year — the upcoming Campout event will see the return of its Games HQ, complete with color teams led by Dirtybird signees. Games will range from sack races to archery to costumed boat races.

With a myriad of games and outdoor activities, Dirtybird Campout’s recreational offerings are so varied that the event’s lineup seems more like an added bonus. Campout will occupy the Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds in Central California, where attendees can expect sets from veteran Dirtybirds and friends including Walker & Royce, Green Velvet, FISHER, Barclay Crenshaw, EPROM, and many more. The picturesque views of Yosemite National Park — just miles away from Dirtybird campgrounds — will provide a lush natural landscape for Campout West’s 2018 edition, slated for October 5-7. Tickets to Dirtybird Campout West are now available, and can be purchased, here.

Do LaB and Dirtybird end Dirtybird Campout partnership

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Tristan Leto

Los Angeles-based festival producers Do LaB officially announced that they’ll be ending their longstanding partnership with the bass-bumping house label, Dirtybird Records.

Since the hatching of the Dirtybird Campout back in 2015, both the event and the organizations have each grown considerably. With three years of sold-out events, star-studded lineups, and over the top summer camp inspired programming under their belt, Dirtybird has now chosen to carry out the Campout independently from the Do LaB.

“Creating the wild and one-of-a-kind Dirtybird Campout has been one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve had the privilege to take part in and we’re very proud of the unique event we were able to build together,” Do LaB’s Co-Founder and President, Jesse Flemming said of the two’s partnership. “The Dirtybird community welcomed us with open arms, so hosting their amazing fans for the last 3 years has been very special.”

Fans of the Do LaB’s production can continue to take part in the team’s creative conceptualization at their flagship festival, Lightning In A Bottle, and Coachella.

Photo Credit: Tristan Leto

Meet the counselors of Dirtybird Campout East: Ryan Forever

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Ryan Forever

Dirtybird Campout has grown past a simple gathering and into a phenomenon that has gained national interest. Claude VonStroke and his flock have created a truly unforgettable experience that harkens back to childhood memories while also offering an immersive transformational festival experience — complete with an endless supply of rage-worthy music. 2018 marks a milestone year, in which the Campout ventures eastward for its first time to enjoy a sunny jaunt in Florida amidst the winter months. Ahead of its East Coast debut, we assembled a batch of artist “counselors” from the roster and grilled them on camping memories, their careers, and more.

West coast Dirtybird Campout attendees witnessed the vehement ascension of Ryan Forever, born Ryan Farber, at last year’s Family Set. Farber threw on his highly-stylized cut “Nasty,” which oozes eccentric, 8-bit sampling and jungle-themed, galvanizing percussion and the crowd lost it. Truly an ambrosial encapsulation of the zany Dirtybird ethos, Farber went on to sign and officially release the track on Dirtybird — his first — and is now slated for a full set at February’s Dirtybird Campout East.

Despite being a recent addition to the Dirtybird nest, Farber’s involvement in the music scene runs deep. In his mid-twenties, the Philadelphia artist is already a celebrated photographer — known best for his raw story-telling of musicians, music festivals, and the club scene. With a website tagline that reads “simple pictures of complex humans,” it only makes sense that Farber holds the same complexity as his subjects. The same stripped-down view of humanity that’s seen in his images also seeps into his musical output.

DA was lucky enough to touch base with Farber ahead of his appearance at the first annual Dirtybird Campout East, where he’ll surely be capitalizing on his various modes of creativity. If his moniker hadn’t already served as some indication, it’s likely we’ll be seeing much more of Ryan Forever.
What has been your proudest career accomplishment thus far?
I feel like I’m just getting started to be honest. All my life I’ve been doing creative work for other people but now I’m trying to do me. So that’s a proud moment.

Where do you find the most inspiration to create new music?
I try to listen to a wide spectrum of music and eventually the memory of it all blends together into an amalgamation of rhythms and sounds which I regurgitate. Also I’m inspired by text, like words and quotes and stories.

Describe a defining moment/time that inspired you to keep going down the road of electronic musicianship?
Right now. I’m surrounded by a lot of driven people who all want it so badly, and that drives me harder. I’m not even sure what “it” is, but…you just keep going till your either dead, or ascended to a higher plane of existence

What essential camping items can you not live without?
Dr. Bronners soap cause you can also brush your teeth with it.

How would you survive if you were stranded in the woods for a week?

Like this:
What are you looking forward to most about Dirtybird Campout East?
I am the judge for a lap dance competition.

What is your craziest camping memory?
Never been camping before!!

If you could recommend three artists to catch from the lineup, who would you pick?
Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, Pearson Sound