Don Diablo features West Coast rap legend Nate Dogg in new track

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2018 has been a year of forward-thinking hard work from Don Diablo. Since the release of his sophomore album, Future, there’s been a lot to acknowledge regarding the Dutch producer, including remixes for Martin Garrix, Kygo, Diplo, and more, alongside various original works. Now, he’s decided to pay homage to the late Nate Dogg with his latest single “I Got Love.”

Dogg — who died tragically at the age of 41 — is considered one of the pioneers of West Coast hip-hop, coming up with rap legends such as cousin Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent. It may seem that Diablo is taking things in a unique direction here, but his previous single, “Survive” featured contemporary rapper Gucci Mane — proving his innovative moves to break into hip-hop’s rising popularity.

The track samples Dogg’s vocals from his 2001 release of the same name, which are layered over upbeat piano chords and subtle drum hits to create blissful future house vibes.

Hangout Fest unrolls 2019 lineup, touting Travis Scott, The 1975, Diplo, + more

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Hangout Fest unrolls 2019 lineup, touting Travis Scott, The 1975, Diplo, + more47026325 10157001812267743 2630766858638196736 N

The festival gods have called for “A Music Vacation” in Gulf Shores, Alabama, as Hangout Fest is set to return for its 10th installment mid-2019. Those lucky enough to make it down south this year saw performances by Zedd, Galantis, The Killers, and other memorable, genre-spanning acts throughout the extended weekend.

However, 2019 will take Hangout’s perennially diverse lineup to the next level by including headliners Travis Scott, Khalid, Cardi B, Kygo, and Diplo, with additional support from GRiZ, Alison Wonderland, Jimmy Eat World, and more. Transpiring atop Alabama’s sandy beaches, the three-day festival takes place May 17-19. Tickets are on sale Tuesday, Dec 4  with various travel packages already up for grabs.

Tickets and festival info can be found here.

Alessia Cara May Not Be The Best New Artist, But She’s Also Not Half Bad

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Alessia CaraWhen the world met Alessia Caracciolo three years ago, she was the awkward teenager enduring a house party where she did not belong: “Somewhere in the corner under clouds of marijuana/ With this boy who’s hollering, I can hardly hear/ Over this music I don’t listen to.” Over the same Bond-worthy Isaac HayesMore »

Saturday Night Session 001: DJ Pauly D takes listeners on a wild ride with custom mix and talks embarrassing tour stories [Interview]

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Saturday Night Session 001: DJ Pauly D takes listeners on a wild ride with custom mix and talks embarrassing tour stories [Interview]DJ Pauly D Champagne

Few moments are more sacred than the reprieve Saturday night provides from the daily grind of school and work. Its importance is meant to be emphasized, and thus, a feature dedicated to “doing the night right” was born. Saturday Night Sessions are set around energizing mixes meant to get the party started. New or old, each episode has one cornerstone thing in similarity: they serve as the perfect backdrop for the weekend pregame.

Some fans of DJ Pauly D are already aware that the Rhode Island native truly thrives behind the DJ booth in front of a roaring crowd. Those who might only have vague memories of his penchant for expert party soundtracking from “DJ Board” cameos during his infamous Jersey Shore run ought to educate themselves. Think the best of DJ Pauly D is on TV? Think again, because few live performances captivate quite like his. The reality star knows his way around a mix, choosing the ever-traditional vinyl as his medium — a skill few current commercial DJs have the skillset to do.

DJ Pauly D, whose real name is Paul DelVecchio, is a different breed of DJ than most in that he does not claim to specialize in a certain type of electronic music. In fact, he doesn’t even box himself into any musical category at all — electronic included. Being an open-format DJ means he plays everything from hip-hop to Spanish music to electronic music, even going so far as to slip in a few punk rock songs into his sets from time to time. Though DelVecchio is known best for his DJing, he’s also released singles of his own, including hit collaboration with Jay Sean, “Back To Love.” In fact, he has a new single on the horizon, which he’s remaining mum about. Whether or not it will skew toward hip-hop as past releases have remains to be seen, but the guessing game has been a fun one thus far.

Saturday Night Session 001: DJ Pauly D takes listeners on a wild ride with custom mix and talks embarrassing tour stories [Interview]DJ Pauly D

DA enlisted DJ Pauly D to kick off Saturday Night Sessions the right way, and he spoke with us about everything from his hidden talents (he is a professional stunt bike rider) to his most embarrassing tour story in recent history. His mix takes the listener through a diverse sonic journey, venturing from Calvin Harris, to Latin grooves, to trap drops perfect for any early night shenanigans. In DJ Pauly D’s words, it is a “true mood enhancer” to kick off Saturday night on a proper note.


You’re an open format DJ, and you are the first to say that your sets have something for everyone. What kind of music gets YOU going?

Good question!!! Many different types of music get me going! For instance I like dance music in the gym because it helps my workout, high BPMs to sweat it out and push that extra rep. In my car I like hip-hop and trap to channel my inner gangster…. when I feel like dancing, I listen to Spanish music like some good Reggeaton. With that music it is impossible to stay still!!! When I am DJ’ing I play to the crowd and that takes me on the nights journey, so when it is for myself I let the activity dictate what I am going to play…

Your touring schedule is one of the most packed I’ve seen. You are doing 3-4 shows in the span of 36 hours sometimes, and now you are filming Jersey Shore on top of this. How do you do all of this? How do you maintain balance?

Yes, in a weird way I’m at peace the busier I am. I truly love what I do, and being able to tour the world djing is me living my dream, and that is my fuel for it all. My music puts smiles on a lot of peoples faces and that makes me smile and drives me to keep going. The filming is cool too it puts me in front of the biggest audience I could have ever imagined…..180 countries!!!!!

Do you ever feel like you are burning out?
No, I don’t feel burnt out at all. Keeping it going is actually what keeps me going. I’ve always been driven, and now I am able to do what I love to do, so I don’t ever want to stop.

You tweeted on October 26 that there may be a new DJ Pauly D original record… please tell us more!
Yes!! In between Touring and filming I’ve also been working on new music, and I am really excited about my next single that is about to drop very soon. I can’t wait for you all to hear it!

Do you have either a dream collaborator for a track or separately, someone you would really like to perform for who you have not gotten a chance to?
I would love to jump on a collab with Diplo because he is really talented, and I love his sound. He is also a really good dude. I think a Pauly D Diplo record could make some real noise in the club!

Is Jersey Shore Pauly D the same as DJ Pauly D? Or are these different parts of yourself and what you’re about?

I get asked this a lot, and when people meet me they can see I am just me. Whats really great about my TV stuff is it is reality, and I am not an actor. I am able to be myself on TV. My friends always say “ watching you on the show you say all the same things you say to us,” and I am like, “I know I am just me.” I love being able to DJ while filming the TV show because then people who aren’t able to make it to my shows can experience a Pauly D Show in the comfort of their own living room….so cool, and they didn’t even have to buy a ticket lol!

Do you have any particularly awkward/embarrassing tour stories?
OMG..too many to mention. One that comes to mind was about a year ago when i was dj’ing in Virginia for their Annual Beach Bash. I am outside about an hour into my set and the party was wild,  the sun was shining, and there were thousands of people partying on the beach to my music. It was epic, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere a huge cloud came in, and I turn around to check it out and see what turned off the sun, and boom a hugeee gust of wind came through, and blew my records clean off the turntables. I slammed my laptop down, and it started downpouring. Needless to say it was an abrupt ending to a great party thanks to mother nature. I do that party every year and we still talk about it…..

What is one thing your fans probably don’t know about you?
I am a professional Stunt Bike Rider, I have been riding bikes since I was very young and its another passion of mine. I have over 20 motorcycles.

Most importantly, what kind of Saturday night is your mix going to get our listeners ready for? Are we staying in and having a party? Are we going to the club? Where does this mix take us?

So my mix is the definition of positive vibes, and positive vibes you can literally take with you anywhere. This mix will help you wake up in the AM, get you through a work out, or get you in the mood to go out. It can always be played while you are out, and it is a true mood enhancer. ENJOY!



Diplo, Ellie Goulding, and Swae Lee release luxe music video for ‘Close To Me’

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Diplo, Ellie Goulding, and Swae Lee release luxe music video for ‘Close To Me’Ellie Goulding Diplo Swae Lee

Ellie Goulding has closed a multi-year hiatus from the release ring via the Diplo and Swae Lee collaboration, “Close To Me.” Although the sharp, signature soprano tone of Goulding’s voice might have initially appeared an inconceivable pairing with the silk of Swae Lee’s often hip-hop-leaning vocals and verses — let alone Diplo’s electronic groundings — “Close To Me” proved a harmonious showing, despite the seeming eclecticism of its artists. Goulding’s first original effort since 2016, and an introduction to what remains yet to come on her fourth studio album, currently in the works, “Close to Me” now receives a visual.

Filmed in Budapest, Hungary, “Close To Me” pans from one hi-def shot of the Hungary landscape to another, to provide a luxe backdrop to Goulding and Lee’s verbal deliveries. The production is one of grandeur, both in terms of the sprawling majesty of the architecture that figures in the video, and Goulding’s styling. The British singer dons a number of arresting fashion statements that only further focalize the breathy vocalist as one of the video’s many aesthetic gems.

H/T: Hypebeast

Lunar Lunes: KOAN Sound return, Zomboy showcases feisty ‘Lone Wolf,’ Doctor P gives listeners ‘something to believe in’ + more

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Lunar Lunes: KOAN Sound return, Zomboy showcases feisty ‘Lone Wolf,’ Doctor P gives listeners ‘something to believe in’ + moreLunar Lunes E1540831560592

Each week, New Music Friday sweeps through with torrential force, showering streaming platforms with immeasurable amounts of new tunes. Just like Dancing Astronaut rounds up 25 of the biggest songs of the week for the Hot 25 Spotify playlist each New Music Friday, Lunar Lunes serves as a landing pad for SoundCloud users who want a whole new dose of tunes to kick off the work week.

Three years in the making, KOAN Sound have unveiled a single from their forthcoming debut album, Polychrome. Also making a comeback is Haywyre, who’s released his first single in two years: the disco-infused “Tell Me.” Luttrell returns to Anjunadeep for “Out of Me,” a mystical venture that propels the listener deep into outer space. Dubstep powerhouses Teminite, Chime and PsoGnar have teamed up for a dynamic single, “Monster,” which showcases all three artists’ skillful wobble-crafting abilities, along with PsoGnar’s vocals. Also in the dubstep realm, Doctor P returns with his fourth release of the year, “Something To Believe In.” Xavi’s created a clever take on Porter Robinson‘s notable “Sea of Voices,” and Nitti Gritti molds his own bass-heavy version of Dillon Francis‘ “White Boi.”

The selection is updated every Lunes (Monday).

Alex Metric fires off a disco house remix of Silk City and Dua Lipa’s ‘Electricity’ as official video released

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Alex Metric fires off a disco house remix of Silk City and Dua Lipa’s ‘Electricity’ as official video releasedAle Metric Danny North

Alex Metric joins the cast of house DJs chosen to remix Silk City and Dua Lipa‘s “Electricity,” adding groovy bongos along the original’s high pitched strings. Lipa’s stirring vocals to continue to ride the rhythms in this re-work, falling on a funk-driven bassline that drives the momentum toward rowdy dancing. Paired with other fun elements like the occasional cowbell, Metric has fashioned a refreshed rendition as jubilant as the original, but unique enough to stand on its own.

It only makes sense that Metric took a crack at a Silk City edit. The British artist helped co-write the original and has previously collaborated with another remixer on the roster, Ten Ven, who brought darker tones to his version. Other remakes came from The Black Madonna and MK for a powerful slate of artists taking their stab at the single.

In addition to a grip of house remixes, Diplo released the official dance video to the original. Silk City consists of the Mad Decent label boss and “Uptown Funk” producer Mark Ronson.

Photo Credit: Danny North

John Mayer and Diplo Announce Upcoming Collaboration

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Two music icons, Diplo and John Mayer are collaborating on upcoming new music. The news, announced via Diplo’s Instagram, may come as a shock. However, Diplo is responsible major pop productions including Justin Bieber’s 2015 album ‘Purpose‘ and Ellie Goulding’s ‘Close to Me.’ Therefore, it makes sense that he would be working with one of

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Diplo reveals upcoming John Mayer collaboration

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Diplo reveals upcoming John Mayer collaborationDiplo Dame Dash

Diplo and John Mayer are reportedly working on new music together. At first thought it might seem like an oil and water combination, but the more one repeats it in their head, the more sense it actually starts to make. It’s one of the world’s foremost pop producers and EDM’s designated stepdad matched with one of the most prolific musicians of a generation, who both seem to have a genuine knack for not taking themselves too seriously while also dominating their respective crafts.

The “Close To Me” producer revealed the upcoming collaboration in quintessential Diplo fashion, remarking on the collaboration with a photo posted to Instagram… not a photo of him and Mayer — but it still gets the message across. There aren’t any concrete details yet on when John Mayer and the Mad Decent head honcho are set to debut their impending new music, or how much of it exists. Between his work with Major Lazer, Silk City, LSD and the former Jack Ü, perhaps a joint effort with Mayer could even turn out to be Diplo’s next super group. Who knows?

MTV Acquires SnowGlobe Music Festival and Announces Expansion Plans

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MTV Acquires SnowGlobe Music Festival and Announces Expansion PlansSnowglobe MF

Not only has MTV brought Teen Mom and Jersey Shore back to the airwaves in 2018, but the company is now announcing its acquisition of U.S. based New Year’s Eve event, SnowGlobe Music Festival. The annual three day event returns to South Lake Tahoe, California on December 29-31 for its eighth year. Terms of the deal had not yet been disclosed at time of writing.

“With SnowGlobe, MTV is taking the natural next step in its resurgence by expanding deeper into live events, as we continue to reach our fans and capitalize on our strong brand in new ways,” said Chris McCarthy, President of MTV, VH1, CMT, and Logo in an official release. “In a festival space where many events have become indistinguishable, SnowGlobe stands out with a unique mix of music, sports, and art that makes it a favorite among artists and its growing audience.”

MTV in collaboration with the SnowGlobe Team also plan to expand the festival to additional dates and locations worldwide. The festival will also be a platform for MTV to expand their New Year’s Eve coverage.

2018’s lineup includes Above & Beyond, Diplo, Eric Prydz, Rezz, and RL Grime headlining among more than 40 artists performing across three stages. SnowGlobe will also feature all-new art installations and the festival’s signature “Big Air” activation showcasing extreme winter sports demonstrations.Tickets for this year’s iteration of the event are still available for purchase here.

Photo Credit: Eric Pratt