Producer Sessions 001: Converse Sample Library

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Producer sessions

Sample Sessions is a series from Dancing Astronaut meant to shine a brighter light on the producer community. Each volume will guide producers towards some of the freshest sample packs, plugins, FX, and presets out there.

This week, Splice released the Converse Sample Library, which is a collection of high-quality sounds recorded during 50+ studio sessions at Converse Rubber Tracks studios with industry leading artists such as Com Truise, Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange), Soul Clap, Machinedrum, Ryan Hemsworth, members of the Tonight Show Band, and many more.

The pack contains a lot of authentic, live sounds from electronic, jazz, alternative rock, and various percussion recording sessions, great for melody inspiration, ambiance, and a real drum vibe. There are specialty packs for horns, violin, guitar, bass, piano, keys, flute, sax, and plenty of analog synths.

On the vocal side of things, there’s soul, R&B, gospel, funk, blues, indie, rock, and even talkbox funk. Sounds from Australian rock to Ethiopian music make it in this eclectic bundle of sounds from all over the world. For those looking to liven up their audio, using royalty-free samples from professionals isn’t a bad start.

The video below is the creation story of Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry.” It’s about how her producer, Oak Felder, made the main chord progression from an 808 off Splice’s Lex Lugar kit. Click HERE to start a 14-day free trial and start producing like the pros.


A serious producer should have an extensive audio library, filled with a variety of organized samples. More and more companies like Splice are filling that need. These days, a subscription to Splice is a no-brainer for producers at any level. For $7.99 a month, Splice gives producers access to their entire 2 million + library of high-quality samples, loops, FX, and presets. At that price, producers get 100 credits per month to explore Splice’s massive library, save sounds they like, and download-to-own at a rate of 1 sample per credit.

Producers at the highest levels use Splice to find inspiration because it’s so easy with their massive library and quality partnerships. Some of the most popular sound designers have contributed to Splices’ library, including exclusive packs from KSHMR, Sonny Digital, deadmau5, Amon Tobin, Zaytoven, KRANE, Lex Lugar and more.

Photo Credit: Joseph Pearson/Unsplash

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Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato prove to be a smooth pop pairing on new single, ‘Solo’

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Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato remind listeners that a party of one is still a party on their new single, “Solo.”

Outfitted with the trappings of a track destined for radio favoritism — lyrics conducive to car sing-a-longs, a catchy background beat, and a particularly strong female vocalist who confidently belts an alluring hook— “Solo” is a lyrically honest contribution from the Clean Bandit camp that celebrates independence in anthemic style.

Clean Bandit Teams Up With Demi Lovato For New Pop Infused Single – ‘Solo’

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Clean Bandit is known for crafting some of the biggest hits in modern day dance music. Their breakout single with Jesse Glynne ‘Rather Be’ and their most recent major hit ‘Rockabye’ both received millions of digital streams and thousands of hours of radio play over the last few years. Now the group has teamed up

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We’ve listened to the Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato song ten times in a row and here are our findings

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First off, let’s consider the artwork. Here we have a blue hand on a lady’s legs, sitting on top of the planet Earth as it passes through a hole into another dimension. And in a way aren’t we all, sometimes, a blue hand on a lady’s legs sitting on top of the planet Earth as it passes through a hole into another dimension?

Makes you think.

Anyway we have listened to Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato’s new song Solo precisely ten times and are now in a position to share the following ten facts:

1. Solo is a song about finding strength in self-imposed solitude, and salvaging the power of independence from the wreckage of a relationship.

2. That’s right: like all the best songs it’s about having a wank.

3. Well it’s a bit more complex than that: this perky masturbanger is about suddenly realising you were a twat for ending a relationship, being too sad to have rebound sex (‽) and taking matters into your own hands. Seven decades into this thing we call pop songwriters may be struggling to find new ways to talk about love and relationships but with this tribute to the sadwank Clean Bandit might be sailing in uncharted waters right here.

4. There’s an amazing WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO near the start: a siren that says “leave your workstation, leave your belongings, there’s a pop juggernaut about to smash through the wall”. The middle eight sounds like BLOODY ABBA. Credit here should go to the people who are literally credited on the song: it was written by Jack and Grace from the band with Fred Gibson (who’s well on his way to becoming the UK’s next super-huge pop person) and the persistently excellent Camille Purcell.

5. There’s also some Anywhere-by-Rita-Ora chopped up vocal business going on here but fear not because there are strings and swooshes as this is quite unmistakably a Clean Bandit single. It’s — and this is a phrase we’d like to see used more in everyday conversation — Totally Bandit.

6. Demi Lovato’s vocals sound like Demi Lovato once you know they’re Demi Lovato, but they could also be lots of people, and in a way that’s the beauty of Demi Lovato isn’t it?


8. At this stage Clean Bandit are the UK’s most reliable pop inventors. Even that last one with Julia Michaels ended up being 7x better than you thought it was, right? Obviously reliability isn’t the most exciting trait in a pop act, but when it’s based around the idea of how reliably exciting songs are, maybe it is actually exciting?

9. At this stage it also looks like Clean Bandit may never release a second album so we’ve decided to make it for them. Already up to five absolute belters and that’s before you even add Solo, which is out next week (and pre-orderable today if you’re the sort of person who pre-orders songs in 2018).

10. There was a point when we were listening to Solo and Rockabye was playing in the background, because we’d tried to stop the player in the record label’s proprietary digital music delivery service using the pause key on our keyboard and had actually started a different song playing in Spotify, and actually the two songs sounded totally amazing together, so if Clean Bandit fancy going for some extra streams by making a mashup that’s literally two songs playing at the same time they could have a big hit on their hands.

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Cheat Codes goes hard with new production ‘Balenciaga’

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Cheat Codes masters the dirty drop in the new release, “Balenciaga,” part of their debut EP, Level 1, set for release on June 1. In the single, Los Angeles natives Trevor Dahl, Kevin Ford, and Matthew Russell continue their experimentation in creating hard-hitting dance tracks, with smooth vocals being coupled with a cutting drop manufactured for the mainstage.

Cheat Codes has dabbled with pop, big room, and progressive house as of late teaming up with everyone from Nicky Romero to Demi Lovato. The dynamic trio will certainly reach an additional segment with their heavy drops that characterize “Balenciaga” and “NSFW,” which are the two tracks that have been released so far off of Level 1.

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