Listen To Landis’ New Remix Of “In My Head” By Party Favor feat. Georgia Ku

Easily the most beautiful track from his recent EP, Party Favor’s “In My Head” featuring Georgia Ku just got a phenomenal house remix from Landis.

Making sure to keep Ku’s gorgeous vocals entirely intact, Landis instead puts a little groove in the track with a modified bassline and some added piano chords, just to make it a little more vibrant.

We guarantee you’ll be shuffling and bouncing your head to this for weeks – it’s insanely catchy.

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Source: Listen To Landis’ New Remix Of “In My Head” By Party Favor feat. Georgia Ku

Disco Fries Go Deep with Dee Roze for “My World”

Disco Fries has always shown versatility in the production of all of their releases, from originals to remixes, but the duo’s latest track shows off their true colors. Featuring vocals by Dee Roze, “My World” invites the listener into a deeper universe, a soundscape where you’ll subconsciously tap your foot and have an uncontrollable urge

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Drezo takes on Tchami and Malaa’s ‘Prophecy’ [Free Download]

Techno is increasingly stepping out of the underground confines it was once relegated to, thanks to artists like BlackGummy, Rezz, and LA’s Andre Haglund. Better known as Drezo, the 26-year-old producer has a knack for pulsing, ominous techno, though releases from his catalog frequently experiment with evident hip-hop and house inspiration.

For his latest offering, Haglund sticks to his warehouse roots with a dark new remix. Crafting an aggressive flip on Tchami and Malaa‘s “Prophecy,” the producer brands the once buoyant house tune with his sinister techno seal. Marking his first release of 2017, Haglund is offering up his remix free of charge.

Modifying the original with slight shifts in tempo and melody, the “Guap” producer swaps Tchami and Malaa’s playful bounce for a pummeling bassline. Chopping and layering the original’s sample selection with a heavy dose of reverb, Drezo adds another ace remix to an already impressive arsenal of inventive reworks.


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Tchami & Malaa – Prophecy (Drezo Remix)

Tchami and Malaa’s “Prophecy” was released about four months ago and since then has been remixed by numerous artists. Hailing from LA, Drezo has been producing remixes and originals that have gained a lot of attention from fans and artists. My personal favorite has been Drezo’s hard hitting remix of Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”. Featuring his

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Nora En Pure releases soothing new EP, ‘Conquer Yosemite’

Deep house sensation Nora En Pure has hit the ground running in 2017 with an outstanding new EP, Conquer Yosemite. Despite the titular challenge, the release is a collection of free-flowing tracks from multitalented producer Daniela Niederer.

Opening track, “Diving with Whales”, has asserted itself as a fan favorite since it’s premiere on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show in December and sets the atmospheric tone for the rest of this stellar release. The ensuing tracks “Caught in the Act” and “Make Me Love You” gleam at every turn with thumping basslines and gentle piano chords, while “Freedom Lives Within” is laced with a relaxing tropical percussion.

“The Conquer Yosemite EP is a reflection of places you would want to go to experience overwhelming calm & peace,” Niederer told Dancing Astronaut.  “‘Freedom Lives Within’ is the core of that feeling. When I am on the road I try to take in as many atmospheres and like to grasp places on a deeper level than the obvious, which I tried to incorporate into this EP.”

Between her immaculate attention to detail and indomitable spirit, Conquer Yosemite is Niederer’s greatest feat yet and is sure to light up festival dance floors–including her Coachella debut–all summer long.

 Stream “Conquer Yosmite” below.


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RELOAD, eSQUIRE & Sweet Female Attitude – Never Kissed You (Ryan Barton Remix)

Ryan Barton has just released his remix of “Never Kissed You” under Armada Music. The original was first produced by RELOAD, eSQUIRE, and Sweet Female Attitude, and has also been remixed by world renown producer Don Diablo. Although Ryan Barton is an underground artist at the moment, his remix has been gaining attention after it

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Drezo Drops Dank Remix For Tchami & Malaa’s “Prophecy”

Music fans got a huge treat today with the release of Drezo’s remix of “Prophecy” by Tchami & Malaa.

Already a powerful deep house banger, Drezo put his own dark and twisted spin on the track for maximum dance floor effect. Boasting characteristic synth stabs and a dirty bassline, Drezo’s ability to transform any track into one befitting his own sound is second to none.

Check the track out below and grab it for free if you dig!


Image via Drezo

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Source: Drezo Drops Dank Remix For Tchami & Malaa’s “Prophecy”

Xenia Ghali – Places feat. Raquel Castro

Having already collaborated with Wyclef Jean and reaching #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart, Xenia Ghali is a quickly rising star in the scene. Her most recent release, “Places,” came out on her own independent record label Funky Sheep Records and further demonstrates that Ghali is a name to remember.

The track begins soft, pierced with Raquel Castro’s lustrous vocals. The chords carry the listener into a groove that gets your body ready to dance. The bass filled drop is all you’d hope from a dance hit. Combining deep house elements with a little groove, Ghali creates an audio atmosphere that is hard to tear yourself away from.

You can take a listen to this dance hit below:

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Source: Xenia Ghali – Places feat. Raquel Castro

Julius Jetson – Can’t Roll With Us [Free DL]

Greetings fellow insomniacs. I come to you with a hypnotic club banger which will not only have you feeling lively again but so club ready that you’ll actually dance yourself out at home on a Wednesday night and collapse back into your bed and fall straight asleep!

Julius Jetson came across my radar with some funky g-house tracks in the past and no surprise, he’s done it again dropping a club-ready banger punctuated by some succulent drum kicks and a steady, rhythmic bass line. There’s a certain maturity in this release that I haven’t heard before from Julius that gives the track an even more dangerous edge making it the perfect club weapon for the after hours and beyond.

DJs: snag your free download here. Trust me, it’s worth your while.

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Source: Julius Jetson – Can’t Roll With Us [Free DL]

POOLCLVB Drops ‘You + Me’ EP

Australian label etcetc has quickly grabbed my attention as a hotbed for emerging talent like Paces, Set Mo, Kilter, and more. Now, they’ve just released Sydney-based POOLCLVB’s latest LP, You + Me.

I’ve covered the single “Always” in the past and briefly mentioned the follow-up “You Give Me Love” as well, but now the collection is rounded out with the two remaining tracks, “Waiting for You” and “What You Want.” Together, all four tracks come together to give us one of the funkier, feel-good releases of the new year, thus far. “Waiting for You” might be the clubbiest of the four with its shimmering ’80s aesthetic while “What You Want” features soulful female vocals that give the track an emotional edge over the other four.

Stream the full pack below!


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Source: POOLCLVB Drops ‘You + Me’ EP