The 200 Best Songs Of The 2010s

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When this decade began, MP3s still reigned supreme. Now, at the end of it, a song is no longer even a file — it’s ephemera, on every streaming service and available to hear in myriad ways. For better and worse, the song (and the single) have become the norm for the general public’s music consumption. More »

Watch Kero Kero Bonito Cover Death Grips’ “I’ve Seen Footage”

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You might be surprised to find that there’s a bit of overlap between fans of Kero Kero Bonito and fans of Death Grips, mostly because they are both groups that are popular in certain online circles. But both have a certain way with aggressive pop hooks (albeit in very different ways), so it … More »

Death Grips Debut 30 Minutes Of Unreleased Music On NTS Radio

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Warp Records is celebrating its 30th anniversary this weekend with a series of NTS Radio live sets from some of their most celebrated acts. After an exclusive set of Aphex Twin rarities, Warp affiliates and noise-rap provocateurs Death Grips premiered a half-hour mix titled “Gmail and the restraining orders.” As PitchforkMore »

Live Blog: Desert Daze 2018

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Desert Daze 2018
Moreno Beach; Lake Perris, CA

[October 12-14, 2018]

2018 saw Southern California’s psychedelic freakout fest Desert Daze reaching its highest highs, as well as it lowest lows. Between a change in venue, a drastic boost in attendance, and an unfortunate weather-related catastrophe, this year’s festivities tested its attendee’s patience in more ways than one. And yet, in spite of some serious mishaps, Desert Daze amazingly managed to pull through for yet another wild weekend, proving yet again why it’s one of the more unique, all-in-one festival experiences out there today.

For a festival that prides itself on its good vibes, this year’s Desert Daze started out on a pretty harsh note. Day 1 was basically a disaster, with the line just to get into the parking lot taking a solid three and a half hours, and that’s after driving two hours from L.A. to get to the festival’s new home of Moreno Beach in Lake Perris, CA. We didn’t even make it into the campgrounds until around 6 PM, and by the time we had settled into our campsite, we only had time to try and catch Tame Impala’s headlining set that night. Little did we know that the travesties were only beginning; less than 10 minutes into Tame Impala’s set, the band was rushed offstage by a sound guy who informed us that there was a freak lightning storm headed straight in our direction, and that we essentially had to get the fuck out. Cue the pouring rain (as well as a frantic series of text alerts warning us to not take shelter under trees, buildings, or tents — leaving us where exactly?), and Day 1 amounted to one of the most ridiculous series of events that’s happened to me at a music festival.

But from there, the clouds hanging over the weekend surprisingly cleared up. I must admit that I was skeptical of the festival moving from Joshua Tree — one of the most legendary parks in America — to the middle of San Bernardino, but Moreno Beach was an absolute dream. Getting to go for a swim in between sets was lovely and once again proved Desert Daze’s affinity for offering much more to festival-goers than just a series of stages to hustle between before driving back to the hotel for the night. Between all the colorful art installations, the bountiful camping accommodations, and the silly activities in the Mystic Bazaar, Desert Daze is a fun festival to hang out at for three days, to say nothing of their penchant for booking an expansive range of artists stretching from Julia Holter to Slowdive to Earth to Death Grips.

The prices are still more expensive than they should be, but there’s something about going from floating in a lake to basking in the apocalyptic noise of My Bloody Valentine that’s hard to beat. Take a look at our photos from this year, and see if you can catch a vibe or two.

Words by Sam Goldner, Photos by Stephanie Riesco

Tame Impala

Kevin Morby

Kikagaku Moyo


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Julia Holter


Death Grips

Desert Daze 2018 Was An Oasis Among American Festivals

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Desert-Daze-2018For years now, Desert Daze has arrived in October like a mirage in the landscape to which it owes its name. It’s a sudden oasis, where psych-rock bands and artists and stoners and adventurous music fans have gathered, culminating in what founder (and JJUUJJUU leader) Phil Pirrone has deemed an “anti-festival.” And while … More »

Watch Car Seat Headrest Cover Death Grips

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Car Seat HeadrestCar Seat Headrest kicked off their gig last night at Impérial Bell in Quebec City with a surprising set opener: “Black Paint,” a single from the new Death Grips album Year Of The Snitch. Not that it’s surprising for Will Toledo’s band to perform somebody else’s song; they’ve done tunes by FrankMore »

Death Grips Is IRL: Privacy, Community, & The Shadow Of Deltron 3030 Hang Over Year Of The Snitch

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Death GripsYear Of The Snitch will be remembered as one of Death Grips’ better records. It’s no Disc 1 of The Powers That B, but it’s pretty damn good. It has an energy that could get me to bet my savings account on one round of poker. I will instead place a hypothetical bet on this … More »

Death Grips continue to be subversive, pass off a week abroad as a “European tour”

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Having announced their new album Year of the Snitch, and shared one, two, three songs off of it already, there’s not much more teasing left for Death Grips to do. As such, the band that once put a dick on their album cover and lied about breaking up that people still seem to enjoy and respect, have unveiled their upcoming European tour.

Stops on the tour include London, Glasgow, Manchester, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, and… and that’s it, those are all the stops.

And now, a one-act play that would have been funnier two to three years ago, told using Simpsons GIFs:

…and then the sign flips over and it says “Death Grips!” or “Not Broken Up!” or something. Sorry, we lacked the production budget to see this bit all the way through.

Anyway, check out the dates for Death Grips’ week abroad down below. Year of the Snitch came out on June 22 — and has deeply unsettling artwork — but hey, listen to it if you want to!

Jude Law Death Grips and a semester week abroad

08.30.18 — London, UK — Brixton Academy
08.31.18 — Glasgow, UK — Barrowlands
09.01.18 — Manchester, UK — Albert Hall
09.04.18 — Berlin, DE — Astra
09.05.18 — Amsterdam, NL — Paradiso
09.07.18 — Brussels, BE — Ancienne Belgique
09.08.18 — Paris, FR — Elysee Montmartre

YouTube Removes Death Grips’ “Shitshow” Video For Violating Community Guidelines

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Death Grips shared a pretty gross new video yesterday for their latest single “Shitshow” off of their forthcoming LP Year Of The Snitch. The clip was directed by Zach Hill and Galen Pehrson and as one might infer from the song’s title, it prominently featured close-up footage of a man wiping his ass. There’s … More »

Death Grips – “Shitshow”

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Death Grips have a new album on the way called Year Of The Snitch, due out this Friday. We’ve already heard quite a few singles: “Ha ha ha,” “Streaky,” “Black Paint,” “Flies,” and “Dilemma.” Today, the experimentalists dropped yet another new track. “Shitshow” is a growling, glitchy bit of hardcore. More »