Zeds Dead release third volume in Deadbeats compilation series, ‘WE ARE DEADBEATS’

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Zeds Dead release third volume in Deadbeats compilation series, ‘WE ARE DEADBEATS’WE ARE DEADBEATS VOL 3

Deadbeats has solidified its name in the bass space after Canadian duo Zeds Dead revealed the imprint in 2016. Through a myriad of collaborations and support, Dylan Mamid and Zachary Rapp-Rovan released two label-exclusive compilation albums in 2017, featuring established and up-and-coming acts the dubstep veterans have their eyes on.

The third iteration, WE ARE DEADBEATS (Vol 3), is out now, featuring an array of well-known artists and newer talent. This is a must-listen for anyone into bass music, as the collection of songs comes directly from forefathers of the genre. To celebrate, each artist provided DA with an exclusive quote about their piece of work for the compilation.

Gentlemens Club: “When we made “Keep It Simple,” we set out to make something a bit different. It’s our take on the current free-form bass movement. We had a lot of fun experimenting with different styles on this track.”

um..: “It was fun making something darker than normal. It’s cool knowing that we can change things up and still get a positive reaction from our fans.”

Ducky: “‘Leave’ is a song I wrote when I was going through a transitional period out of a shitty relationship that turned out to be one of my favorite songs from this year. So stoked to be a part of this fire compilation! Really proud of this one, give it a listen <3.”

Blunts & Blondes: “It’s some blunt-smokin’ dubstep.”

Jaenga: “It feels great to release this tune after playing it out for the last few months. I finished it just as I was walking on stage for the Electric Zoo afterparty this year. I think its a good segue into my debut album that I’ll be dropping early 2019.”

Holly: “My new song ‘MISSU’ represents my emotions about my life right now. I tried to create this thrilled and homesick vibe with the hard drop and the ambient build up, and I’m super happy with all the sound design + how the track come out. Hope you feel the way too!”

Sippy: “The inspiration for ‘Lithos’ was to create a hard stomping tune that you can’t help to head bang to. It’s a simple idea, but the sub and the drums give that hard-stomping vibe.”

SoDown: “Zeds Dead has been killing the game when it comes to diverse bass music. When they said they wanted ‘Eskimo,’ I was really excited. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time and I’m stoked to be a part of the compilation.”

Klutch: “I’m typically a melody writer. That’s what most of my tracks center around. But I really wanted to collaborate with some friends who are left-field experimental trap, so I took some samples and tried to use that influence to create something that they would want to jump on. I ended up enjoying the process so much that I just decided to conclude the track myself. So this was my take on that new wave of experimental trap.”

Mersiv: “‘Mind Sounds’ is my deep, electric, loud version of mind control! My favorite part is the grand finale at the end. The track speeds up halfway through, has a little dnb tease, then slaps you with wub madness at the end. Bury That Sound.”

Cozway: “‘Radicals’ started out with Bonnema sending me the guitar-lead drop which reminded me of an Indian sitar and established a definite ethnic vibe for the rest of the track. We had this vision of the track being like running through multi-chambered fractal temple, so each part is different yet related. Overall we wanted to make something really different and we are super excited to release this on Deadbeats! Enjoy the ride!”

Rome In Silver: “‘Glass’ is about trying something new and shattering all expectations. It allowed me to step out my comfort zone, blend two styles I enjoy, and create a song out of my norm. I hope you guys enjoy it!”

Jaenga unleashes fiery new ‘Toulambi’ EP via Deadbeats

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Jaenga unleashes fiery new ‘Toulambi’ EP via DeadbeatsJaenga

Though he has only been releasing music for a few years, Jaenga‘s name is already well-known in his niche. Cruising to the hottest bass music destinations in a massive purple school bus, the New York-based DJ and producer has made a presence at festivals like Electric Forest, Camp Bisco and Mysteryland. The emerging artist follows up a remix to Zeds Dead’s “Kill Em” last week with his debut Toulambi EP on Deadbeats.

A four-track offering, Toulambi explores a variety of sounds within the bass music landscape. The EP opener, “Gravity,” introduces a subtle yet menacing bass line reminiscent of Zeds Dead’s earlier work. The track is followed by “Monsters,” and it’s at this point in the EP that Jaenga shows what he is capable of. With hard-hitting drums, fierce stabs on the low end, and a simple yet fitting vocal sample, this track is sure to enthrall bass lovers everywhere. On the second half of the EP, “Toulambi Tribe” sees Jaenga giving his take on trap music, while he displays his flair for drum & bass on “Never Gonna.” With each song presenting a different side of his diverse production, Toulambi acts as the perfect taster for new fans and a treat for his loyal following.

Duke & Jones keep it heavy with ‘Rust’

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Duke & Jones keep it heavy with ‘Rust’Dystopia EP Artwork

Manchester, England-based bass duo Duke & Jones are out with a brand new EP titled Dystopia. The EP’s second track, “Rust,” shines despite its name, fueled by commanding notes and intense drops. The duo has been quickly gaining momentum within the electronic music community, even recently garnering support from Zedd, who has been featuring their music in select live performances.

“Rust” is a prime example of the hard-hitting sound fans have come to expect from the duo. This one features rapping cutting in and out from behind a humming bass backdrop. A building synth progression dances around the heavy beat, creating the perfect addition to their ever-expanding catalog of releases.

“Rust” and Duke & Jones’ Dystopia EP are now out via Zeds Dead‘s Deadbeats imprint.

SMLE brings syrupy future bass feels on new single, ‘Bad Idea’

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SMLE brings syrupy future bass feels on new single, ‘Bad Idea’Smle Bad Idea Deadbeats Single

smle is seemingly everywhere at once. Releases on top-tier labels ranging from Armada to Monstercat? Check. Grammy nomination? In the bag. But although the electronic duo’s resume is impressively varied, their place on the hard-hitting Deadbeats roster alongside contributors like REZZ and 1788-L is still bit of unique flavor. The duo bring that wildcard element to again to the label with “Bad Idea.”

The track combines smle’s top-shelf future bass arrangement skills with irresistibly unique stylings from Bay Area vocalist Tzar, and the result is a track that does mellow beats with certified swagger. A growling bass tone is the linchpin while massive the drums fill headphones to the brim – but no matter hard things hit, the twinkling bells and vocal textures keep one foot squarely in dream land.

1788-L and TYNAN team up to release heavy-hitting ‘A B Y S S’ on Deadbeats

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1788-L and TYNAN team up to release heavy-hitting  ‘A B Y S S’ on Deadbeats1788 L Tynan Abyss

After bringing the renegade funk to The Glitch Mob‘s “Disintegrate Slowly,” 1788-L is back with an original, heavy-metal-inspired, bass-infected track, “A B Y S S,” with TYNAN. The track, released on Zeds Dead‘s Deadbeats imprint, sets the scene with an eerie ambiance of dissident bass, hollow white noise, and creepy tension sounds. A chasing synth approaches as the energy rises, dropping into an amalgamation of gritty sub bass, high-end foley, and heavy electronic fills.

The mysterious 1788-L released their debut EP, S E N T I E N C E, on Deadbeats, having collaborated with the likes of REZZ and bolstering high-quality, on-brand remixes of Virtual Self, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, and Skrillex. Fans can catch the enigma, currently on tour supporting Ekali and REZZ in select cities.

Premiere: WHIPPED CREAM throws punches of potent bass on Deadbeats debut, ‘Blood’

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Premiere: WHIPPED CREAM throws punches of potent bass on Deadbeats debut, ‘Blood’Hv D8N3Q

An ominous synth pierces the silence, and looping, deep pitched vocal cuts slowly fade into focus, amplifying the eerie quality of “Blood,” the latest production to bear WHIPPED CREAM‘s name. Lesser known as Caroline Cecil, the LA-based producer drops off her first original piece in nine months, and it’s well worth the wait. A forceful effort that concentrates repeated sharp synth strikes, “Blood” melds elements of bass and dubstep, making it a logical fit for Zeds DeadsDeadbeats label. Dark and gritty, “Blood” is a fitting addition to Whipped Cream’s climactic catalog. Speaking on the new release, WHIPPED CREAM told Dancing Astronaut,

“I took the last nine months to properly project what goes on inside my mind and put it into my music and I’m really happy I did that as I grew a lot more into my higher self, I have always been inspired by world sound and cinematic sound. ‘Blood’ is a perfect blend of both yet also maintains an energy the human body will move to.”

While the newest addition to the Prodigy Artists roster had a relatively quiet year from the studio, “Blood” lands as the precursor to Cecil’s busy touring itinerary slated for the rest of the year. “I’m really happy to start this next chapter with this song and finish this year off with more of my new music,” WHIPPED CREAM added. “Blood” comes as 2018 begins to wind down, but for Cecil, clearly things are just beginning to heat up.

Premiere: WHIPPED CREAM throws punches of potent bass on Deadbeats debut, ‘Blood’Whipped Cream Blood Tour

Zeds Dead & DNMO Prove They’re Royalty in ‘We Could Be Kings (ft. Tzar)’

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Coming in hot this new music Friday is none other than Zeds Dead and budding producer DNMO. Their brand new collaboration “We Could Be Kings (feat. Tzar)” is out now on the duo’s booming Deadbeats label. Zeds Dead & DMNO – “We Could Be Kings (feat. Tzar)” Featuring a satisfying mix of signature nefarious beats

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Zeds Dead sears all senses with ‘We Could Be Kings’

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Zeds Dead sears all senses with ‘We Could Be Kings’Zeds Dead We Could Be Kings 1

The boys are back — and they’ve fastened a few guests to the sidecar for their latest bass-rumbling masterpiece, “We Could Be Kings.”

The track, in its essence, exemplifies Zeds Dead‘s inexorable ability to package such powerful and tender affect into jarring, bass-driven music. While the DNMO-accompanied “We Could Be Kings”‘s downtempo format may reach the listener with a bit less vehemence than one might expect from the well-seasoned duo, the subtle drum ‘n’ bass fills and decisive female vocals, compliments of Tzar, up the ante a bit — adding that familiar, rousing sense of emotional urgency. The final ingredient to the fierce paradox comes from the fluttering melodies laid alongside the boys’ signature static-heavy, winding bass lines.

Zeds Dead has been exacting their most earnest efforts lately towards furthering their Deadbeats label, by not only keeping up with regular guest-riddled SoundCloud mixes, but releasing under the imprint themselves with like-minded newcomers and established counterparts alike. Seventeen-year-old DNMO is a Deadbeats newcomer, fitting swimmingly with the under-the-radar brand of artistry Zeds Dead built the imprint to bolster. “We Could Be Kings” is the Toronto duo’s third track of the year under the Deadbeats emblem, preceded by Ganja White Night-starring “Samurai,” as well as “Kill Em,” featuring Redman, 1000volts, and Jayceeoh.

1788-L’s destructive debut EP, ‘S E N T I E N C E,’ has finally arrived

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1788-L’s destructive debut EP, ‘S E N T I E N C E,’ has finally arrived1788L Sentience Ep

It can be hard to believe the hype around 1788-L began just six months ago with a SoundCloud upload, “R E P L I C A. ” The mysterious producer doubled that buzz with a flip of Virtual Self’s “Particle Arts,” and never looked back. Original singles like “P U L S A R / B E A M” joined remixes and edits of dance legends like Skrillex and Daft Punk. This summer, 1788-L’s vision for a cohesive body of original work came into focus. Along with a high-profile collaboration on REZZ‘s second LP, A Certain Kind of Magic, the mysterious artist began sharing out pieces of his EP. Now, the 1788-L vision is clearer than ever on his debut EP S E N T I E N C E, arriving on Zeds Dead‘s Deadbeats imprint.

Across four scintillating tracks, 1788-L stakes his claim as one of the most exciting new artists in the red hot mid-tempo bass music scene. But to limit the impact of S E N T I E N C E to that sub-genre would be ignoring the producer’s influences sprinkled deftly throughout, including major Justice flavor on “N U / V E R / K A,” and the drum & bass blast to close the release, “A S T R A Y / R.” The EP showcases a project fully entrenched in a signature sound, with the chops to successfully experiment as 1788-L completes his all out assault on 2018.

1788-L teams up with totto on lead single from forthcoming EP, ‘F U L L / B U R S T ‘

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1788-L teams up with totto on lead single from forthcoming EP, ‘F U L L / B U R S T ‘FULLBURST ART

The mysterious self-proclaimed android now known as 1788-L has taken over dance music in the past months with relentless releases which include his collaborations with Illenium, Said The Sky, and REZZ. With his immaculate and energetic productions, he has already gathered support from respected artists like Zeds Dead, Seven Lions, RL Grime and Ekali.

Today, 1788-L graces the speakers once again with lead single “F U L L / B U R S T,” from his forthcoming debut EP S E N T I E N C E.  The record will be released through Deadbeats on August 24. 1788-L and totto combine their styles to create a truly mechanical track that feels as if the apocalypse has come and artificial intelligence has taken over. Dark bass ensues as atmospheric sounds run rampant and the piano begins to fade, while a digital voice says that “machines are forever,” which then leads into intricately glitchy drops.