Bonnaroo unveils electronic lineup for ‘The Other’ stage: REZZ, Ekali, Seven Lions, and more

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Bonnaroo unveils electronic lineup for ‘The Other’ stage: REZZ, Ekali, Seven Lions, and moreRezz Porter Robinsin Divinity Remi Live Debut

Tennessee’s legendary Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival has unveiled “The Other” stage lineup, dedicated to some of the top dance and electronic music on this year’s billing. The 19th annual edition of the four-day 10-stage camping festival takes place June 11 – 14 at Great Stage Park, which is located 60 miles southeast of Nashville in Manchester, TN. Bonnaroo is known for its diverse collection of installations and genres, with electronic music being a small portion of the festival’s total offerings.

“The Other” is a fully immersive open-air stage, and it will run all-night (until sunrise) with a diverse selection of dance and electronic music acts. Featured artists include Dabin, Ekali, Seven Lions, Rezz, Boombox Cartel, Bonnie X Clyde, and many more. Purchase tickets to Bonnaroo 2020 here.

Bonnaroo unveils electronic lineup for ‘The Other’ stage: REZZ, Ekali, Seven Lions, and moreBonnarroo

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Jason Ross Finally Releases Debut Album”1000 Faces”

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Jason Ross has officially released his debut album “1000 faces.” Released on Ophelia records, this incredibly talented artist has blown us away with this new masterpiece. This new album features Jason Ross’ recently released singles, such as “When the Night Falls” ft. Fiora, “One that Got Away” with Dabin and Dylan Matthew, “Known You Before”

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Dabin enters new era with ‘Holding On,’ reveals Into The Wild sophomore tour

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Dabin enters new era with ‘Holding On,’ reveals Into The Wild sophomore tourEKkNdC7WoAAdHts

In short, Dabin made his final calendar of the 2010s truly count, which earned himself a berth to Dancing Astronaut‘s Breakout Artists of 2019 ranking. From the release of his striking sophomore effort, Wild Youth, to embarking on his first-ever headlining run, to joining Illenium as a fixture of the ASCEND Tour, the Toronto native wholeheartedly found his placement amidst an inner circle of dance music’s most auspicious acts of the moment. Picking up precisely where he left off, Dabin is now instituting the next phase of his career with the conjoint release of a new single, “Holding On” and the announcement of his Into The Wild spring tour.

Serving as Dabin’s first output of the new decade following “Hero” with Said the Sky back in October, “Holding On” continues to elicit the justification behind Dabin’s skyrocket towards headliner prestige. Per usual, Dabin offers up yet another finely tuned production as he earnestly manifests each and every component of his consistently ingenious touch. “Holding On” is instilled with Dabin’s meticulous acoustical arrangement beside Lowell’s inspiriting lyrics, which all come together for a piece of melodic bass bliss.

Dates for the near-30-stop Into The Wild tour can officially be purchased here.

Dabin enters new era with ‘Holding On,’ reveals Into The Wild sophomore tourEOWBKZ0VAAAdSIM?format=jpg&name=

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Dabin Unleashes Euphoric Heater ‘Holding On’ ft. Lowell, Announces US Tour

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Dabin had his biggest year yet in 2019, releasing the highly successful ‘Wild Youth’ LP and subsequent remix pack, selling out his debut solo headlining tour, and performing side by side with ILLENIUM across his ‘Ascend’ stadium run. The Canadian artist returns to the release radar with a blissful masterpiece, ‘Holding On’, featuring singer songwriter Lowell. Continuing the momentum in

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Bonnaroo Releases 2020 Lineup You Don’t Want to Miss

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Just months before its annual event, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival has officially released its 2020 lineup. Popular artists, such as Miley Cyrus, the 1975, Vampire Weekend, and Lana Del Rey are scheduled to perform at this incredible event. Additionally, some of our favorite dance music artists are also featured on the lineup, such as

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Dab the Sky curate awe-inspiring selections ahead of Decadence AZ with new ORBIT playlist [Stream]

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Dab the Sky curate awe-inspiring selections ahead of Decadence AZ with new ORBIT playlist [Stream]Dabthesky 1

Having both individually rose as emotive forces in the melodic electronic space, when Said the Sky and Dabin debuted their collaborative pairing “Dab the Sky“, the anticipation for more has triple-folded. The duo’s specialization in ethereal soundscapes and guitar-driven melodies has played out naturally—building off both producers’ touring efforts on Illenium‘s ASCEND run and complementing each others respective artistic styles. The long-time friends and collaborators officially showcased their initial coalition with track, “Superstar” in June 2018 before sweeping fans with the euphoric “Hero“.

Now, Dab the Sky will return to close out the year with a special back-to-back performance at Decadence Arizona. Taking place December 30 and 31 at Rawhide Event Center, the New Year’s Eve celebration annually attracts a formidable coagulation of dance music’s finest. Alongside Dab the Sky, Decadence will see spectacular sets from the likes of Illenium, Skrillex, Diplo, Zeds Dead, and many more.

In Dancing Astronaut‘s latest ORBIT edition, Dab the Sky has curated a nuanced selection of cuts that serve as inspiration ahead of their Decadence appearance. Of the joint duo’s selects, indie grooves and electronic pepper the playlist with Of Monsters and Men, Nightly, Bob Moses, and Tycho gratuitously in the mix. In regards to Tycho, Dabin states,

“I fell in love with Tycho after I stumbled upon their set at Electric Forest. I always thought it would be cool to hear vocals on a Tycho song since their songs are predominantly instrumental. Their new album delivered exactly what I wanted and this is one of my favourites from it.”

On the less electronic edge, Dab the Sky looks to the past for insights, citing diverse sub genres for artistic growth.

“Recently I’ve been going back to the music that inspired me to start making music, even before I started making electronic music. Of Monsters & Men has always been one of my favourite bands and this one off their new album is a bop”

Likewise, the collaborative duo have payed homage to their “sad boi” origins with the inclusion of emo-leaning punk-esque artists including nothing, nowhere and Bring Me The Horizon.

“nothing, nowhere blends my love for the emo bands and hip hop artists I grew up listening to in such a unique way. I always feel nostalgic listening to him”

Having given taste of their upcoming performance, Dab the Sky will bring no shortage of melodic anthems, instrumental cuts, and incisive bass. Grab tickets to Decadence AZ here.

Dabin on his sonic bildungsroman, the making of ‘Wild Youth (The Remixes),’ and what’s next [Q&A]

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Dabin on his sonic bildungsroman, the making of ‘Wild Youth (The Remixes),’ and what’s next [Q&A]Illenium MSG 8

In the context of Dabin’s continuously developing career as an electronic multi-instrumentalist, 2019 was a watershed. The highlights: the arrival of the producer’s sophomore LP, Wild Youth, released via MrSuicideSheep’s Seeking Blue imprint, an ensuing remix album of the aforementioned, and inclusion on ILLENUM‘s Ascend tour, not to mention a series of lauded singles such as “One That Got Away.” On the horizon in 2020 looms the launch of Dabin’s largest headlining live initiative yet.

Needless to say, the momentous activity that defined Dabin’s presence in the dance scene over the past year is poised for replication and, unsurprisingly, amplification. Dancing Astronaut invites Dabin listeners to momentarily revel in the present moment alongside Dabin, to gain insight on the artist’s shifts in creative vision, sonic bildungsroman, and everything that happened in between this year.

With 17 new remixes, Wild Youth (The Remixes) is a full offering replete with different takes of Wild Youth originals. Tell me a little bit about how this remix album came together.

I always loved remixes and definitely wanted to get a remix album going for Wild Youth. Out of curiosity, I tweeted and asked if anyone would be interested [in remixing the album] and the response was amazing. The remix LP is filled with remixes from good friends and new producers I’ve found. [It] has everything to chill out [music] to break your neck type of stuff. I’m really happy with how it turned out and am super proud to give my friends and these up and coming producers another platform to showcase their talents. 

There’s a host of remixers on the album. How did you choose the artists that you did? 

I personally asked a few good friends like Trivecta, MitiS, and Sam Lamar to do a remix. I’ve been a big fan of their work and definitely wanted their takes on the album. Some have had remixes done for awhile like Fransis Derelle, Inukshuk, and Astrale. I actually tweeted [asking] my fans who they would want to hear on the album. I had a crazy amount of responses from both fans and artists so I basically tried to pick the artists who I thought would be a great fit while also catering to my fans [to give them the artists who they] wanted to hear as well. 

Was there one remix in particular that really blew you away; what was it/why?

It’s so difficult to pick one. All of them brought such a unique spin to Wild Youth. I genuinely can’t pick one as I love them all in their own right. 

Let’s backtrack a bit to Wild Youth, your sophomore album. It’s been out for a few months now and the reception has been warm. Were you at all surprised that the album got the response that it did from fans/can you comment on the reception?

I was completely blown away by the reception of Wild Youth. I never really think about how well my music is going to do after it’s released. I think the best thing is to enjoy the process and be genuine to yourself and that’s what I did during Wild Youth, so I’m happy it was well received.

Can you talk a little bit about the making of Wild Youth and what you were specifically hoping to achieve with the LP?

Wild Youth started coming together a little after my Two Hearts LP, which focused on themes of love and loss. I wanted to tell another story with Wild Youth with similar themes, although I wanted to shift the focus to the idea of growing up. It feels like we’re out in the wild, innocent, just making our way through the world. It’s fun, it’s exciting, but there are also pitfalls and obstacles that we overcome and learn from. I wanted to package all of that into a musical story that paralleled my shift or rebirth into the crossover style I’ve been [cultivating over] the past few years.

It seems that with the making of each album, artists learn something about themselves and/or try out new musical approaches. Was this the case for you in crafting Wild Youth?

With Wild Youth I wanted to bring in as many acoustic, ethnic, and live elements as I could. My music has definitely shifted more towards that “live” or band feeling, and bridging the acoustic and electronic worlds is something I really enjoy doing. Wild Youth allowed me to hone in on exactly the kind of music I want to be making.

The album really seemed to further propel you into the public spotlight. You’ve had a pretty meteoric rise in the electronic scene. How does that feel?

It feels unbelievable. I’m grateful to my fans and my team for sticking by me and really involving themselves in what I have going on. Everyone feels like family to me. I’d say the best feeling in all of this craziness is when people send me messages about how my music has helped them in some way or through a hard time. I’m all for having fun at shows or enjoying my music at a party, but seeing my music increasingly help people overcome obstacles–that’s what really keeps me going.

With Said The Sky and Olivver The Kid on the list of “Hero” collaborators, three proves a party on this record. How did “Hero” come about, from the initial idea for the track to its creation?

I actually made the main guitar riff for “Hero” while I was on tour with Illenium in Australia. I showed it to him and he said he loved the riff and that it should be a song. I basically made this entire idea around that riff and sent it to Trevor (Said the Sky). He was in LA finishing his next album at the time and told me Olivver the Kid [had] made a great vocal part to it. He showed me via FaceTime and I absolutely loved what I heard. We basically finished the song in a few days after that. 

You’d previously worked alongside Said The Sky on “Superstar,” which was warmly received, to say the least. Evidently, there’s a natural creative synergy between your style and Said The Sky’s. What is it, specifically, that you feel makes your styles work well together?

We come from a similar place musically. We grew up playing instruments, listening to the same bands, then got into making electronic music, and those worlds [collided for the both of us]. I think that we could sit down and make any style of music; the chemistry we have will always work its way into that. With our collabs, we’ve decided to stick to a certain style within our wheelhouse and it’s been great. But I think at the end of the day, it’s our strong bonds that really give our collaborations that synergy. He’s like a brother to me. 

What’s next for Dabin as 2019 winds down?

I’ll be playing shows with Illenium and Said the Sky, which will be our last shows as a band. We’ve all grown and got our own things going on and I hope we’ll get some reunion action down the road, but for now I’ll get to push myself in 2020 on my own and see where I want to go musically and as a live performer. End of this year may be a little quiet music wise, but expect a whole lot in 2020!

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Jason Ross and Dabin deliver ‘One That Got Away’ with Dylan Matthew

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Jason Ross and Dabin deliver ‘One That Got Away’ with Dylan MatthewJason Ross Credit Shane McCauley

The latest delivery from Seven LionsOphelia Records has arrived, courtesy of label mainstays Jason Ross and Dabin. The two powerhouses have tapped the vocal talents of Dylan Matthew, and the three artists mesh perfectly on “One That Got Away.”

The single drips with emotion from the get-go, debuting with a delicate guitar melody and opening lines from Matthew. With its slightly wistful feel and nostalgic vocals from the singer, “One That Got Away” proves to be a stellar addition to all artists’ discographies.

Jason Ross has been hard at work on his first studio album, set to make its debut on Ophelia Records. Dabin recently released “Hero” with Said the Sky and Olivver The Kid, and Matthew’s latest project was an acoustic rendition of his track, “Sober.”

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NMF Roundup: Laidback Luke remixes Knife Party, Jason Ross and Dabin team up + more

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NMF Roundup: Laidback Luke remixes Knife Party, Jason Ross and Dabin team up + moreLaidbackLuke TimSnow 20140816 3

It’s most important day of the week: New Music Friday. With the overwhelming amount of tunes hitting the airwaves today, Dancing Astronaut has you covered with the latest edition of The Hot 25.

After the release of their Lost Souls EP earlier this year, Knife Party have tapped Laidback Luke for a groovy remix of “Death & Desire,” and Jason Ross, Dabin, and Dylan Matthew team up for “One That Got Away.” Wave Racer has released a new single, “This N That” with LunchMoney Lewis, and Martin Garrix links with Dean Lewis for “Used to Love.” Walker & Royce tackle Dom Dolla’s “San Frandisco,” and Hot Since 82 takes it one deeper on “Tilted.” Arty lends his spirited hand to Gorgon City and MK’s “There For You,” and Axwell remixes Halsey’s “Graveyard.” Four Tet’s dingbat-riddled moniker unveils new content, and Nicky Romero, Mike Williams, and Amba Shepherd collaborate on “Dynamite.” REZZ and Malaa take no prisoners on “Criminals,” and Golf Clap deliver their iteration of “Let It Go” by Hood Rich and BRUX. NGHTMRE flexes on an interpretation of Habstrakt’s “The One,” and Herobust cranks up the intensity on “Smoke.” Chime keeps the Halloween spirit alive with “Haunted,” and Modestep sound the “Alarm” on their new single.

As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed this NMF.

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Said the Sky and Dabin reform their ‘Dab The Sky’ collective on new joint, ‘Hero’

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Said the Sky and Dabin reform their ‘Dab The Sky’ collective on new joint, ‘Hero’EFUyrpnUEAA8so

Fans in attendance of Said the Sky, Dabin and Illenium‘s grandiose sold-out Madison Square Garden spectacle were in for a real treat during the show’s opening performance. “Dab The Sky,” Dabin and Said the Sky’s collaborative pairing, debuted a new joint effort for fans fortunate enough to be within the historic New York complex. Following a malfunction with Said the Sky’s production setup, Dabin abruptly joined his longtime friend for an impromptu back-to-back performance where they crowd-tested their yet-to-be-released collaboration. Less than a month later, “Hero” has been given the green light as the second formal release from the Dab The Sky duo, following “Superstar” from last summer.

Calling upon a gripping vocal backing from Olivver The Kid, “Hero” promptly testifies to the thematic sounds that have propelled both Said The Sky and Dabin into the center of mainstream dance music. Trademark ethereal acoustic leads tied in with an otherworldly melodic bass chorus check off every box in the expeditiously soaring sub-genre of “sad boi anthems.” As Said The Sky and Dabin continue their touring circuit beside Illenium, “Hero” will undoubtedly endure as a fixture in their live sets and optimistically not the last output from Dab The Sky in the near future.

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