Seven Lions leads the pack on SLANDER, Dabin collaborative track, ‘First Time’

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Seven Lions leads the pack on SLANDER, Dabin collaborative track, ‘First Time’Seven Lions First Time 1

When it comes to euphoric, transcendent bass music, Seven Lions has essentially cornered the market. The American producer’s insatiable musical repertoire and stylistic reach (spanning dubstep, trance, electro, and progressive house) is nearly as full-bodied as his languorous head of hair—and that’s saying something. 

Most recently, while amid his The Journey 2 Tour, Seven Lions has invited SLANDER and Dabin  for a joint release, “First Time,” featuring vocalist, Dylan Matthew, on his very own Ophelia Records. The track encompasses Seven Lions’s overpoweringly euphoric variety of melodic chill-step, with his hallmark stop-and-go synth patches, slapping snares, utopian melodicism.

Similarly, Dabin (a repeat offender on Ophelia) and the SLANDER duo have also been carrying out their own auspicious endeavors. SLANDER just signed on with NGHTMRE, to form their very own label, GUD VIBRATIONS, fashioned from the threesome’s cornerstone collaboration of the same name. Dabin has been dabbling in revitalizing his experiential productions with more live instrumentation, while performing alongside some top-notch electronic talents like Illenium and Said The Sky.

Seven Lions, SLANDER, and Dabin Release Their Long-Anticipated Collaboration “First Time”

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Ladies and Gentleman, the moment that many of you have been waiting for has finally arrived. Talented producers, Seven Lions, SLANDER, and Dabin, have officially released their long-anticipated collaboration “First Time.” Are you ready to take your emotions on a wild feel trip? If your answer is yes, then this is a must-listen. The new

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Dabin and Fytch release post-rock, future bass-tinged feeler, ‘Altitude’

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Dabin and Fytch release post-rock, future bass-tinged feeler, ‘Altitude’2016 07 18 11.30.52 1

Dabin and REZZ collaborator, Fytch, has released a new single, “Altitude,” a celestial cascade of soft, glittering melodies setting the stage for complementing, vocoder-painted vocals. It’s a combination between post-rock and future bass similar to the forward-thinking arrangements of San Holo‘s bitbird label.

2017 Juno nominated artist, Dabin follows up on his highly successful EP, Pyres, with this soaring collaboration with the Berklee College of Music, Paris-born, Netherlands-raised multi-instrumentalist, Fytch. The young Parisian collaborated with REZZ on their single “Toxin” off her most recent Certain Kind of Magic album.

A crossover of acoustic elements in the EDM sphere is becoming more and more prevalent, as Fytch and Dabin are examples of the trend.  Dabin is also the guitarist for Illenium’s Awake band, supporting tours for k?d and Fytch after supporting REZZ and DROELOE on tour. The single was released off MrSuicideSheep‘s Seeking Blue imprint.

NMF Roundup: Gryffin pairs up with Iselin, Hardwell ‘shines a light,’ Two Friends ramp up for summer, and many more

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NMF Roundup: Gryffin pairs up with Iselin, Hardwell 'shines a light,' Two Friends ramp up for summer, and many more

The most important day of every week: New Music Friday. As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed.

Gryffin pairs up with the lovely Iselin, and takes listeners on an emotional journey through “Just For A Moment.”

Hardwell combines moving piano, Wildstylez and hardstyle on his latest, “Shine A Light.”

Dutch producer Maurice West brings everyone to the dance floor with this big room heater.

Guitar riffs swirl as clocks tick, and then piano is introduced as powerful sweeps take you into Nicky Romero‘s epic synth-filled drop.

Bouncy synths, poppy percussion and catchy vocals dazzle Two Friends‘ track, “Bandaid.”

Said The Sky, Dabin and Linn pull on the heartstrings as they transcend listeners into a musical wonderland.

Mako makes magic in “Murder,” with powerful bass and elegant piano that entices from beginning to end.

Tom Budin gets grimy with his remix of JaySounds & Kwame’s “Legacy.”

White Panda and Loote make a song so effortlessly playful that replaying it just once won’t be enough.

Imad Royal shows his dark side with Elliphant on their intricate and interesting track full of gun sounds and chilling whispers.

MEMBA adds another chapter to their EP with the second release, “Keep It Up.”

LMBO creates a cinematic beauty by combining experimental elements along with chill trap ones in their Bronze Whale remix.

Eptic shows up in true Eptic fashion and drops a four-track EP that’s so not for the faint of heart.

High hats dance and Nicole Dash Jones sings as KC Lights builds a groovy house tune around them, perfectly complementing every note.

Squired releases a stutter-studded track engraved with hot rap verses and arrangement from the young artist himself.

Lloyd Macey delivers a late-night house tune with a kick that leaves you coming back for seconds.

Kidswaste releases an atmospheric and instrumental beauty under his alias Beauvois.

Liveliness radiates from Cazzette and Parson James through deep plucks and excellent melodies on “Missing You.”

If life is a highway, then hit the ground running with Conro on his latest jazzy summer tune, “Fired Up,” out now on Monstercat.

Love at first sight might not be a thing, but love at first Win & Woo and Cosmos and Creature sure could be on their horn-filled collaboration, “Beam Me Up.”

Hewan stuns from her compelling voice, to the captivating music that surrounds it on “Strip For Me.”

Aylen lets loose on “Jaws,” as he slings out energetic synths and percussion so groovy everybody will be moving.

Khalid received remixes for “Love Lies,” and Rad Hatter puts a dark spin on it with rolling bass and drops so fat, one might forget for good what the original once sounded like.

See Dabin’s full-length EDC Vegas 2018 set, made from fan footage [Watch]

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While EDC Las Vegas’ 2018 year of production left electronic listeners with a slew of live recorded sets to stream long after the festival’s end, Dabin’s EDC appearance arrives in a unique form.

Delivered at Cosmic Meadow, Dabin’s full-length EDC set is now available, courtesy of fan footage filmed from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. “This video was made entirely from fan footage sent to me by you guys and would not be possible without your love and support,” Dabin captioned the video, which offers listeners an immersive experience from the crowd’s point of view, allowing viewers to relive the set time and time again.

Dabin Drops New Pensive EP Off Of Seeking Blue – ‘Pyres’

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Dabin has supremely mastered his craft over the last few years. I have had the pleasure of listening and watching him grow as an artist. The strides in production ability and the way he injects raw emotions into his records is near second to none. Now everyone’s favorite the melodic man of is back with

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Dabin x Apashe – Lilith (Sullivan King Remix)

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Sullivan King has released a commanding remix of Dabin and Apashe‘s collaborative single “Lilith.” The Monstercat and Kannibalen heavy hitter deconstructs modern dubstep and injects his own characteristic heavy metal influences in what is best described as a punitive lesson in the amalgamation of the two.

King’s latest release comes on the heels of two original EPs, cementing his status as one of bass music’s heaviest hitters. If his latest remix is any indication of what’s to come, the LA-based musician will head into the new year blazing.

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Dabin releases heavenly remix of Seven Lions’ ‘Freesol’

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After putting out his debut album, Two Hearts, earlier this year, Canadian producer Dabin has been relatively quiet on the music front. The wait has been worth it, though, because he’s released an exceptional remix of Seven Lions‘ emotive “Freesol,” which came out in April.

Dabin’s take on the melodic track is sure to revive listeners’ love of the original, as the producer focuses on an alluring piano melody that ties all the elements of the remix together.

Dabin’s take on “Freesol” is out as part of Seven Lions’ Where I Won’t Be Found remix package, also featuring Xan Griffin and Trivecta. He’s currently on tour with Illenium and Said The Sky, making stops all over the United States until the end of the year.

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Seven Lions – Where I Won’t Be Found Remixes EP (Dabin,Trivecta,XanGriffin)

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Seven Lions has released a remix pack for the Where I Won’t Be Found EP. The pack includes three fantastic remixes by Dabin, Trivecta, and Xan Griffin. Three of the most talented names on the rise in music have each put their own spin on the latest releases from Seven Lions. First up is Dabin’s

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Illenium Confirms New Album, Talks Label, Collabs and Rocket League [Interview]

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Denver-based melodic mastermind Nick Miller, aka Illenium, has been a powerhouse in the production community sweeping the nation and exponentially becoming a household name for any dance fan. With his emotional yet high energy productions, engaging live show and just an overall good attitude to boot, Illenium is dance music’s rising star that fans can’t get enough off. After just announcing his second phase of his Ashes tour, Illenium took on two nights at Denver’s Ogden Theater where we got to sit and talk with him about new music, his blooming success, his label Kasaya and more. Check it out!

So first off wanted to say thanks for sitting and talking!

Oh yeah, of course.

2016 has been a crazy year for you! You’ve been playing nationally with your debut headline tour selling out most major markets! How has the past year and rise in popularity been?

It’s been dope! I mean, it’s been crazy. I was so nervous to do a headlining tour at the beginning of the year and then to see that success has been like awesome, and to see how legitimate the fan base is with their love for the music has been the most inspiring thing. It’s crazy.

What was some crazy experiences you had this past summer on your tour?

I mean there was one day on tour Trevor (Said the Sky) played without pants. That’s a good one. I would say that the crazy thing is really just going with no sleep on end. I mean we had some times on tour, where like labor day weekend we had two or three flights one day and didn’t sleep and then had a red eye flight after LA, it was just so brutal. That kind of stuff is just testing.

You brought Said the Sky out for most of your dates and collabed with him multiple times in the past, including on your new single with Seven Lions “Rush Over Me.” How did you guys meet?

So I used to get production advice from this guy Omega, and Trevor used to as well. He mastered both of our tunes and he connected us, we started working on a song and then we moved in together like a month after that and that’s really where we just became super good friends and just taught each other a ton and he’s taught me a ton. It’s been awesome.

Speaking of which, how did you initially get involved working with Seven Lions?

I sent him the “Fortress” track to remix, and he really liked the vocal and ended up working on that. He knew Trevor from awhile ago when Trevor gave him a USB. He passed us the “Rush Over Me” vocal and then we did some work and then sent it back and he worked on it more and then we ended up finishing it. It was a pretty long process, we made a lot of it and then sat on it and then came back to it six months later.

What was it like working with someone who seems to be an inspiration for your early music?

It was dope. It’s like mind blowing seeing what he does sound design-wise and mixing-wise and it’s just insane seeing that after listening to so much sh*t. It’s pretty nuts.

You hinted at a second album and have a ton of new songs you just played out in NYC and in Denver. Can we expect another full length soon?

Yeah, full length hopefully in 2017!

Are there any other artists you’re looking to collaborate with in 2017? Any new musical elements you want to try?

Yeah! There’s my Marshmello one, another big one I can’t talk about, Slander… And I’m going to be doing a ton of guitar. My whole album is gonna be super heavy with guitar and just cool riffs that I really like that I can just listen to by themselves and I’m like “Sweet.” A lot of that, a lot of mixing like alternative pop with electronic but not making it sound too clashing. Like normally EDM and indie pop is not a thing, so I want to try and make it blend and be a good mixture of the two.

You formed your own label Kasaya alongside the release of your album! What inspired you to create Kasaya?

Well I really just wanted to build a platform to spread good music, and I’m really close with the Seeking Blue/MrSuicideSheep guys and I eventually want to make it a collaborative effort. Wanna just have another platform to share good music from. I kinda wanna stay away from the major label-ish type thing generally.

Do you have plans to work with any other artists on releases?

Not right now, right now we’re just sitting on it because we’ve been so busy but hopefully soon.

Outside of the electronic world, what artists have really impressed you or given you inspiration this last year?

EDEN is number one for sure. But outside the EDM world…. Hmmm I listen to a lot of oldies like Linkin Park and Blink-182 and that’s a huge inspiration for me. Same with old Glitch Mob and edit.

You just started playing in Vegas clubs the past few months. How is the atmosphere at club shows compared to your own headlining events?

I definitely prefer headlining stuff, hard ticket shows with just my fans and my style of music is just awesome. But to go to places like Vegas and bring a little bit of that to them while also maintaining a fun atmosphere is a fun challenge that I really want to do because it’s not very present now!

You make your debut in Hawaii in early 2017! Are there any other crazy spots you’ll be heading to that you can talk about?

Yeah, we’re doing a couple of shows in January in Europe too and then we’ve got just a ton of festivals lined up. We’ve got a ton of plans that we’re waiting to confirm and we’ve got really high hopes.

Your tour schedule has been insane! What do you do on the road with your free time?

Recently I’ve been on buses with video games. I work on some music, it’s really hard to. I don’t know, if I can’t work on music I try to stay involved in the business side of it. Think of different marketing stuff, different merchandising stuff. I feel like I need to stay happy if I want to be happy on the road. If I have time, I’ll go on hikes and go outdoors. I went to the aquarium the other day, it was dope.

How about when you’re home?

Make music, hangout with friends, my girlfriend and dog. Very lowkey, I do not go out when I’m home.

You’re a huge fan of games like Call of Duty, Rocket League and more. Any new games you’re really looking forward to in the next year?

I don’t know when the new Elder Scrolls comes out but when it does you will not be seeing me for awhile.

Whats one game no one could ever beat you at?

I don’t know, I’m pretty good at Rocket League but I get beat. I’m not a superstar at it. I watch a lot of pros and I’m like “Guys, goddammit…”

The internet has been alive lately with talk about Westworld, Black Mirror and other crazy shows. Have you been binge watching anything lately?

Westworld, I love Westworld. Game of Thrones has been a big one for forever too, so definitely those two!

Illenium will be hitting the road this winter for his phase two of his Ashes tour with support from the likes of William Black, ARMNHMR, Dabin and many more and you will not want to miss everything he’s got in store for next year!

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