Cursive – “It’s Gonna Hurt”

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CursiveVitriola, the first Cursive album in six years, deals with our internet-fueled modern predicament of living in a constant state of anger — appropriate subject matter for a heavy rock band that has always sounded like an attempt to cope with dark feelings. So far we’ve heard “Life Savings” and “UnderMore »

Cursive announce 20th anniversary remastered reissues of first two albums (the titles are way too emo-long to print here)

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Time to once again bust-out your Marlboro Lights and VHS copy of Chasing Amy, readers.

Saddle Creek emo OGs Cursive are gearing up to reissue their first two albums, 1997’s Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes and 1998’s The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song.

The reissues are out on December 1 on the band’s own new label, the excellently named 15 Passenger. Each album will be remastered by Ed Brooks, who also handled the band’s previous deluxe reissue/remaster of 2003’s The Ugly Organ.

These early records see Cursive establishing their take on emo and post-hardcore, as well as making their first concept album with The Storms of Early Summer. Since then, every one of the band’s albums has had some sort of unifying conceit.

The era showcased on these albums also documents the band’s early (and pretty fucking emo) habit of breaking-up every couple of years: Cursive was formed in 1997 by members of the recently-split Slowdown Virginia in an effort to “give music a serious try” (per Wikipedia). They released their first album, only to announce that they would be (yup) breaking-up before the release of The Storms of Early Summer… came out in 1998. They were back together again, however, in time for the release of in 2000. The band also took an indefinite hiatus (emo code for breaking-up) after The Ugly Organ.

Such Blinding Lights for Starving Eyes and The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song are both being reissued on two-color vinyl in limited editions of 2,000, and they will also be available digitally. Pre-order them here, and re-live your awkward phase’s awkward phase by listening through the original albums down below while you browse

Such Blinding Lights for Starving Eyes tracklisting:

01. After The Movies
02. Downhill Racers
03. Ceilings Crack
04. The Dirt Of The Vineyard
05. Target Group
06. Eight Light Minutes
07. Vermont
08. Dedications To Desertion
09. Warped The Wood Floors
10. Retirement
11. The Farewell Party

The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song tracklisting:

01. The Rhyme Scheme
02. A Career In Transcendence
03. The Road To Financial Stability
04. Tempest
05. Break In The New Year
06. Proposals
07. Semantics Of Sermon
08. A Little Song And Dance
09. When Summer’s Over Will We Dream of Spring
10. Northern Winds
11. Absence Makes The Day Go Longer

Go Your Own Way: 25 Notable Divorce Albums

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Pop music is littered with the shattered remains of relationships. As the stereotype goes: Personal strife often makes for good art. And for many artists, nothing is more of a catalyst for a great song than romantic discord or destruction. The list of classic breakup songs and albums feels endless; some artists’ whole catalogs seem … More »