CupcakKe – “Old Town Hoe (Old Town Road Remix)”

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CupcakKe has thrown her hat into the “Old Town Road” ring with a remix of Lil Nas X’s viral sensation, which recently had the biggest streaming week ever with 143 million streams, beating a record that Drake set last year with “In My Feelings.” (It’s also currently the #1 song in … More »

Lykke Li Announces Yola Festival Lineup With Charli XCX, CupcakKe, Acoustic Courtney Love, & More

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YolaSwedish pop singer Lykke Li is putting together an event called YOLA Fest, a day-long music festival featuring an all-female lineup. In addition to Lykke Li, the fest will include performances by Charli XCX, CupcakKe, Cat Power, Megan Thee Stallion, and Ambar Lucid and a special acoustic set from Courtney Love & The Chateau Band, … More »

CupcakKe – “Bird Box”

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At the beginning of the year, CupcakKe graced us with a new single, “Squidward Nose,” and today the Chicago rapper’s back with another one, “Bird Box.” It’s ostensibly named after the Netflix movie of the same name but of course, CupcakKe has an funny in-song explanation: “This pussy worth a lot of bread, … More »

CupcakKe – “Squidward Nose”

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CupcakKeEarlier this week, the great Chicago rapper CupcakKe worried a whole lot of people by tweeting “im about to commit suicide.” She posted a screenshot of the tweet on Instagram with the caption “Thank you for everything y’all have done for me I really appreciate it.” … More »

CupcakKe Makes First Statement Since Suicide Scare

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Yesterday, Chicago rapper CupcakKe, real name Elizabeth Harris, tweeted about her plan to commit suicide. She wrote, “im about to commit suicide.” On Instagram, she posted a screenshot of the tweet, captioned, “Thank you for everything y’all have done for me I really appreciate it.” CupcakKe was hospitalized earlier … More »

CupcakKe Hospitalized After Suicidal Tweet

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CupcakkeLate last night, the Chicago rapper CupcakKe tweeted this: “im about to commit suicide.” On Instagram, she also posted a screenshot of her tweet with this caption: “Thank you for everything y’all have done for me I really appreciate it.” This understandably left a lot of people worried. But CupcakKe, whose … More »

Music Review: cupcakKe – Eden

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[Self-Released; 2018]

Rating: 4/5

On Eden, the Chicagoan rapper cupcakKe returns with a reminder that she proudly fucks more (and better) than the prudes who choose to drag her for her lewdness and hypersexuality. The rapper born Elizabeth Harris isn’t exactly hard to write off; with a stage name that references bukkake, a mixtape titled Cum Cake, and singles like “Juicy Coochie” and “Spider-Man Dick,” her music seems geared more toward the morbidly curious than the genuine rap fan. And yet, cupcakKe prevails. Her previous album, January’s Ephorize, saw critical acclaim and allotted her an influx of new fans, which good fortune spurred her to release her second album of 2018. But Eden isn’t just a cheap victory lap, it’s the fully formed work of an underground rapper brashly making her way into the mainstream.

As with any worthwhile brag-rapper, cupcakKe’s foils are one-dimensional, if not entirely invented. The cast is comprised of absentee mothers who neglect their kids to date for sport, shit-talkers whose stupidity is as gross as the sugar rot in their teeth, and hard-acting men doomed to suffer the same unceremonious fate as “Mussolin[i].” Her ire is highly visceral, coming out in lines like “Your phone on lock on the daily/ Then you wanna play like I’m crazy/ But you got some raggedy ass bitch on your page/ Tryna make me jealous, but that shit don’t faze me” on “Dangled.” Coupled with producer Mike Kalombo’s hard-hitting beats, cupcakKe’s strictures achieve a level of intensity that her flint-voiced trap contemporaries rarely match.

Eden’s greatest asset is cupcakKe’s domineering voice; she wields hooks that effectively complement her verses and maintains a flow that not only justifies but also elevates her puerile sense of humor. The album features no guest verses, resulting in an insular, monophonic set of songs that allows Harris to carefully calibrate her voice to fit the wide berth of subject matter addressed therein. Arrogance is her most prominent shade, an unfailing confidence that bolsters her on tracks like “Fabric” and “Cereal and Water,” but there’s also a valorous bent elsewhere, as on the neurodivergent paean “A.U.T.I.S.M.” that closes Eden. Regardless of the tone of the song, cupcakKe rides on an unrelenting brio throughout Eden’s fast-burning half-hour runtime.

In cultivating a character for the album, Harris casts a wide net. She’s an imperiously hedonistic, scornfully vindictive, surprisingly monogamous young woman who’s equally invested in social progress as she is in locking down someone willing to lick her pussy. And while the record’s title is an explicit reference to the rapper’s middle name, Eden suggests a sense of preeminence; just as Eve was the original woman, cupcakKe herself stands at the front of the pack in the rap game, a self-actualized artist with her own valid claim to originality and primacy.

Stream CupcakKe’s New Album Eden

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Cupcakke - EdenNotoriously nasty Chicago rapper CupcakKe followed up her January release Euphorize with a slew of delicious and debaucherous singles — “Hot Pockets,” “Quiz,” “Blackjack” — as well a couple killer features including one on Kelela’s … More »

CupcakKe explicitly announces explicit new album Eden, out next week

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You punks. You dorks. You absolute motherf*ckers. Did you really think you were only going to get one hard-a** classic album from cupcakKe this year? Pssssht! Did you honestly believe that the towering, hot-as-sh*t singles “Quiz,” “Blackjack,” and “Hot Pockets” from just a few months ago were leading up to… what, just nothing at all??? Well, as of a few days ago, I gotta say, you look like a reeeeaaaal dumb-d*ck (and I mean that).

Here’s the score: cupcakKe has served up a little tease about the follow-up to January’s instant banger Ephorize (a TMT-Certified™ First Quarter Favorite of 2018) on Twitter. It’s called Eden, and it’s out November 9. I’m not sure what the album art looks like yet, but I’m going to go ahead and guess there will be a parental advisory sticker on it.

Look below for exhibit A (the aforementioned tweet), as well as exhibits B, C, and D (music videos for the three aforementioned singles [the “D” stands for “dong”]) as to why you should get real hype for some new cupcakKe. Unfortunately, that’s all the evidence I have right now; so…just, I don’t know, hunker down until next Friday, I guess. (Just kidding, you also have to VOTE, but before and after that, you can really get a lot of hunkering done.)

CupcakKe Drops Off Iggy Azalea Tour

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Later this month, Australian pop-rapper Iggy Azalea will kick off her first North American tour in four years in support of her latest EP, Survive The Summer. CupcakKe was scheduled to open for Iggy on the Bad Girls Tour, but today, the Chicago rapper announced that she is dropping out of the tour … More »