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Los Angeles’ CRAY (Cheney Ray) is back with another wicked remix – this time of Jai Wolf’s track, “Lost” ft. Chelsea Jade. CRAY has recently created remixes that have hit dance floors and streaming outlets including her remix of “White Wedding” as featured on Billy Idol’s Vital Idol: Revitalized album and Marooon 5’s “Girls Like You” featuring Cardi B’s remix package alongside with her newest

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Cray adds new dimensions in her remix of Jai Wolf’s, ‘Lost’

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Cray adds new dimensions in her remix of Jai Wolf’s, ‘Lost’Cray

Only a few weeks after release “Fractions,” Cray has put her own touch on Jai Wolf‘s emotive release “Lost” featuring Chelsea Jade. “Lost” ended Jai Wolf’s 16-month hiatus from releasing music, and the indie electronic original features soothing vocals juxtaposed against a flowing electro backdrop that is an enchanting end to the producer’s silence.

Cray initially slows down the  BPM to focus on Jade’s vocals, leading the listener to believe that this remix would be anchored on melancholic vocal stretches with rather than being outrightly electronica in nature. However, Cray adds in a jolting twist with layers of euphoric electronic notes and an additional bassline that increases her version’s energy. She certainly adds a new dimension to the original.



Cray soothes with new release ‘Fractions’

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Cray soothes with new release ‘Fractions’Fractions Cray

Cheney Ray is an artist who seems to “do it all.” Better known as Cray in the music world, the Canadian born gamer, producer, DJ, and vocalist is back with a new piece titled “Fractions.” She has also released an accompanying music video that as enamoring as the song itself.

“Fractions” features Ray’s smooth vocals and a downtempo backdrop that work together to manifest a relaxing framework. It is perfect for someone needing a moment of respite and calm, and it is a welcome addition to her growing collection of releases. Those who follow Ray on social media know that she has been touting a new hair style, with half of her hair dyed Brunette and the other half dyed Blonde. The video is a juxtaposition of her two sides, showing off her multifaceted nature in and out of the studio.

Los Angeles’ Brownies & Lemonade announces inaugural tour

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Los Angeles’ Brownies & Lemonade announces inaugural tourDm6QmzCWwAIbIDp E1537461043974

Brownies & Lemonade has spent years making a name for itself on the Los Angeles party circuit. Now known for putting on shows with impeccably on-trend bass, trap and future artists, open aux cord nights, secret venues, even more secret lineups, B&L has become a stalwart in the LA electronic scene through grassroots measures.

But the spontaneous and secretive nature of the events they put on is now shifting. After weeks of teasing new party locations on Twitter, the group announced its first-ever Brownies & Lemonade tour. Featuring the party’s frequently featured artists like Alexander Lewis, CRAY, KRANE, Luca Lush and Vincent, the tour will kick off on September 29 in San Diego. With nine total dates culminating in a show on December 8 in Houston, Brownies & Lemonade will tour the western half of North America. More information is available on the B&L website, where tickets are on sale now.

CRAY shares the Jersey edit of ‘Peaches’

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CRAY shares the Jersey edit of ‘Peaches’Artworks 000375097371 Ril1cd T

CRAY has something to celebrate. Nearly three years after making her debut with “1UP,” the Los Angeles-based producer has hit 100,000 followers on Instagram and has used the occasion to give back to her fans.

The first in a promised string of free download releases comes the “Jersey edit” of her track “Peaches.” The original, released earlier in 2018, is a laid-back Jersey club track with synths and vocal sampling that give it a total air of cool. Now, with this new edit, CRAY has added some drum & bass elements and re-sampled pieces of the track to give it a new heightened energy.

Electric Zoo announces ferocious phase two line-up additions: Alesso, Tiësto, Chris Lorenzo, Destructo, and more

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Made Event‘s titanic New York-based festival, Electric Zoo, is celebrating its tenth birthday this Labor Day Weekend, August 31st–September 2nd. To mark the momentous double-digit occasion, the wildlife-themed event has added two more headlining artists in Alesso and Tiësto to join the star-studded cast of talent that already tops the 2018 bill: KaskadeMarshmelloMartin Garrix, and Virtual Self.

Other notable acts joining on phase two include: Alexander Lewis, Bonnie x Clyde, Boogie T, Chris Lorenzo, Chuurch, Crankdat, Destructo, DNMO, Dubfire, G Jones, Habstrakt, Jauz, Kayzo, Lost Frequencies, Luzcid, Medasin, Party Favor, Petey Clicks, Space Jesus, Spencer Brown, Squnto, Stööki Sound, Whipped Cream, and YehMe2.

Electric Zoo’s ‘Big 10’ birthday bash will feature additional stages curated by Anjunabeats, Deadbeats, Hyperhouse, and Sunday School.

Tickets to Electric Zoo are currently on sale to the general public, and can be purchased here.

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CRAY Releases Her New Mesmerizing Single “Peaches”

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Talented DJ-producer, Cray has just released her newest single, “Peaches.” For those of you who have been following Cray since her earlier works, such as “BTFU” and “Lotus,” it’s been a while since she last released any content. Today is finally the day that new music has been released. Cray’s new track features her own

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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

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It’s a little too messy and slapdash to make this week’s list, but I’d like to take this space to give a special shout out to Downtown Boys’ “Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendajas)” video. It’s a beautiful look at the kids currently being targeted by the inhuman dipshits currently in power and a powerful … More »

CRAY – BTFU (Original Mix)

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LA-based CRAY is hot on the heels of her last original production, “4never” but wastes no time before unleashing another finished product. Aptly titled “BTFU” (Back The F*ck Up), the newest from CRAY juxtaposes its predecessor — where “4never” leaned on melody and light-hearted vocals, “BTFU” is geared back towards the heavier trap space. The producer, real name Cheney Ray, composes a magnetic force on her new release, one that will have bass music fans gravitating to her antics more than ever.