♫ Listen: Jordan Christoff – Enveloped

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Living oceans…

Living oceans…

Living oceans…



Jordan Christoff’s debut tape on Constellation Tatsu, Enveloped, is all it promises to be: complete submergence in crystalline sound, liquid currents of tone, life sustained, floating, rich and dynamic in variety and vibrance. Balanced. Tuned. All-encompassing.

Enveloped by Jordan Christoff

♫ Listen: Curved Light – Flow and Return

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Curved Light; prismatic.

Delicate pastel waves.

Tranquility lens: viewfinder.

Flow and Return.


An onrushing of discovery.

Constellation Tatsu.

Flow and Return by Curved Light

♫ Listen: Chris Otchy – Subterranean Landscapes

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Subterranean Landscapes: aboveground; in plain sight.

Observational elegance.

Communal discourse.

Not insignificant.

We grow, we bloom.

We become energy.

We spark and expend; we return, we return.

Chris Otchy / Constellation Tatsu

Subterranean Landscapes by Chris Otchy

♫ Listen: Rose – Night Places

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Night without end.

Dark matter pulse.

Constellations bright; no light pollution.

Unfold through time.


Drift and dream.

Constellation Tatsu.

Night Places by Rose

Constellation Tatsu swings back into orbit, reveals Winter Batch featuring Curved Light, Chris Otchy, Jordan Christoff, and Rose, shares track from each

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Like the Super Blood Moon, the Total Eclipse, or other rare astronomical occurrences, Constellation Tatsu displays brightest at one point of each season. These brief appearances are recorded and on display for posterity, of course, but that initial glimpse leaves a lasting impression.

For the label’s Winter Batch, four aural samples are available below, ranging from interstellar synth voyages (Curved Light’s Flow and Return) and pulsating 3D ambient grooves (Chris Otchy’s Subterranean Landscapes); to slow-burning, glacial sound excursions (Jordan Christoff’s Enveloped) and deep, hypnotic dark techno (Rose’s Night Places). It’s easy to claim every batch tops the previous one, but I’ll go ahead and make that claim right now, as Tatsu kicks off 2019 with a quiet yet profound bang.

The entire Constellation Tatsu Winter Batch is available for purchase TODAY. Get into your primo zoning environment and let the below playlist rip! Push back on the winter blues with four of the freshest ambient sounds you can find!

Flow and Return tracklisting:

01. Brightlea
02. Sea Change
03. Cascading Tides
04. Glacial Float
05. Crescent_Visions in Eclipse
06. Sand Hollow
07. Meridian
08. Colorform
09. Paths Divergent
10. Non-Volatile
11. Clean Air
12. Flow and Return
13. Ridgeway
14. Wanderlust

Subterranean Landscapes tracklisting:

01. Adaptor
02. The Day After the Banquet
03. Driftwood Collage
04. Night Children
05. Minimum Feed
06. Out of Reach
07. The CHOAM Corporation
08. Pets or Children
09. Taming the Moon

Enveloped tracklisting:

01. Waves
02. Wash
03. Alice
04. Love

Night Places tracklisting:

01. Phosphorene
02. The Searing
03. Night Places

Constellation Tatsu takes us on a cosmic journey with their Fall cassette batch, out NOW; featuring Stephan Haluska, Ecovillage, Rhucle, and Celer

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As the air gets cooler and the days get shorter, what better way to while away the time than with a fresh batch of tunes from none other than Oakland’s Constellation Tatsu. It’s always a chill experience when you throw on new jams from this label, but this latest batch, featuring CTatsu’s 100th release (!), is perhaps even more chill than anything they’ve put out.

The first tape is from Cleveland, Ohio’s Stephan Haluska, whose majestic harp works make Empty Room a transcendent experience. Don’t believe me? Vibe to “Jeldon” below and try not to break down in tears.

Next up is a righteous journey of the mind soundtracked by Ecovillage. Sacred World dives deep into the acoustic/electronic hybrid of subtle synth tones, woodwinds, and guitar.

The third tape in this batch comes from Tokyo’s Rhucle, whose serene soundscapes on More Beautiful Than Silence very well should have been one of sound options when I hit the floatation therapy spa a few years back. This one is gonna be for those moments when I can just shut my eyes and feel the calm tones wash over me and melt the stress away.

The last, but certainly not least, entry in the Fall Batch is from the man, the myth, Mr. Will Long, performing under his celebrated Celer moniker. The Tokyo resident drops some deep ambient drones on this latest release, I Wish You Could.

I’m ready to surrender myself to the deep, vibrant, and groovy sounds of this batch. So before I drift off, I’d better add that Constellation Tatsu is dropping the batch today — a.k.a. November 13. Head over to label’s shop to snag copies of one or all of the tapes from this batch while they last. Seriously: don’t sleep…yet.

Empty Room by Stephan Haluska

Empty Room tracklisting:

01. Jeldon
02. Empty Room
03. New Windows
04. Ocean Projector

Sacred World by Ecovlllage

Sacred World tracklisting:

01. Sacred World
02. Catch the Spirit
03. Journey into Now
04. Garden of Bliss
05. Sign of the Rainbow
06. For Artur

More Beautiful Than Silence by Rhucle

More Beautiful Than Silence tracklisting:

01. With the Natural Noise
02. Crystal
03. Warm Winds
04. Term
05. Quiet Morning
06. Forgotten River
07. Rewind my Memories

I Wish You Could by Celer

I Wish You Could tracklisting:

01. Everywhere I Go You’re All That I See
02. Wishes Would Be Grand If Only They Came True

Constellation Tatsu unveils summer batch, shares tracks from Liai, OCA, poemme, and Mike Nigro & Andrew Osterhoudt

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For many of you, this summer has been the opposite of relaxing: oppressive heat waves all over the world have us finding refuge in air-conditioned spaces; wild fires are burning in the western United States; we still have a game show host running our country. It goes without saying that I’ve been doing extra “Serenity Now” relaxation sessions since July!

Well, you can trade in that new age mumbo jumbo for some real deal New Age/Ambient/Chill-Out tapes through the good folks at Oakland, CA’s Constellation Tatsu. The varied sounds and styles are presented from Liai (Chicago-based Lo Bise), OCA (a collaboration between producer and musician Yo van Lenz and artist Florian T M Zeisig ), poemme (Cleveland, OH’s Angela Klimek), and Mike Nigro (Oxtail Recordings and the group Aviary) & Andrew Osterhoudt (RVNG Intl. employee and Channeling).

In this four-tape batch, you get:

• “daytime-oriented drones”

• “micro/macro/micro observation of energy and movement”

• “pieces inspired by Minimalist composition, techno and ambient”

• “sampling strategies working with looped segments, automation, pitch, timbre, speed and mapping”

WOW! And the best part is that all of these cassettes are available today, so no wait is required if you’re feeling the sonic libations below. Just head here to order your copies, click “play” down below to sample some of the goodness down below, and get ready to dig deep, zone hard, and embrace the positive vibrations from this chilled out quartet.

Lili by Liai

Preset Music by OCA

Moments in Golden Light by poemme

Latitudes by Mike Nigro & Andrew Osterhoudt

Constellation Tatsu takes us into the void and beyond, drops Spring Batch today

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Like sands through the hour glass, time slips away; life presses ever onward. Friends come and go, and we move on with our lives, inching ever closer to being the person at a party talking about the great investment package they have through work. Luckily, one reliable avenue of our world provides thoughtful, meditative sounds for our listening pleasure. Oakland, CA’s Constellation Tatsu continues combing scenes, tones, and zones from around the world, in the search of adventurous, peaceful records. And today (May 14), C-Tatsu is dropping four thoughtful, carefully considered collections, as part of their Spring 2018 batch.

As the follow-up to his deep, emotional Idle Worship release on Sounds of the Dawn, Alex Crispin’s Open Submission, with the title track streaming below, is a masterful stroke of restrained ambient guitar and synths. The tune submerses you in its washed out, melancholy atmosphere. I want to be here all the time, let me tell you!

Next comes the soothing, pastoral adventures of Japanese composer Chihei Hatakeyama. “Blue Reminder,” off the Scene cassette, unfolds an ethereal sonic expanse that’s welcoming you into a somnambulist state. A sound that gives new meaning to the phrase “music to get lost in,” “Blue Reminder” gently stretches past the seven minute mark, but you’ll be so zoned out you won’t know whether it’s been seven minutes or seven hours 😉

Endurance’s contribution to the batch, Shade Terrarium, continues that narcotic, late night/early morning vibe. “Sonata Primar” is what some might peg as simply “background music,” but the soft keys and quiet field recordings call to mind the feeling of a camping trip I took last summer, where even at night, despite the tranquil isolation of our campsite, the natural world provided a wealth of sounds all night long.

The final entry in Tatsu’s batch comes courtesy of Spanish ambient monster Lunaria. The excerpt we have from “A Higher Energy Realm,” taken from the artist’s Ascension Now release, hits the sweet spot with severely blissed-out synthscapes ready for your jamming pleasure.

While previous posts about new batches come a few weeks prior to the release date, you all are in for a treat, because today (May 15) is THE RELEASE DAY! As you are reading and listening, you can pay a visit to C-Tatsu’s Bandcamp to stream and purchase entire the Spring Batch. With tapes like these, life is good!

♫ Listen: Canada Effervescent – “Fiji Crystals At Sunrise”

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Constellation Tatsu’s impressive catalog of synthed-out, scenic, and ethereal electronic rarely disappoints. Alongside the fantastic Angel 1 and Hakobune, among others, one of their latest additions by Canada Effervescent delivers in the same vein as that storied sound. The lead track, “Fiji Crystals At Sunrise,” off of their new tape, Ridin’ America, is something of a meditative piece though no less enthralling. Ribbon-like synth tones decorate unmistakable and monolithically soft drone. The word “picturesque” might do it some justice, but this sprawling introduction to Ridin’ America is more righteous with shut eyes and better textured with the mind.

The sporadic guitar jam and chime tones that come in and out give it a nodding New Age vibe, but even still, “Fiji Crystals At Sunrise” doesn’t break form or turn into some upward-looking Patrick O’Hearn odyssey. It’s a slow, facedown coast over the Grand Canyon, stratifying your thoughts like tiger’s eye and endowing a little peace.

Ridin’ America by Canada Effervescent can be found over at Constellation Tatsu, on cassette as well as digital.

Constellation Tatsu unveil Gremlins 2: The Fall Batch, share spooky-yet-lovable tracks from each release

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Global warming has made seasons obsolete, and it sucks. Right now, I should be reveling in fall. I should be wearing flannel, sitting in a pile of leaves, and drinking a pumpkin-spiced something-or-other to help warm me up ever so slightly on a brisk October day. Instead, I’m naked, sitting by my air conditioner, and throwing water in my face to help cool down because it’s 88 degrees out and feels like fall as I know it is dead.

Luckily, the good people over at Constellation Tatsu are doing their part to keep the spirit of seasons alive. Today, the label has unveiled their 2017 “Fall Batch” of tapes, featuring releases from Angel 1, Curved Light, The ears on the trees, and Canada Effervescent.

Each of these four releases features the kind of calm, comforting ambient music Constellation Tatsu has come to be known for, and each is sure to soothe you through these unseasonably warm fall days. Plus, they’ll make perfect companions for all of your pumpkin-centric journeys once the real fall weather arrives (a week or so before the brutal, punishing winter hits.)

If you’re still not convinced, have a listen for yourself. Tiny Mix Tapes is happy to premiere a cozy, nutmeg-infused MEGAMIX featuring a baker’s half-dozen of samples from all four muffins in the “Fall Batch.” Wander through the neon-lit streets at night with “Volunteering” off of Angel 1’s Terra Nova. Or maybe tumble through the confines of your mind with “Dream Sequence” off of Curved Light’s Quartzsite? Then, chill out by Meditating on the sunrise (ideally over Fiji) with “Fiji Crystals At Sunrise” off of Canada Effervescent’s Ridin’ America. Or, if it’s night time, fall asleep listening to the soft rains with “The Boat” off of The ears on the trees’ New beginnings. There’s something in here for everyone!

Stream all the season-appropriate deliciousness down below, and pre-order copies of all four releases (before that holiday rush hits) all at once from Constellation Tatsu or a la carte from over at the CTatsu Bandcamp. Fall is dead. Long live fall.