HARD announces annual Red Rocks takeover with DJ Snake, Virtual Self, and more

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As the festival circuit and the weather start to warm up, west coast festival goers know it’s getting close to HARD season. The LA-based electronic events giant has announced the official lineup for their sixth annual Red Rocks event slated this year for August 2 featuring a headlining performances by DJ Snake, Virtual Self, Mija, GG Magree, and Hekler. HARD generally offers their Red Rocks lineup as a primer ahead of their flagship summer event billing, usually around the time of Coachella. If this year’s Red Rocks talent roster is any indication, expect HARD to deliver another top-notch lineup later this month.

Roping together a well-rounded bill of exciting electronic talents, HARD comes through with a characteristically bold lineup ahead of their return to Morrison, Colorado. With Porter Robinson returning to HARD Red Rocks and longtime friends of the brand in DJ Snake and Mija topping the bill, expect this year’s event to exceed the hype.

Ticket and event information for HARD Red Rocks 2018 on August can be found here


SoDown Gets Dark And Heavy With Latest Track ‘Spades’

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The Colorado Bass music producer, SoDown, is on a roll with the new music lately, and has recently dropped another track. This time around, he takes things a little darker with “Spades”. The track begins with some spooky synths, and then drops into a head-banging sound that has the right amount grime. “Spades is a mission

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REZZ announces Red Rocks 2018 headline show

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On Nov. 21, Canadian producer REZZ built excitement throughout the day leading up to her Denver show with a series of tweets, leaving her followers curious what sort of announcement could be coming during the show.

On stage at the Ogden Theatre, the producer announced a huge event coming in 2018: a headline show at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

At the suggestion of her fans, the show will be called ‘REZZ Rocks.’ She hasn’t announced the date yet, but her loyal following is sure to pack the iconic venue for an unforgettable performance.

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Fans confirm “Rezz Rocks” Concert 2018

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Rezz made an Announcement… Before her concert last night (November 21st) in Denver Colorado, Rezz tweeted a cryptic message hinting at a major announcement. I have a rly huge announcement in Denver tonight wen I’m on stage 💓 — RΞZZ (@OfficialRezz) November 21, 2017 Rezz has been in the news quite frequently these past couple

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Watch Eric Prydz play his monstrous edit of U2’s ‘New Year’s Day’ at Decadence

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Serving as the final performance of an unprecedentedly impressive year, Eric Prydz’s New Year’s Eve slot at Colorado’s Decadence Festival was handily one of the most anticipated sets of the event. Even without the pomp and frills of his legendary EPIC 4.0 LED fortress, concertgoers were well aware that the pioneering performer would put on an inimitable spectacle of a performance to conclude 2016 on a transcendent note.

By all accounts, the master did not disappoint.

Perhaps the most exciting footage available from his performance thus far sees Prydz treat Decadence attendees to his private edit of U2’s “New Year’s Day” – a fitting choice for the NYE festival. Connoisseurs of the Swedish artist on his dedicated sub-reddit assert that Prydz premiered the edit in 2014, but it has since been rarely included in sets thereafter. Watch his scintillating rendition of U2’s hit above, which begins as a minimally tweaked version of the original track before climaxing phenomenally right around the four-minute mark.

H/T: Reddit (r/ericprydz)

Featured image by Rukes.

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Decadence: The NYE Festival You Don’t Want to Miss

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Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight and it becomes 2017? Decadence Colorado? Okay, cool. Yep, it’s time to officially say goodbye to 2016 (isn’t the word on the street as said by the internet that 2016 wasn’t the best year anyway?). And the real question is – what will you be doing to

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Vertex Festival 2017 Won’t Be Moving Forward

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Madison House’s groundbreaking new festival in Buena Vista, Colorado, Vertex, will experience some growing pains in its second year. According to the Denver Post, the agency has had difficulties with the Chaffee County Commissioners that have pushed the planning timeline far past what it was originally intended to be.

“The recent approval of the permit for Vertex in 2017 is much appreciated, and displays the collective intentions to discover a great path forward. Buena Vista’s relationship with a world-class festival has amazing potential,” reads a statement. “Rushing forward could compromise the quality of the festival and is not in the best interest of Buena Vista or Vertex. We look forward to ongoing productive discussions with the community so that we can best plan the dream of what Vertex can become.”

However, the approval of the permit this year didn’t come without massive restrictions. Limits on noise and an earlier curfew, as well as rejecting Madison House’s request for a three-year permit have put a lot of stress on festival director Michael Sampliner.

“We need a three year permit in order to make the investment that this festival requires to be successful, and hope to re-apply next year,” Sampliner wrote in an email to commissioners Tuesday morning.

Dozens of residents made their case at commissioner meetings, complaining of bass shaking their homes, drug arrests (of which there were only four), and strangers walking through their neighborhoods. Another cadre of festival supporters, on the other hand, pointed out the incredible economic impact of the festival.

The Denver Post remarks that, in July, “visitors and locals in the town of 2,700 spent an all-time record $10.21 million, up 16 percent from the previous July. In August spending reached $9.1 million, the second highest-ever mark and an 8 percent increase over August 2015, which was a 9 percent increase over August 2014.”

The door is still open for a 2018 installation, but that leaves this coming year wide open.


via Denver Post | Image via Vertex

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Aspire to Inspire 155: jackLNDN

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(Original Photo By: Kaitlin Parry)

One of the great struggles of growing up is figuring out what exactly we want to do with our lives when we inevitably do “grow up.” However, very few of us will actually wind up being what we wanted to be when we grow up. Sometimes you make a better career choice later on in life. That’s what happened with Jack Aisher, better known as producer/musician, and sometimes DJ, jackLNDN. Hailing from the UK, but currently residing in Colorado, Jack is known for his sophisticated arrangements and adventurous live show. Growing up Jack wanted to be an actor…he did all the school plays, however, a trip to Ibiza completely changed the direction of his dreams.

“Starting off I thought I was going to be an actor of some sorts, even though I was doing music from a young age. I found a lot of fun in film, just mucking around and being allowed to be an idiot. I was the “class clown” type so acting was a good outlet, a bit more than music. Music was on the classical side and a lot more serious/proper when I was younger. I guess it flipped when I first left school. I went to Ibiza when I was 18 and saw Fatboy Slim at Space. This was my first proper clubbing experience, and yeah…it was crazy.”

After this Jack immersed himself into producing. Having a musical background helped, but he sought a music education at university in London. However, he found the classes to be more academic than practical, and Jack was hoping for hands on coursework. Any producer will tell you the only way to improve your skills is to practice. Jack dropped out and moved back home, but it wasn’t until he relocated to Colorado that things really took off. Jack says it doesn’t take much for him to be happy, just a few key things. We should all do our part to live as freely as Jack does.

“That was a real formative time for sure. I got really into producing while studying at university in London, and ended up dropping out of school because I was spending so much time producing. I was doing classical music there, and the classical music course was good to a degree, but it didn’t really fit. It was more academic than I had hoped versus creative. I tried to blend my coursework with my productions, but they weren’t really having it. That’s why I dropped out. It took a while for that decision to pay off. I moved home and worked in my parents’ garage while my friends were graduating. I don’t have a degree so people looked at me like ‘What are you doing?’

It’s hard to see through that sometimes, but I got there in the end, and eventually things really started picking up. I got a lot of bookings and came over to the U.S. for a tour, then moved here because I liked it so much. I sold all my belongings and moved out to the U.S., basically got it all into two suitcases. It’s nice, it’s cathartic to be free of a lot of possessions and really hone it down to just some clothes and a small vinyl collection.”

A lot of times we glamorize the life of a touring musician, but leave no doubt about it, it is hard work. You have to grind to be even moderately successful and of course stick out from the crowd. For Jack, it’s his live show that elevates him above many of his peers. And for Jack, he’s in the unique situation of preparing to go on tour with South African live-electronic duo, Goldfish, one of the original inspirations for his live act. Jack says one of his major fears is his live show not being up to high standards. Jack had to deal with that firsthand, or one-handed if you will, when he broke his elbow in a longboarding accident the day before his debut live show.

“I guess you could say I was a bit of a fool the very first live show I ever did. The day before, I decided to longboard down this mountain…yeah, so I ended up breaking my elbow. This transition from DJing to my live performance was about to come to its climax after I’d been working on it for 8-9 months. Emotionally it was a huge thing I’d been building up to…and I was very bummed. I thought it was a sprain so I carried on longboarding, but when I went home that night, I really noticed the pain. In the morning my friend took me to the hospital. I hadn’t slept and I was just sitting there in pain. I went there, turns out it was broken all the way through. I was so disappointed…ended up playing the show one-handed, looking back I don’t know how I got through that.”

Having learned a valuable lesson, Jack now places a premium on hard work and preparation. Now a renowned live performer, he’s been hard at work and being diligent about preparations for his tour.  Jack says one of the biggest challenges an artist faces is the discipline of being able to find the motivation to work each and every day. Being self-employed can be a great thing, but it’s easy enough to get complacent. That’s a challenge for everyone.

“The struggle is having the discipline to work when you’re working for yourself and there’s no one physically there to tell you to work, or make you feel guilty for not working. You have to find the passion within. I struggle with that sometimes – when I wake up and I just really don’t want to do anything and don’t feel any passion for producing. It’s fine to do nothing every once in awhile, but if these days when you’re happy with doing nothing start adding up, you’re going to have problems.”

I feel like this is one of those People magazine covers, but I’m here to tell you that world famous DJs are just like us, and they deal with many of the same problems. I’m talking about work-life balance, maintaining healthy relationships, and knowing when to let off the gas. When you’re passionate about what you do it can be easy to get caught in the fast lane. Sometimes you need to take a step back and breathe. As Jack has matured, those things have become clearer to him.

“I guess the thing that I struggle with is doing the hard work I need to do while also maintaining good, meaningful relationships with friends and family. Part of that is finding the right friends who understand when I need to cave and when I need to jump down a musical pit and not appear for a few days. They need to be cool with that. I don’t really do that as much these days because it’s super unhealthy to be disconnected from others. That’s something I got better and better at as well. When I do finish long studio sessions, I go out to the pub and have a conversation. That connection can get overlooked if you’re touring, running around, and meeting new people/places most days. When you do have the time at home to relax, please take advantage of it.”

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Eric Prydz, Bassnectar and more announced for Decadence NYE

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New Year’s Eve is only three months away, and as a result, promoters have already begun finalizing their events for the big day. Colorado’s Decadence festival is one such example, and the brand has announced a fairly heavy lineup thus far for their cross into 2017.

This year, headliners come from various sides of the electronic spectrum — everyone from Eric Prydz to pop-crossover darlings The Chainsmokers. On the bass-led tip, Bassnectar, Flume, and Marshmello will perform, as well as a special back-to-back from RL Grime and Baauer. Finally, there’s Tiësto, Disclosure, Phantoms, KASBOS, Zeds Dead, Snails, Griz, Big Wild, Keys n Krates, and Bob Moses.

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Watch The Chainsmokers drop two unreleased songs at Red Rocks

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Headlining a show at Colorado’s picturesque Red Rocks venue has become a rite of passage for artists both in the United States and abroad. On September 1, The Chainsmokers added this milestone to their continuously growing set of accolades. To celebrate, the two not only brought along an extravagant new stage set up, but also road-tested new IDs for their very receptive audience.

The two tracks depicted in the vides below indicate the duo’s continuing trend toward indie dance sounds, previously evidenced by their pop anthems “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Closer” with Halsey. The first centers around mild trap inspirations with pitched up vocals and emotive chords, while the second takes on a warm vibe, filled with exotic rhythms and instrumentation that translate well to the outdoor setting.

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