Worth the wait: ODESZA releases studio version of long buried trap piece, ‘Loyal’ [Stream]

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Worth the wait: ODESZA releases studio version of long buried trap piece, ‘Loyal’ [Stream]Odesza 1

Originally debuted in 2015, ODESZA‘s trap-leaning “Loyal” ceases to revel in its unreleased glory, and instead enjoys a long delayed and highly anticipated formal release. A celebrated sonic staple of ODESZA sets, “Loyal” saw heavy circulation in the performances that have taken place in the three years following the electronic duo’s initial unveiling of the bass punctuated production. ODESZA fans clamored for a studio version of “Loyal” with increased fervor after the track surfaced in Seattle duo’s headlining appearance at Coachella 2018, after a fan captured and uploaded a live clip of the elusive bass cut to YouTube.

The In Return producers teased the surprise arrival of the studio rendition in a short video upload to Instagram that honed into a television, the song’s title emblazoned on the screen. The live opus rounds together booming drum and horn arrangements into a cinematic hair-raiser that recalls a heavily percussive trap format similar to earlier RL Grime products and cuts from TNGHT. To say that the early ODESZA favorite has aged well is an understatement, and as “Loyal” makes its mastered debut, the song’s official release must, for fans, feel much like welcoming home a friend.

Looking back on Coachella: A festival that eloquently mirrors our post-EDM world

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It’s not hard to find electronic music at Coachella. In fact, one could argue it’s the new star of the show. 

A newly-minted superstar Skrillex played his first set at the festival in 2011, joining other rising legends like Steve Angello and Afrojack in welcoming an imminent paradigm shift for the future of dance music around the world. In the process, they helped usher in what would soon be remembered as the halcyon days of what we know now as “EDM.” What followed was an explosion of the sound in the music world at large, and similarly, within the festival’s subsequent lineups.

By 2016, EDM’s influence could be heard on the radio and in commercials. No longer a fringe sound, this contemporary and widely popular form of electronica had permeated into pop and beyond, thanks to artists like Avicii, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and The Chainsmokers. Coachella attendees can even expect to catch top-tier electronic acts while venturing to other stages as well, like the Do LaB and Sahara tent.

This is the nature of the Goldenvoice behemoth, and what has made the annual celebration in the Indio Valley so incredibly unique. Coachella’s boasted the best and most severely innovative talents of the dance music spectrum since its very first iteration in 1999, all the way into helping commercialize its exploding contemporary form in the late 2000’s. The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, and Moby kicked off the first year, after all.

What’s more is that Coachella’s begun to evolve beyond the capacity of a music festival, and into a cultural touchstone of its own entirely. It’s also come to serve as a directional compass for music’s changing tides, by continuously mirroring and championing the effervescent trends of the times. Despite its shifting nature, electronic dance music at Coachella has withstood the test of time, and the festival is now looking into the future.

The Sahara Tent, in particular, has grown to become a golden standard of electronic music curation. As Goldenvoice’s own answer to EDC and Ultra, the Sahara has morphed into one of Coachella’s top-ranking destinations. 2018’s significant physical expansion was the most outright testament to this phenomenon. Furthermore, the tent’s billing this year of what others are now labeling “post-EDM” — or, the influx of new and forward-thinking strains of electronica filling the vacuum that big room/pop-centered EDM is slowly leaving behind — once more demonstrates just how deeply tapped talent bookers are into the mass musical vein. 

This past year, the Sahara Tent was the proverbial “beacon of hope” for EDM’s burst bubble, and post-EDM provided the light. Though the rising stars under this new umbrella genre are amidst the fine print of the festival — see Petit Biscuit, Ekali, San Holo, Whethan, and more — Coachella has advertently mirrored the state of streaming and post-EDM in its larger bookings, too. Kygo,  ODESZA, and Barclay Crenshaw are three glaring examples. Sahara has certainly grown past its days as a wee tent, evolving into a veritable embodiment of post-EDM’s rise to prominence.  

Depeche Mode headlined the Sahara tent back in 2006. That same year, Daft Punk unveiled their legendary pyramid stage production. Fast-forward to 2018, where Alison Wonderland took the crown atop her bona fide production pyramid as the highest billed female DJ to ever play the festival. She expertly played the cello, sang, and danced live on stage, all while showcasing her most deeply personal art to date before a closing set from one of the most-buzzed-about producers of the last few years — REZZ. The venerable women signified the new dawn of EDM — one that’s embracing producers, classical training, emotion, and pushing the musical envelope.

Goldenvoice is incredibly intuitive indeed, and Coachella’s lineup is well-calculated. 2018’s roster as a whole was a reflection of the streaming and radio-centric era’s beckoning, and the Sahara stage is one of the festival’s largest reflections of forces that will soon take the music world by storm. 

Featured Image Courtesy of Coachella

Rhonda Queen of the Desert and Framework present the pinnacle of Coachella after hours – photography by Randon Vannucchi

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Coachella Attendees Take Down Alleged Pickpocketing Phone Thief

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While music festivals are supposed to be a good way to get away from life, festival attendees have reported a staggering number of pickpocketing in recent years. Last year, one New York resident was caught stealing more than 100 cell phones during the festival. During weekend two of Coachella, a man was reported stealing phones

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Alison Wonderland Shares Tribute To Avicii During Her Coachella Set

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With Alison Wonderland taking the stage at weekend two of Coachella, no one quite knew what she’d do to honor the late DJ and producer Avicii. The Australian DJ performed on Friday just hours after news of Avicii’s passing broke. Vides seen below show Alison Wonderland standing on top of a table in front of

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Beyoncé Fell During Her Coachella 2018 Performance, Watch It Here

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After making headlines for weekend one at Coachella, Beyoncé still delighted fans with a slightly different set during her weekend 2 performance. As Beyoncé and Solange took the stage during Coachella on Saturday, the duo proved they were human with one of the smoothest recoveries we’ve seen after a fall. Following their dance to “Get

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Mike Posner Shares Heartfelt Tribute To Avicii At Coachella 2018

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With thousands of artists, celebrities and fans mourning the death of Avicii, Mike Posner shares his heartfelt tribute to the late DJ during his Coachella 2018 set. Just weeks ago, the person responsible for giving Mike Posner the pill at an Avicii show in Ibiza revealed himself on Twitter. With Mike Posner in disbelief, Avicii

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Kygo Dedicates Song To Avicii During Coachella 2018 Set

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Just one day ago, Avicii was taken from us at just 28 years of age. Throughout his 12 year career, Avicii touched millions of lives, one of which being Kygo. During his weekend 2 Coachella 2018 performance, Kygo ended his live set with his favorite Avicii song as a tribute to the late DJ and

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2018 Coachella Weekend 1 Highlights and Weekend 2 Preview

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As a regular attendee of Coachella for the last 7 years, I’ve seen plenty of changes at the festival. 2018 was no different. The last few years have seen the festival transition from something big to something enormous. With this growth and scale some plenty of improvements, as well as inevitable challenges.

At the end of the day, Coachella may rightfully own the title of one of the biggest festivals in the world. The stages and overall production value has increased substantially. It is now a truly multi-genre festival, ranging from dance to hip hop to rock to indie. Artists now plan their festival seasons around Coachella, and debut their new stage setups and tracks in the desert.

Below are some of my thoughts on the good, the bad, and the music from this year’s fest.

The Good

The Sahara tent is massively improved this year. The stage and tent now resembles those seen at Ultra, meaning that they are much wider than they are long. Overall, the entire stage and accompanying screens are much larger as well. Overall, this meant that the tent never felt like it was too full like it has in years past.

Beyond Sahara, there is a near constant option for dance music. The DoLab, Yuma, and the Heineken House are all heavy on the DJ end, not to mention the DJ parties that happen in the campgrounds.

The growth in the festival’s popularity means that anyone in the world will play this festival, even as just a featured guest. It’s not just an indie rock fest anymore: you can get surprise guests from the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Chance the Rapper, to the freakin WalMart yodel kid. Artists now plan their release and tour schedules around the festival, which means that the surprises are going to keep coming. So don’t rule out that Daft Punk performance just yet…

The Bad

With the tent change at Sahara, one of the most iconic views of the festival is now gone: sunset looking directly west. With the old design, the entire back of the tent was open and you would clearly see the entire Coachella landscape, mountains, palm trees, and ferris wheel included.

With the increase in the size of the festival, as well as the number of attendees, the ability to hop around between stages has been severely limited. It used to be that you could count on seeing acts back to back to back, even with little to no overlap. These days, that is almost impossible. With the stages pushed back and relocated, it can now easily take 20 minutes or more to navigate the maze of installations, people, pop ups, markets, bathrooms, and more.

Beyond the festival experience itself is the music. Hip hop saw another increase in presence this year, but that’s to be expected given the dominance of the genre over the last few years. Despite this growth, dance and electronic is still omnipresent, with three areas almost exclusively dedicated to the genre: Sahara, Yuma, and The DoLab.

The Music

Must see sets from the best in dance and electronic.

Friday Top 3:

Alison Wonderland

Highlight: Alison stepping to the side of the DJ booth to sing vocals on her track “Easy”


Highlight: Jamie Foxx making an appearance to sing Kygo’s remix of “Sexual Healing”


Highlight: Who knows if Weekend 2 is in the cards, but seeing the WalMart yodel kid live means we have officially reached peak Internet

Saturday Top 3:


Highlight: A daytime dance party at the main stage proves that Chromeo’s four-time billing at Coachella is no accident; their old hits are just as relevant today as their new releases


Highlight: Debut of recently released “Forever” with collaborators Elohim and Medasin was a light break from an overall heavy, heavy set.


Highlight: This fast-paced set was punctuated by the entire crowd belting the chorus to “All My Friends” … how about bring out Chance next weekend, guys?

Sunday Top 3:


Highlight: The Intel/HP drone show, which was teased for the festival crowd on Friday, was a fitting addition to “A Moment Apart”


Highlight: Utilizing every single inch of the massive Sahara screen’s, Illenium’s visual intro to “Crawl Outta Love” rivaled any graphic / music combo of the weekend

San Holo

Highlight: The bitbird leader brought the energy (and the crowd) for his Coachella livestream

Special Mentions:

ZHU’s set and RL Grime’s surprise slot at the DoLab mean that anything can happen.

LA party crew Brownies & Lemonade put on an all-star show at the Heineken House. If you haven’t been to one of their parties, it might be a good time to book a trip to LA.

Those that also went Weekend 1 — let us know what you think. For those of you going Weekend 2, we’re extremely jealous.

Photo credit: Jeff Zeller

Coachella’s Do-Lab Tent Destroyed By 90 MPH Winds

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With Coachella 2018 Weekend 2 kicking off in one day, it’s already off to a rocky start. Indio and the Coachella Valley were hit with high winds which lead to Coachella closing down the campgrounds for the day. Because of the high winds, the Coachella campgrounds will not open Friday at 3am, depending on whether

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