Good Morning Mix: Go underground with Claptone’s house-inflected Halloween mix

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Good Morning Mix: Go underground with Claptone’s house-inflected Halloween mixCLAPTONE 2018 0928 234951 4311 ALIVECOVERAGE JCM

Claptone introduced a different connotation of “haunted house” in his Halloween mix, originally released in 2017. With the month of October at its peak, Claptone’s Halloween effort warrants revisitation, and it is accordingly with an enticing wave of his white gloves that Claptone invites listeners to delve into two hours of sumptuous, soulful house selects. A sleek underground spin on the traditionally trap and bass-laden Halloween sound, the mix is a collection of mid to downtempo tracks that fluidly unfurls with each second. Claptone subtly imbibes the spirit of the Halloween season in the production through deliberate song choice — Ordonez’s “The Spell,” for instance, occupies a mellifluous several minutes of the mix. A dark take on Talking Heads’ “Pyscho Killer” only further underscores Claptone’s attention to the inclusion of the spookiest sonic subject matter.

Eerie synths that stab on occasion, and thrillers of spoken vocal parts augment the mix’s hair-raising quality. In the titular fashion of Claptone’s sophomore album, the modern house revivalist’s sensation building Halloween mix should bring out the “fantast” in each listener this Halloween season.

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Seismic Dance Event announces house-heavy inaugural lineup

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Seismic Dance Event announces house-heavy inaugural lineupAnna Lunoe Live 1

Seismic Dance Event is a new festival hosted by local Austin, Texas promoter RealMusic Events. Known for their house-oriented electronic lineups, Seismic Dance Event seems to the pinnacle of their love for hard beats and dirty grooves.

The lineup features house music heavyweights and newcomers, with big name talent like Anna Lunoe, Green Velvet, and Duke Dumont alongside some smaller, but still reputable names such as Amtrac, Hotel Garuda, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, and more. Hosted at the scenic Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, this lineup and location pairing makes Seismic Dance Event one of fall’s most intriguing festivals.

Seismic Dance Event announces house-heavy inaugural lineupSeismic


Featured image sourced from Anna Lunoe’s Facebook

Claptone releases sumptuous, soulful remix pack for ‘Stronger’

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Claptone releases sumptuous, soulful remix pack for ‘Stronger’Screen Shot 2018 06 05 At 1.20.02 PM

The Claptone remix pack for Fantast track, “Stronger,” follows the titular suit of Claptone’s debut album in that it too is a bonafide “Charmer.”

The Stronger (Remixes) bring three fresh new takes on the Ben Duffy assisted single, delivered by Tensnake, David Penn, and Pirupa, respectively. Tensnake harnesses low pitched bliss in his tonally darker spin, while David Penn aims for an increasingly vocal-centric and rhythmically emphatic house construction in his dance worthy rework. Pirupa rounds out the remixes with pronounced percussive additions.

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Claptone and Ben Duffy collaborate once more on latest single from ‘FANTAST’ album, ‘Stronger’

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With each successive single released off of his forthcoming FANTAST album, Claptone‘s musical prowess grows “Stronger.”

As the days leading up to the June 8 arrival of the masked marvel’s sophomore outing dwindle, Claptone deepens the intrigue that envelops FANTAST with the fifth single from the project, “Stronger.”

“Stronger” reacquaints listeners with the tonal purity of “Stay The Night” singer Ben Duffy‘s vocals, but signals a shift from the clear house orientation of the earlier single. Distinct from previous FANTAST releases, including “In The Night,” “Under the Moon,” and “Birdsong,” “Stronger” couples Duffy’s vocals with punctuating pop-esque synth work that fluidly ebbs and flow in pace with Duffy’s verses. “Stronger,” however, can be likened to “Birdsong” in that both tracks mark a departure from the piano-driven aesthetic that has remained prominent on “Stay The Night,” “In The Night,” and “Under the Moon.”

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Claptone transfixes in newly released Dirtybird Campout East set [Stream]

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A new Dirtybird Campout East set has arrived, and it comes ‘straight outta’ the St. Cloud sonic archive.

As the Dirtybird collective sets its sights on the 2018 edition of its flagship event — the San Francisco-based West Coast Campout —organizers of the newly bi-coastal festival released Claptone’s Campout East set, spun live from The Birdhouse.

An enthralling outing that meshes Claptone’s soulful, noir groove with the distinct funk of the Dirtybird brand, Claptone’s set from the inaugural East Coast edition is a transfixing look back at East Coast Campout, and a glimpse towards the tones that can be expected on Claptone’s sophomore album, FANTAST, due out on June 8.

Read Dancing Astronaut’s exclusive pre-album release interview with Claptone, here.

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Transcending imagination: Claptone talks forthcoming album & being a ‘Fantast’ [Interview]

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Life is lived consistently in “mask on” mode for this modern house revivalist.

The ever-enigmatic persona by the name of Claptone proved himself a musical magic maker on Charmer, the producer’s debut album released in 2015. An LP comprised of sultry, sophisticated house selections and the dark pulsating beats that keep dancers moving on dimly lit dance floors, Charmer exerted a warmth that permeated today’s house circles and has smoldered ever since.

His sophomore album  Fantast — due for a June 8 release on Different Recordings and [PIAS] — is a sonic exploration of self. It will arrive to listeners as an invitation to venture further into the world of Claptone, and to better acquaint themselves with the mystique surrounding his talent. A clear sense of one’s nature preludes the knowledge of one’s identity, and this character certainly knows himself to be a “Fantast (French translation: Ghost).” Dancing Astronaut caught up with coveted performer to talk the album’s release, recent singles “In The Night,” and “Stay The Night,” and how the producer embodies his identity as a “Fantast” in his music.

Your sophomore album Fantast will drop on June 8. You’ve released two singles off of the album so far, in your words the “uplifting” “In The Night,” and the darker “Stay The Night.” Can you talk a little about what listeners can expect in terms of the tone of the album—will the album be more “In The Night,” “Stay The Night,” maybe a little bit of both? 

[Editor’s Note: Claptone has since released the third single off of the album, “Under the Moon“]

My new album, Fantast, pairs quite well with my first LP, Charmer: both bleed with unmasked personality, briefs looks behind my golden mask.

How has your approach in the production of Fantast differed from that of your debut album, Charmer, if at all?  

When it comes to writing music, I tend to let myself be guided by the winds of creativity. This time I was dragged out of closed environments into the great outdoors. Not sure if it was the moon pulling a trick on me or what exactly happened. On the quest to find myself through music I was guided deeper into nature in my dreams and in reality. I have never been so much in tone with the elements than on Fantast and this made me feel my animalistic side even more. Do I know who I am now? Rather not, but what I did find out is that I’m a Fantast.

Your songs “In The Night” and “Stay The Night” both have an association with nighttime, and this seems only to further contribute to your mystique. When “Stay The Night” dropped, you noted the tonal difference between both tracks, and said that you need your listeners to “experience the other side of my night.” How would you describe what your “night” is, since you’ve indicated that it’s a multifaceted concept.

A transitive experience, where dimensions shift, memories are made and reality melds into fantasy. It’s far more vague than daytime where putative truths make living for me almost unbearable. The night allows a far more emotive spectrum far less defined by science, work ethics and capitalism far more open to pain and joy, yearning and happiness.

You’ve stated that you “are and have always been a ‘Fantast.’” What does being a “Fantast” mean to you? 

All the answers that you may seek are within the music itself. But I’ll spoil you with one of my many truths: My mind is inventive to a stage that tends to transcend some peoples’ imagination.

Claptone discusses ‘FANTAST’ album in new video series, Track By Track [Watch]

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Claptone’s second long form outing, FANTAST will arrive via Different Recordings and [PIAS] on June 8, but electronic music’s resident ‘Charmer’ will heighten anticipation for the album’s official release through a video series that will chronicle the album’s completion, as the title suggests, “track by track.”

“I decided to create a video about every track on my upcoming album…to tell you more about the background, the collaborators, and what each song means to me,” Claptone wrote in an Instagram post that simultaneously premiered the first song history, that of recent single “Under the Moon.” Claptone did not specify a video release schedule during the series’ debut.

Claptone releases “Under The Moon” featuring Nathan Nicholson

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Claptone is a unique proposition in modern music. Painted as a mythical character shrouded in mystery, Claptone has become one of the biggest names in electronic music whilst himself remaining in the shadows. He has however constantly sought to deepen his own distinctive world, creating a rich tapestry, which tells the Claptone story. Today, “Under

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Claptone releases magnetic piano driven single off forthcoming ‘FANTAST’ album

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Preceded by the tonally diverse singles “In The Night” and “Stay The Night,” “Under the Moon” extends the evening imagery that has heretofore characterized Claptone’s forthcoming and second long form production, FANTAST.

Enchantingly rhythmic, “Under the Moon” sources its tempo from a piano based melody that duly drives the sirenic number forward, and provides a strong willed foundation for Nathan Nicholson’s soulful vocal contribution. A stirring number with a youthful personality, “Under the Moon” exudes a magnetizing allure not unlike that of Claptone’s own performative persona.

Claptone selects his favorite non-party spots during MMW [Guide]

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Miami Music Week is in full effect, with each day being filled to the brim with a wide array of events to choose from that satisfy any electronic lover’s fancy. However, the choices are so vast, that sometimes making a decision proves an arduous task.

Partying 24/7 is virtually an impossible task, however, and rest is absolutely crucial during any bit of downtime. For most new to the Miami scene or for those who rarely touch down in the city, Dancing Astronaut has enlisted Claptone‘s assistance in picking out spots to check out when craving a bit of relaxation among the chaos. The masked musician has compiled quite the list of places close to his heart, across a broad spectrum of activities.

While perusing the guide, we recommend giving his new single from FANTAST a spin:

Sweat Records

“While on the road, I long for new music. I love to get my fingers dusty, sifting through bins and piles of records, always making sure to bring a spare pair of my signature white gloves.
There happens to be quite a funky spot in Miami, a store called Sweat Records. They’ve got loads of albums and singles, and I always leave with at least one brilliant, new discovery.”

CJ’s Crabshack

“Oh dear! How I love the Crabshack! A family-run and operated eatery with modest design and ambience, serving a variety of crab and seafood dishes, only steps from the beach. How I love to feel the rays of the Miami sun, sitting on the sidewalk terrace. The perfect place for an afternoon with good friends and great food.”

Broken Shaker

“The Broken Shaker is quite the special space. For some reason, every time that I visit, interesting and peculiar things seem to happen. That is all I’ll say.”

Crusing through Biscayne Bay

“Many of you may, or may not know this – but I have sailed the Seven Seas a plenty. I grew up as a mariner, setting sail and attempting to discover lands still uncharted. These days, my nautical ambitions are much more modest. Whenever I am in Miami, I make sure to spend as much time as possible navigating through Biscayne Bay on my humble vessel.”

The Kampong

“This lesser-known, beautiful, flowing garden was designed as a laboratory for the observation and study of tropical plants in Miami. I often find myself wandering through their grounds, with my portable field-recorder in hand, registering the many organic sounds that can be heard, to later incorporate in my original productions. I cloak the call of birds and the rustling of the leaves in mystery, altering their tonality and timbre to the point of being unrecognisable, but still so special to me. The garden of inspiration.”

Guaguanco in Little Havana

“Six years ago, while strolling through Little Havana, I somehow found myself in a Cuban community centre for the arts. It was on this day that I had my first Guanguanco dance lesson with my very kind and astonishingly limber, sixty-seven year-old instructor, Griselda. Although it has been quite some time since my last lesson, I can still feel the rhythm and pulse that makes Cuban music so special. My experiences there led me to incorporate some Spanish-speaking lyrics on my upcoming album, Fantast. The ninth track, entitled La Esperanza, with it’s chorus sung in Spanish, forever reminding me of Griselda’s patience.”