Dozens Of Musicians Commemorate 50th Anniversary Of Martin Luther King’s Death In “The Dream Still Lives” Video

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Today marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination. To honor his memory and his work, which is still as relevant as ever, Stevie Wonder has assembled a mind-bogglingly vast lineup of musicians, celebrities, and public figures to share their hopes for the future in a video entitled “The Dream Still Lives.” … More »

Lil Dicky Is Making A Career Out Of Being Charismatic And Problematic In Equal Measure

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It takes real talent to create a song based on the premise that Chris Brown is the man and end up with something likable. For three minutes and 36 seconds — or 5:21 if you’re watching the music video, as more than 57 million people have so far — that’s the illusion “Freaky Friday” successfully … More »

Meet Me In The Middle: Country Music’s Latest Wave Of Aspiring Pop Stars Has Arrived

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There is pulling a Taylor Swift, and then there’s pulling a Taylor Swift. Of the handful of country musicians who’ve briefly gotten a foothold in the pop mainstream — a list that in the past couple decades has included Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, LeAnn Rimes, Shania Twain, Lonestar, Lady Antebellum, and Carrie Underwood among others … More »

Now Charlie Puth Has Candles

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Charlie Puth graces the cover of Billboard this week and the accompanying feature is titled “Puth In Revolt” (yes, like “Youth In Revolt”). The story is littered with unintentionally funny anecdotes about fame, fortune, life in the limelight, and what it’s like to make music (and smoke weed) with Wiz Khalifa. More »

Two Friends release vibrant remix of Charlie Puth’s hit single, ‘How Long’

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two friends

Hailing from Los Angeles, producer duo Two Friends have released a bold remix of Charlie Puth‘s hit single, “How Long.” Featuring colorful waves of synth, melodic builds, and playful rhythmic patters, Two Friends have taken the original to new heights by adding their own electronic flair to the piece.

Known for their eclectic dance-pop crossover signature sound, Two Friends have amassed widespread support for incorporating vibrant vocals from an array of artists into their pieces. One of their most renowned tracks, “Emily,” showcases the duo’s ability to master a genre-bending style, and highlights a lively production quality. With their latest take on Puth’s “How Long,” Two Friends gives fans a taste for what’s to come in the new year.

Charlie Puth – How Long (Jerry Folk Remix)

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Los Angeles-based producer Jerry Folk has released a groovy remix of Charlie Puth‘s “How Long.” The indie-electronic piece features a more relaxed feel with vibrant beats, alluring instrumentation, and a fresh spin on Puth’s vocals. Jerry Folk has taken the original track to new heights with a moving tempo and a funky, glowing bassline.

Folk has been known for his laid-back yet colorful creations which showcase a style categorized by shimmering synths and unwavering, smooth undertones. One of Folk’s most renowned works, “I’m Honestly Not A Gangster,” is a testament to his playful signature sound, as the young artist flaunts his ability to capture both a genre-bending niche and an innovative new wave of indie-electronica in his production. With his latest take on Puth’s original, Folk seamlessly masters a technique that many listeners yearn for.

Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth – See You Again (Tritonal Remix)

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Veritable remix masters, Tritonal tackle Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s contribution to the Furious 7 soundtrack, “See You Again.”

Their latest re-imaginative endeavor, transforming the slow paced, piano-based Paul Walker tribute track into a melodic number outfitted with uplifting electronic trappings. Maintaining many of the original’s elements, Tritonal’s first and foundational alteration materializes in the addition of an understated guitar melody at the remake’s intro. Dual in function, the melody softens the intro, and seconds thereafter, provides the structure of the song’s build, the remix’s peak a harmonious collection of dulcet synths.


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The 2018 State Of Pop Address

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“Nothing changes on New Year’s Day.” So saith Bono at the dawn of 1983, and he was right — to a point. Flipping the calendar doesn’t initiate any grand transition. The morning after the ball drops, life is right back where we left it. But in another sense, everything changes all the time. Organisms grow. More »

Charlie Puth – How Long (EDX Remix)

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Hot off the decks is an EDX-envisioned remix pack of Charlie Puth‘s “How Long.” The dual release features two house takes on Puth’s radio staple, a three-minute “Dubai Skyline Remix” cut, and a “Dubai Skyline Extended Mix” that toes the five-minute mark, offering listeners a protracted sample of the revamped track’s deep house flavor.

EDX ups the re-imaginative ante as he simultaneously ups “How Long’s” BPM, garnishing Puth’s mellifluous vocals with ascending percussive tones that stake a harmonious contrast with the remix’s deeper timbre.

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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

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Taylor Swift’s “…Ready For It?” is a pretty bad video, and it’s not even bad in the ways that you would expect a Taylor Swift video to be bad. It’s expensive and meaningless and even maybe slightly pretentious? But at least it’s not boring? I have no idea what’s happening with it, and I … More »