Chance the Rapper and Kanye West confirm joint album ‘Good Ass Job’

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Chance the Rapper and Kanye West confirm joint album ‘Good Ass Job’Screen Shot 2016 09 25 At 4 56 34 Pm Uffdoh

Chance the Rapper made a brief, but impactful announcement on his Facebook page on August 17. A thirty second clip entitled “Good Ass Job” shows Kanye West on stage at Chance’s Open Mike event announcing he is making Chance’s next album. It will, of course, be entitled Good Ass Job.

Recently, Chance ignited speculation on social media that the pair’s rumored joint album would use Kanye’s long forgotten tentative fourth album title. As it goes, Kanye’s fourth studio album planned to use the naming convention of his first three records, The College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, and ultimately, a Good Ass Job was promised thereafter. The album was shelved in the wake of Kanye’s mother’s passing and a failed marriage, and eventually gave way to Ye’s 808’s and Heartbreak. Now Chance is putting rumors to bed, and hopefully setting the course Kanye set a decade ago straight, confirming Good Ass Job is officially on the way.

This album will see West continue on as producer in an impressive showing in 2018, releasing multiple albums for artists Kid Cudi, Pusha T, Teyana Taylor as well as his own. For Chance the Rapper, this confirms the forthcoming album he has been referencing throughout the year, and will be the first full length release for the Chicago artist since 2016’s Coloring Book. In 2018, Chano starred in a movie and released a handful of new singles, including “I Might Need Security.”

Kanye West announces Yandhi for 9/29, reveals title for collaboration with Chance The Rapper

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Drake: hey
Drake: holy shit, guess who I saw again on saturday
Drake: hey. u there?
Mr P: Hi.
Drake: how are u?
Mr P: I’m ok. You?
Drake: long time no talk
Mr P: Haha, it hasn’t even been that long!
Drake: I just wanted to hear your sexy voice…
Mr P: ?
Drake: I keep thinking about your strong hands around my body…
Mr P: wtf are you talking about?
Drake: it excites me so much…
Mr P: ?????
Drake: LOL!!!! haven’t you seen The Room?
Mr P: :
Drake: LOL!!
Mr P: What’s up?
Drake: just wanted to chat
Mr P: I’m very busy. What’s going on?
Drake: JESUS.
Drake: never mind then..
Drake: ill talk to you later
Drake: last time you wanted to chat, i was busy but didn’t rush you like this!! in fact, last time we talked, i delayed a performance for a fucking HOUR just to talk to YOU!!!
Mr P: RELAX DRAKE. It’s a Room joke:
Drake: LOL!! shit…
Drake: sorry.. im in the 6, sort of out of my MIND these days.
Drake: you see the stuff about Kanye?
Mr P: What stuff? More Throne2 stuff?
Drake: no… about his joint album with Chance
Mr P: yeah, I heard about it. something new?
Drake: Kanye revealed its title today at some event:
Mr P: SWEET!!!! What’s it called?
Drake: “Good Ass Job”
Mr P: Haha, nice Pablo reference! Damn, I’m excited for this.
Drake: really?
Mr P: Yeah, are you?
Drake: lol no
Drake: FUCK no.
Mr P: Ok…
Drake: i have better things to do with my time.. truss mi daddy.
Mr P: I’m sure you do.
Mr P: So… that all you wanted to talk about?
Drake: he’s also teasing what might be a sequel to Yeezus…
Mr P: Lie.
Drake: seriously… “YANDHI”
Drake: wanna hear a new track i’m making?
Mr P: Whoa, he’s playing SNL on 9/29 too? FUCK, this’ll be cool. If “Yandhi” is an actual release, I bet he’ll release it that night like he did with TLOP.
Drake: ur kidding right/
Mr P: About what?
Drake: smh
Drake: this’ll flop. this whole thing is so stupid.
Drake: anyway.. wanna hear a new track i’m making?
Mr P: Is there official confirmation about the album?
Drake: no
Drake: i wrote this new song. can i run it by you?
Mr P: Apparently, an engineer for GOOD Music posted the same jewel case pic and said this on his (private) Instagram: “Sometimes you ask and receive. This was some hard shit to keep under wraps tho…” “G.O.O.D. Train keeps rolling.”
Drake: i don’t care
Mr P: Haha, people on the boards joked about it being an audiobook thing
Drake: zzzzzz
Mr P: OH MY GOD. Kanye just tweeted the same jewel case pic from earlier BUT ADDED “YANDHI 9 29 18.” Is that confirmation?
Drake: if you wanna hear that song, lmk. i can email it?
Mr P:
Mr P: This might be the most confirmation we’ll get leading up to 9/29.
Mr P: Huh, other sites are reporting it like it’s been confirmed with that pic…
Drake: i gotta go…
Mr P:
Mr P: Damn, I love this song:
Mr P: This too:
Mr P: Shit, remember we used to play this in the car?
Mr P: Haha:

Mr P: jesus walks

Mr P: Hello?
Mr P: Drake?
Mr P: Hey, sorry… I wasn’t reading all your messages. I was so excited…
Drake: no worries
Mr P: We good?
Drake: all good… wanna hear my new song?
Mr P: Can I show you one more thing first?
Mr P:
Mr P: Haha
Drake: nice
Drake: sent
Mr P: Which email?
Mr P: Never mind — I’m listening.
Drake: cool cool – let me know what u think!!
Drake: lyrics are obvious. maybe too obvious LOL but i go HARD. mostly about repping fam, not trusting all these fake friends. thinking to get the weeknd and maybe trippie on it. not sure though cuz it sounds sorta perfect in a way. like pure drake fire.! i’m dying ot know what people think of it
Drake: the hook: “the way it go/ i just don’t know/ all i know is nobody can catch my flow/ you fake, i break, let’s not pretend/ you stay, i’ll stay let’s make heaven”
Drake: lmk if you want the full lyric sheet!
Mr P: Cool, thanks for sending the song.
Drake: lmk your thoughts?
Mr P:
Drake: did you finish? what’d you think of it then?
Drake: think trippie would be good on it?
Mr P: It’s pretty good…. Click that link I just sent.
Mr P: I always wished Kanye released that one! Maybe it’ll be on YANDHI 🙂
Mr P: One of my favorite Kanye jams:

Chance The Rapper’s A24-backed horror movie ‘Slice’ is out now [Watch]

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Chance The Rapper’s A24-backed horror movie ‘Slice’ is out now [Watch]Chance The Rapper Slice Fil Debut Dancing Astro

Chance The Rapper‘s first feature film, Slice, has seen a triumphant full release after a long road of ups and downs. After early speculation that the film was on hold and later scrapped all together, the horror film was revived with a full trailer earlier this summer and now, is available to stream online, via iTunes and Google Play.

Chance The Rapper’s A24-backed horror movie ‘Slice’ is out now [Watch]Dm0YWlAAyu22

Also starring Zazie Beats (Atlanta) and Paul Scheer (VEEP) as well as being backed by indie studio of the moment A24 films, Slice follows the story of a pizza joint that’s built on a portal to hell. In his film debut Chance plays a pizza delivery driver that also happens to be a werewolf, and the Chicago-native activist’s presence is no gimmick according to early reviews. The film premiered last night at Chicago’s ArcLight Cinemas alongside a Q&A from its director Austin Veseley and its costars.

Watch Stephen Colbert break down Chance the Rapper’s ‘Favorite Song’

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Watch Stephen Colbert break down Chance the Rapper’s ‘Favorite Song’Stephen Colbert Chance The Rapper

Stephen Colbert recently broke down the rhyme and rhythm scheme of a Chance the Rapper verse for Rolling Stone. Being a Lord of the Rings enthusiast, Colbert compares Chance the Rapper’s “Favorite Song” featuring Childish Gambino, with JRR Tolkien, as well as the Victorian-era theatrical team Gilbert and Sullivan. With Colbert’s authentic enthusiasm and clear explanation of thought, the video gracefully places Chance’s poetic artistry with some of the most notable storytellers in history.

The specific verse the Late Night host discussed is “Bang bang bang [sic], skeet skeet skeet // She do that thing for three retweets // the album feel like ’92, now that take ball ‘fore he three-peat // Chance on acid, cruising on that LSD // Asked Joseph about my deal; he turned and said, ‘Hell yeah, let’s eat!’”

Colbert discusses the rare staccato flow and internal rhyme scheme, racking his brain for where he’s heard that before. “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General,” from Gilbert and Sullivan’s 1879 opera The Pirates of Penzance was the first comparison. The second was the rare rhyme and rhythm scheme that influenced the rest of  Tolkien’s iconic Lord of the Rings series.

H/T: Rolling Stone

The O’My’s – “Idea” (Feat. Chance The Rapper) Video

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Tomorrow comes today — as in Tomorrow, the new album by Chicago soul duo the O’My’s. In time with the release, they’ve shared the music video for one of the album’s tracks, “Idea,” featuring fellow Chicagoan Chance The Rapper. More »

Childish Gambino – “Feels Like Summer” Video

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Back in May, Donald Glover premiered a striking Childish Gambino music video for his new song, “This Is America.” It was an exciting teaser for a pair of lukewarm tracks that he shared in July, “Summertime Magic” and “Feels Like Summer.” My colleague Chris DeVille titled his The Week In Pop … More »

Kanye West & Chance The Rapper Are Recording Together

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Kanye-West-and-Chance-The-RapperBack in June, Chance The Rapper teased possible plans to record an album with Kanye West — maybe one of the seven-track mini-albums that West spent much of this year recording and releasing. They have a good track record together, certainly; Chance’s verse on West’s “Ultralight Beam” was one of the best in … More »

KAMI recruits Chance The Rapper and Joey Purp for ‘Reboot’ music video

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KAMI recruits Chance The Rapper and Joey Purp for ‘Reboot’ music videoKami Reboot Music Vid Press Shot

KAMI has been heating up Chicago’s hip-hop scene for a minute and with the release of the new Cole Bennett-directed, Chance The Rapper and Joey Purp-assisted music video for “Reboot,” the Chicago Fire Department should be on their toes like it’s 1871.

“Reboot,” the lead single from KAMI’s second studio LP Very Slight, set to drop September 14, features a stacked cast of Windy City torch carriers that boast a must-listen just by gracing the same track together. Now their collaboration comes with some well-deserved visuals. Cole Bennett’s fast-paced and fluid directing captures the energy of “Reboot,” an energy that demands attention with its resolute and unbridled style. The off-beat rhythm keeps the listener’s ear keen for what the line up has to offer. “Reboot” is flush with one-liners, callbacks, and hooks. Like Joey Purp says they, “put it all on a pendant.” 

What’s more — the “Reboot” video received support from the non-profit Refuge Foundation of the Arts, whose purpose is to create venues for artistic expression in places without the means. You can scope out the new video below.


KAMI & Smoko Ono connect for their “Reboot” feat. Chance The Rapper & Joey Purp

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Directed by Cole Bennett This is by all accounts, major. Kami. Smoke. Chano. Purple. Cole. That’s a an all-star cast …

Chance The Rapper and Joey Purp ‘Reboot’ with KAMI and Smoko Ono

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Chance The Rapper and Joey Purp ‘Reboot’ with KAMI and Smoko OnoChance The Rapper Acl Fest 2017

Chicago is in the building. Chance The Rapper has always maintained a strong connection to his hometown roots, repping Chicago with a feverish intensity — but this one feels like a family affair.  Coming as the Coloring Book rapper’s latest move in a busy summer of releases, Chance hops on a SaveMoney blockbuster, “Reboot” with KAMI, producer Smoko Ono, and rapper Joey Purp.

Best known to be a parts of Vic Mensa‘s Chicago-based artist collective, KAMI, Purp, and Chance each provide their own distinct verse work, with Purp and Chance’s standing out over the dripping, hazy beat by Smoke Ono. “Reboot” comes amid a summer heavy on rap highlights, and “Reboot” definitely just made the list. Fans can look forward to the rest of KAMI’s forthcoming second album titled *Very Slight, slated to be released on September 14.