Chance the Rapper announces new album out in July — or, as it’s heretofore to be called: “Chance The Rapper Month”

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Last night, Chance the Rapper (the rapper) took to his Instagram to post a video, as you do (when you’re not rapping). In it, he reflected on some things. The four year anniversary of his OpenMike program at SocialWorks Chicago, his upcoming marriage, the new album he’s releasing in July, political efforts in Chicago. Wait… WHAAA!?!?

That’s right, Chance the Rapper just casually announced that he has a new album coming out in July!

There’s no further mention of a tracklisting, or a firm release date. All we really know is that this album is the follow-up to Coloring Book, that July is the month it will be released in, and that, all things considered, Chance will probably have to start cranking out some “4” hats ASAP.

And while it would be nice to know if any of the six singles Chance released in 2018 are included, or if the album will be more of a Cancer or a Leo, or hell, if this album is the album Chance was allegedly making with Kanye, knowing that the album exists at all somehow feels like enough.

So, July. Mark it down, don’t make any vacation plans, and refrain from achieving personal milestones. You’re going to want that whole month blocked off. It’s the only way you can truly be ready the moment Chance decides that any particular second of July is the time to release his new album, which again — in case you skimmed to the end looking for the release date even though it’s also in the title — is out in July.

Chance The Rapper announces new album due this summer

This post was originally published on this site

Chance The Rapper announces new album due this summerChance The Rapper Live Lost Lake Lineup

On this third mixtape, 2016’s critically lauded Coloring BookChance The Rapper rewrote the rules at the Grammy’s, grabbing seven total nominations and taking home three gramophones, including Best New Artist and Best Rap Album, without technically moving a single unit. Now, he has officially confirmed the delivery of his next studio project, and if his third was the charm, his fourth might just be an instant-classic waiting to be heard.

A hard release date has not yet been revealed, though Chano and his manager both confirmed a July release on social media. In a video posted to Instagram, Chance, beaming, gives fans a quick look at the busy life of a budding star—he’s preparing for his wedding, actively involved in Chicago’s politics, his non-profit’s work, and of course studio time, all accounting for the three year gap between LPs.

“Life is good, you can get that sh*t when I’m ready,”

“…July, though.”

In those three years, Chance has logged studio time with Anderson .Paak, Kanye West and more, though it is currently unclear if July’s release will be the Chicago emcees’ highly anticipated joint project Good Ass Job. Interestingly though, in 2017 Chance was quick to publicly clarify after winning his Grammy Awards that his first three projects would more accurately be described as mixtapes, not albums.


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Update: Now Chance has confirmed on social media this is in fact his first album, and not a mixtape as his previous three projects were designated.

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Skrillex tells TMZ that he doesn’t think JAY-Z needs to pull his collaborations with R. Kelly from streaming platforms [Watch]AP R Kelly

As a myriad of artists including Chance the Rapper, Lady Gaga, and Celine Dion, pull their productions with R. Kelly from streaming platforms in response to sexual misconduct allegations made against the R&B crooner, Skrillex doesn’t think that JAY-Z needs to follow suit. “You know, I don’t think he needs to do so,” Skrillex told TMZ cameramen when asked if he felt that JAY-Z should remove his songs with R. Kelly from streaming services. JAY-Z and R. Kelly co-released “Best of Both Worlds” in 2002, and “Unfinished Business” in 2004. “It’s hard,” Skrillex added, “It’s like, look: there’s a word. It’s called ‘occhiolism.’ It’s the awareness of the smallness of your own perspective. If JAY-Z wants to keep [the] music because it’s music he made a long time ago, it’s part of the archives, it’s part of history, that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. That doesn’t mean he supports bad people.”

Skrillex, however, did vocalize his support of Sony‘s decision to nullify R. Kelly’s record dealer with the Sony owned imprint, RCA Records. “I think everyone in their own sort of private world should make their own choices, but I support that,” Skrillex said.  Sony has yet to release an official statement regarding R. Kelly’s departure from RCA, which would provide insight on the nature of R. Kelly’s divorce from the label, specifically, whether Sony and R. Kelly mutually agreed to void the vocalist’s deal.

R. Kelly remains at the center of sexual misconduct speculation following the release of Lifetime’s six-part docuseries, Surviving R. KellySurviving R. Kelly chronicles R. Kelly’s alleged sexual abuse of several women who were reportedly underage at the time of their sexual encounters with the artist. R. Kelly has since denied all such allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Obama shares favorite songs of 2018, including hits from Chance The Rapper, Cardi B, and moreBarack Obama Favorite Songs 2018 Cool

Barack Obama has shared his favorite songs of 2018. The eclectic collection of R&B, country, indie, hip-hop, Latin, pop, and rock establish a melting pot of sounds and styles. From listening through, a theme of strong vocals seeps through the nearly hour-and-a-half showcase of taste.

Among the broad spectrum of selections, listeners are taken through a cultural journey from notable acts to lesser-known diamonds in the rough. More popular artist inclusions are The Carters, Hozier, Chance The Rapper, Brandi Carlile, Cardi BLeon Bridges, Kurt Vile, Prince, Tom Mesch, Khalid, Kendrick Lamar, and many more. Others include Jupiter & Okwess, Ashley McBryde, Tonina, Anderson East, Fatoumata Diawara, and Courtney Barnette.

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