Daft Punk’s creative director launches high-end futurist furniture exhibition

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Daft Punk’s creative director, Cedric Hervet, is a man of many talents.

From their album covers to general art direction, Hervet was the Parisian’s duo’s go-to liaison. He was in charge of all the art direction for Random Access Memories, co-produced their third album Human After All, and even put his eclectic touch on films like Daft Punk’s Electroma and Interstella 5555. On top of that, Hervet was also the animation supervisor of the 2009 Oscar-winning animated short film Logorama. More recently, his creative tendencies have taken an interior design format via the 2014 launch of own Hervet Manufacturier company. Through cutting-edge block desk designs, coffee tables, and lounge chairs, Hervet approaches the futurist form with poise.

Hervet’s most recent exhibition can be found inside Maxfield’s Beverly Hills output in Los Angeles and as expected, it’s a sight to behold. Pieces have been placed throughout the Jean Prouvé building whose highlights include the company’s Le Satellite that houses a Bose sound system, passager armchairs made of steel and full-grain leather, and smaller items such as the Astrolux lamp made out of exotic wood, as well as Vedette skate decks. All of the items in the new Maxfield exhibition were built using traditional woodworking techniques like marquetry and veneering.

View photos from the exhibition below, which opens to the public at Maxfield LA on June 28.

H/T: Hypebeast