Halcyon Veil set to UN-veil Montreal experimentalist Cecilia to the world, announce debut LP Adoration

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I don’t suppose it’s by chance that we tend to thirst for those artists and entities who occupy a certain degree of general mystery. If Joseph Cornell or J.D. Salinger would have given half-a-dozen interviews a year over the course of their respective careers, for example, they’d likely not have ended up half the icons that they are today.

Case in point (well sort of), is Rome-based (and Montreal-bred) Halcyon Veil artist Cecilia, who hurdled into proverbial fandom last year after guesting on Rabit’s Le Fleurs du Mal LP, but is just now being given her “proper introduction” by the avant garde label in the form of her very own debut full-length, Adoration, which is due out May 4.

The record, as the “independent music specialists” over at Boomkat have so elegantly put it, is a creation that “places the listener as dark interpreter to a series of tumultuous inner dialogues…sometimes detached, glossolalic, and at other [times] uncannily familiar and plaintive, [Cecilia’s] vocal presence is integral to the album’s quietly absorbing atmosphere.” (Indeed, Boomkat definitely feels it’s recommended listening if you’re into the likes of Yves Tumor, Rabit, Teresa Winter, Portishead, and Leila, just to name a few.)

Adoration’s very first album track “Gros Animal” is currently available for streaming (find it handily located down below), and you can also pre-order the record in its entirety in your choice of digital, FLAC (wtf?), WAV, or vinyl formats. After hearing just the one track, though, you might have to go ahead and agree with one faithful Soundcloud listener who was inspired to make the following, rather audacious claim: “this is already my fav album.” ADORATION, indeed.

Adoration tracklisting:

01. Grisélidis
02. Gros Animal
03. Pagliaccio
04. House Of Flesh
05. Récital (where your money ends)
06. Heel Spur
07. Descente Ferme
08. Teen Poise
09. Liber
10. Maritali