Showers burst into flame at Coachella camping

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Coachella campers were served some unexpected heat during the early hours of Saturday morning, as a set of showers in the camping grounds caught fire. Reports from social media pointed to at least one person being inside the unit when the event took place at around 2am; however, no injuries were ultimately reported from the scene. The fire ruined one unit, while another was heavily damaged. No cause has been found as of writing time.

Prior to the action on Friday, revelers enjoyed performances from Childish Gambino, SOPHIE, Diplo, and Amelie Lens. Saturday’s performers include Aphex Twin, Billie Eilish, Idris Elba, Tame Impala, Stephan Bodzin, and more.

Major Improvements To Camp EDC Revealed

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Will you be camping in Camp EDC this for this years EDC Las Vegas? The camping aspect to EDC Las Vegas was first introduced last year and had many things that needed to be improved on. Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella has obviously been hard at work making improvements to this year’s experience. Things like long

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BREAKING: Electric Forest 2019 Is Sold Out

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Tickets for Electric Forest 2019 went on sale today at 12 pm EST. Before 5 o’ clock, the festival sold out. Just last week, the festival announced that it was going back to one weekend then quickly dropped the lineup as well. Headliners include Odesza, Zeds Dead, 12th Planet and more. By going back to

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Imagine Music Festival: An Aquatic Fairytale [Event Review]

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This past weekend was the fifth anniversary of the Imagine Music Festival. Imagine takes place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway and welcomed over 35,000 festival goers for four days of camping, workshops, and a killer lineup including acts like Kaskade, Armin van Buuren, ZedsDead and more. Imagine Music Festival was also my first ever festival and

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Beyond the Booth 013: Carmada give us a taste of their outdoor lives

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Beyond the Booth is a feature dedicated to the hidden side of artists that exists outside electronic music— a side rarely discussed with those outside their immediate circle. We venture “beyond the booth,” so to speak, and dive into their deepest passions that tie into their unique personalities. After some self-introspection, each participant then returns to the booth, providing an exclusive mix for the Dancing Astronaut audience.

L D R U and Yahtzel have an infectious chemistry that has carried them far in their careers. As Carmada, the two have taken the bass world by storm, landing themselves coveted spots on OWSLA, Mad Decent, and the like. They possess a knack for musicmaking and performance that leaves audiences hungering for their presence worldwide — not only in a club setting, but also on stage at reputable festival institutions.

Sometimes, however, absence makes the heart grow fonder — and the music tastier. L D R U and Yahtzel have been focused inward the past couple years, focusing mainly on honing their solo artistry. The break has been beneficial, based off their latest original work, “Ready For It.” Bright, poppy, and tasteful, the Tribes-assisted production signals a new chapter for Carmada.

Who are Carmada outside the music? It turns out, quite the active outdoorsmen. They’re known to be avid campers, even finding time while on tour to sleep under the stars and wake up surrounded by nature. Fans are also invited in on the fun; recently, Camp Carmada unfolded as an almost renegade event, which saw the duo holding an open-invitation camping trip filled with music and “stories around the campfire” with those willing to brave the elements.

Naturally, we had to go deep into camping and all things outdoors with Carmada, getting them to divulge some of their most intriguing tales from times they’ve spent “in the bush,” their favorite camping items, and more.

If you were forced to take only one of these items with you on a camping trip, would you choose: sunscreen, or bug repellent?
Bug spray for sure. Have you ever tried to sleep with 30 mosquitos buzzing around your head? That’s a norm for a balmy Aussie night.

What are the niftiest outdoor tricks/hacks you guys know?
Well, I don’t know if it’s necessarily a trick or hack, but Yahtzel is really good at whipping up a campfire. We went 4wd in a shitty car through the rocky mountains recently, we got a little too confident, went off road and inevitably got the car bogged in about 4ft of snow. There was about 30 minutes of sunlight left and a lot of digging through snow ahead of us. Before any of us even wrapped our head around the situation, Yahtzel had the perfect campfire going. We ended up getting the car-free 2hrs later.

What is the most daring camping endeavor you’ve been on?
The most daring thing I’ve (Yahtzel) ever done camping, was seeing how long I could last in the bush by myself. I stayed out there for six nights; If I didn’t run out of food and water, I would have stayed longer.

Tell us about your funniest memory while camping.
I think the funniest thing I’ve seen camping was my friends first bush poo. I don’t think he realised you need to pull your pants all the way down, because generally when you go number 2, you also go number 1. So poor old Barney had to spend the rest of the night covered in pee.

Between using an actual toilet the first time and taking your first hot shower, which feels the best after a camping trip, in your opinion?
Shower for sure. You don’t have to worry about aiming when peeing outdoors.

Do you have any camping gear brands you prefer in particular? Why?
The Jolly Swagman, if you don’t know what a Swag is here’s a Facebook page we created just for them.

How would you describe your camping preferences? Do you prefer beach camping, backpacking in the forest, taking roadtrips and stopping at parks along the way, etc?
We’re pretty lucky living in Australia in terms of camping options. No matter where you live, you can drive 1-2 hours and be surrounded by bush. I generally take the car and drive ten mins from my family home in Ulladulla and camp in the bush by the beach. For L D R U’s Australian regional tour he hired a massive campervan and drove up and down the east coast of Australia. He would play a show, then his TM would drive to the closest beach, and they would wake up to the sound of the ocean. That’s a cool way to tour.

Have any of you encountered a terrifying wild creature while camping? What did you do to get out of the situation?
Americans always say everything in Australia can kill you and yeah we have snakes and spiders etc. but we don’t have FUCKING Bears, Mountain Lions and Mousse have you seen the size of those things. There bigger than a pickup truck! Back to the question, nothing to our of the ordinary. But my Manager and I did a little bit of bat country skiing in Whistler recently and we stumbled across a heap of fresh bear prints and the next 30 minutes of skiing were petrifying.

Tell us more about Camp Carmada. What sorts of things did you get up to?
Camp Carmada was amazing; we had an open invitation to our fans to come camping with. We played a guerilla bush set to 50 people and sat around the campfire telling stories. I don’t think you could ever recreate that magic.

Finally, the best question: after having such a powerful reunion, what do you two have in the works for the rest of 2018?
We’ve been quiet the last couple of years, working on our solo projects (Yahtzel, L D R U). 2018 is all about Carmada coming back into the spotlight. I think conceptualising/filming the film clip for our recent single “Ready For It” was our favourite. We had stunt actors, car chances, fight scenes and a whole of action. It was great being apart of the process from start to finish and seeing your vision translate to screen. We have a big show at Splendour In The Grass this year, debuting out new show Carmada by LDRU & Yahtzel. I think that is going to be the best show we’ve ever played, can’t wait!


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Dirtybird Campout Set to Rock the East Coast February 2-4th [Lineups + Ticket Details]

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As the birds get ready to flock to Florida, Head Counselor Claude VonStroke prepares his finishing touches of the first edition of DIRTYBIRD Campout East. Aside from the outrageous activities, infinite laughs, and all-night dancefloor shenanigans, campers can expect their favorite DJs to migrate with them to St Cloud, FL on February 2-4 as Claude

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EDC Vegas releases camping map, outlines campground amenities

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Insomniac has released the camping map for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas’ inaugural camping season, just days after Pasquale Rotella took to Facebook to announce that camping details were soon to come. The campground will accommodate campers via showers, restrooms, a medical tent, and a bar, all specific to the campground area.

Campers will be divided among four principal camp sections, Ruby, Citrine, Amethyst, Sapphire, and Moonstone. There will also be a Geode camp for those with RVs.

The campground’s sweet spot arrives in the form of a communal section intended for camper socialization. Entitled “The Mesa,” the area is the host of the Sol, Cascada, and Tierra Tents, as well as an Oasis Pool, a go kart racing track, a roller rink, zen garden, team sports court, farmer’s market, and more.

EDC Las Vegas will be held from May 18-20. Purchase tickets to the festival here.

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Elements Lakewood Camping Festival On Sale Now

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Elements Lakewood Camping Music & Arts Festival will be returning to Lakewood, Pennsylvania this upcoming Memorial day weekend 2018. After their successful inaugural festival last year, BangOn! will be returning better than ever with lots of expansion and improvements. See what we had to say about Elements Lakewood 2017 here. Over the past ten years,

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10 Black Friday steals for the budget raver

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10 Black Friday steals for the budget raver

2017 seems to have flown by in an instant. The holidays are officially underway, and festive vibes are unavoidable as the year comes to a close. Just in time for Black Friday, we here at Dancing Astronaut thought it appropriate to compile a little list of key items offered at enticing prices.

Deals across the dance music spectrum are covered — from festival gear, to hardware.


Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synthesizer

Moog is a favorite among those with a penchant for fusing a more live touch into their production. The prolific brand’s synthesizers are known for their quality and endurance, earning them respect from artists across genre lines. Its Minitaur represents a more affordable version of their more hardcore gear, and a great introductory tool into the synth world. Luckily, Sweetwater has Moog fans covered this year, with $100 savings on the Minitaur.

Purchase here



Ableton Live 9 Suite

Ableton is considered a world-class production software brand — its products are ubiquitous on the market today. However, quality comes at a price. The time is now to invest, with the Live 9 Suite being sold at a 20% discount with crediting options plus a free upgrade to Suite 10 when it comes out here.





JBL LSR305 is ideal for those just getting into production. For their price, these studio monitors offer a flat response and a decent range. While they already come at a budget-friendly price of $129 each, they’ve been brought down to $99 each for this Black Friday deal.





Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Black Friday is offering plenty of strong deals for the average music consumer as well. This sleek Marshall bluetooth speaker is being offered at a 50% through Amazon. Use it for a small soirée, or take it out to the beach or other travel destinations.

Purchase here




Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones

Headphone deals are always something to look forward to in the holiday season. Those looking to upgrade their listening experience can find reductions on top brands. These Sennheiser HD280PROs have underwent a price drop to $80 for the season; a discount, indeed.

Purchase here



Bose SoundTrue Ultra Earbuds

Bose is also offering up their wares at a significant discount. For the earbud wearers, their SoundTrue line is being offered at a $50 discount. This pair of earbuds is durable and balanced, providing an immersive auditory treat.

Purchase here 



Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs


There comes a time in every veteran raver’s life where they simply cannot take the quality of the music with foam ear protection any longer. That’s where high-fidelity ear plugs come in; a step up, these offer a far broader range of sound and work to only cancel out the most dangerous noises while keeping the good sounds in. Invest in a pair of Eargasms for $30 in preparation for the New Year.

Purchase here



Rave Clothing – iHeart Raves

Popular rave clothing brand iHeart Raves is slashing prices across their inventory in honor of Black Friday. For the creatively-inclined who enjoy expressing themselves in wild outfits, their website holds a treasure trove of gear for women and men.




CamelBak 2017 HydroBak Hydration Pack

Hydration is essential at any music event, whether hot or cold. This is where a nicely-priced Camelbak can come in handy. The brand prides itself on its well-made backpacks and water pouches, becoming a sought-after item for festivals and hikes alike. Currently, Amazon has a variety on sale with discounts exceeding 20%, like this brand new 2017 model.

Purchase here


Field & Stream Wilderness Lodge 3 Person Tent

Finally, this Black Friday list would not be complete without a tent. Given the rise of camping festivals, a solid tent that will last through a good deal of festivals for years on end is certainly a good investment. This deluxe 3-person tent is being discounted at 41%.

Purchase here


Insomniac Shares Details on EDC Las Vegas 2018 Camping

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Headliners, this upcoming EDC Las Vegas is expected to be the biggest one there has ever been. Recently, Insomniac announced that next year’s annual event will include camping for those who wish to stay at the festival. Today, Insomniac took the opportunity to share more details on this new EDC experience. Mesa Insomniac will be

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