The 20 Best Music Videos Of 2018

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vidsIn the early days of this century, you could still turn on your television and, every so often, catch a music video. It didn’t last. Music videos still exist on television, but niche ventures like the MTV Jams Channel only exist in the shadowy nether reaches of cable subscriptions, and that’s not where music videos … More »

Watch: Brodinski & Peewee Longway – “Split”

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Stream Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Brodinski The Matrix

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The Atlanta trap-rapper Hoodrich Pablo Juan has been flying under the radar for a few years, but he’s quietly becoming one of the sharpest, most casually virtuosic rappers in his city. Last year, I wrote a whole column about why we should stop underrating the guy. And he’s prolific, too. Hoodrich Pablo Juan released … More »

Dro Fe – In Love With The Trap ft Brodinski

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Texas rapper Dro Fe has released his newest track, “In Love With The Trap.” The track at hand was produced by the elusive French hip-hop-techno crossover Brodinski. Lending his experimental hand to the single, Brodinski’s robo-tinged synth sounds inject a manufactured element into an otherwise low-leaning trap tune.

In what is likely a career-defining release for Dro Fe, the track is forthright in its intentions of nestling itself a niche inside bass-heavy, experimental trap music. As for Brodinski, the release is further proof that 2018 is gearing up to be one of his biggest years yet.

Image credit: The FADER