Nick Cave Defends Israel Shows In Letter To Brian Eno

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Nick Cave has reaffirmed his opposition to the cultural boycott of Israel in a new post on his Red Hand Files website. Cave responded to a fan’s question regarding Brian Eno’s stance on Israel by sharing an email he wrote himself to Eno last year after Eno, a prominent member of Artists for … More »

Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers get their radical, generative music GROOVE back, announce Bloom: 10 Worlds app for iOS and Android

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Truth be told, I was totally content with my flip phone up until train vagabonds starting calling out my use of dated technology about three years ago, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t currently appreciate the value and personal fulfillment offered by certain apps exclusive to the mobile OS world. For instance, One Bus Away is astoundingly useful in my city, blessed as it is with a respectable system of public transportation.

And on the “personal fulfillment” front, Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers’ original 2008 Bloom app might’ve been very first of its kind to get iPhone users to think beyond all that boring day-planning shit. Eno and Chilvers initially developed the app as a response to a shared interest in “generative music,” and the app itself subsequently received raved reviews and claims of it being revolutionary.

Now, after ten years’ worth of presumed technological advancements in the mobile app world (and ten years’ worth of horribly depressing news in the real one), a new and improved version of Bloom is scheduled for release next month on iOS — and, for the first time ever, on Android. In addition to including the original Bloom within its interface, the revamped Bloom: 10 Worlds reportedly contains 10 new “worlds” that vary with regard to the implemented sounds, shapes, colors, and rules of behavior.

Catch a throwback vid showcasing the original Bloom below, and get the Bloom: 10 Worlds app wherever the hell you get your apps from on December 7. (Also, the other apps developed by Eno and Chilvers are worth checking out, if you’re into extremely intuitive music creation.)

Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends Turns 10

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Viva-La-VidaIn 2005, Coldplay released their third album, X&Y. In many ways, it was one of those collections where a band starts to sound exactly like everyone’s most basic idea of them. The subtle hints of something weirder that lingered at the edges of Parachutes and A Rush Of Blood To The Head, the element that … More »

German Festival Drops Young Fathers For Supporting BDS Movement

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Young FathersYoung Fathers are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. It’s part of what charged their fantastic new album Cocoa Sugar — one of our favorites of 2018 so far — with such electricity. But conviction always comes with consequences, and for Young Fathers that now means a cancelled festival … More »

Watch: Brian Eno – Music For Installations – British Library Talk: Part 1

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Dan Smart: Yo, P! Did you know that today’s the official release day for Brian Eno’s Music For Installations box set?

Mr. P: WHO?

Dan Smart: Haha. Seriously! The peeps over at Universal Music just sent over this new video clip to celebrate the occasion. Thought maybe it’d be cool to post it in Choco.

Mr. P: Oh. Cool, maybe. Is it… cool?

Dan Smart: I’m just watching it now. It’s pretty awesome!

Dan Smart: (Though…I guess it’s not really a “music” video in any sense. It’s literally him lecturing about how he makes his shit in the British Library)

Mr. P: Really? Like, a PowerPoint and shit?

Dan Smart: Haha, yeah. Totally. Guess maybe it’s not the best idea for a Choco post, after all?

Mr. P: Yeah, maybe not. Doesn’t sound very exciting at all, tbh.

Dan Smart: OK, word. Yeah, it’d definitely be a little below TMT’s usual standard. never mind.

Brian Eno With Kevin Shields – “The Weight Of History”

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Veteran sonic visionaries Brian Eno and Kevin Shields, two giants of perspective-altering modern music production, teamed up for a single called “Only Once Away My Son” last year. They’ve just followed it with a new one called “The Weight Of History,” which was released Saturday as a Record Store Day exclusive with the prior … More »

Brian Eno – “Kazakhstan”

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Brian EnoBack in March, all-around legend Brian Eno announced a new box set called Music For Installations. Though there are all kinds of defining moments in Eno’s career — early days in Roxy Music, producing Bowie and Talking Heads and U2, pioneering ambient music — he’s also prolific in other media, including art and light installations … More »

Brian Eno announces massive (yet unfathomably ethereal!) Music For Installations box set

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Brian Eno has made music for just about every situation imaginable. Lingering in an airport for hours? Check. Starting up your Windows 95-enabled personal computer? Uh huh. Trapped in a mirrored enclosure with a close friend, but you wish he had sleeves on? You bet. But, what about Brian Eno music for viewing a Brian Eno art installation?

That first sentence wasn’t hyperbole; and so the answer, of course, is also yes. You just wouldn’t know it, seeing as none of that music has ever actually been released in, oh, say, a six-CD/nine-LP collection with a 64-page book before! That is, until May 4, when Eno will put out Music For Installations, an expansive catalog of new, rare, and previously unreleased material, all recorded by Eno for use in installations past, present, and even future. Yes, in another display of how far ahead he is of the rest, Brian Eno has made music for art installations that don’t even exist yet.

Once again: I wasn’t being hyperbolic up above. Music For Installations will be available in six-CD, as well as nine-LP box sets, with both versions containing a 64-page booklet of rare and unseen exhibition photographs, plus an essay written by Eno himself. There will also a “super deluxe limited edition numbered box set” variant of the six-CD version, where the included book will sport a Plexiglass cover. While some of the works contained have previously received limited-edition releases on CD, Music For Installations will be the first time any of them has been released on vinyl.

So keep your eyes and ears open on May 4, when Music For Installations is released onto the world. The collection can be pre-ordered via Brian Eno’s own webstore here, and you can check out what the packaging actually looks like (as designed by Eno and Nick Robertson) and the very long tracklisting, down below.

Music For Installations

Music From Installations:
01. Kazakhstan
02. The Ritan Bells
03. Five Light Paintings
04. Flower Bells

77 Million Paintings:
01. 77 Million Paintings ( 43:57 )

Lightness – Music For The Marble Palace :
01. Atmospheric Lightness
02. Chamber Lightness

I Dormienti / Kite Stories:
01. I Dormienti
02. Kites I
03. Kites II
04. Kites III

Making Space:
01 Needle Click
02. Light Legs
03. Flora and Fauna / Gleise 581d
04. New Moons
05. Vanadium
06. All The Stars Were Out
07. Hopeful Timean Intersect
08. World Without Wind
09. Delightful Universe ( seen from above )

Music For Future Installations:
01. Unnoticed Planet
02. Liquidambar
03. Sour Evening ( Complex Heaven 3 )
04. Surbahar Sleeping Music

Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel, Kathleen Hanna, & More Support Lorde For Cancelling Israel Show

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Last month, Lorde cancelled a planned 2018 show in Israel after receiving “an overwhelming number of messages & letters” from fans urging her to boycott the country. “i pride myself on being an informed young citizen, and i had done a lot of reading and sought a lot of opinions before deciding to book … More »

27 Reissues From 2017 You Should Check Out

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It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of new releases in stores in a given week, and even more daunting to stay on top of archival reissues. In addition to straightforward LP pressings capitalizing on the vinyl boom, labels are banking on love of physical product and nostalgia when they plan out their release schedule. More »