Kaskade Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds for Project Favela School in Brazil

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Kaskade doing his bit for a cause close to his heart by kicking off a Kickstarter to raise funds to help Project Favela school in Brazil sustain through 2018!

Kaskade launches Kickstarter campaign to raise money for Brazil school

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Kaskade is using his international influence to bring awareness to Project Favela, a free school located in Rocinha, Brazil that faces potential closure due to a cartel war. Established in 2009, Project Favela is sustained by a teaching staff comprised entirely of volunteers working as “volunteachers” from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM. The volunteachers instruct more than 50 children and 20 adults, offering Drama, Music, Civics and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) courses, while also hosting a Girls’ Empowerment Night on Friday evenings. All classes are offered free of charge to participants.

Project Favela is a cause close to Kaskade, with the producer encountering the school during his travels with his family in Brazil “years ago.” Kaskade has accordingly launched a Project Favela Kickstarter campaign to collect donations for the school as it struggles to stay open in the wake of “ongoing violence in the region,” the consequence of a cartel war that broke out on September 19. Gang skirmishes have resulted not only in structural damage to the school, but an increased difficulty in attracting new volunteachers. “The school is riddled with bullet holes and the violence has turned the volunteer recruiting upside down and dried up [Project Favela’s] revenue streams,” Kaskade writes in the Kickstarter description.

To entice fans to support the Kickstarter campaign, Kaskade has offered three pledge tiers, with each tier offering a minimum of one special merch item in exchange for a donation. Those that pledge $50 to the campaign will receive a signed hard copy of Kaskade Christmas, while those that contribute $75 will earn a signed limited edition Redux poster along with a copy of the seasonal album. Listeners that pledge $100 will receive a Kaskade Vertigo T-shirt in addition to a signed Redux poster and album copy. The funds generated by the Kickstarter will be used to financially power the school through 2018.

“The main challenge to keeping Project Favela operating is the ongoing violence in the region,” Kaskade notes, “While we cannot control that, our commitment to handling the operating costs of the school will give much needed relief to the volunteers working to keep it open.” Those that would like to support the Kickstarter campaign can make a donation here.


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DJ Reported Dead Following Horrific Stage Collapse At Music Festival

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Esteio, Brazil – A 30-year-old DJ named Kaleb Freitas was killed along with three others injured during a horrific stage collapse at the Atmosphere Festival in Brazil. Fan footage shows the terrifying moment when the stage buckled due to high winds. As Freitas was DJing for a crowd of about 5,000 people, the stage collapsed

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Kaskade Starts Kickstarter To Help Save School In Brazil

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As if Kaskade wasn’t generous enough this holiday season with the release of his Christmas album, he has recently done an extraordinary deed. Kaskade recently started a Kickstarter project to help fund Project Favela, an “organization that uses education as a tool in hopes of creating opportunities that could change the lives of others within

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Did someone in Brazil create a bootleg Berghain?

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There appears to be a bootleg Berghain that has materialized in Timbó, Brazil. Full name Berghain Cervejaria, the copy-paste club is a bit more innocent than China’s recent Fabric knockoff. It is unclear from reports whether or not the bar had any intention of mirroring the original Berghain, which exists a hefty 5,000 miles from Timbó.

According to sources, the region encompassing Timbóhas has deep German roots due to 19th Century Hamburg immigrants, which helps explain how the club got its name.

Will Sven Marquardt consider taking on a part time time position with Berghain’s knockoff to catch some rays during Germany’s long winters? Only time will tell.

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Rrotik & Lliam Taylor – Bounce Back

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Rrotik is a talent to watch who’s currently rising out of the Brazilian house and tech house scene. The producer has stood out from the large pack of aspiring DJs through his keen abilities at weaving sounds into addictive records that are built for spurring a festive mood.

His latest piece on Be Rich Records alongside Lliam Taylor is a testament to such skills. “Bounce Back” bounds along a raunchy bass-line and jubilant bursts of synths that ready it for the club or festival setting. Gritty sampling amplifies the track’s overall effect, adding to the already high energy it exudes.


Order here

Aspire to Inspire 171: Carmela Lane

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(Original Photo By: Haleigh Ciel)

From her earliest memory, Brazilian-born Carmela Lane was always drawn to costumes and design. When she was just five years old, she told people with conviction that she would one day become a fashion designer. Her inspiration for this line of work stemmed from her father, who designed and worked with shoes his whole life. However, Carmela viewed shoes as boring and uninteresting, so she diverged her path and focused on fashion, and more specifically, costumes. Today, Carmela’s childhood dream has turned into reality, as she runs her own successful company based in New York called 26 Stars, which offers services including production, costume design, and talent booking.

Carmela’s journey to achieving her childhood dream was far from easy, and involved a steep uphill climb along the way. At the green age of fifteen, she moved out of her parents’ home in Brazil and lived on her own. Her initial independence was accompanied with hardships, but over time Carmela was emboldened by her autonomous lifestyle. She was able to successfully support herself, proving that she could do whatever she set her mind to. Fast forward eight years later, and Carmela set off with only $100 in her pocket to one of the most revered cities for fashion — New York City. If she had learned anything while living on her own, it’s that she could take care of herself, in any situation or living condition.

With her arrival in New York, Carmela’s dream was to one day attend the famous Fashion Institute of Technology. The tuition, however, was not something she could afford when she first arrived, so she would just sit in front of the school and envisioned a time where she would be able to attend and learn from some of the best about fashion. Determined to accomplish this goal, Carmela hustled night and day by working a slew of odd jobs to save. Although she had lived on her own for the last eight years, it was still a hard adjustment for Carmela who was unable to see her family back in Brazil. It wasn’t easy, but Carmela’s unwavering confidence and persistence were the driving force to her success. Finally, she was able to save up enough to attend the school she had always dreamed about. The Fashion Institute of Technology gave Carmela a great foundation and the perfect launchpad for a successful career.  

Since then, Carmela’s career has taken her down many fruitful paths, including most recently the electronic dance music industry. Fittingly, music has always been a great source of inspiration for Carmela. She credits it for steering her in the right direction at a young age when she was living alone. It was also a vessel that allowed her to connect with people, and form meaningful and lasting relationships. Today, Carmela is embedded into the EDM community working alongside talented people like Katie Kansas, the Entertainment Director for Ultra Music Festival. Carmela’s work can also be seen at TAO Nightclub, one of the most renowned clubs in Las Vegas and in all of North America.

Working so closely with many EDM festivals and clubs, Carmela says she feels inspired by the people that she works with. She sees more and more people joining forces to build something bigger and better for the community. However, Carmela still sees one resounding issue in the industry. She believes that go-go dancers are undervalued by people who organize and attend these events. Carmela wants performers to be viewed as business professionals. They add a unique element to the show, and deserve more respect and recognition for their work. Each EDM event she works, she strives to change that perception little by little. By treating them like business professionals and organizing unique performances, Carmela believes it’s only a matter of time until dancers play a larger role on and off the stage.

Willing to fight for what she believes is right, Carmela’s pure passion has allowed her to reach astounding heights. Her inspiration for the work she creates comes from peers around her, but not in the way you would think. She identifies trends, and attempts to create something that is the complete opposite. This way, she is truly creating something unique that has never been done before. Even when watching an old movie, she’ll think of ways she could incorporate their style into attire for dancers. And this kind of creative approach has been the catalyst to unique opportunities for her. Just recently, she was the costume designer for a show put on by Joffrey Ballet, a highly touted ballet company. To date, this was Carmela’s greatest highlight in her career, with surely many more to come.

Carmela’s independence at a young age forced her to mature quickly. This allowed her to develop a relentless drive and exuding passion, which allowed her career to proliferate over the years. Inspired by the music and the people around her, Carmela not only creates unique work, but also stands up for causes she truly believes in. Always remember to think different, follow your true passion and never be afraid to fight for what really matters to you.

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Ultra Brazil Expands To Three Full Days

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As EDM continues to globalize, many US festival brands are taking advantage of new-found fanbases in foreign countries like India and Brazil. Ultra Music Festival is undoubtedly one of the leading pioneers on this trail, founding over a dozen other festivals in countries around the world.

One of its biggest sister festivals, Ultra Brazil, has been a long-standing success. In light of this fact, and the growing popularity and appeal of EDM in the country, Ultra Brazil will expand to three full days in 2017.

Slated for October 12-14, this festival will no doubt attract a large following and will be one of Ultra’s best events of the year.


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Source: Ultra Brazil Expands To Three Full Days

Baauer announces new Apple Music Beats 1 residency ‘Studio B’

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An insatiable wanderlust and a fine-tuned ear for the eclectic sounds of the world have always been critical elements to Harry Rodrigues’ narrative as Baauer. His work’s complexion is a melting pot of tastes, cultures, and influences, all of which manifested themselves as core themes on his debut record from earlier this year, AaNow that Baauer has well-established where he stands as an artist, he is once again pushing boundaries as he steps into a tastemaking role with the announcement of his first Beats 1 residency, launching September 16. The bi-weekly broadcast will highlight music that inspires Baauer taken from emerging dance music hot-spots from around the globe.

While cities like New York and London will receive ‘Studio B’ spotlights, Baauer also intends to show off his palate for the new, inventive material coming out of regions such as Lisbon, Seoul, Mexico and Brazil. The show also promises to be Baauer’s testing platform for a handful of unreleased music.

Guest selectors will join Baauer on air for each episode, with Brazil leading off Baauer’s inaugural show. The show gets its name from Baauer’s former Vegas residency, but now Baauer is taking ‘Studio B’ out into the world on a mission to highlight the most enticing new sounds out there.

Tune into Baauer’s ‘Studio B’ here.

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Techno Tuesday: ANNA on growing up in Brazilian club culture

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Techno Tuesday is a feature on Dancing Astronaut documenting the culture of underground dance music. We’ll bring you exclusive interviews, tracks, and narratives from artists within the techno, tech house, and deep house world in an effort to shed light on some of the best talent outside the world of mainstream dance music.

Few DJs have as extensive of a background in dance music as ANNA, whose father owns a nightclub in Brazil. From a young age, she would join him in record hunting activities, seeking out gems by many of the house and techno greats at the time and finding her sound preference. She began playing extended sets as a teenager, allowing her enough experience over the years to read crowds with precision and adapt her sets to any environment.

While she’s been an accomplished DJ for quite some time, the past few years have seen ANNA’s career truly take off. With releases on Tronic, Turbo Recordings, and Terminal M, her biggest success thus far has been her debut single on Diynamic, “Odd Concept,” which arrived in February and expedited the process of her becoming a household name in the underground. As a result of her skyrocketing success, ANNA moved from her home in São Paulo, Brazil to Barcelona earlier in 2016, which has allowed her to book even more gigs across the globe, including the United States for her first time.

With an EP coming soon and a productive season ahead, we decided to ask ANNA about her time growing up immersed in club culture as well as her feelings on the recent milestones in her career.



Tell us about your life being raised by a club owner. What are some of your favoriteearly memories from your childhood?

One of my favourite memories is from when I was about 10 years old, I used to go record shopping with my dad, we used to spend the whole day listening to music, I remember he used to buy all kinds of music, stuff like Todd Terry, Bizzare Inc, Dave Angel, Inner City, New Order and also some more commercial stuff at the time. I was too young and could not go to the club yet, they only allowed me going on NYE until Midnight, and then I had to go back home. When I was 14 I started going to the club and that was when everything started.

At what point in playing at your father’s club as a teenager did you really feel your ability to feel/play to the crowd solidifying?

I never thought about becoming a DJ, my dad told me to try it after I complained to him about the resident DJ, who was playing the same stuff every weekend. But when I started, everything made sense. I feel so blessed to have found something that I really loved to do when I was just 14 years old. I had some classes with one of the DJ’s from the club, and after a while I took over one of the floors at the club, it was for about 1000 people, I used to play from 00:00 to 7:00 am, I don’t remember feeling anxious or nervous at all, it was all so natural for me. In the beginning I was playing just Brazilian music, but after a while I got into underground electronic music and never looked back.

Did your background as a drummer and roots in Brazilian music drive you into your love of percussive, tech-driven sounds?

I wouldn’t call myself a drummer, I just took some classes when I was 17 years old, and I don’t even remember how to play anymore. Brazilian music is not my main influence, but for sure my music has something that comes from it, especially when we talk about groove.

What were some of the first thoughts and feelings going through your head when you played your first gig at age 14?

I really don’t remember my first gig, but I do remember my first official gig playing electronic music when I was 16 years old, it was in Rio de Janeiro, and I was playing after one of the most famous DJs in Brazil, I was so nervous! I knew I could do it, and I used to practice at home – in those days everybody used to play with vinyl – but I was nervous because I was playing after Mau Mau, and also the club didn’t have booth monitors. In the end I made a lot of mistakes, it was horrible, but nowadays I’m good friends with that DJ and we laugh about it, but it was not a nice debut for me.

Do you feel growing up in club scene gave you an edge when it came to making dance music your career?

I feel very blessed to have the opportunity of having grown up in all of this, I had all the gear available to practice, and I was also able to play for an audience before I was really ready or good enough, that helped me develop a good dance floor feeling and build some confidence for what was coming.

It was also great to be able to meet other experienced DJs so early on, and take on a lot of knowledge from them, especially musically, which enabled me to appreciate underground music from the very beginning

Tell us about moving to Barcelona – aside from it being your favorite city in Europe and allowing you an easier base for European touring, what has living in the city done creatively for you? Do you have more access to hardware, studios, other artists, etc that make it easier to create? Do you feel more inspired now that you’re living in an area with such a long and adored history with electronic music?

It’s been great living in Barcelona, it is such a great city, for me the best city in the world to live in. I actually don’t feel more inspired now that I am living there, but for sure changes are good for creativity. I do have more access to equipment now, in Brazil these things are super expensive, three or four times more expensive than Europe. Now that I am living here I buy new stuff constantly, and this is definitely helping with creativity and enhancing my sound, it has also helped to be more in touch with the music and culture than I was able to when living in Brazil. My kind of music at least, so the move has been great for my music and me.

You’re going on tour in America for the first time, finally. How does that feel for you, and what do you expect it to be like when you reach the states/what are you looking forward to most?

I always wanted to play in US, I am so excited it is finally happening, we booked some club nights on the tour and also 2 big festivals so I will have the whole experience of a selection of venues and crowds. I am very curious to see how the people are gonna react to my music.

You recently wrote a heart-warming Facebook post about how after so much stress and work, signing “Odd Concept” to Diynamic and its subsequent success shows that determination and hope could manifest into a positive reality. What are some other signs that have happened recently in your booming years of success that have indicated to you that you’re following the right path in life artistically, and career-wise?

Artists go through this stuff everyday, trying to sign their music to labels that they love, to give them some exposure, it is our daily life dealing with rejection, so it always happens, but I wanted to tell people about Odd Concept, because it was my most successful story. It got signed to one of the most wanted labels at the moment, but I had almost given up on it and put it in a file after a lot of initial rejection. If I had given up on it all together I wouldn’t probably be in this position right now, so I felt I should pass the message on because I am sure it would help somebody having doubts about their work, or having a hard time after too many “No’s” in their career.

ANNA’s new EP ‘Artha’ will be released on September 16. Pre-order it here.