Lapalux announces fourth studio album Amnioverse, shares single “Earth”

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Watch out, Marvel! There’s a new competitor in the realm of commercial media universes: a newly announced album from Lapalux—secret identity Stuart Howard—called Amnioverse! But this time, instead of dusty old superheroes and zero-stakes blockbuster action, the Essex-born producer is assembling mind-warping textures, collapsible beats, and liquid vibes like we’ve never seen before (fun!). The record is out November 8 through Brainfeeder.

Amnioverse—helpfully defined by Howard as “a sort of portmanteau of the amniotic sac and the universe” —is a follow-up to 2017’s Ruinism. Each track on the album is supposedly based on and/or built around snippets of spoken word taken from “friends, lovers, and ex partners.” (Now those are ensemble antics I can get behind!) JFDR and Lilia provide vocals for three of the songs on the record.

Listen to “Earth,” the first single from Amnioverse, below, and ride on those crystalline atmospherics into the neon sunset! Also check out the full tracklisting and pre-order the record here.

Amnioverse tracklisting:

01. Oblivion
02. Voltaic Acid
03. Momentine
04. Earth
05. Hellix
06. Thin Air feat. JFDR
07. Limb To Limb feat. Lilia
08. The Lux Quadrant feat. JFDR
09. Amnioverse
10. Esc

Salami Rose Joe Lewis readies new album, Zdenka 2080, on Brainfeeder

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When all the cool kids at the party are talking about rock or electronica, I always try to shift things to a little genre known as…jazz fusion. What usually follows is a clearing out of the conversation when I dig into the pros and cons of Weather Report vs. Mahavishnu Orchestra.

For those who would stick around and get giddy over a little jazz fusion shop talk, Bay Area resident Lindsay Olsen has much to contribute. Her latest under the Salami Rose Joe Louis moniker, Zdenka 2080, is a sci-fi themed, 22-track odyssey mining inspiration from “the realms of fantasy as a means of illuminating concepts and truths about our own society and humanity.”

The album, out August 30 via Brainfeeder, is up for pre-order in vinyl, CD, and digital editions. Scroll down to audibly peep the double single “Octagonal Room / Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing).”

Zdenka 2080 tracklisting:

01. Suddenly
02. Octagonal Room
03. She Wakes Up / First Dimension
04. Love the Sun
05. Cirrus Floccus / Second Dimension
06. Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing)
07. Nostalgic Montage
08. Meet Zee in 3-D / Third Dimension
09. Confessions of the Metropolis Spaceship
10. A Brief Intermission
11. Sitting with Thoughts
12. Earth Creature
13. Peculiar Machine / Fourth Dimension
14. Drifting
15. You Get Blue
16. Diatoms and Dinoflagellates / Fifth Dimension
17. Transformation of a Molecule / Sixth Dimension
18. The Artist / Seventh Dimension
19. Collision, Gravity, Time
20. Heads Turn to Paintings
21. Cosmic Dawn / Eighth Dimension
22. To Be Continued…

Ross From Friends announces ‘Epiphany’ EP, shares ‘The Revolution’ [Stream]

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Ross From Friends announces ‘Epiphany’ EP, shares ‘The Revolution’ [Stream]Rossfromfriends12

On August 16, Ross From Friends will be back on Brainfeeder with his newest EP, Epiphany. Ahead of the release, the trip-hop innovator – whose real name is Felix Clary Weatheral – has also shared a new single, “The Revolution.”

While Weatheral has made sparse, yet effective musical offerings over the past year or so, his proudest moment of 2018 was surely the release of his debut LP, Family Portrait, which also came out on Flying Lotus’ notorious imprint.

As the name suggests, the album was partially dedicated to his family. Epiphany will follow this trend as Weatheral claims the release is dedicated to his sister, whom he describes as one of his “most important role models.”

Weatheral has also cited his love of science fiction as a significant influence of the EP, specifically referencing movies like The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor, and Fifth Element:

“I wanted the release to play on the idea of a desolate physical and social landscape becoming a utopia from a communal epiphany.”

Sonically, both of these distinct descriptors are apparent on ‘The Revolution.’ With the solid foundation of dance grooves Weatheral has constructed over the years, warm mid-range vocal samples drive the first half of the track until the breakdown which leaves the listener with a warehouse ready club beat. Stream ‘The Revolution’ in full below.

RIP: Ras G, L.A. producer, DJ, and co-founder of Brainfeeder

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It is with great sadness to report that Ras G (Gregory Shorter) has died. The L.A. producer and DJ released music on such labels as LEAVING, Rump, and Brainfeeder, the latter of which he co-founded. RIP Ras G.

From LEAVING’s Twitter account:

Ross From Friends readies Epiphany 12-inch, shares entrancing new track “Revolution”

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Eclectic house music producer Ross From Friends — real name Felix Clary Weatherall — has announced a new 12-inch EP and shared one of its three bouncy electronic tracks. Epiphany, Weatherall’s first physical release since his 2018 debut full-length album, is coming out on August 16 via Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label.

If its predecessor Family Portrait was dedicated to the producer’s parents, Epiphany celebrates the EP’s namesake: Weatherall’s sister, and one of his biggest role models in life.

The EP’s three tracks, including soulful, hypnotizing “The Revolution”— which dropped yesterday — were also inspired by classic late-nineties science-fiction films The Thirteenth Floor, The Matrix, and Fifth Element. What sparked Weatherall’s interest was the movies’ portrayal of a “desolate physical and social landscape becoming a utopia from a communal epiphany – or revolution.”

Epiphany’s artwork was created by pro-skateboarding legend, artist, and entrepreneur Chad Muska. Pre-order the EP here, listen to “The Revolution” below, and check out Ross From Friends’ North-American tour dates after artwork and tracklisting.

Artwork: Chad Muska

Epiphany EP tracklisting:

01. Epiphany
02. The Revolution
03. Phantom Ratio
04. Epiphany (Edit)
05. The Revolution (Edit)

Ross From Friends tour dates:

9.19.19 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
9.20.19 – Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
9.21.19 – Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere
9.24.19 – Austin, TX – Empire Control Room
9.25.19 – Portland, OR – Doug Fir
9.26.19 – Seattle, WA – Neumos
9.27.19 – San Francisco, CA – 1015 Folsom
9.28.19 – San Diego, CA – CRSSD

Flying Lotus to score LeSean Thomas’ and Lakeith Stanfield’s new anime series ‘Yasuke’

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Flying Lotus to score LeSean Thomas’ and Lakeith Stanfield’s new anime series ‘Yasuke’Flying Lotus 3d Live

Flying Lotus has been recruited by Netflix to produce the score of Yasuke, and upcoming anime Netflix original series starring Lakeith Stanfield. Yasuke will be directed by LeSean Thomas, a man with an eclectic background in animated series having given the world The Boondocks and Black Dynamite. Thomas’ productions have had a consistent raw, humorous, and above all honest, focus on black life in America, successfully delivered through superb animation, mindful scrips, and exhilarating hype-inducing scores.

Yasuke will follow a former samurai who picks his sword up once again to protect a child from mysterious forces that want to see the innocent murdered. The ronin who will be voiced acted by Stanfield, of Atlanta and Sorry To Bother You fame, is based on an African samurai who formerly performed duties under the feudal lord Oda Nobunaga during the Sengoku period or the Warring States period in Japan which occurred between the 15th to 17th centuries.

Flying Lotus is sure to put his all into this series as the Brainfeeder head-honcho is also acting as an executive producer. FlyLo is also due to release a major multi-instrumental collaborative 10-year anniversary box set Brainfeeder X on Nov. 16.

Thundercat, FlyLo, and BADBADNOTGOOD team up for ‘King of the Hill’

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Thundercat, FlyLo, and BADBADNOTGOOD team up for ‘King of the Hill’Thundercat Cred Finbarr Webste

The much-anticipated Thundercat and BADBADNOTGOOD collaboration track “King of the Hill” has been released. The Flying Lotus-produced single has been on the radar since FlyLo’s label Brainfeeder announced their upcoming 10-year anniversary project, Brainfeeder X.

While Thundercat, FlyLo, and BADBADNOTGOOD all have impressive and unique discographies, “King of the Hill” proves to be a testament to the potential of collaboration. BADBADNOTGOOD’s arrangement is characteristically jazzy, meticulous, and tight, and Thundercat’s bass jams with the band while his angelic voice guides the message. While all this natural jamming is happening, leave it to FlyLo to come through with the production. The arrangement is flush and well-thought-out with interludes that create a sense of calm to take in the waves of funk. This is exactly what Brainfeeder and Brainfeeder X are all about, and nothing could convey that feel and that message than the song itself.

Photo credit: Finbarr Webste

FlyLo’s Brainfeeder celebrates 10th anniversary with new compilation

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FlyLo’s Brainfeeder celebrates 10th anniversary with new compilationFlying Lotus Brainfeeder Compilation

Over the past decade, Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder has consistently published a discography of experimental genre-defying music that genuinely challenged its listeners to grow and its artists to become household names. What better way to celebrate a perfect wave than to ride it? With the announcement of Brainfeeder X, it’s clear FlyLo plans to do just that.

The two-volume 36-track compilation is spliced between what has been and what will come to be. In volume one lives a homage to the label’s past decade with tracks from Taylor McFerrin, TOKiMONSTA, and Lapalux. Volume two boasts an even more contemporary sound through unreleased tracks from Thundercat featuring BADBADNOTGOOD, FlyLo with BUSDRIVER, Louis Cole, Taylor Graves, Ross from Friends and more. All in all, 22 of the 36 tracks are unreleased and are surefire sonic gold.

Brainfeeder X will be available November 16 digitally, as two CDs, and as a four-vinyl box set (expertly packaged by Charles Munka, who also designed the Brainfeeder logo). In tune with the theme of celebration and collaboration, there will be a Brainfeeder x London show on December 15. Flying Lotus and Thundercat are already on the lineup, but it’s guaranteed Brainfeeder won’t be pulling any punches with the artists and friends coming through. In veteran internet-age style, FlyLo also put out his remix of Brandon Coleman’s jam “Walk Free” to accompany the project’s release announcement, listen below.  

Brainfeeder Announces 10th Anniversary Comp With 22 Unreleased Tracks

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Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint has just announced its 10th anniversary compilation, Brainfeeder X, and shared the 36-track album’s lead single. Flying Lotus’ remix of Brainfeeder signee Brandon Coleman’s “Walk Free” puts a soft, jazzy beat behind the original’s Auto-Tuned vocals. More »

Music Review: Dorian Concept – The Nature of Imitation

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Dorian Concept

The Nature of Imitation

[Brainfeeder; 2018]

Rating: 3/5

Because the dynamics are obvious but the climaxes aren’t, it’s safe to say Oliver Johnson’s approach to pacing and arrangement is more tantric than hedonic. With The Nature of Imitation, Johnson’s latest release under the Dorian Concept name, the Austrian producer’s cyberfunk noodling is dizzying and mandarin, yet the payoff is often subdued or withheld. “E13” shifts, stutters, and glitches between immaculately produced dance synth lines, waxing and waning without ever finding a zenith. On album standout “J Buyers,” Johnson spends the first minute and 35 seconds on the song’s buildup; when the release comes, he’s still able to sustain that energy (replete with its own de/crescendos) for another three minutes. In short, he shows us what an id can do without submitting to it.

But that doesn’t mean the album tries to be didactic; it’s too eccentric for that. Even at its petulant nadirs like “A Mother’s Lament” and “Dishwater,” there’s an unassailable weirdness throughout: the lo-fi aesthetic of the former and the susurrus of feedback underpinning the latter. It sounds as if Johnson is trying to make a disruptive electronica record, one that invites us to dance while challenging us if we actually do.

On the whole, Imitation is self-consciously danceable and overconfidently messy. It’s restless music for restless people, and while it entertains plenty for stretches, it doesn’t quite hold the focus that a 40-minute collection of songs demands. Like so many artists of this stripe, Dorian Concept recognizes how deficient his audience’s attention is, but tests it all the same. And it’s admirable, to say the least.