Boys Noize & Virgil Abloh release exclusive vinyl-only ‘ORVNGE’ EP

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Following their early 2017 OFF-WHITE MAYDAY clothing collection, producer/creative designer Virgil Abloh recently joined up with Boys Noize for their first official single together, “Orvnge,” in January 2018. Whereas last spring’s joint clothing line launch relied on much of Abloh’s expertise in clothing design, this time around Boys Noize is showing the renowned designer his way around the music studio.

May 11 marks the first of Abloh’s official music releases in an exclusive, all-vinyl 12″ EP, ORVNGE, released via Ridha’s Boysnoize Records. Created in Ridha’s Berlin studio, the project features 3 original, highly-experimental tracks — “Sirene,” “??,” and the previously released leading single, “Orvnge” — that are as throughly crafted as they are playful, mischievous, and whimsically tongue-in-cheek.

The ORVNGE vinyl is available now only in all-vinyl record stores, via mail order, and at all Off-White stores. You can purchase the full EP here. No word yet on whether the EP will be released via digital retailers.

What are Lady Gaga and Boys Noize up to?

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God bless Twitter. It’s a lawless breeding ground for the Internet’s worst moments, but among many other uses, it has become a powerful vehicle for speedy, viral marketing grabs and not-so-subtle distribution channel for our favorite artists. Whatever Lady Gaga and Boys Noize are up to with the recent exchange of some very juicy tweets — we’re already salivating for more. In just three tantalizing sentences between them, the day’s reigning techno don and pop megastar respectively may have confirmed the collaboration we’re likely not yet worthy of.

“And it spit out beautiful weirdness afterwards.” 

Yes, of course it did, but what could this mean? Perhaps BNR‘s head honcho is writing a new track on Gaga’s next project? Is the Perfect Illusionvocalist lending her iconic vocals to a dark, industrial masterpiece? They each sound like a long shot, but the writing is on the Twitter wall for us to relentlessly pick apart. Who knows what came from Lady Gaga’s rather careless episode in Boys Noize’s studio? Whatever they’re up to, Lady Gaga and Boys Noize sound like a strange match made in electro heaven, and we’re already hooked.

RL Grime Drops Extended Version Of Boys Noize Collab at Coachella

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Even though it has taken what seems like a lifetime for RL Grime to drop his sophomore album, RL Grime’s ‘NOVA’ is still one of the finer trap albums ever to be released. During one of Apple’s recent ads, fans were quick to notice that the unreleased ID on the commercial just so happened to

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Boys Noize’s ‘Into The Dark’ Boiler Room set is here [WATCH]

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In an era of hyperbole, it’s always refreshing to bask in the aura of a true legend. Boys Noize fits that bill, and his latest mix for the inimitable Boiler Room series further solidifies his legendary status.

Dubbed his “Into The Dark” set, the mix is a particularly brooding brand of ominous acid and techno. While the mix is more than enough on its own, Boiler Room’s floor-level view of Boys Noize in the thick of a thoroughly amped up crowd only heightens the effect.

RL Grime x Boys Noize collaboration featured in new Apple commercial

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iMac pro commercial RL Grime

It’s been nearly a year since RL Grime began teasing his upcoming Nova LP, marking one of the most anticipated sophomore albums in the global EDM sphere since Disclosure‘s Caracal in 2015. Now, the illustrious trap pioneer has composed a collaboration with German genre bender, Boys Noize. The unreleased ID recently featured in Apple‘s newest iMac Pro commercial, along with a strong injection of psychedelic visuals.

Apple Features Unreleased RL Grime x Boys Noize Collaboration In New Ad [WATCH]

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It has taken what seems to be a lifetime for RL Grime’s sophomore album to hit the scene. ‘NOVA’ is easily one of the most highly anticipated works from any artist over the last several years. Luckily it appears that it’s release is now on the horizon. This week RL Grime announced the album is

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MUST LISTEN: Boys Noize unleashes the highly anticipated ‘Strictly Raw, Vol. 2’

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Boys Noize doesn’t disappoint. Hot off the heels of a vehement collaboration with architectural fashion auteur Virgil Abloh, he’s unleashed the highly anticipated Strictly Raw, Vol. 2.

Comprised of the German electro prodigy’s banging techno and electro marriage, and simplistic, suspense-ridden drums, the eight-track Strictly Raw, Vol. 2 is a gripping club detonator and a compelling follow-up to the original installment from 2015.

Brimming with standouts, Strictly Raw, Vol. 2 coalesces outright bouncy electro vibes, on tracks like “S&H Disco”  with heavier cuts like “Distort Me” and “Loaded,” making for a vehement club-ready collection.

As expected, Strictly Raw, Vol. 2 is no-nonsense, and while it’s a riveting reassurance to see that Boys Noize is back, it’s all the more exciting to see the producer in top form.

Claptone delivers dulcet ‘Final Credits’ on Pete Tong’s latest BBC Radio 1 broadcast [Stream]

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“Save the best for last” would be an apt expression when related to Pete Tong’s February 16 BBC Radio 1 broadcast. Tong’s episode brought a host of exclusive new releases straight to the speakers of streamers worldwide, spotlighting the latest singles from Dirty South, Sasha, Boys Noize, Offiah, CamelPhat, and more.

While the engrossing quality of Tong’s mix can be attributed to the profusion of new music that Tong masterfully blends to craft a galvanizing brand of house music infused with the energy of the weekend, the vivacity of the broadcast’s verve is also due in part to the broadcast’s special guest, Claptone.

On “Final Credits” duties for the evening, Claptone innervates listeners of Tong’s BBC Radio 1 broadcast in the show’s final minutes, selecting a series of enervating, mellifluous house records to characterize his “Final Credits” feature.

Touting the impending release of his second album, FANTAST, in June, Claptone states “I keep on touring, touring, touring, touring, I will be in your city, I promise” at the show’s end, foreshadowing a lively touring schedule to soon accompany the album’s release.

Pete Tong’s February 16 BBC Radio 1 broadcast can be streamed, here.

Virgil Alboh links with Boys Noize to deliver first official single, ‘Orvnge’

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boys-noize-virgil-alboh-orvnge-artwork (1)

Virgil Alboh‘s moonlighting around electronic music has finally culminated in his official debut release, and he’s found the perfect collaborator for his first dip into the production game. Following up on their early 2017 OFF-WHITE MAYDAY collection, Alboh rejoins with Boys Noize for “Orvnge” and where last spring’s joint clothing project relied on the renown designer’s expertise, this time around the ball is firmly in Boys Noize court. Together they proctor a suspenseful, minimal rave tool, clearly inspired by the pair’s complementary aesthetics. The Illinois-bred multi-creative explains the track was,

“Birthed out of mutual admiration of our points of views in music and art alike, we made a track to score the moment,”

His Berlin-based counterpart drives the point home, suggesting that the BNR and OFF-WHITE camps will continue to collaborate in the future,

“This first track of ours sums up that awesome vibe we’ve shared in my studio in Berlin. It’s a club banger sui generis. And it’s the beginning.”

Alboh’s penchant for where dark and industrial meet electronic music first came through in his 2014 live tour concept for Flosstradamus. Now Alboh is behind the console, and Boys Noize Records could be a fitting home label for future releases.

Take a Page from Boys Noize’s Playbook With Massive “Mayday” Sample Pack

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Ever wanted to make music like Boys Noize does? Now’s your chance!