Where Do We Go Now? Navigating The Crowded Field Of Music Festivals In 2018 And Beyond

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Coachella 2018Calling the state of the music festival market anything but saturated in 2018 would be either dishonest or disconnected. The optimistic would say the festival market is thriving and profitable enough to attract new entrepreneurs each year. The pessimist would call the festival scene a bloated, hyper-competitive wasteland. The truth is somewhere in between. More »

Watch Bon Iver And Moses Sumney Cover Sade At Bonnaroo

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Sade’s “By Your Side” is still having a moment as evidenced by the fact that Bon Iver invited Moses Sumney onstage to sing a cover of the song at Bonnaroo. Sumney was one of several guests Justin Vernon performed with at the festival. He played two sets on 6/9 and used the later one … More »

Four Bonnaroo medical staffers suffer carbon monoxide poisoning

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At a major event like Bonnaroo Festival, the safety of the attendees is usually the top priority of the medical staff. The paramedic team, who already had their hands full with 37 hospitalizations and one death at this year’s festival, were forced to look after their own, as four paramedics were hospitalized for exposure to carbon monoxide.

Due to a blocked exhaust pipe of a generator, the Bonnaroo staff’s recreational vehicle began to fill with toxic carbon monoxide gas. Fortunately, one of the paramedics awoke on Monday and was able to find help. Three members of the medical team were airlifted to a hospital while the other was taken to a nearby facility. The names and conditions of the paramedics remain unknown.

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Eminem Criticized For Using Gunshot Sound Effects At Bonnaroo

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EminemEminem is drawing criticism from festivalgoers who were frightened and upset over the rapper’s use of realistic gunshot sound effects during his headlining performance at Bonnaroo Saturday night (6/9). More »

Police Confirm First Death At Bonnaroo In 3 Years, No Foul Play Suspected

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Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is one of the largest music festivals in the United States. Even if a certain publication threw a bit of a hissy fit over the festival moving away from legacy acts as headliners, the Tennessee festival still remains widely popular. Over the weekend the festival sees close to 100,000 people

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Man Found Dead At Bonnaroo

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A man has died at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, having been found unresponsive Friday (June 8) morning in his car. According to festival organizers, patrons approached the medical team in the event site’s Plaza 6 camping area requesting medical assistance for a 35-year-old man. The medical team responded and founded … More »

BREAKING: Male festival-goer found dead at Bonnaroo

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Multiple news sources are reporting that one person has died at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. It’s the first death to occur at the four-day festival in three years.

The attendee’s body was discovered in the festival camping grounds between the hours of 10 and 11 a.m. June 8, according to local authorities. Lucky Knott, a spokesperson for the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office, said the only known detail of the deceased person’s identity is that he was male. The cause of death is still unknown, although foul play has not suspected, and an autopsy has been planned to determine the cause.

The investigation is still active and ongoing. DA will update this post as more news becomes available.


Bonnaroo announces free laundry service and vintage clothing swap

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One can’t expect to attend Bonnaroo and not get a little dirty. It’s a 4-day extravaganza in the outskirts of Manchester, Tennessee, where the hot June sun is only a small factor in a dirt-filled, potentially muddy environment…but that’s the fun of it right?

Well, attendees can prepare to have as much fun as they want without the worries of having to wear a soiled t-shirt from day 1, as the festival has announced a free laundry service and vintage clothing swap. The new addition — called the LaundROO Lounge — will be a 3,600 square-foot area in Centeroo where festival-goers can drop off dirty clothes and have them washed, dried, and folded for free.

Powered by LG Electronics, the site will also feature 2,500 pieces of vintage clothing (sourced from NY-based clothing shop, What Goes Around Comes Around), which attendees can choose from to trade for what they’re already wearing. The traded clothes will be washed and displayed for others to check out and potentially swap. Any unclaimed clothing will be donated to United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region.

Bonnaroo 2018 kicks off June 7 and features performances by Eminem, Alison Wonderland, Virtual Self, Bassnectar, The Killers, and more. Visit the official website for more info.

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Bonnaroo Offering Free Laundry Service

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Bonnaroo-mudYou no longer have any excuse for looking disgusting at Bonnaroo. The long-running festival — which is famous for its heat, its dust, and its mud — is coming to Manchester, Tennessee this weekend. It’s got a lineup that features acts like Eminem, the Killers, and Muse. But here’s something that’s potentially more exciting … More »

Beat drops & hook ups: new survey identifies the most ‘promiscuous’ music festivals

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A new survey conducted by Tickpick sought to evaluate the hookup culture of the festival scene, and as the findings indicate, it’s thriving.

Tickpick collected self-reported information from 1,050 people from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk about their sexual activity at music festivals. The statistics revealed 50.2% of festival goers to be open to a “weekend fling,” meaning that the odds of finding a temporary rave bae in the crowd are very likely to be in the favor of those seeking one. 33.6% of attendees reported having sex at a music festival.

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Camping festivals Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, and Burning Man ranked as the top three most popular music festivals for sex, with 30.2%, 27.3%, and 25.2% of ticket holders experiencing a sexual encounter at each event, respectively.

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Tickpick’s data determined Burning Man and Electric Forest to be the top two music festivals for oral sex, with 28.2% of Burning Man attendees engaging in oral activity, and 20.9% of Electric Forest attendees following suit. Electric Daisy Carnival came in third at 18.7%. 46.4% of festival goers stated that they’d had oral sex with someone they’d just met at one of the listed festivals.

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A daring 3.8% of survey participants said that they’d had sex in a festival dance tent. Surprisingly enough, a dance tent was the area that saw the least sex: port-a-potties saw comparatively more action, with 9.4% of attendees getting it on by the toilets. 15.3% reported doing so in a crowd, while 7.2% got hot and heavy backstage. The two most popular locations for festival sex were the tent, and the car.

As the survey identified, “face down a** up that’s the way we like to f*ck” isn’t just a favorite song to shout among festival crowds: doggy style turned out to be the most popular position of festival hookups, with 43.9% citing doggy style as their preferred festival position.

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