Ruston Kelly – “Dammit” (Blink-182 Cover)

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Ruston-KellyThis is going to be hard for a lot of people to accept, but Blink-182 are a canonical and important band. Sorry. That’s happening. It’s been 20 years since Enema Of The State, and a whole lot of the people currently making music grew up on the band. “Dammit,” Blink’s 1997 … More »

Tones And I Is Turning The World Into “Dance Monkey” Junkies

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Tones And IThis year has already given us one Kevin Garnett “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!” viral triumph by the name of Lil Nas X. You probably know that story by heart: A savvy young meme-maker who may or may not have built his online following by running a Nicki Minaj fan account heavily promotes his country-rap … More »

Blink-182 is back with poignant new LP, ‘NINE’ [Stream]

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Blink-182 is back with poignant new LP, ‘NINE’ [Stream]Blink 182

While blink-182‘s former guitarist, Tom DeLonge, has been sweeping headlines for his hand in validating UFO sightings, his former super-band is still churning out pop-punk anthems.

The notorious Californian Enema of the State ensemble recently released their second LP with Alkaline Trio guitarist, Matt Skiba, who replaced DeLonge in 2015. NINE embodies the band’s continued development in songwriting emphasis and mature themes taking the lead in the lyricism. The same angst-ridden lifeblood of the band is accounted for, but with tactful delivery to boot. The 16-track collection arrives via Columbia Records, following their 2016 LP, California.

The band has certainly experienced a staunch resurgence in the post-pop-punk landscape. The new blink bumps elbows with Steve Aoki and tours with Lil Wayne. Their tour concludes ever so fittingly this weekend on their home turf in San Diego.

Hear A “Creepy” Cover Of The Cars’ “Just What I Needed” Mark Hoppus Recorded For An Unnamed TV Show

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Mark HoppusMany musicians paid tribute to Ric Ocasek, who died at age 75 on Sunday, by sharing their memories and tales via social media of how the Cars frontman and celebrated producer had influenced them. Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus remembered Ocasek as well, but he did so by sharing a previously unheard cover of the … More »

Colleen Green – “Dammit,” “Waggy,” & “I’m Sorry” (Blink-182 Covers)

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Colleen-GreenIt has been a long, long time since Colleen Green made a new album. But that album, the 2015 stoner-pop insta-classic I Want To Grow Up, was so good that we will continue to patiently wait. Since 2015, Green has released a self-titled EP and an odds-and-ends collection, but … More »

Blink-182 to release new album Nine in month number nine, are probably Illuminati

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Blink-182 are releasing their eighth full-length album. It’s called Nine.

Why call their eighth album Nine? Well, if you add the eight from the band’s name to the two, you get ten, and if you subtract the one from that you get nine. Obviously.

Also, Nine is out September 20 via Columbia, and it includes 15 tracks.

Now, if you subtract the number of albums Blink-182 has released (NOT including Nine) from the number of tracks (15) on Nine, you get seven. Add seven to the number of tracks, however, and you get 22.

If you divide 182 by nine, you get 22.2 with a repeating decimal. Round that down, and you have 22 twice. (This is where it gets interesting, folks.) What’s 22 twice? 44? No! Too easy! 22 twice is four twos—that’s what’s important.

If you add four twos you have eight. So: we’ve got seven, then eight, and what comes after eight? Nine!

And finally, Nine will feature previously released tracks “Happy Days,” “Generational Divide,” and “Blame It On My Youth,” as well as the newly released Blink bop “Darkside.”

If you were to add up all of the (non-bonus) tracks of all of Blink-182’s albums (including Nine), you get 111 (assuming I didn’t fuck up the math), which is three digits. If you add the three ones in 111 up, you get three. Three times three? You guessed it: NINE.

The only alternative explanation is to conclude that the Blink boys simply aren’t very good at math, and we all know that’s just what they want you to think.

Preorder nine copies of Nine here.

Nine tracklisting:

01. The First Time
02. Happy Days
03. Heaven
04. Darkside
05. Blame It On My Youth
06. Generational Divide
07. Run Away
08. Black Rain
09. I Really Wish I Hated You
10. Pin the Grenade
11. No Heart To Speak Of
12. Ransom
13. On Some Emo Shit
14. Hungover You
15. Remember To Forget Me

Lil Wayne Cuts Set Short, Threatens To Quit Blink-182 Tour

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Lil-Wayne-and-Blink-182Two months ago, Blink-182 and Lil Wayne announced that they would spend their summer on a co-headlining tour across North America, a trek that seemed like it could unite all of the continent’s aging skate-rats into one euphoric whole. (They even shared a new remix of “A Milli” to celebrate the announcement, and … More »

03 Greedo & Travis Barker – “Cellout”

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Travis-Barker-and-03-Greedo-Meet-The-DrummersLast year, the bugged-out LA rap stylist 03 Greedo began a 20-year prison sentence for meth and firearm possession. But in the days before his prison sentence started, Greedo recorded a herculean amount of music with a series of different collaborators. While he’s been in prison, Greedo has released the Porter2GrapeMore »

Blink-182 – “Happy Days”

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Blink-182Blink-182 are busy. This summer, they’re heading out on a huge co-headlining tour with Lil Wayne. Every night on tour, they’ll play Enemy Of The State — the arguably classic, inarguably massive album that just turned 20 — in full every night. But they’ll have new songs to play, … More »

Blink-182 – “Generational Divide” Video

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Blink-182-Generational-DivideRemember when Blink-182 were a punk band? Blink-182 do! In the late ’90s, Blink were an ideal gateway drug, a way for millions of TRL-watching kids to learn about they joys of breakneck tempos and triumphantly brick-stupid hooks. And these days, the band is celebrating that history. This summer they’re heading out onMore »