The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

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st82videoSomeone dropped a masterpiece this week. The race for best music video of 2017 may already be over, like that time when Animal Collective dropped Merriweather Post Pavilion at the top of 2009 and we already knew that every last publication would put it at the top of the year-end lists. There were many good … More »

Bishop Briggs’ Dark Pop Shines on ‘Be Your Love’ [Stream]

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There’s something about Bishop Briggs’ music. If you haven’t heard Sarah McLaughlin yet, she’s been slowly dropping singles since 2015 (under the name Briggs and then Bishop Briggs), when her soulful voice was discovered at a local bar in Los Angeles. In every song, the beats are forceful, stunning the listener with each overwhelming punch. She’s raw, gritty and emotional, but at the same time, powerful and steady. And every lyric is intentional. In her latest release, “Be Your Love,” she seamlessly transitions from impassioned affirmations of love to softer, more intimate moments. But one thing is clear; she refuses to give up or let go as the tide rises and falls.

Bishop Briggs Brings the Mercy with New Track ‘Pray (Empty Gun)’ [Stream]

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Consider yourself warned: Bishop Briggs has done it again. The explosive songstress, who currently resides in LA, has just released yet another extremely addictive track. She’s somehow able to turn gospel music into hardcore electronic indie rock jams, and did exactly that with “Pray (Empty Gun).” The song begins slow and swaying, then slides into a roaring chorus that showcases Briggs’ booming vocals. The intro of the track fits in nicely as the prologue to a story about awareness and pity.

She starts by telling the frustratingly compassionate story of giving an undeserving certain someone one too many chances — “I’ve given you damn near every chance to make it possible, have it all, but all you do is build a wall of fears and drown us in your tears” – before reeling the listeners into the surging chorus. With each repeat of the chorus, Briggs blends recognition with mercy as she tells whoever did her wrong, “When my heart’s an empty gun, I’ll pray.” Stream above and let Briggs’ perfectly raw voice tell you the story of love lost and loss forgiven.

Bishop Briggs Will Lead You Into a Haunting, Emotional State [Stream]

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Bishop Briggs’ latest single, “The Way I Do,” transforms disappointment and despair into a chilling, gothic track, featuring a swaying beat and throaty vocals that echo the lyrical anguish: “You will never know this love/Will never know this pain/Never know the way I feel for you.” The track features a muted humming that reiterates over and over throughout its entirety, set against an incessant, rhythmic drumbeat. Each downbeat is like a pang to the heart, a perfect blow delivered with the aid of Briggs’ gorgeously raw voice.

Née Sarah Grace McLaughlin, Briggs, who was born in London and moved to Japan at age four, began her career singing in Tokyo karaoke bars, subsequently moving to Hong Kong, and now LA. And while listening to her music feels a bit like entering a haunted house of emotion, it’s one I’ll happily trot into. Let the haunting begin.