Watch Big Thief’s Stunning Performance Of “Not” On Colbert

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Big-Thief-on-ColbertWhat a time to be Big Thief. Today, the New York band releases Two Hands, their second frankly amazing album of 2019. (The first was U.F.O.F.) At this point, they’re basically the best indie rock band currently working, and it would be contrarian to try to argue for anyone else. To … More »

Premature Evaluation: Big Thief Two Hands

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Big-Thief-Two-HandsFor a band whose most affecting moments are often gentle meditations or rock songs on the more elusive end of the spectrum, Big Thief sure know how to take a year by storm. Back in May, they released their third album U.F.O.F.. It was met with immediate acclaim from fans and critics alike; … More »

Big Thief – “Forgotten Eyes”

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Next week, Big Thief are releasing Two Hands, the band’s second album of the year following May’s U.F.O.F. They’ve only shared one single from it so far, “Not,” and today the band is back with another track, “Forgotten Eyes.” … More »

Big Thief’s Big Year

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I am trying very hard to make this orange look like an orange. But after trying my best to bring my illustration of Adrianne Lenker’s snack to three-dimensional justice, I must concede that I have inadvertently drawn the sort of bowel movement that should make one hurriedly call their doctor. More »

Big Thief take over the rest of 2019 with another new album, Two Hands, lead single “Not”

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I’ve always said, “Why limit yourself to a single selection of five fingers and a palm when you could simply double-fist the year of 2019?” I say this because I assume this is the question Big Thief asked themselves when they decided one year-defining album wasn’t enough for them in 2019 — like an unquenchable college student unaware of their tolerance limit, they wanted more. Hence Two Hands, the record to complete the set, out October 11 on 4AD.

But wait a minute; weren’t we all just listening to the hottest album on the block, U.F.O.F.? Well, don’t worry! All that diligent research will come in handy because Two Hands is being billed as something of a “sister album,” if you will — an “earth twin” to its “celestial twin,” a soil sample to its moon rock sample. Recorded near El Paso, the record “grounds itself on dried-out, cracked desert dirt.” According to voice mystic Adrianne Lenker, “Two Hands has the songs that I’m the most proud of; I can imagine myself singing them when I’m old. Musically and lyrically, you can’t break it down much further than this. It’s already bare-bones.”

But why wait for the desert to sweep you up in the howling whirlwind of its margins? You can get dusted by the arid power of lead single “Not” now; listen below.

And while you’re ingratiating yourself to the gods of the barren wastes down there, check out the full tracklisting and, hey, pre-order the record here (you won’t need all that green anymore, anyway).

The sounds of Two Hands clapping:

01. Rock And Sing
02. Forgotten Eyes
03. The Toy
04. Two Hands
05. Those Girls
06. Shoulders
07. Not
08. Wolf
09. Replaced
10. Cut My Hair

Big Thief – “Not”

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Big Thief - Two HandsBig Thief blew a lot of listeners’ minds with this year’s supernaturally beautiful U.F.O.F., and recently they blew a few more minds by mailing fans a surprise 7″ with two new songs. Well, get ready to have your mind blown yet again, if you have any mind left to blow: This … More »

Hear 2 New Big Thief Songs From Surprise 7″ Fans Received In The Mail

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Big ThiefAbout a week ago, fans who purchased Big Thief’s spectral, spectacular U.F.O.F. — which soared to precipitous heights on our list of 2019’s best albums so far — began receiving unmarked 7″ records in the mail. Various Reddit threads and a Discogs post documented the … More »

Album Of The Week: Big Thief U.F.O.F.

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Big Thief named their debut album Masterpiece. For a relatively unknown band at the time, that title set a lofty precedent. There was something almost sarcastic about it, as if the folk-rock quartet decided to present this project to the world knowing full well that it might not find big success, but naming it as … More »

Big Thief – “UFOF”

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Big ThiefBig Thief’s last album, Capacity, was released in 2017, but its members have kept plenty busy since then. Last year, they put out a 30-minute sound collage called Wide Winged Bird, and band leader Adrianne Lenker released a solo full-length, Abysskiss, as did guitarist Buck Meek. Today, … More »

Adrianne Lenker – “From”

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Adrianne LenkerLast week, we sat down with Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker for a mystical, soul-bearing conversation about leaning into the unknown and grasping at intangible feelings and truths on her forthcoming solo album, abysskiss. The album comes out on Friday, and we’ve already heard two striking advance singles, “More »