Limited edition calendar centers on Berlin’s famous techno clubs

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Limited edition calendar centers on Berlin’s famous techno clubsBerghain Club

A new limited edition calendar extends immortality to some of Berlin’s now defunct but nevertheless celebrated techno clubs. Entitled “Places 2019: Berliner Cluborte der Vergangenheit,” the calendar spans the last three decades in its reflection on the landmark techno clubs that contributed to the rise of the genre in the world’s techno capital. “Places 2019” features illustrations of closed iconic Berlin venues like Bunker, Tresor, Exit, and Stattbad Wedding, done by German artist Tine Fetz.

Berlin residents can purchase a copy of the calendar at the Archiv der Jugendkulturen at Fidicinstraße 3 in Schöneberg. Those who live elsewhere can still obtain one of the exclusive calendars by emailing, but with just 250 total copies on sale, tech lovers who hope to live out the year through a techno-inflected lens will want to act quickly.

H/T: DJ Mag

German teen arrested for plot to attack gay nightclub

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German teen arrested for plot to attack gay nightclubGay Club

A teenager in Germany has been arrested for suspicion of planning an Islamist extremist attack on a gay night club and a Catholic church. Frankfurt prosecutor spokesman Sinan Akdogan confirmed the arrest of an unnamed 17-year old in connection to the plan set for September 1, where thereafter a judge ordered the suspect to be held in custody further for planning the serious act of violence. According to US-provided intelligence provided to Hesse state police, the teenager had obtained instructions on how to make explosives, as well as ordered chemicals online. While the intended locations of the thwarted attacks has been kept secret along with the suspect’s identity, the investigation continues to be ongoing.

H/T: NY Post

Demonstrators used techno to drown out far-right rallies in Berlin

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The power of techno may have been used for its greatest good yet, as recent rallies in Berlin found far-right protestors thwarted by club beats as they marched through the capital. The self-proclaimed anti-immigrant, anti-Islam political party Alternative for Germany won its first seats in parliament last year, and the recent march marks the first public show of strength by the far-right group since it became the largest opposition to Chancellor Angela Merkel. Luckily AfD was met by the resistance of thousands of counter-protestors including a union of different advocacy groups, civil and student organizations, as well as political parties, lead by an alliance of over 100 clubs from across Berlin.

Packing the River Spree with boats and floats as well as a caravan of DJ-equipped trucks in the streets, Berlin’s legendary club circuit came together to “bass away” the far-right, drowning out “we are the people” calls with proper warehouse fare and “the whole of Berlin is against the AfD” chants. Counter-demonstrators waved rainbow flags, touting signs with messages like, “no to racism” and “No dance floors of Nazis.” A joint statement from the coalition of clubs reads,

“The Berlin club culture is everything that Nazis are not. We are progressive, queer, feminist, anti-racist, inclusive, colorful and we have unicorns.”

Thousands of counter-protestors reportedly joined in the action and police were deployed to keep the demonstrations peaceful. Berlin reportedly deployed 2,000 officers and eventually closed bridges across the city to section off protests throughout the weekend. Don’t make us deploy the unicorns, Nazis. We won’t hesitate to use them.

Featured Image: DPA

Get a look at Thom Yorke’s 360° audiovisual art installation, ‘City Rats’ [Watch]

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Thom Yorke has transferred his talents to audiovisual art.

Entitled “City Rats,” Yorke’s audiovisual art installation is a collaboration with composer Tarik Barri, and will open in Berlin on April 21. Yorke and Barri designed “City Rats” for the ISM Hexadrome, a structure outfitted with 54 speakers and six screens, and located in Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau museum.

The art installation will depict sounds as objects in 3D space. Fans can get a glimpse of the 360° project ahead of its Berlin debut via an exclusive preview that demonstrates how the installation works.

H/T: Mixmag

Jimmy Edgar to release unknown electro artist’s tapes as an Ultramajic EP

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Berlin’s Ultramajic record label is set to release a rare collection of late-90’s electro tracks from an unknown Detroit artist named Ashtar Lavanda.

Not much is known about Ashtar Lavanda, whose tapes Jimmy Edgar — the founder of the label —  found after receiving a tip about a storage unit being auctioned off in East Detroit that contained boxed techno artifacts.

Ashtar’s Lavanda’s tapes boast a jaw-dropping Detroit electro exudence from an artist who is believed to have never released any music under the moniker, comparable to acts like AUX88, Ectomorph, and more, according to Edgar.

Edgar’s discovery has consequently led to a present-day six-track release — the artist’s first EP, aptly titled Unsolved Mysteries via Ultramajic — and will also include continued releases to honor the artist’s work.

“I just wanted to see my music on The New Dance Show, I wanted to hear it on 97.9FM but I didn’t have the hustle to get the music out there”, Lavanda said when speaking about his long lost tapes. Despite Lavanda’s doubts, Edgar believes Ashtar Lavanda will soon be revered as “one of the true pioneers in late 90s Detroit Electro alongside artists such as AUX88, Ectomorph, Dopplereffekt, and Drexciya.”

1. Opulence
2. Moth
3. Rozwell
4. Gratior Shake
5. Unsolved Mysteries
6. Marfa Lights

Ultramajic will release Ashtar Lavanda’s Unsolved Mysteries on February 9.

H/T: Mixmag


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Berlin government set to invest in protection of nightclubs

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The Berlin government has pledged to invest €1 million in sound protection for various nightclubs throughout its city limits, according to Berlin based publication Tagesspiegel. The announcement comes in light of recent complaints from city residents about noise generated at large scale nightclubs.

Around 170 Berlin nightclub locations were forced to shut down from 2011 to 2015. Typically, when residents complain to city officials, the officials err on the side of caution, favoring residents over nightclub owners.

Now, Berlin’s city officials are taking preemptive measures to effectively soundproof its nightclubs, thereby mediating the concerns of residents and club owners.

The recent investment will fund renovations such as the placement of sound absorbing installations in venues, noise barriers in outdoor areas, and soundproofing the windows of local residents.

“The club culture has given Berlin so much that the city now has to save the clubs,” says Georg Kössler, club spokesman for the Green Group, who helped to arbitrate the funding approval.

How the money will be distributed is still unclear, but Tagesspiegel reports that a possible reference model would be the Hamburg model: wherein a charitable club foundation allocates funds as they see fit.

H/T: Mixmag

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This artist has created a Berghain-scented fragrance

Berlin?s Iconic Berghain Announces Epic Line up for a 60 Hour NYE Extravaganza

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The techno mecca of the world in Berlin is all set to host a whooping 60 hour event to bring in 2018 in style!

New techno nightclub to open this November in Berlin

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Berlin based and Berlin bound techno enthusiasts alike ought to be uttering a resounding “techyes!”

Further cementing Berlin’s reputation as the “techno capital of the world” is the city’s announcement of a new nightclub exclusively dedicated to the genre. Dubbed “OST,” the 600-capacity techno hub is slated to open for its inaugural evening of production on Saturday, November 4. While OST has yet to release a list of artists set to appear over the coming months, John Osborn, Vakula, LA-4A, an Jennifer Touch will take the decks to deliver the club’s first performances on November 4.

Appropriately situated on the eastern edge of Friedrichshain, OST derives its name from the German word for “east.”  Those interested in attending OST’s launch party can visit the venue’s Facebook page here for event updates.

H/T: DJ Mag

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Techno officially declared high culture in Berlin

This artist has created a Berghain-scented fragrance

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There are many reasons eager patrons hope to be admitted in the doors of Berlin’s infamous techno-utopia, Berghain. Obviously, there’s the music, the dancing, and the sweet satisfaction of making it inside the hardest club to get into in the world. But one artist went to Berghain with a goal we’re sure is unique to her and her alone.

35-year-old Isabel Lewis is a dancer, artist, and DJ. Now based in Berlin, the artist looked to the smells of the techno mecca for a new perfume.

“You can smell 30 years of partying coming from the downstairs, you’re smelling huge waves of smoke, you’re smelling the spilled alcohol on the floor, body sweat, hairspray, cheap cologne,” Lewis told i-D Magazine in an interview.

Lewis concocted her club-scented fragrance alongside Norwegian chemist and artist Sissel Tolaas, who operates a lab in Berlin. The two of them combined what they believed best mimicked Berghain’s pungent aroma. Lewis is using it in her “Occasion” event performances to “bring awareness back to your own sensory perception and thus your own body.” The use of smell is intended to engage Lewis’s audiences fully and physically in the moment. She doesn’t want viewers to merely watch her performances, or witness from a distance, she wants them to be involved in the energy of the room and to become part of the work.

“The strongest note is probably male body sweat,” Lewis said of the fragrance, “And it has these other notes of perfume, cologne, alcohol, burnt tobacco. It’s a very earthy, heavy, pungent smell. Pleasantness is not what we’re going for.”

H/T: Mixmag

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Red Bull returns to Berlin for their 2018 Music Academy workshop

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The Red Bull Music Academy has announced its return for 2018. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Academy is bringing the workshop back to its homegrown roots in Berlin. For those unfamiliar with the event, RBMA serves as a platform that allows aspiring artists to create a mark in the musical landscape that has taken over the world. The workshop features studio sessions, seminars and lectures, and many more curated events throughout the month-long course.

Applications for those interested in partaking opened yesterday, June 15, and are set to close on September 4. Those intrigued by the workshop must submit an original 30 minute mix of music through the online application, or by sending in a physical CD.

The Academy provides the following statement regarding its mission:

“The Red Bull Music Academy is a global music institution committed to fostering creativity in music. We celebrate music, its culture, and the transformative minds behind it. Begun in 1998, the Academy has taken the core principles that underlie its annual workshop for selected participants and applied this curatorial approach to events, lectures, and city-wide festivals throughout the year.”

The RBMA Class of 2016 has created a compilation of tunes from those who partook in the Academy in Montréal last year.

Via: FACT, Red Bull Music Academy

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