Clipping. – “La Mala Ordina” (Feat. The Rita, Benny The Butcher, & Elcamino)

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ClippingExperimental noise-rap trio Clipping. love to play around with the tropes and conventions of their genre. And on their upcoming album There Existed An Addiction To Blood, their latest playground is horrorcore, the transgressive mid-’90s subgrenre pionereed by artists like Gravediggaz and Brotha Lynch Hung. More »

The Wu-Tang Clan’s New Hulu Show Is Beautiful Mythmaking

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Wu-Tang-An-American-SagaThere are many, many reasons why I love rap music. One of those reasons, I have learned, is this: At a young and formative age, I had my mind blown by superhero comics. Many rappers — most of the best rappers — present themselves as flesh-and-blood superheroes. (In this, rappers are like action-movie stars or … More »

Benny The Butcher & Mach-Hommy, Keepers Of The East Coast Flame

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Benny-The-ButcherBuffalo is not New York City. It’s nowhere near New York City. It’s not even coastal. Buffalo is closer to Toronto or Cleveland than it is to NYC. And yet Buffalo is, at present, cranking out some of the best New York rap in recent memory. In the past few years, Westside Gunn and Conway, … More »

Stream Benny The Butcher’s The Plugs I Met EP

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Benny-The-Butcher-The-Plugs-I-MetFor the past few years, the Buffalo rapper Benny The Butcher (formerly just Benny) has been building a name for himself, releasing mixtapes and dropping ridiculously hard guest verses on tracks from fellow Buffalo rappers Westside Gunn and Conway. And now, like Westside Gunn and Conway before him, Benny is breaking out, making music that … More »

♫ Listen: Benny The Butcher – A FRIEND OF OURS

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Sometimes when stressed, I like to think about how I’ll be dead at some point and won’t have to deal with stuff anymore. It’s a morbid, Tony Soprano kind of way of thinking, but it seems to help!

Speaking of Mr. Soprano, there he is on the cover of this new Benny The Butcher EP, A FRIEND OF OURS. And he’s WITH his friends! Neat!

Speaking of Mr. The Butcher, Benny will coke-rap his way right into your heart if you’re unfamiliar with the Buffalo MC. Don’t believe me? Just press play and be transformed to a land of powder residue and secrecy; of linguistic acrobatics and grimy beats. Go ahead and do it!!

A FRIEND OF OURS by benny the butcher