The 200 Best Songs Of The 2010s

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When this decade began, MP3s still reigned supreme. Now, at the end of it, a song is no longer even a file — it’s ephemera, on every streaming service and available to hear in myriad ways. For better and worse, the song (and the single) have become the norm for the general public’s music consumption. More »

The 100 Best Albums Of The 2010s

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The 100 Best Albums Of The 2010sA decade is an arbitrary measurement. They seem confined, these neat little symmetrical 10-year runs, but it’s only in hindsight that we define them, that their signifiers and trends and shorthand become codified. In reality, there are bleeds, the timbre and events of one chunk of time sliding over the border into another. If you’re … More »

Sunday Morning Medicine Vol. 170, featuring Bob Moses, Kasbo, Hot Chip, and more

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Sunday Morning Medicine Vol. 170, featuring Bob Moses, Kasbo, Hot Chip, and moreSMM 2400

Sunday Morning Medicine is a feature from Dancing Astronaut’s Bella Bagshaw, dedicated to the mellower side of electronic music. She brings you her favorite therapeutic selections—old and new—in attempts to alleviate the often agonizing effects of a long weekend of partying.

Bob Moses has that rare amorphous sound that makes listeners want to dance, cry, and wonder all at once—which is oddly perfect for Sunday morning restlessness. “Enough To Believe” will surely offer its consumers bouts of all three.

Beach House singer, Victoria Legrand may be a jack of almost all trades, but she’s certainly a master of one: dispelling end-of-weekend woes with her dream-pop croons.

One of the earliest San Holo-sponsored bitbird offerings, Kasbo‘s “Found You” is a like a one-way flight to the sonic heavens—expedited.

Taken straight from Hot Chip‘s latest LP of the same name, “A Bath Full of Ecstasy” is an indie dance track in the iridescent, off-kilter vein Hot Chip has remained renowned for throughout their tenure in the studio. The track’s whimsical guitar strums and quixotic vocals catapult a sea of swimming colors through the listener’s unsuspecting psyche: a paragon hangover cure, if one ever existed.

ALT:Vision’s Laxcity is all too adept in the art of chill-out. Taken straight from his brand new EP, “Refined” is the nuanced, sonic equivalent of letting your hair down and getting lost inside some sunny Sunday musings.

Just Like Heaven: Thoughts From The Ground At The Blog-Rock Nostalgia Festival

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Woodstock 50 is imploding before our eyes, but the latest attempt to harvest summer of ’69 nostalgia was always going to be a gamble. Obtaining proper licensure in an upstate New York nature reserve and coordinating hundreds of the biggest acts of the past century is probably a logistical and financial nightmare, and … More »

Beach House announce 2019 shows in support 7 (Sesame Street refuses to co-sponsor)

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Beach House have made a career out of releasing similar-sounding albums; but subtle differences add individual appeal to each of the duo’s seven albums since 2006, and my colleague Mr. Neale recently highlighted something that tends to ring true when you dig into the background of their latest: 7 is arguably Beach House’s most realized album following years of pretty and meticulous flower-arranging. Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally did without a true producer during the atypically lengthy recording process, and they also indulged to their heart’s content when it came to the instrumentation. Prior concerns about live replication were also reportedly fleeting this go ‘round, which seemed to have a liberating effect.

Except…no, wait, REALLY, though: what about that live replication?!

Some might argue that Beach House already assuaged that concern by virtue of their lengthy international tour last year, but still others (who refuse to identify themselves) insist that even more tour dates are needed to ensure 7’s in-person transferability. They’re a strange, mysterious, very handsome, and unusually demanding bunch. And with an unusual amount of sway.

Check out the dates below. Lots of back-to-back shows!

Beach House getaway 2019:

03.06.19 – Adelaide, Australia – RCC Fringe – University of Adelaide
03.08.19 – Melbourne, Australia – Forum Melbourne
03.09.19 – Victoria, Australia – Golden Plains Festival
03.11.19 – Auckland, New Zealand – Town Hall
04.30.19 – San Luis Obispo, CA – Madonna Inn
05.03.19 – Long Beach, CA – Just Like Heaven Festival (Sold Out)
05.04.19 – Long Beach, CA – Just Like Heaven Festival (Sold Out)
05.08.19 – Seattle, WA – The Moore Theatre
05.09.19 – Seattle, WA – The Moore Theatre
05.24.19 – Madrid, Spain – Tomavista Festival
05.26.19 – London, UK – All Points East Festival
06.09.19 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Steel
06.10.19 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Steel
06.11.19 – Baltimore, MD – Hippodrome
06.14.19 – Manchester, TN – Bonnaroo
08.09.19 – Waynesville, OH – Bellwether Music Festival
08.10.19 – Waynesville, OH – Bellwether Music Festival

Dark Was The Night Turns 10

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Dark-Was-The-NightIndie had a big year in 2009. As the first decade of the century drew to a close, there was a slew of major releases from the genre’s dominant, or very-soon-to-be-dominant, names. The year kicked off with Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion, still regarded as their masterpiece and a pivotal indie release overall. More »

8 Memorable Daniel Johnston Covers For Austin’s Inaugural Hi, How Are You Day

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In the 2005 documentary The Devil And Daniel Johnston, Jeff Tartakov — who founded Stress Records in order to help Johnston mass-release his tapes — stated that he set up his publishing company because “I felt like for him to actually make a living, he would be better off if other, more well-known artists were … More »

Sunday Morning Medicine Vol 154, with Beach House, Pretty Lights, Phantogram, + more

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Sunday Morning Medicine Vol 154, with Beach House, Pretty Lights, Phantogram, + moreSMM 2400

Lido‘s rendition of Bill Withers’s timeless ballad, “Ain’t No Sunshine” is a warm brush with daylight you won’t dare deplore—no matter how nasty the hangover this Sunday. The Norwegian experimentalist’s raindrop plucks and redemptive synth stabs effortlessly usher in residual weekend splendor.

This wavy Beach House B-side is a Sunday morning must. Victoria Legrand is here to sagely remind us to find “perfection in the accident,” with hazy, rolling chord progression and vapory vocals for the ultimate Sunday subterfuge.

This velvety Future Classic Chrome Sparks offering, “The Meaning Of Love” is a like quixotic trip through the most delicious technicolor clouds. Sparks’s cosmic analog synths furrow and float atop lush, deliberate percussion as our worries of the week begin to dissipate.

The sultan of sampling, aka Pretty Lights, has the sublime synth loops to rectify your most raucous inner voices. Borrowing from a sultry ’70s soul track from La’Fez, Pretty Lights conceives a celestial requiem for your weekend.

From their most recent album, Phantogram‘s “Cruel World” is the ideal vessel for vanquishing Sunday stress of the most pesky existential variety. As the band’s frontwoman, Sarah Barthel, so starkly points out, life can be quite cacophonous; but with a spectral duo like them around, your Sunday playlist doesn’t have to be.


The Chainsmokers whip up Thanksgiving mix for BBC Radio 1

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The Chainsmokers whip up Thanksgiving mix for BBC Radio 1Chainsmokers Australia Adelaide Show 0139 Med

After a glistening halftime performance during the Nov 19 Monday Night Football game, the release of their latest track, “Beach House,” and their announcement of a forthcoming feature film that will provide a cinematic component for their 2017 single, “Paris,” it’s clear that The Chainsmokers have been hustling this year.

Yet, if there’s anything that the “Closer” hit-makers have learned in their time in the mainstream spotlight, it’s how to keep their momentum going at a steady and unimpeded pace. In the midst of their many musical engagements, The Chainsmokers still found time to cook up a Thanksgiving mix, just in time for the holiday.

As many prepared to pass the turkey and the stuffing, those who craved something new from The Chainsmokers would find their appetites satiated in the DJ duo’s debut mix on Annie Nightingale‘s BBC Radio 1 show early on Thanksgiving morning. A “hardcore” showing, in Alex Pall’s own words, the Thanksgiving mix melds cuts from The Chainsmokers’s catalogue with other electronic selections. The Chainsmokers alluded to a stockpile of impending new music during their guest appearance the BBC Radio 1 episode—news that won’t shock any Chainsmokers fans, given that the pair’s next album, Sick Boy, is slated to drop March 2019.

Listen to the mix, here.


The Chainsmokers Have A New Song About Listening To Beach House

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The ChainsmokersWe here at Stereogum love Beach House. The Baltimore dream-pop duo’s latest album, 7, was our #1 Album Of The Year So Far. You know who else likes Beach House? EDM-pop duo the Chainsmokers. You know how we know that? ‘Cus they wrote a whole song about it! Yes, the Chainsmokers’ … More »