Billboard reveals top-performing electronic/dance releases of the decade

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Billboard reveals top-performing electronic/dance releases of the decadeAvicii Live With Guitar

It’s one thing for a DJ to hit a home run with a timely placed solo single, but according to Billboard’s Electronic/Dance charts of the decade, it’s the collaborations that hit the grand slams over the course of the 2010s.

In fact, the list’s top five slots are comprised entirely of collaborative singles. Landing on the list are The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, whose cushy, melodic “Something Just Like This” reigned supreme for 25 weeks at the No. 1 spot in 2017, with ZEDD, Maren Morris, and Grey earning a stop in the top ten with everyone’s guilty pleasure “The Middle.” The late Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” which features the uncredited vocals of Aloe Blacc and Major Lazer’s joint with DJ Snake “Lean On” round out the decade’s top tunes, painting a vibrant picture of what’s delivered the heat in the 2010s.

In the scope of full-length LPs, it was Lady Gaga who took gold, as her debut LP, The Fame, logged a total of 62 weeks at the top of the charts during the 2010s. Daft Punk’s decade-blurring Random Access Memories and David Guetta’s Nothing But The Beat took the two and three spots, arguing that traditional DJs are capable of more than hit single after hit single.

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Avicii-inspired video game gains a release date

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Avicii-inspired video game gains a release dateAvicii True Stories Documentary Limited Theatrical Run

A video game commemorating Avicii‘s inexorable contributions to electronic music, AVICII Invector, will officially see release December 10 through XBOX One and PC. Shortly thereafter, the game will be available for PlayStation 4 and in physical formats. 25% of the game sale profits will go to the Tim Bergling Foundation, erected in the late, great producer’s honor. Founded by Avicii’s parents, the charity strives to raise awareness about mental illness and advocate for suicide prevention.

AVICII Invector challenges players to complete an intergalactic journey, offering gamers a choice between single and multiplayer mode, as well as three different difficulty levels. Notably and appropriately, AVICII Invector will be sound tracked by 25 standout songs from the producer’s lengthy list of originals, such as the Usher-assisted “Without You” and Avicii’s iconic “Levels.”

AVICII Invector will follow an Avicii tribute concert to be held at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden on December 5.

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Avicii’s father speaks on camera for first time since son’s death

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Avicii’s father speaks on camera for first time since son’s deathEEIc8QDVAAEn5ID

While Avicii’s untimely death sent tremors throughout the entire music industry in April of 2018, an individual among those who undoubtedly felt the loss most poignantly is his father, Klas Bergling. Earlier this year, he appeared as a guest speaker at IMS Ibiza, where he gave insight into the focus behind the Tim Bergling Foundation, founded by the Bergling family themselves, erected to bring awareness to a number of mental health topics like suicide prevention.

In a recently aired CBS News special segment, labeled “Stop the Stigma: A Conversation About Mental Health,” Klas Bergling appears for his first-ever live camera interview since losing his son nearly a year and a half prior.

In the piece, Klas emphasizes that he wanted Avicii to be remembered as a good human with a good heart. In Avicii’s 2017 documentary, True Stories, the landmark Swedish producer was more than open in speaking on his chronic and pervasive battle with anxiety, which began in his teenage years, preceding severe bouts of depression and cycles of addiction as a response.

Klas, within the episode, touches on the fact that Avicii’s passion towards DJing manifested into a burden once he began appearing at more than 250 shows in a single calendar year: an improbable feat for any touring musician. When he quit the DJ lifestyle to focus on music in 2018, his family believed that he was on a path to permanent stability. Naturally, his death came as an unfathomable “shock.”

Klas states that the ultimate goal behind the Tim Bergling Foundation is to dispel “the stigma away from talking about mental illness and suicide. We hope we can be a voice through Tim, because Tim has so many millions of fans.”

On December 5, an Avicii tribute concert will be held in the artist’s hometown of Stockholm, Sweden, featuring 19 of his original collaborators, a 30-piece band and performances from the likes of David Guetta, Kygo, Laidback Luke, and more.

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‘Avicii Invector’ rhythm game will be released on all gaming platforms

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‘Avicii Invector’ rhythm game will be released on all gaming platformsAvicii True Stories Documentary Limited Theatrical Run

A rhythm game inspired by Avicii that’s based around his music will now be released on all major gaming platforms, including Nintendo Switch. Similar to other interactive, instrumental-based games like Guitar Hero, etc, Avicii Invector offers “a fast-paced rhythm experience which fuses Avicii’s trademark brand of uplifting EDM music coupled with serene visualscapes.” Those playing it will be able to craft their own tunes using stems inspired by the late Swedish producer, in six different “worlds.”

To honor his legacy, the companies behind Avicii Invector co-creators—Hello There Games and Wired Productions—will be funneling a portion of its royalties into the Tim Bergling Foundation. The Foundation was created by Avicii’s estate after his death to help bring awareness to mental health and provide resources to those suffering and in need.

Avicii Invector was originally released on PS4 only under a slightly different name, and will now be re-released for the platform under the updated name along with added content. This new version will also be released on Xbox One, PC, and the aforementioned Nintendo Switch later in 2019.

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Avicii honored as a wax figure at Madame Tussauds in New York City

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Avicii honored as a wax figure at Madame Tussauds in New York CityAvicii At MTNY Astrid Stawiarz Getty Images For Madame Tussauds New York 2019 Billboard 1548

Avicii‘s influence on dance music culture is unending.

For years, Avicii (Tim Bergling) defined the electronic music scene. From his enormous festival bookings to his subtle swagger that landed him a place in the Tommy Hilfiger catalog. One look and one listen to Bergling told observers everything they needed to know about EDM: the good, and the bad. Throughout those years, Bergling experienced both with austere sincerity.

Bergling’s death shook not just the electronic music world, not just the music world—but the world. His suicide opened a worldwide forum to discuss mental health in entertainment. Since then, he has been honored in a plethora of different ways including numerous posthumous releases, documentaries offering a glimpse into his life, and most recently, a wax replica of his likeness featured at the legendary Madame Tussauds museum in New York City.

“We are always looking to create those celebrities who have made a significant impact on their field, and I think that it’s easy to see that Avicii is one of the most iconic musicians of our generation,” says Tom Middleton, general manager of Madame Tussauds NY. “For us, it was the perfect opportunity in conjunction with his family to really celebrate his life and his career and allow guests to relive some of this icon’s most notable performances.”

To create the figure, specialists from Madame Tussauds had to watch a surfeit of footage to get every detail right while truly capturing the level of positivity he emanated to crowds night after night. They even received input from Bergling’s parents, Klas Bergling and Anki Lidén.

Bergling’s figure will be on display at Madame Tussauds beginning October 8 in the music room of the museum. Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Usher, and Johnny Cash are just a few other prominent figures in that incisive room.

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Aloe Blacc dedicates song to Avicii on collaborator’s 30th birthday

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Aloe Blacc dedicates song to Avicii on collaborator’s 30th birthdayAloe Blacc Avicii

Since the untimely passing of Swedish superstar Avicii, the flood of tributes to the late DJ continue to pervade the electronic landscape in all forms and from all individuals. Now, in dedication to what would have been Avicii’s 30th birthday, Aloe Blacc has announced the release of his new song “Things You Left Behind.”

Blacc took to Instagram to post a clip of the new track and an emotional excerpt in remembrance of his co-star. The singer most notably lent his voice to one of Avicii’s biggest hits ,”Wake Me Up.” They reunited on Avicii’s first posthumous track “SOS” from the producer’s posthumous album TIM.

The “Wake Me Up” vocalist imparted heartfelt advice he learned from his close collaborator in regards to art and taking risks.

“As an artist, if ever you feel nervous about something, it’s better to take the risk than to regret it. When we created “Wake Me Up” there was no blueprint for the combination of sounds and no example of success to rely on.”

The Avicii Tribute Concert for Mental Health Awareness will take place on December 5th and feature performances from Avicii’s artist friends including David Guetta, Kygo, Nicky Romero, and many more. Find more information here.

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Today would have been Tim Bergling’s 30th birthday. The news of his passing stunned me as it did all who were moved by his music and I am terribly sad that he is no longer with us. When I heard he was gone my heart immediately went out to his family and the words to this song came to me. I had only spent moments on stage and in the studio with him, but his family had spent years watching him grow. As a father of two young children myself I couldn’t imagine the tragedy of living beyond them and having to gather the things they have left behind. I thought I would take today, Tim’s birthday, to remember and to share what I learned about art from him. Take the risk. As an artist, if ever you feel nervous about something, it’s better to take the risk than to regret it. When we created “Wake Me Up” there was no blueprint for the combination of sounds and no example of success to rely on. Lead rather than follow. Mavericks don’t follow trends, they create them. Tim reminded me of what I learned so well in my experience during the golden era of Hip Hop, which is to create your own style. When others begin to use your style, just keep it fresh and switch it up. Be brave and bold. I know Tim was way more comfortable in the studio than in most other places that music took him. But he learned to step out and embrace millions of fans with his live performances. I imagine the most fearful performance would have been the debut of the music from TRUE at Ultra. He was nervous, but he did it anyway. While other performers had the usual lasers, pyro and girls in bikinis, Tim shared the stage with musicians and singers that helped him craft a groundbreaking album. Ignore outside opinions. Criticisms are everywhere and they are increasingly negative rather than constructive. It’s important to listen to your inner voice and have confidence in the art you create. The few trusted voices in your inner circle can be helpful, but when it comes to art, always trust your gut over others. Ultimately, the integrity in a work of art lies with the creator and no one else. The most important thing I think I learned from working with Tim was to embrace collaboration. Rest in peace, Tim

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The Highwomen Are The Country Supergroup This Moment Demands

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THE HIGHWOMENA widely publicized study this year confirmed what anyone paying attention to the industry has long known: Country music is a boys’ club. Back in April, USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative published its study No Country For Female Artists: Artist & Songwriter Gender On Popular Country Charts From 2014 To 2018, which found that … More »

Kygo, David Guetta, and more slated for Avicii tribute concert

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Kygo, David Guetta, and more slated for Avicii tribute concertUnnamed 1

As the gargantuan hole in the electronic bedrock that is Avicii‘s death remains audibly agape, plans to honor him on behalf of his most ardent artist friends and collaborators are underway.

On December 5, 19 Avicii collaborators, a 30-part band, and some of the Swedish superstar’s most auspicious companions, like David Guetta, Nicky Romero, and Kygo, will coalesce at Stockholm’s Friends Arena to honor their fallen friend in performing a two-hour orison of his greatest hits. Organizers of the affair, which is to be sponsored by the recently established Tim Bergling Foundation, will be distributing the entirety of the net profits to a number of organizations that direct efforts towards mental health and suicide prevention. The eminent menagerie of vocal collaborators already locked in to perform include Aloe Blacc, Adam Lambert, and Rita Ora, just to name a few. More artists will be added to the lineup in coming months.

“Tim had plans for his music to be performed together with a large live band, and now we are realizing his dream and giving fans a chance to experience his music in this unique way,” said Klas Bergling, Avicii’s father, via a recent press release.

Tickets to the Avicii Tribute Concert for Mental Health Awareness go on sale September 5, at 10:00 am CET.  For more information about artists added to the lineup, check here. Ticket sales will go live here.

Kygo, David Guetta, and more slated for Avicii tribute concertUnnamed 2

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David Guetta and MORTEN remix Avicii’s ‘Heaven’

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David Guetta and MORTEN remix Avicii’s ‘Heaven’David Guetta

Avicii’s posthumous Tim project has received remix work from Laidback Luke, Tiësto, and now, David Guetta and MORTEN have taken on a rework of the popular antithetic “Heaven,” featuring Coldplay’s Chris Martin. While keeping the memorable melodic structure in place, the edit plays with the arrangement, curating a harder-hitting electro house EDM build with a sharper kick after the drop for a bigger festival feel. The remix debuted at Ultra Music Festival this year. 

This was obviously a special remix for Guetta, as the two worked closely together in the past, collaborating on the instantly recognizable “Sunshine” melody and sharing many of the biggest stages in the world. The French DJ expressed his gratitude to Avicii’s family and on the idea of a remix for his friend. 

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Tomorrowland Weekend Two recap: Armin van Buuren, DJ Snake, Don Diablo and More

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Tomorrowland Weekend Two recap: Armin van Buuren, DJ Snake, Don Diablo and More67666033 10156870334899177 5641950949346902016 O

Tomorrowland Weekend Two was nothing short of remarkable, closing out their 2019 installment with some ground-breaking highlights. Attendees saw a revamp of the 2012 Book Of Wisdom theme on the main stage, trance-god Armin van Buuren performed two sets on two different stages, including his 15-year tributary performance, Nicky Romero honored his longtime friend, Avicii, and more.

For those who weren’t able to experience the event’s 15th anniversary, Dancing Astronaut has compiled some of the key performances throughout the second weekend’s entirety, including sets from DJ Snake, The Chainsmokers, Martin Solveig, and Laidback Luke. Stream the full live sets below and check out the Weekend One recap here.