New Music Friday: Zedd, Sia, David Guetta, Afrojack, Tiesto, Autograf

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It’s Friday, January 26th and that means all new music for this week’s New EDM This Week playlist from yours truly. With a handful of new singles, EPs, remix EPs, and full-length albums, all of the new music this week is overwhelming to say the least. With 231 new songs on this week’s playlist, you’ll

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Autograf, Klingande & Dragonette – Hope For Tomorrow

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Autograf, Klingande, and Dragonette emerge as the exemplar of an electronic trifecta on “Hope For Tomorrow,” a single that delves into the deep end of the ‘tonal pool.’

Marked by low tones that make for a brooding aesthetic, plunging piano notes strike a harmony with the track’s moody and similarly low pitched vocal. “Hope For Tomorrow” exudes a drama of elemental arrangement that is fashioned in part by the single’s synth work, the grating synths affecting an edginess that duly demands acknowledgment, and enraptures.

Autograf flip Nirvana classic in mellifluous ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ rework

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A standout of any rock catalogue, Nirvana’s iconic alt jam “Smells Like Teen Spirit” represents a formidable challenge to any intended remixer, yet Autograf rise to the occasion, producing a stripped down re-imagination of the track that is barely recognizable when compared to the gritty original.

Autograf handle the remake with dexterity, substituting the song’s raucous guitar and vocal elements for a minimalistic vocal supplied by Queen Sessi, overlaid atop a melodious and transformative collection of tempered synths. The remix hits a number of sweet sonic spots, the silken structuring of the track signifying that the production all-stars reserved what is irrefutably one of their most masterful releases for a strong end of year finish.



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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 15

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA music editor and staff writer Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Since they’re on tour together, it was only a matter of time until we got some form of a San Holo/Just A Gent collaboration. Australian producer Just A Gent has flipped San Holo and James Vincent McMorrow‘s “The Future” into some unclassifiable futuristic (appropriate, right?) bass madness. He’s classified his flip as “newskool trap,” and as always, his sound design is top-of-the-line. Read more about his creative process in our interview with him earlier this week.

It had been 10 months since Irish producer Murtagh had uploaded any new music… until eight-minute “Pressure” hit his SoundCloud profile on Nov. 14 and refreshed his fans on his style — which, by the way, has changed drastically. “Pressure” is vastly different from the release before it, “Synapse,” which the producer attributes to honing his style and realizing the kind of music he wanted to produce. “The new music will be more focussed than what I have released to date,” he explains. If what’s coming is anything like the cinematic, bass-heavy journey of “Pressure,” I’m looking forward to it.

Autograf‘s “You Might Be” was enchanting in its original form: a picture-perfect hopeful song about the possibility of new love. Seven months after its initial release, MICA has put out his own rendition of the track. He’s turned it into something even more moving, including emotional soundbites from The Perks of Being A Wallflower and The Spectacular Now to complement the slow-paced remix he’s crafted. Its dreamy, spacey feel brings out the passion behind the track, and it’s entrancing.

Remember “Smooth” by Santana and Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas? It came out in 1999 on Santana’s Supernatural album and was a huge hit, winning three Grammys and charting across the globe. When a modernized remix of it appeared on Bishu‘s SoundCloud, I was promptly carted off to my childhood — this time experiencing the song in a whole different light. Bishu’s remix plays up the Latin flair of the track and adds components of contemporary dance music, making it fresh while still hitting the nostalgia factor.

Ever since his incredible covers of George Michael‘s “Careless Whisper” and Alex Clare‘s “Too Close,” I’ve kept an eye out for new material from Prismo. His latest single, “Pretty Stranger,” surfaced on Nov. 10 and has remained in my music rotation this whole week. With its catchy vocals, lighthearted melody and a bouncing beat, he’s once again hit the mark.

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Halsey – Bad At Love (Autograf Remix)

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Acclaimed trio Autograf has dropped a slow burning remix of Halsey‘s hit, “Bad At Love.” The Chicago-based producers’ dreamy take on the piece features a playful melody contrasted by a deep, fluttering bass line. The artists’ place different layers of Halsey’s flawless vocals together effortlessly, creating a heavenly texture complimented by harp samples.

Autograf has garnered support for their cosmic style incorporating futuristic elements and alluring melodies. Their last original, “Sleepless In NYC” showcased a harmonic medley of bright synths, colorful vocals, and rumbling bass. With Autograf’s latest, the trio flaunts their production skill by creating an otherworldly remix, infused with stylistic aspects unique to their sound.

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Autograf – Sleepless in NYC (Original Mix)

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Autograf have released a new single on Armada named “Sleepless in NYC.” The groovy tune is downtempo, contrasting with the upbeat-sounding title of “Sleepless In NYC.” Smooth vocals lead into the drop, which has a cheery, catchy vibe despite its chill 100 BPM.

The Chicago trio is known for performing live with instruments and creating their own visuals. “Sleepless in NYC” is a track certainly worth listening to live with its stunning vocals and instrumental infusion.

Catch them performing at the Electronic Music Awards next week.

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The trio is back with yet another banger. Hear it out for yourself!

Post Malone – Congratulations (Autograf Remix)

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Autograf have had a fairly busy festival season, performing at a whole host of venues around the world and releasing fresh music — including a fairly recent remix of Lukas Graham’s ‘You’re Not There’— along the way.

The group’s latest musical endeavor comes in the form of fresh rework of Post Malone’s viral hit track, ‘Congratulations.’ Driven by powerful beats and Post Malone’s hypnotic vocals, this supremely groovy track initially started off as a live edit before Autograf decided to release a studio version by popular demand. The track additionally features the same production maturity that characterizes most of the group’s remixes, while also containing plenty of energetic house undertones that make it ideal for a club setting.


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Autograf – You Might Be (Syence Remix) [Free Download]

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As one of the latest of a growing host of artists to rethink Autograf’s recent track “You Might Be,” Syence had their work cut out for them to separate themselves from the crowd. The duo from California succeed in that end, delivering the melodic and harmonic depth and immaculate production quality for they are starting to become known.

Most facets of their usual sound are back in full force, such as the pleasant piano in the breaks, the tuned vocal chops in the drop, and the general arrangement. However, the synth design in all of the drops and the funky phased guitar in the last drop, although subtle, are different enough to bring about a fresh energy to this remix.

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Autograf- You Might Be ft Lils (Goldfish Remix)

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South African duo Goldfish have put their unique, funky spin on Autograf’s latest single,”You Might Be”, featuring Lils on vocals.

Though a collision of two such talented artists can often result in one overshadowing the other, this track clearly features the distinct energy of both Goldfish and Autograf in equal measure. With thick, uplifting synths and Goldfish’s trademark jazzy style, this “You Might Be” remix conjures images of dance parties in the sand.

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