Lost Frequencies talks sophomore LP, ‘Alive And Feeling Fine’ [Q&A]

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Lost Frequencies talks sophomore LP, ‘Alive And Feeling Fine’ [Q&A]Lost Frequencies Ais 205

Bearing the name Alive And Feeling Fine, Lost Frequencies‘ sophomore album expanded the producer’s sound across double discs, and catalyzed the launch of a cross-city tour of the same name. As Lost Frequencies’ activity would suggest, it’s safe to say that “feeling fine” would be somewhat of an understatement for the Armada Music signee, as he looks back on a year that was rife with career invigorating advances.

Lost Frequencies caught up with Dancing Astronaut to reflect on the making of his extensive second studio outing, Alive And Feeling Fine.

Congrats on the release of your sophomore album, Alive And Feeling Fine! What did you learn during the making of your debut album, 2016’s Less Is More, that you hoped to reflect on/bring to this one?

Thank you! I learnt a lot about trusting the process and the artists and producers I collaborated with. Sometimes tracks can start with one idea and the finished result could be something completely different, and that’s OK! I hope Alive And Feeling Fine brings joy and positivity to all who listen. I also wanted the album to show how much I’ve grown as an artist between experimenting with more styles and genres, but I want it to still sound like a Lost Frequencies record.

Do you feel that your sound has changed in the time between Less Is More and Alive And Feeling Fine? If so, why, and to what would you attribute this change?

I don’t think it’s hugely changed, but I hope my fans can sense the developments in my sound; I still love producing house music, working with vocalists, and making tracks with an indie feel, and I wanted to push what I wanted these genres to be, [which is why some might have] a more country or rock feel, for example.

Is there a song on the album that you’d say was experimental for you?

I think “Lost Like Us” with Throttle and Kyla La Grange. We really went deeper and almost progressive with that track, but it was also very emotional with Kyla’s vocal. I always find working with other producers and collaborators to be a great opportunity to challenge myself and really push out of my comfort zone. I’m very pleased with the track.

The vocals on “Sweet Dreams” aren’t just from any featured artist—they’re from your girlfriend. How did the idea to have her sing on the track come about and how did she react when you asked her to do so? 

We prefer to keep our relationship personal, so we have never worked on anything together before! She’s a really good singer and I just thought she’d be the perfect fit for “Sweet Dreams.” She was super excited and I’m really proud of the result! 

The new album will be accompanied by the Alive And Feeling Fine tour will notably be your very first live tour. How has the planning of and preparation for this tour differed from others that you’ve plotted in the past given the live format of the tour?

It’s been a lot tougher, but that is the importance of rehearsals! We have a live ensemble which is something I’ve always wanted to do, adding live drums to really elevate tracks, bringing in vocalists on the tour for example. If I’m playing a Lost Frequencies set, I can arrive as a one man show, but as you can imagine, when there are a lot of people and instruments and teams involved, it can take a lot of logistic planning.

I’m really proud of the show we’ve created. The US leg went very well, we sold out New York, which was an amazing feeling and we had European dates on the calendar as well. We even had to add an extra show due to the demand, which is crazy! Thank you to all the fans who have come out and partied with us; I hope you have enjoyed our live takes!

Armin van Buuren releases club mix of standout single ‘Unlove You’ with Ne-Yo

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Armin van Buuren releases club mix of standout single ‘Unlove You’ with Ne-YoArminvanBuuren MiamiDag4 BartHeemskerk 111 Socials

Earlier this year, Armin van Buuren released his seventh studio album, Balance, perfectly showcasing the diversity in sound that fans can expect to hear from the producer today. Whether it’s progressive trance or radio crossover tracks, among other genres, Balance has it.

One of the featured singles on the album is Armin’s collaborative effort with Ne-Yo, titled “Unlove you.” The producer has now put out his own club mix of the single. The original version of “Unlove You” features dance-pop crossover production elements that let Ne-Yo’s vocals shine through as the real allure of the single. Van Buuren’s club mix sees the producer enlist pulsing synths and a completely transformed backdrop that’s as polarizing as Ne-Yo’s vocals themselves. It is the perfect spin on the release to make the track festival- and club-ready, guaranteed to appeal to van Buuren’s trance-loving fan base.

“Unlove You” was recently remixed by Nicky Romero, and it’s likely fans can expect additional remixes and renditions of the single. Van Buuren’s club mix of the single is out now via Armada Music.

Photo credit: Bart Heemskerk

GATTÜSO remixes Mark Sixma’s ‘Million Miles’

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GATTÜSO remixes Mark Sixma’s ‘Million Miles’Gattuso Press Shot

GATTÜSO and Mark Sixma have exchanged remix duties with GATTÜSO’s new spin on Sixma’s “Million Miles.” Sixma recently put his spin on GATTÜSO’s “When In Rome,” and the artists both prove their styles are complementary on the remixes.

In the remix of “Million Miles,” the vocals still serve as a centerpiece of the introduction, carrying the listener to a heightened drop, courtesy of GATTÜSO. The drop is electrified with upbeat and feel-good progressive house notes that take the track to the next level. Remixes often times repurpose radio-friendly singles to live performance pieces, and GATTÜSO retains the nature of the original track while giving it the edge it needs to be performed on a main stage.

The Israeli-born, US-based artist speaks on his remix in an official release, stating, “‘Million Miles’ caught my ear right away – a beautiful vocal hook that sets up Mark’s original melodic progressive drop perfectly. It sounded like a classic to me. I had a feeling we could do some really awesome stuff together, and I’m excited to see that our first remix collaborations are getting a warm reception. Mark and his team are amazing to work with and we are already talking about what’s coming next. Stay tuned.”

In just under a year, GATTÜSO has seen his music rack up more than 40 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music combined.

His remix of “Million Miles” is out now via Armada Music.

Don Diablo teams up with Brando for reflective single, ‘Congratulations’

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Don Diablo teams up with Brando for reflective single, ‘Congratulations’MILLER PARTY By Marko Edge 50

Don Diablo has crafted a guaranteed dancefloor hit in “Congratulations.” The single features “Body” by Loud Luxury vocalist Brando.

“Congratulations” is a new sound for Diablo, which sees him err in a melodic direction that’s markedly more mellow than his usual aesthetic. The change of pace is welcome, and he still manages to master making an infectious track with the capability of becoming a true radio hit. Brando’s vocals are distinctive and pave the way for sunny synth progressions to shine through over the course of the single.

Diablo speaks on the track in an official release, stating, “I wrote ‘Congratulations’ in a moment of reflection while I was recording parts of my upcoming Forever album in Los Angeles. Most of my life, I have been working every single day towards an invisible goal that sometimes seems unreachable. There are days when nothing you do seems good enough and the weight on your shoulders gets heavier and heavier.”

He Continues, “Sometimes you need to look at your life from a helicopter view so you can see all the amazing things that have happened in your past. It will make you enjoy your future even more. This song is about congratulating yourself, which, in essence, in something you should be doing as often as you can. I am super excited I got to work on the song with the supremely talented Brando, whose vocals are the perfect fit for the story I wanted to tell.”

Brando is not stopping with Loud Luxury and Don Diablo. He currently has new music in the pipeline with Matoma and BRKLYN respectively, so electronic music fans can expect to hear more from the vocalist in the year to come. “Congratulations” is out now via Armada Music.

Photo Credit Marko-Edge

Andrew Rayel to host Find Your Harmony showcase in Brooklyn

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Andrew Rayel to host Find Your Harmony showcase in BrooklynImage001

In February 2020, listeners can “find their harmony” alongside Andrew Rayel at the inHARMONY label head’s Brooklyn showcase. Find Your Harmony will unite Alpha 9, Ben Nicky, Fatum, and Matt Medved under Avant Garder’s roof for an evening of electronic diversion on Feb. 28.

The Find Your Harmony affair builds on Rayel’s recent production of a stage by the same name at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas‘ 2019 iteration, which hosted performances from Cosmic GateMark Sixma, Space Corps, David Gravell, Leil, MaRLo, Ruben De Ronde, Andrew Bayer, and Rayel himself.

In addition to the first-ever stage takeover at EDC Las Vegas, Rayel’s Find Your Harmony brand also includes a radio show. Find Your Harmony titularly borrows from Rayel’s inHARMONY imprint, established in September 2017 in conjunction with Armada Music.

Tickets to Find Your Harmony are on sale now and can be purchased here.

Read Dancing Astronaut‘s interview with Andrew Rayel on growing inHARMONY and the seminal Find Your Harmony stage takeover, here.

Andrew Rayel to host Find Your Harmony showcase in BrooklynAndrew Rayel IG SQUARE

Autograf share kinetic lead single, ‘Ain’t Deep Enough,’ from forthcoming LP

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Autograf share kinetic lead single, ‘Ain’t Deep Enough,’ from forthcoming LPPress Photo Autograf

In June of 2019, Autograf closed a three-year hiatus from EP production with Love & Retrograde. Now, the irresistible pull of the release ring draws Autograf back, and they don’t show up empty handed. Cue “Ain’t Deep Enough,” a kinetic, house-centric new single that marries the vocal silk of featured artist, Jared Lee, with mellifluous instrumentation. “Ain’t Deep Enough” is not a one-off effort.

Defined by its piano backbone, the track offers a preliminary preview of the sound that will span Autograf’s incoming debut album, The Ace Of You. It’s a polished record that embodies the sanguine, soulful spirit that has long colored classically stylized house cuts, “an exhilarating new beginning,” Autograf exclusively told Dancing Astronaut.

This album represents a new chapter for us…new beginnings are always exciting because anything is still possible.  There’s so much to explore and discover. This first single and album is exactly that for us

-Autograf to Dancing Astronaut

Conceptually, “Ain’t Deep Enough” fondly explores the romantic tug of a new relationship and the blazing desire to get closer in the curious, early stages. This focus extends beyond lyrical sentiment to the single’s artwork, the Two of Cups tarot card, which symbolizes new relationships, Autograf explained.

“Ain’t Deep Enough” is out now via Armada Music, marking Autograf’s return to the esteemed imprint. In the past, Autograf set some of their career-building momentum into motion with Armada, releasing time-honored favorites such as “Sleepless in NYC” and “Nobody Knows.” The Ace Of You is slated to transition out of Autograf’s studio and into streamers’ speakers in 2020.

Armin van Buuren’s 7th studio album heeds its name: ‘Balance’ [Album Review]

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Armin van Buuren’s 7th studio album heeds its name: ‘Balance’ [Album Review]ArminvanBuuren MiamiDag4 BartHeemskerk 11 Socials

Seven is widely heralded to be among the luckiest of numbers, but luck really has nothing to do with the release of Armin van Buuren‘s seventh studio album, Balance.

Rather, Balance emblematizes the artistic diligence that has ceaselessly driven the van Buuren project forward since the producer made his debut, 76, in 2003. A producer does not put forth seven incisive studio albums by resting on his laurels, after all, and van Buuren has never been known to do so. The trail of Balance predecessors, Shivers (2005), Imagine (2008), Mirage (2010), Intense (2013), and Embrace (2015) are ample proof of van Buuren’s exhaustive commitment to the electronic craft. Moons Of Jupiter (2019), his longtime collaborative effort, GAIA’s inaugural longform outing, adds good measure.

Balance is four months Moons Of Jupiter’s junior, and, sitting at 28 total tracks, the compilation album is a formidable followup to van Buuren’s June effort alongside GAIA partner, Benno de Goeij. Moons Of Jupiter‘s track list comprises 42 cuts. The sheer expanse of the album would typically warrant a sizable break for van Buuren longer than four months well-deserved, and perhaps even expected. Not so, he says, with the debut of Balance, and to that we say to trance’s tried-and-true trance champion, welcome back.

The dexterity of van Buuren’s production, paired with his acute ear for the radio-driven commercial dance sound that befits the airwaves and the Main Stage alike have never been more apparent before Balance. Neatly packaged along other subgenre canvassing, the Ne-Yo-assisted “Unlove You” and the David Hodges feature, “Waking Up With You” exude van Buuren’s affinity for the larger-than-life dance-pop dominion.

And with the same stroke of his pen, van Buuren effortlessly turns the musical tables with inclusions that scale trance’s stylistic continuum, such as “Don’t Let Me Go,” which situates van Buuren in his beloved progressive trance wheelhouse. He’s comfortable there—of course. But our faithful maestro recognizes the reward in stretching towards the unknown. The delight of Balance is the question that it begs: does van Buuren even have a sonic comfort zone anymore? If he does, it’s nearly impossible to discern along the chromatic length of the LP’s nuanced numbers. From the funky plucks and whistling vocoder of “Sex, Love & Water” to the porcelain piano melodies and synth-line ferocity of “Show Me Love,” van Buuren is proving he trembles at the foot of no aural opportunity.

Creating ‘Balance’ was a great journey for me to be able to reflect the new chapters in my life, have a really good time working with legendary artists, and making new sounds while still giving fans my signature trance sound.


Balance, as just one singular stream of the album in its entirety will illuminate the veracity of its title—not just in name, but in its design. With its broad assembly of dance styles, anthemic chord progressions, vocal-centric constructions, and ear-catching lyrical concepts and hooks, that, across the studio showing, resonate poignantly or spike listeners’ adrenaline (often both successively), depending on the tune, among other trappings. Balance is proof not only of van Buuren’s creativity, but also of his experimental ardor.

Listeners can catch van Buuren on the North American Balance Tour beginning January 22.

Read Dancing Astronaut’s interview with Armin van Buuren on the release of GAIA’s Moons Of Jupiter album, here.

Photo credit: Bart Heemskerk

Armin van Buuren releases sixth single from forthcoming album, ‘All Comes Down,’ featuring Cimo Fränkel

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Armin van Buuren releases sixth single from forthcoming album, ‘All Comes Down,’ featuring Cimo FränkelArminvanBuuren MiamiDag4 BartHeemskerk 111 Socials

Armin van Buuren can’t stay out of the headlines with a stream of single releases ahead of his first album release since 2015 and seventh album overall. The compilation, which is titled Balance, will be released in full on Oct. 25, and the producer has put out the next single from the album, “All Comes Down.” The track features Cimo Fränkel, whose vocals have been a popular choice as of late for electronic music tracks, the most recent of which is Arty‘s single release, “Daydreams,” on Armada Music. It is van Buuren’s second time collaborating with the vocalist after first release “Strong Ones.”

Van Buuren has put out an acoustic and original version of the song, both of which put Fränkel’s vocals front and center from the release’s outset. The original sees the producer revert back to his trance roots with ethereal notes that transport the listener to an otherworldly release of emotion as the introduction transitions to the drop. The track is able to take the listener to the peak moment of euphoria during one of van Buuren’s live sets within the minute-long cascading note progression between Fränkel’s polarizing vocals. The acoustic version heavily leans on piano notes that dance around the vocals, instilling a sense of calm in the listener compared to the upbeat energy of the original.

“All Comes Down” is the sixth single from Balance to be released, and it’s out now via Armada Music.

Photo credit: Bart Heemskerk

Matt Fax mashes up old and new ‘The Longest Road To The Ground’

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Matt Fax mashes up old and new ‘The Longest Road To The Ground’MattFa

It has been over a decade since Morgan Page released “The Longest Road,” which many argue is the single that catapulted him into electronic notoriety. Deadmau5‘ rendition of the original ultimately scored both artists a Grammy nomination, and the release has since amassed hundreds of remixes.

Matt Fax went a different route for his take on the anthem, mashing it up with his own piece, “To The Ground” to create an enamoring result, “The Longest Road To The Ground.” In blending both releases together, Fax adds his own house grooves Lyssie’s sultry vocals, along with subtle chimes in the background. Fax’s take on the release subtly alters the original version of “The Longest Road” when it comes to the song’s energy and emphasis on vocals, but he does transform the production backdrop to give the final product a new edge.

Fax spoke about the single’s background in its official release, stating, “This version came to life in a hotel in Japan before a gig,” Fax explains. “I was playing around with the acapella and put it on my track ‘To The Ground’, then played it. People loved it so much that I’ve kept on playing it in every set. I felt it was matching so perfectly!”

“The Longest Road To The Ground” is out now via Armada Music.

Armin van Buuren launches ‘Balance’-themed escape room in Amsterdam ahead of album’s full release

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Armin van Buuren launches ‘Balance’-themed escape room in Amsterdam ahead of album’s full releaseArminvanBuuren MiamiDag4 BartHeemskerk 111 Socials

Armin van Buuren is set to release his first album since 2015 and seventh album overall titled Balance on Oct. 25. Ahead of the album’s full release and Amsterdam Dance Event, the producer is launching none other than a Balance-themed Escape Room to promote the album, as well as reveal the meaning behind the compilation.

Together with Armada Music and Sherlocked Mystery Experiences, fans will be able to participate in the experience with opportunities to not only unlock the hidden message of Balance, but also listen to songs from the album ahead of its full release. Posing as music journalists, they will need to gain access to a high-security vault complex in the heart of Amsterdam and solve numerous puzzles in order to discover what it takes to ensure success as an artist in the music industry today. 

Van Buuren speaks on the Escape Room in an official release, giving fans insight into what they can expect, as well as his hopes for the escape room.

“I’m a huge fan of escape rooms, so launching my own escape room in celebration of my new album Balance is something I’m very excited about. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of the album and the game, and I hope you can fully lose yourselves in the story of Balance. And that you manage to get out unscathed of course!”

Balance Escape Room will run for two weeks only, starting on Wednesday, Oct. 16, the first day of ADE. Groups ranging from four to six people can play the escape room, and those looking to participate can book their spot here.

Photo credit: Bart Heemskerk