Ariel Pink announces archival series of pre-2003 album reissues and unreleased material, shares two new singles

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Ariel Pink is about to open up the fuchsia-colored floodgates to his irreverent-yet-revered, mythologized-yet-underexplored recording past. The influential DIY art-pop auteur has announced a new project called Ariel Archives: a series of reissues and retrospective compilations that are meant to shed more light on a period that laid the groundwork for the musician’s success as a pusher of pop-cultural boundaries.

The first three records in the series, Underground, Loverboy, and Odditties Vol. 2, will all be out on October 25 via Mexican Summer. The former two are both reissues — of Pink’s very first LP under the “Haunted Graffiti” banner, and of a fan-favorite album recorded in 2001-2002, respectively. Odditties Vol. 2 consists of never-before-released rarities handpicked from the entirety of the Los Angeles artist’s storehouse.

The string of archival releases is going to continue well into 2020, eventually bringing us new editions of The Doldrums, House Arrest, Scared Famous, and Worn Copy. The cherry on top? The first-ever vinyl release of Stranded at Two Harbors, credited to Holy Shit and co-written with fellow idiosyncratic songsmith Matt Fishbeck.

To give a little taste of what’s to come, Pink has also revealed the video for a new single, “Stray Here With You,” a 10-minute-long announcement clip “Chapter 8: Some Tutorials,” and a remastered version of Loverboy’s “So Glad,” one of his early ballads. Check out all three below, and pre-order the LPs through Pink’s website. />

Ariel Pink – “Stray Here With You” & “So Glad” (2019 Rework) 

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Mexican Summer is launching an extensive reissue series called Ariel Archives focusing on the material that Ariel Pink has recorded. The first installment will include reissues of two Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti albums, 1999’s Underground and 2002’s Loverboy, and a compilation of outtakes and non-album tracks called Odditties Sodomies Vol. 2. To coincide … More »

Hear Ariel Pink’s And Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s Rejected Carpenters Covers For Asset Management Commercial

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Last year, the music supervision group Snake Accident recruited TV On The Radio to record a cover of the Carpenters’ ’70s hit “We’ve Only Just Begun” for an asset management commercial. But before they settled on that rendition, Snake Accident tested out Carpenters covers from the likes of Ariel Pink and Bonnie “Prince” Billy. They … More »

Royal Trux team up with Ariel Pink for new EP, Pink Stuff

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Jesus fucking Fuck, do I really even need to sell you on this?

• After coming back from the dead this past spring with White Stuff, their first LP in 19 years, Royal Trux have retreated back to the smart, lazy, high road and OUTSOURCED some shit.

• They signed-up Ariel Pink to re-work five songs from White Stuff, called the resulting EP Pink Stuff (DUH), and thew the first song up on the internet.

• The whole thing will be released digitally and as a double 7-inch on September 6. Pre-order it here.

Right??? I mean, makes total sense; come on. Done. The end. You’re ordering. You’re listening. Here you fucking go:

Pink Stuff by Royal Trux

Pink Stuff EP stuff-listing:

01. Suburban Junky Lady (Ariel Pink Remix)
02. Year of The Dog (Ariel Pink Remix)
03. Get Used To This (Ariel Pink Remix)
04. White Stuff (Ariel Pink Remix)
05. Whopper Dave (Ariel Pink Remix)

Chillwave At 10: The Essential Tracks

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Chillwave Ultimate PlaylistI honestly thought “glo-fi” was gonna stick, y’all. More »

Ariel Pink Is On Cameo Now

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Ariel PinkCameo is a website where you can pay celebrities to record personalized video messages. They have actors, athletes, models, musicians, influencers, YouTubers, wrestlers, drag queens, and Real Housewives. People like Ice T ($300 for a message), Hannibal Buress ($300), Stormy Daniels ($250), Sean Astin ($150), Brett Favre ($500), and Lance Bass ($199). And … More »

The 20 Best Music Videos Of 2018

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vidsIn the early days of this century, you could still turn on your television and, every so often, catch a music video. It didn’t last. Music videos still exist on television, but niche ventures like the MTV Jams Channel only exist in the shadowy nether reaches of cable subscriptions, and that’s not where music videos … More »

Ariel Pink – “Mopehead”

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Ariel-PinkHey, everybody! It’s Ariel Pink! And he’s back with eight minutes of unlistenable gut-churning noise for us! Happy Friday! … More »

Mexican Summer celebrates 10th anniversary with A Decade Deeper compilation and a one-day fest featuring Ariel Pink, Jess Williamson, Drugdealer, Pill, Allah-Ahs, and Tonstartssbandht

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The record industry, like any industry, is a tough business. In ten short years, Mexican Summer has become a veritable tour de force, specializing in world-beating new act signings, issuing ace archival relics and publishing killer books (Anthology Recordings), and curating one of the most eclectic festivals on either side of the Pecos (Marfa Myths); all while navigating the murky waters of, and changes to the music biz over the past decade. Not content to celebrate its tenth anniversary with trinkets of tin, Mexican Summer will continue to play generous gift giver rather than appreciative kudos recipient when it releases a special curio compilation in October and hosts a day-long birthday bash exactly one month later.

A Decade Deeper features label stars Ariel Pink, Dungen, Pill, Drugdealer, Connan Mockasin (Jassbusters), and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma among others. The comp is out October 17 and details the label’s historical significance and current vitality in grand style: every track is previously unreleased. Pre-order A Decade Deeper here.

Then, on November 17 comes “Mexican Summer Presents a Celebration in Support of Pioneer Works” in Red Hook, NYC. Many of the compilation acts will appear live, in addition to cosmic winker Jess Williamson and far-from-forgotten folkie F.J. McMahon with Boston psych-pop quartet Quilt (first ever NY performance) and DJ sets by electro-chameleon Photay and the true Welsh wonder Cate Le Bon. There is also mention of a very special (Swedish) guest to be playing that day (Dungen? Träd, Gräs och Stenar? ABBA in holograms?). Tickets for the November 17 extravaganza can be purchased here.

Feels kinda like heaven, doesn’t it? Well then, here’s “Feels Like Heaven” by everyone’s favorite choirboy Ariel Pink.

A Decade Deepercompilation:

01. Arp – II Sogno Di Monica
02. Part Time – Saturday Night
03. Ariel Pink – Nonsequiter Seques
04. Drugdealer – Be Thou by My Side
05. Robert Lester Folsom – Strolling Along
06. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Crescent
07. Dungen – Puerto Vantör
08. Pill – Naked Muse
09. Allah-Las – Marionberry Jam
10. PAINT – Land Man
11. Jassbusters – B’nD (NY)
12. Gregg Kowalsky – Limon Limon
13. Tonstartssbandht – Livin’ In Hope

Mexican Summer Presents A Celebration in Support of Pioneer Works, November 17 at Pioneer Works, Red Hook, NYC:


Ariel Pink
F.J. McMahon w/ Quilt (1st ever NY performance)
Jess Williamson
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Part Time (performing music from What Would You Say? and PDA)
+ Very special guest!


Cate Le Bon
Ben Steidel
Freak Terrains
+ More!

Part Time – “I Can Treat You Better” (Feat. Ariel Pink)

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Part Time - "I Can Treat You Better" (Feat. Ariel Pink)David Loca, also known as David Speck, has been making ’80s-indebted weird-pop under the name Part Time for a long while now. (We named the project a Band To Watch way back in 2011.) And now he’s teamed up with fellow ’80s weird-pop auteur Ariel Pink for new song “I Can Treat You … More »