Pop Radio’s Love Affair With White Rappers Continues Apace

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“Let You Down” begins with plaintive minor-key piano chords and a trembling vocal run through that omnipresent chipmunk effect, the wildly popular pitched-up modulation that makes the human voice sound slightly alien. The singer intones, “All these voices in my head get loud/ I wish that I could shut them out/ I’m sorry that I … More »

Ariana Grande Has Finished A New Album Produced By Pharrell And Max Martin

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A lot has happened to Ariana Grande since the release of Dangerous Woman in 2016. Worst and most famously, her concert in Manchester last year was the site of a terrorist bombing, from which she rebounded in gracious fashion by organizing a massive benefit show. Now TMZ is reporting that Grande’s … More »

Release Date for Major Lazer’s ‘Music is the Weapon’ May Finally be Revealed

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It has been over two years since Major Lazer released their latest album “Peace is the Mission.” Since it’s initial release, Major Lazer fans have been eager to get a grasp on a new album with some new music. Fortunately, it seems that a new album will soon be on its way. According to Genius.com,

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The 2018 State Of Pop Address

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“Nothing changes on New Year’s Day.” So saith Bono at the dawn of 1983, and he was right — to a point. Flipping the calendar doesn’t initiate any grand transition. The morning after the ball drops, life is right back where we left it. But in another sense, everything changes all the time. Organisms grow. More »

William Crooks – quit + wolves (cover)

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Covers are seemingly a poor fit in electronic music. The extra latitude afforded artists when they choose to remix a track — inherently giving them license to veer from the original as much or as little as they please — is eminently attractive and become something of an industry standard. What remixes don’t provide, however, is a window in an artist’s process and those who have influenced their sound and style.

William Crooks‘ cover of Cashmere Cat‘s “Quit,” featuring Ariana Grande, and Kanye West‘s “Wolves,” produced by Cashmere Cat and Sinjin Hawke, however, manages to split the difference between remix and cover.

Crooks illuminates influences that only become obvious with his explicit acknowledgement, and add depth to his soulful brand of singer-songwriter take on club music. Indeed, Crooks eschews a massive rework of both tracks, instead opting to maintain their basic structure and immerse them in his emotive style of production, with lush synths and rumbling bass providing a foundation for slightly auto-tuned vocals.

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UK officials to train bouncers, security guards to respond to terror attacks

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As an effort to combat terror attacks at entertainment based events, UK authorities have declared their intent to train nightclub bouncers and security guards to respond to terror threats. While details regarding the format of the training remain unknown, the preventative instruction is timely with Britain’s threat level set at “severe” — an indication that such an attack is likely.

“Vigilance in the public space is critical, and there are many, many more private security guards out there than there are police officers,” the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner noted at the National Security Summit that took place earlier this past week. “We are looking at how we can train them [security guards] more effectively to be a better part of the national armory that we have against terrorism.”

Nightclubs and concert venues have become increasingly popular targets for terrorism, with attacks carried out at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in May, and the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando in 2016. Once trained, security personnel will become another line of defense in the event of a terror attack.

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Niall Horan’s Solo Album Makes One Direction Seem Dangerous By Comparison

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At this point One Direction have been broken up long enough that we’re beginning to see what each member of the once-dominant boy band is bringing to the table in his solo career. Zayn Malik fashioned himself as a mini-Weeknd of sorts, exploring 50 shades of sexy pop-R&B and coming away with some decent … More »

Ariana Grande On Las Vegas Shooting: This Is Terrorism

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Ariana Grande has spoken out about last night’s Las Vegas mass shooting that left over 50 people dead and 500 injured. “My heart is breaking for Las Vegas,” she wrote on Twitter. “We need love, unity, peace, gun control & for people to look at this & call this what it is … More »

Dave Matthews’ Concert For Charlottesville Was A Great Show, But What Did It Mean?

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“I’ve seen hate marching down the streets.” That was Stevie Wonder, a surprise guest at last night’s Concert For Charlottesville, talking to a crowd of tens of thousands of people who really had seen hate marching down their own streets. Wonder was in the middle of a riff about how he’d never been able to … More »

Livestream Charlottesville Benefit Concert

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In the wake of the tragic violence that occurred at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last month, the Dave Matthews Band, who come from Charlottesville, announced that they were organizing a huge star-studded concert to benefit victims and their families, first responders, and local and nationwide social justice organizations. In addition to … More »