‘Tis the season for Aphex Twin fans, with the debut of two new edits of ‘Avril 14th’

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‘Tis the season for Aphex Twin fans, with the debut of two new edits of ‘Avril 14th’Aphe Twin Collapse Ep

It’s giving season for Aphex Twin. The UK producer has discreetly released new edits of one of his most career-defining songs, “Avril 14th,” via his online store. With the original taken from his 2001 album Drukqs, the newly released versions are taken from a session in 2009, where he re-recorded the tracks in their new form. “avril 14th reversed music not audio” and “avril 14th half speed alternative version” are available via the Aphex Twin website, while a third track that was posted and later removed has been posted by a fan to SoundCloud.

These new versions of “Avril 14th” come at the close of one of Aphex Twin’s busiest years in some time, releasing a new EP, BBC documentary, and opening up his entire Warp Records library to the world.

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The Year Of The EP… Or Is It An Album? Or Is It A “Project”?

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25 Great EPs From 2018

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Aphex Twin Selling Umbrellas And Teddy Bears For Black Friday

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Aphex TwinAphex Twin is getting into the Black Friday spirit. The reclusive producer has just announced a new line of merch — sorry, a “retail opportunity” — that includes face masks, umbrellas, hoodies, babygros, and those creepy teddy bears from the “Donkey Rhubarb” video. It’ll all be available 10AM Saturday, 11/24 at Bleep London, with a … More »

Hear Thom Yorke’s eclectic new 90-minute BBC Radio 3 mix

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Hear Thom Yorke’s eclectic new 90-minute BBC Radio 3 mixThom Yorke Mi Unheard Solo Track

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, and Radiohead lead Thom Yorke has curated a new 90-minute mix for BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction. The mix opens with Radiohead’s “Burn the Witch” and showcases an expansive multi-generational span of experimental prowess from artists like Pierre Henry, Aphex Twin, and Mars89. All throughout, Yorke shares his love for experimental vocal techniques, even sprinkling in some classic Stockhausen, and the legendary krautrockers Faust. It’s a far cry from the recent atmospheric mix he curated for BBC Radio 6, but as equally demanding of a listen.

Listen to Thom Yorke’s BBC Radio 3 Late Junction mix here.


1. Radiohead – “Burn The Witch”
2. Justin Taylor & György Ligeti – “Continuum”
3. Victor Misomba & Patrice Ilunga – “Mamwana Kufika Munda (My Love Is Upset)”
4. Jamie Muir & Derek Bailey – “Carminative”
5. Thom Yorke – “Suspirium”
6. Ben Vida – “Damaged Particulates”
7. Faust – “Exercise – With Voices”
8. Karlheinz Stockhausen – “Gesang Der Jünglinge”
9. Carl Stone – “Shing Kee”
10. Mars89 – “End of the Death”
11. Bernard Parmegiani – ‘Conjugaison Du Timbre”
12. Aphex Twin – “Disk Aud1_12”
13. The Beacon Sound Choir – “Drone 3”
14. Pierre Henry – “Astrology”
15. Alvin Lucier – “Criss-Cross / Hanover”
16. Faust – “Untitled”


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Feast your ears on Aphex Twin’s entire Warp discography, now streaming for free

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Feast your ears on Aphex Twin’s entire Warp discography, now streaming for freeAphe Twin Disography Warp Streaming

Lovers of strange and beautiful bleeps and bloops rejoice: Aphex Twin’s entire Warp Records discography can now be streamed entirely for free–including some juicy previously unreleased gems. Aphex Twin first appeared on the legendary imprint in the early 1990s with a four track EP titled On, and spent the next 25 years carving out a niche as a master of experimental analog electronica. Now, fans old and new can immerse themselves in over two decades of mind-melting releases for free via Warp’s online store.

The free streaming catalogue spans 25 releases, spanning tracks from the melancholic fan favorite “Avril 14th” to the bombastic “T69 collapse” from the producer’s recent Collapse EP. Aphex Twin’s albums and EPs feel as dizzyingly diverse and daring as they did upon release, and a listen back through the legend’s Warp classics (available in chronological or random order) is a worthwhile reminder of just how indelible a mark the mad scientist has left on the world of electronic music.

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What is Aphex Twin plotting in London tonight?

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What is Aphex Twin plotting in London tonight?Aphetwin Hero 502966777

Aphex Twin released his Collapse EP last week and is now teasing something at four different locations in London on Aug. 18. In an Instagram post from his label, Warp Records, a gray map of London appears, stretching from the West End to the edge of Shoreditch. Four locations are marked with Aphex Twin’s logos with the addresses and times below. The caption reads “LONDON. LOOK OUTSIDE TONIGHT.” 

His critically acclaimed Collapse project followed his 13-years-in-the-making 2014 Syro album, which was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. The music video for the first single, “T69 Collapse,” was pulled at the last minute of its TV premiere for failing the Harding Test, which is an epilepsy sensibility measurement for television content.


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Aphex Twin is back with bizarre brilliance on new EP, ‘Collapse’

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Aphex Twin is back with bizarre brilliance on new EP, ‘Collapse’Aphe Twin Collapse Ep

Aphex Twin isn’t mood music — it’s public transportation. The reclusive mastermind has built his undeniable legend on creating music that worms its way into minds, scrambling conventional electronic music expectations along the way. The artist carries on that tradition with a new five-track EP called Collapse, arriving via his own Warp Records imprint.

In typical Aphex Twin fashion, the EP is a front-to-back treasure trove of brain-bending analog sounds. “1st 44” blasts off with monstrous 808s, before detonating into a dizzying percussion jam, while “MT1 t99r2” brings things deeper into a detuned synth scape punctuated by twinkling bell-like plucks. “Abundance10edit” dials the energy down a bit for a tripped-out interlude, but the madness soon returns at breakneck speed with the acid-infused “pthex.”

The EP’s lead single, “T69 collapse,” was initially slated to premiere as a music video on Adult Swim, but failed TV seizure safety protocol for excessive strobing. While eyes may have been spared, minds are still very much in danger of melting from the electronic legend’s latest work.

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Music Review: Aphex Twin – Collapse

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Aphex Twin


[Warp; 2018]

Rating: 3.5/5

Richard D. James is so cagey about his public presence that his fame seems to border on the unilateral. He can go 13 years without releasing a proper album, anonymously drop hundreds of unreleased tracks onto Soundcloud, and plant portentous Aphex Twin logos on edifices around the globe, all while operating more or less sub rosa. From there, his fans take these elusive “publicity” tactics and bring them to the attention of the world at large. James seems to cultivate himself as the ascetic studio craftsman, wishing only to toil away in obscurity but for his ravenous fans who shine the spotlight on him time and again.

By virtue of their ceaseless fervor and intuitive sleuthing, Aphex Twin constituents have willed Richard D. James into the enigmatic lodestar of electronic music that he’s known as today. So on Collapse, his latest EP under the Aphex name, there’s a certain antipathy and cynicism present, a kind of misanthropy that could be found in a hermit who revels in mystery and only offers fleeting, furtive indications of his existence. In typical Aphex Twin fashion, the percussion is busy and disorienting, yet his synthesizers suggest more of a malaise. On “1st 44,” the keyboards sound lethargic over the intricate, fussy rhythms. On “abundance10edit[2 R8’s, FZ20m & a 909],” they feel nebulous and errant, as the song meanders with uncertainty before finally disappearing into an ether of hazy synth sounds. Nervousness and disaffection are evoked continuously on the EP, and James channels them with a masterful sense of conflict between man and machine.

Collapse strives to alienate. The few human voices present on the record feel warped and unnatural; the child’s murmur on “MT1 t29r2” sounds monotone and unnervingly distant under the rest of the song’s production. “Give me your hand, my friend, and I will lead you to the land of abundance, joy, and happiness,” a woman assures us, with a suspicious amount of placidity, on “abundance10.” And while this soundbite is buried under sonic dust and other detritus, James proceeds to chop and screw it as the song progresses until the words “joy” and “happiness” are reduced to abstractions, more ominous than comforting. The overall effect is a bit trite, but it’s the captivating instrumentation here that redeems the track.

While James is here less austere than on Cheetah EP and less eccentric than on landmark release Richard D. James Album, Collapse nevertheless proves to be a serviceable Aphex Twin release at this point in his career. His knack for finding interesting textures and layers hasn’t been compromised nor has his willingness to build off of previous styles in his oeuvre. Collapse is a step away from James’s forays into ambient and jungle of the past, but the Aphex Twin identity still shines through in his inimitable take on IDM. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Stream Aphex Twin’s Collapse EP

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CollapseThe enigmatic electronic music wizard Richard D. James — better known as Aphex Twin — ended a decade-long hiatus in 2014 with the release of his excellent comeback album SYRO. Since then, he’s released two EPs, Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 and Cheetah, one unlabeled 12″ sold … More »