Premiere: Eli & Fur – Parfume (Dosem Remix)

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Premiere: Eli & Fur – Parfume (Dosem Remix)Parfume

Anjunadeep darlings Eli & Fur crafted a dreamscape within their four-piece, Night Blooming Jasmine EP. It showcased their affinity for all things melodic and liquid. When the task came to choosing remixers for such a milestone EP, the girls chose carefully, breaking outside their usual confines to choose unique talent to bring into the fold.

Dosem was one such talent chosen to sign onto remixing duties, this time for the singe “Parfume.” The Spanish house wizard and Suara veteran takes the song down from the sunny skyscape it came from and onto the afterhours dancefloor, adding drive and a hint of darkness to the mix. “Parfume’s” ethereal vocals glimmer in this new foundation, allowing a bit of bliss to poke through despite what Dosem’s done on the low end.

“Parfume (Dosem Remix)” is out on September 14. Pre-order a copy here

Lane 8 serves up a double remix dose of George FitzGerald’s ‘Burns’

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Lane 8 serves up a double remix dose of George FitzGerald’s ‘Burns’Lane 8 George Fitzgerald Burns Remies

Lane 8 is back on Anjunadeep for the first time in 2018 with not one, but two new remixes of George FitzGerald‘s anthemic track, “Burns.” The “No Captain” producer has been rolling out nothing but gems on his own This Never Happened imprint, including the front-to-back brilliance of his latest full length, Little By Little. The deep house titan was sure to return to Anjunadeep in style with two different flavors of “Burns” remixes, dubbed “Club Mix” and “Morning Mix.” Body and soul euphoria on the dance floor? Slow-sipping a cup of coffee on the porch? There’s a Lane 8 remix for that.

The club mix shifts into gear from the jump, with staccato vocal hits holding serve over warm, rainy day chords. The track drives forward relentlessly with a thudding kick leading the way, as buttery synth drones swirl. Despite opening with frenetic plucks, it’s soon obvious that the morning mix isn’t in a hurry. Airy piano notes tell the story over a kick snugly nestled into the mix. Both mixes are vintage Lane 8, showcasing the artist’s uncanny ability to hone in on a feeling and bring it to bear through his music.

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Yotto releases uplifting new single ‘Walls’ from forthcoming LP

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Yotto releases uplifting new single ‘Walls’ from forthcoming LPYotto Walls Hyperfall Single

Yotto has graced deep house fans with another stellar cut from his upcoming Hyperfall LP called “Walls.” The track is the third single from the album, which is out on Anjunadeep on September 7. “Walls” is a bit different from previous singles, going brighter than Yotto has gone since his 2017 track, “Edge of Affection.”

The intro beams in like rays of sun, immediately invoking a sense of elation and peace. The beat ushers in a surge of adrenaline, but the track’s light doesn’t dim. A rich, saturated bassline evolves from the driving percussion, as a hypnotic melody rises to meet it. The breakdown takes the melody solo, before a triumphant second top line somewhere between a vocal and synth takes over. The song’s climax is a majestic rush of glowing pads and flickering chord stabs.

Yotto has said his upcoming album will contain “drama, distress and deep, profound contemplation mirrored with relief, and relentless joy.” This latest single unquestionably and beautifully represents that last ingredient to the fullest.

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John Monkman returns to Anjunadeep for ‘Magnolia’ ahead of new compilation

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John Monkman returns to Anjunadeep for ‘Magnolia’ ahead of new compilationJmonkman

John Monkman has returned to Anjunadeep to release his latest single, “Magnolia.” This isn’t just a notable return to the deep house outfit from Above & Beyond after nearly three years of an absence, but because Monkman is also leading the way to the label’s next compilation with this release. “Magnolia” kicks off the countdown to the sixth iteration of Anjunadeep Explorations, due out later this fall. Monkman, a veteran of the underground in his own right, follows in the footsteps of artists like Eli & Fur, who have previously led the charge.

“Magnolia” sums up what the UK producer does best, creating an immersive listen, uncannily similar to his last single, “Ketosis,” but as a new venture. Symphonic soundscapes are the foundation for a wealth of playful synths that call on nature as their inspiration, all in groovy form.

Anjunadeep Explorations 06 is due out Aug. 24, and will include more new music from Xinobi, Yunus Güvenen, Ole Biege, Ceas and Westseven.

H/T: Mixmag

Yotto releases ‘Hear Me Out’ with Sønin & Laudic ahead of debut album

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Yotto releases ‘Hear Me Out’ with Sønin & Laudic ahead of debut albumYotto Studio 1

Yotto recently announced that he will be checking off an accomplishment in the solo artist’s handbook coming this fall. In a video posted on his Facebook page, he detailed a bit of what’s to come on his debut album, Hyperfall, due out this fall via Anjunadeep. Now he’s debuted another single from the project entitled “Hear Me Out.”

Since his debut on the label in 2015, the Finnish producer and DJ has created a space for himself in the deeper arena of music through organic, moving soundscapes. “Hear Me Out” is no different, with effervescent synths and melancholy vocals from its featured artists. For Yotto, this is on the more energetic end of the spectrum, as a welcomed addition on the road to his next project.

Eli & Fur Return To Their Roots In Latest EP “Night Blooming Jasmine”

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Last week the Anjunadeep’s Eli & Fur dropped their highly anticipated four-track EP, “Night Blooming Jasmine”. As promised in a recent interview, Eli & Fur returned to their songwriting roots for this EP. The EP, especially the title track “Night Blooming Jasmine”, shines a spotlight on the duos vocal talent. “We wrote most of the

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Yotto Announces His Debut Album, Drops Lead Single “The One You Left Behind”

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Finnish DJ and producer Otto Yliperttula, aka Yotto, is a dance music star in the making. Having debuted on Anjunadeep in early 2015, Yotto has been an Anjuna favorite since Day 1. Since then picking up 5 ‘Essential New Tunes’ and 3 ‘Hottest Records In The World’, along with over 40 million streams and DJ

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Cubicolor return to Anjunadeep with ethereal electronica

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Cubicolor return to Anjunadeep with ethereal electronicaCubicolour Counterpart 2

Anjunadeep alumni Cubicolor have returned to the label with a brand new, left-field single that they’ve dubbed “Counterpart.” The past year has been a pretty quiet for the duo, now trio with the offocial addition of vocalist Tim Digby-Bell — as they’ve been spending copious amounts of time on the road, and more so in the studio crafting new music. Now, they’re ready to share their freshened sound to the world.

“Counterpart” comes as an ethereal electronica cut, centering on Digby-Bell’s poignant vocals and dissonant piano chords. Its drawn out notes and minimal instrumentation, which is completed by glittering guitar riffs, paint a cloudy landscape in the mind, reminiscent of foggy drive or a tense trek into the deep forest. Of the new single, the band had this to say on their SoundCloud:

“With ‘Counterpart’ we wanted to write a song that worked on a dance floor but that could equally be played as a band. Finding legendary drummer Rich Spaven (Cinematic Orchestra, Flying Lotus) was the final missing piece where we found what we were looking for – a dance record that had a combination of the organic and the electronic.”

[Q&A] Meet the artists bringing down the house at Mamby: Moon Boots

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[Q&A] Meet the artists bringing down the house at Mamby: Moon Boots

Since 2015, Mamby On The Beach has been allowing Chicago’s festival-goers to relish a diverse roster of acts right from the lakefront, the awe-inspiring Chicago skyline as its backdrop. Perched quite literally atop the sands of Oakwood Beach, Mamby is known for its eclectic lineup, which this year features everything from Chicago rapper, Common, to the indie accents of Cold War Kids, along with ample electronic titans like Gorgon CityDuke Dumont, and Jai Wolf. Dancing Astronaut sought to get a closer look at a few of the festival’s cant-miss house acts before Mamby hits the beach June 23-24. 

Pulling his name ever-so-fittingly from a 1970s disco track by Orlando Riva Sound, Moon Boots (real name Pete Dougherty) is known for bringing his classic, boogie-fueled brainpower to modern house music. The Brooklyn-born Dougherty got his start in the Chicago house music scene, spending time in the city’s most storied house hot spots like Wrigleyville’s Smartbar—signing on with the “protectors of the feel-good,” French Express imprint not long after.

Dougerty’s music is intrinsically tinged with R&B, emanating through his use of soulful, original vocals and blissful chord progressions, which he masterfully blends with high-energy house beats. The result is Moon Boots’ all-encompassing, glistening dance creations. He has worked extensively with Anjunadeep in recent years, where in 2017, he released his first full-length album, the appropriately-named, First Landing. A product of his astral aesthetic, the album’s groovy, nu-disco center propels the listener through corridors of swimming kaleidoscopes of color and warm, sensuous melodies.

Upon his return to Mamby and the city that set him up for success, Dougherty will be bringing many of the vocalists featured on the album, as well as two members of the synth-pop group, St. Lucia. The performance will be the last of a string of live sets carried out by Dougherty and company; but before they hit the Beach Stage Sunday, June 24, Moon Boots sat down with DA to talk about his Chicago come-up, his disco roots, what he has planned for Mamby, and more.

Tickets to Mamby On The Beach, as well as the full lineup, can be found here

What prompted you to want to start making dance music?

I was into electronic music from an early age. The thing that tipped me over to make me really want to make it happened towards the end of college. I think it was the rise of blogs actually, right around 2005. I’d been getting into it before then, but that was when I thought, ‘I can actually do this.’ I was just completely obsessed, and still am.

Do you think you’ve found a permanent home with Anjunadeep?

Yeah, I think so. It’s been wonderful. They allow me to be me. That’s all I really want out of a label. And a sense of community. They really deliver on both of those things. A lot of talented artists too, of course. It’s been great.

You’re someone who blends a lot of genres in your music. Who are some of your biggest influences outside of dance music?

For biggest influences, I would still probably stay in the dance music world. There’s a disco producer named Patrick Adams. He’s one of the first that I heard with really lush and beautiful chord progressions. Then I started to really listen for that in a lot of older disco and early 80s disco/r&b records. Nile Rogers, too. The combination of just percussion, the hooks, the chords. The whole thing. The French touch scene definitely had an influence, especially early on, that sorta filter disco.

You lived in Chicago for a while. What significance does the city hold for you?

Big significance because it’s where I really started. I knew I wanted to try it out when I was in college, but it wasn’t until after I graduated college and I moved out there was when I started making music for real. The club scene had a big impact on me: going out in Wicker Park and finding Smartbar. I actually lived right by Smartbar for a while. My roommate worked there, so I’d go there like three days a week. And Debonair Social Club. So the scene had a big impact on me, just having a great time partying and being in that community to get a sense of where the music was going. Smartbar especially, connecting with real Chicago house music. And that still is with me.

Being a Mamby On The Beach veteran, what was your experience like at the fest when you played in 2015?

It was amazing. I hadn’t actually been to the site before. It was gorgeous. The vibe and the lineup were wonderful. I played right after No Regular Play and then J. Phlip came on right after. Both their sets were great. Wonderful time and great music. Of course at that time I was DJing. This time I’m playing live. So that’s what I’m really excited about. I can get into that if you want.


This is going to be the last live show for a little while, actually. We got offers for a few one-offs since doing the last few, but we had already booked seven shows. I didn’t want to get caught in doing a lot of one-offs because it’s just been really special. I think that we put a lot of rehearsal into it. So I think this is kind of the logical place to put it on pause for a little while after this until I finish the next album, and hope we start up again next year. I’m bringing two of the guys who are also playing later that day from St. Lucia, their main gig, a new guitarist, bassist/guitarist, synth pointer. I’m also taking four vocalists on the road with me: Black Gatsby, KONA, Nic Hanson, and Kyiki. And I’ll be playing keys, backup vocals, and dancing around.

Will we be hearing any new music at Mamby?

I am working on a second album. I will be playing some of that at the afterparty at the Virgin Hotel. You won’t be hearing it at Mamby. With a live set, I think it’s important to focus on the music that’s already out there.

What three acts would you recommend not missing this year at Mamby?

I want to see, since I can only come on Sunday, Jamila Woods. I think she’s great. St. Lucia, I want to see my bandmates do their thing. And I want to get down to Gene Farris, too.

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A Sensational Sunday In Minneapolis With Eli & Fur [Interview]

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This past Sunday afternoon, downtown Minneapolis was blessed with the deep tracks of Eli & Fur, which poured down from the rooftop of Seven. Dance Agenda and No Boys In The Booth brought in an all-female lineup to support the London duo. Local DJs The Real Jeilah, Big Mama, and Tee So did an outstanding

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