Lykke Li releases two new singles from forthcoming album, ‘so sad, so sexy’

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Lykke Li sex money feelings die

Lykke Li has shared two more new songs from her forthcoming album so sad, so sexy, set to be released June 8. Li’s released five tracks off her fourth studio album so far, with “Sex money feelings die” and “two nights” featuring Aminé rounding out the latest two.

“Sex money feelings die” is an alternative-pop reminder about short-term fixes. Li creates that foggy, night-on-the-town ambiance that’s fleeting and sensual. Her smokey vocals add to the haze of the track.

“Two nights” highlights Li’s voice a bit more with a disco vibe towards the end of the hook. Distant keys and sultry percussive elements keep the melancholic and unconcerned vibe from the Swedish singer, songwriter, and model. Aminé brings more of an energetic contrast with his faster-paced voice and hip-hop drums. Each artists brings their own rendition of what happened during two nights where Li is waiting at home, smoking the days away, waiting for Animé to come to her. The final verse is Animé’s response.

Li is set to perform at Lollapalooza and Osheaga this year and is sure to delight fans of beautiful indie-pop.

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Lykke Li – “Sex Money Feelings Die” & “Two Nights” (Feat Aminé)

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Snakehips ft Jeremih & Aminé — For The F^_^k Of It

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Snakehipss linked up with R&B veteran Jeremih and hip hop up-and-comer Aminé for their newest track “For The F^_^k Of It”. The single is accompanied by the second part of the 3-part mini movie, shown below. The two singers wordplay takes centerstage, with Snakehips’ carbonated production methods structuring the framework for the track’s smooth textures.

Snakehips – “For The Fuck Of It” (Feat. Jeremih & Aminé) Video

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Hear Kaytranda’s latest track with MC Rejjie Snow ‘Egyptian Luvr’

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Dublin based MC Rejjie Snow is slowly but surely infiltrating the global music landscape with a string of singles featuring such acclaimed artists as Joey Bada$$ and Pell.

Now, the up-and-coming rapper has released a new project titled Dear Annie: Part 1. The project’s lead single “Egyptian Luvr” features the saccharine vocal candy of fellow hip hop ascendents Aminé and Dana Williams and flaunts production credits from Kaytranada, who injects his own bubbling energy into the tracks core.

“Egyptian Luvr” is certainly Rejjie’s most apt effort to date and — fresh on the heels of debut LP The Moon & You — the track is sure to garner Snow widespread recognition.

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